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    Salzach River, Untersberg (Mountain), The Alps

    The room was dark, all the lights out, except for one blinking red light. That light quickly turned green, and a sound of quiet static filled the room until a screen fizzled into life. It had the makings to be a small scale holographic projection, but wasn’t quite there yet. On the frameless screen was the face of an older man, three scars on his cheek with greying hair cut in a buzz. The colors were slightly faded and greenish, but it was also clearly a live feed.

    “Seven!” The man barked through the projection. From in the dark of the room came a shuffling and then an ‘oomph’ before unkempt, messy brown hair popped up in front of the screen. He reached up to adjust the screen, pointing it downwards towards the floor where he was kneeling so that they could see one another.

    “How many times have I asked you to call me Tybalt?” He grumbled. “What do you want? I’m busy.” The man on the screen looked rather amused.

    “Is that any way to address your first in command?”

    “You’re only One because I didn’t want to be. Now what do you want?” Tybalt wasn’t in the mood to play games that day.

    “I need a status report on that alien freak you’re keeping holed up down there. Need to have proof for Two and Three that we shouldn’t just kill the damn thing and be done with it.” One answered. Tybalt let out a sigh.
    “Fine. I’ll submit a report later today. Now leave me alone. I’m working on something.” One grinned and then blinked off the screen, leaving Tybalt in darkness again.

    It was several more hours before Tybalt turned on the light, illuminating a small bedroom. There were gears and springs and belts and all manner of parts scattered on the floor. There was a standard wooden bed in one corner, the dark blue blanket on top twisted and left unmade. A desk next to the bed was also laden with parts, and it was also where the high tech computer was. Maps and blueprints covered the walls, some handmade and some printed off.

    Tybalt went to a closet and pulled out a clean pair of jeans, pulling them on once he took the ones he was wearing off. He kept the tank top he was wearing on, but grabbed a green knitted sweater to put on over it. Sitting down on the bed, he grabbed the boots he kept underneath the bed and jammed them onto his feet.
    It had been Tybalt’s idea to capture and keep some of the supernatural beings that they were having trouble killing. It took Tybalt off the field, which he didn’t particularly like, but the research he was doing was more important. He was learning quite a bit, but this newest creature they had down there, the blue alien thing, was difficult to keep contained and highly dangerous.

    Grabbing a hair tie, he pulled the long parts of his hair back into a pony tail and then stood up. Many people were working on H-30, and Tybalt had been overseeing. It was time to take matters into his own hands now.

    Leaving his room, he locked it via several locks and then turned to face the grey hallway. Glancing at the door across from his, it was apparent that Gerhard had already left for the day. That was fine. He went further down into headquarters, passing several types of security the further down he went until he got to what was the bottom level. He passed more security, and the hall opened up in front of him to reveal what most people in the IBIF organization deemed as “Seven’s Lab”. It wasn’t really his, nor even a lab. It was just the holding place to do research on the demons and monsters they managed to bring back alive. Tybalt turned towards one of the women standing guard nearby.

    “How is H-30 today?” He asked. He was ready to get something out of him today, with or without help.
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  2. He had his eyes closed, but still could see around him. After all, his eyeballs were an imperfect imitation of those of humans. He "saw" with his mind, so to speak. His cage was empty, except for himself. The walls used to be opaque, metallic. Now they were made of thick glass. In the state he was in, he wasn't strong enough to break those walls. In fact, he had less chances of escaping than when he had been confined in a metallic cage. The transparent walls allowed his captors to show him whatever they wanted him to see.

    The first security measure had been an arrangement of televisions -he was only able to tell they were bright squares with moving pictures- that kept him updated on the events happening around the world. He only understood a couple of the languages people were using in the news. He didn't know the places they mentioned, nor the objects they named. But the visual aspect of it, was enough to make him depressed enough to be in a severely weakened state. The news about so called celebrities were terribly boring. A human killing another human apparently was called murder. Many humans killing many other humans was called war. The pictures shown of 'war' were specially disturbing. He didn't understand the whole meaning behind the word 'rape', but he could sense it was one of the most frowned upon crimes, and among the ones that made him feel the worst.

    The second security measure were the scientists studying him themselves. They didn't show or feel a wide range of emotions. Most of the time they looked expressionless. They got irritated easily, specially when they couldn't understand something about him, or towards the end of their shift. For most humans, job turned them into apathetic beings. That's why he had adopted a male appearance first.

    Watching the news, when 'celebrities' who seemed to be people loved by thousands of people, he had perfected his appearance until he could look like a handsome man. Light coloured eyes seemed to be preferred by most people, so the more colours the better, right? He had been wearing a blue and a green eye, until he noticed people's eyes were usually the same colour, so he settled for blue eyes. Still following what he saw in the media, his skin was fair, his body relatively tall and muscular, but not too much. He remembered hearing once a survey for women, where they agreed the most handsome actors were the ones who looked manly but had soft facial features, so he added that to his appearance too.

    As a result, he managed to catch the eye of one of the female scientists. Whenever the woman looked at him, he felt a small rush of happiness coming from her. He could heart the faint sound of her heart fluttering. And while it didn't make him strong enough for escaping, it allowed him to survive without feeling dead. He saw the woman approach the cage. The woman looked at the plate next to him, worried. The plate was still full of glass shards. He never ate any food they gave him, and he was doing just fine, so at some point the scientists started suspecting he ate something else. So far, he hadn't eaten any of the materials they approached him with. Not because he was a rebel, he just didn't know how, and didn't bother asking how to eat, since he didn't need it. The radiation coming from the televisions was enough food.

    For the woman, he seemed to be in deep sleep. With his eyes still closed, he smiled for her. The woman, touched by the sight, smiled in return. There, the rush of happiness he desired. The woman stepped away, and after a while, he could see and hear someone coming in, and asking another woman about “H-30”. That was the name given to him by the scientists.

    'It looked like he was asleep for the last thirty two hours, but when asked, he could answer questions about the news shown to him just fine. He's been more collaborative though, and finally allowed us to connect some wires to what we suspect is his brain. The lectures are unreadable though. If that is a brain, it works completely different from any human or animal we know. He still refused to eat though.' The woman informed.
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  3. Tybalt glanced at the glass prison they had put H-30 into. He nodded thoughtfully, honey colored eyes raking over the appearance the alien had decided to morph into. It changed sometimes when he looked in, adapting to be more like them. It was incredibly interesting, but not exactly helpful to The Organization. He was going to get something helpful today though, Tybalt was determined.

    He stepped up to the glass, tapping it gently. It was good to enough to figure out that the thing wasn't as strong when it was depressed, but it was hard to tell if that was true with all of its kind. It was also only sort of useful, because it wasn't like they could go around with the news blaring at the aliens just to weaken them. It was incredibly inconvenient, and might not even work like that anyway.

    "Glass doesn't tickle your taste buds either, hmmm?" Tybalt questioned H-30 from behind the glass. They were very careful going in and out of the glass containment. That was only done by the workers if absolutely necessary, like for the wires to the thing's brain. Tybalt scratched at his chin and neck as he watched the thing, shaking his head. It was hard to determine if it would eat anything they even had on Earth. Maybe it would just slowly die here anyway. "Well. I'm here to get some information out of you today." Tybalt frowned at his own words. "You might not like it very much. But then, we don't like what you do very much either." He glanced towards the workers and guards surrounding them ad then back at H-30. He was thinking about clearing the room, but that wasn't the most intelligent thing to do. It just took one slip up and then the alien was loose in the Salzburg headquarters. That would be a costly mistake, both in terms of human lives and financial and physical capacities.

    "What do you think? Feel like cooperating today?" Tybalt wasn't really expecting it to answer, but he figured he'd ask anyway before he did anything.
  4. H-30 opened his eyes when he saw the man approaching. He went by the name 'Tybalt', but he had never used the name in question. He rarely spoke to the scientist. The way the man looked... "Wilder" than the other scientists there always sparked his curiosity, but it wasn't enough to get him to be social. He glanced at the full plate when Tybalt asked about glass tickling his taste buds, whatever those were. He frowned, using one of the facial expressions he had learnt to imitate from humans, to let Tybalt know he didn't like what he was hearing.

    He got up from his spot, and walked up to Tybalt, standing on the other side of the glass. He had to look down, being a bit taller than the man. If one looked carefully enough, one would notice H-30 had no beauty spots on his skin. He didn't know people had those, never having seen any. What was far more obvious was the lack of genitals. H-30's knowledge of nudity went as far as people in underwear, and naked people seen from behind. He didn't know genitals existed, so in it's place, there was a smooth curve of hairless skin, making him look a bit like a doll.

    'I may cooperate, if I'm in the mood for it.' H-30 replied, not wanting to ask directly for having the TV screens removed, or at least for having a specially grumpy scientist removed from the room. He gestured towards the inside of his cage, his face expressionless. 'Why don't you come in? It gets lonely in here.' he asked sincerely.
  5. Tybalt raised one eyebrow as H-30 walked across the room to stand in front of him and the glass. The corner of his mouth twitched into a crooked smile, and he crossed his arms over his chest. "Its quite comfy right here on the outside." He decided. The idea of going in was, admittingly, something he had thought of. At least, he thought he thought of it. Tybalt's mind was a lot stronger than his body though, so generally he didn't second guess himself when he thought of things.

    Tybalt was smart enough to understand what H-30 meant when he said if he was in the mood for it. It was too risky to turn off the TVs. He wouldn't do that. The constant droning of the news would drive him mad too if he had to stay there day in and day out. However... he might just clear the room after all. Without taking his eyes off of H-30, he made a waving motion with his hand as a visual sign of dismissal.

    "Everyone leave." He decided. Perhaps he'd play it a little dangerous today after all. He looked away from H-30 just long enough to point at two of the guards. "You two remain outside the door and listen." It went without saying that if something happened and H-30 DID get out, they could shoot to kill. Tybalt, however, was confident in himself. He would get something out of this creature if he had to force it out, but he could try diplomacy even if he'd never seen any diplomacy from the alien race at all.

    There was an air of surprise and concern throughout the room, but no was of a high enough authority to question Tybalt on it. They left, finding other things to do outside of the room. Tybalt raised both eyebrows this time, looking at H-30 again. "Better?"
  6. 'Oh yes, much better.' H-30 replied, already feeling like a weight had been taken off his shoulders. If he was like that for a while, and managed to take his mind away from the news, he'd be able to regain enough strength to attempt an escape, but it was too risky. People here thought he was extremely dangerous -with good reason- and the security measures were up to the demand, armed people included.

    'What do you mean by "getting information out of me"? You've never tried to pierce me with needles before, and I can't picture you trying to insert things in my body either. Or perhaps you're expecting me to actually give you information, verbally?' he tried to move his mouth according to what he was saying, like humans did. He didn't have any vocal cords -again, because of not knowing they exist-, instead he projected the sounds into people's minds. It had unnerved humans in the very beginning, since they feared a mental attack, but right now most humans were used to it. He had gotten fairly good and acting as if he was actually speaking.

    Feeling in a better mood, he started to climb the glass, sticking his hands and feet to it. He climbed while he spoke. By the time he was finished, he was hanging upside down from the ceiling of his cage, looking down at Tybalt. He guessed humans weren't capable of doing this, since he had never seen one doing it. For him, seeing things upside down was funny enough to lift his spirits a bit more. He tried to remember if, in the past, something as silly of this actually amused him, or if it was just a result of despair. He didn't know how to answer himself.
  7. Tybalt shrugged. "Maybe I'll use needles, maybe I'll try other things." He answered, watching as H-30 climbed up the walls. This thing was weird. He expected fighting and attacking and killing whenever it could, but all it did was climb walls and try to look human, among other weird things. Still, Tybalt operated under the assumption that the thing was evil incarnate just like all of its kind was. They took over minds and killed and other horrible things, and Tybalt had no reason to think that this one wouldn't do it if presented with the chance either.

    "Either way, the needles or whatever else is only a means to an end - and that end would be getting you to talk. Answer the things I need to know." He elaborated a bit more. It had finally confirmed it was from outer space. That threw people for a loop, since the demons and things that they fought they'd always assumed were from Earth. Maybe some were, but certainly whatever H-30 was was not. The things they kept from the citizens of the world. Incredible.

    "If you cooperate, I won't have to use anything but my own voice. I could always bring everyone back in too. We know you don't like being surrounded by all of that." They couldn't care less about that, but they did know it. "We need information on your species. What are you? And whats the easiest way to kill your kind. Things of that nature. How to keep you all from coming to Earth. What are you here for anyway?" Tybalt had all sorts of questions, most of them for information for the IBIF, but a few of them, like what they were here for, was strictly a personal interest.
  8. 'What am I?' H-30 repeated the question out loud. He let himself fall to the ground. When he landed on his feet, he was a well known animal. 'This is a dog, or so I've heard.' The words resonated inside of Tybalt's mind, despite dogs' inability to speak. H-30 went back to his human appearance. 'Dogs are dogs because you call them that way. If you want to know what I am, give me a name, and there, you have my species' name. It's wonderful how definitions work, right?'

    'I might tell you about the easiest way to kill me when I find such a way.' he answered, half meaning what he said. When a person killed himself, it was called suicide. He had tried it in the past, but as much as he wished it, he didn't cease to exist. He wouldn't lie if he said he didn't know exactly what it took to kill one of his people.

    'How to keep us coming to Earth? Easy! Switch your perspective. If you look at it from our point of view, we're not coming to the Earth, we're going to the Earth, problem solved.' he said with half a smile on his lips, another expression he learnt to imitate. Apparently it was used when one found something funny or was downright happy, but humans also flashed smiles when they made fun of each other. 'As to what I'm here for... Come inside the cage, and I'll show you.'
  9. Tybalt remained unamused, although on a different day he might have laughed. Today, Tybalt was unamused. It was no wonder the people working on H-30 were irritated all the time. Tybalt had more patience than most on a good day, and while today wasn't a great day it wasn't an awful one either. Tybalt was only just barely feeling the tinges of irritation, but he remained calm.

    "Its unfortunate you don't know how definitions work. A dog is a dog, but if I call it a cat it won't become a cat. Its still a dog. And I want to know what you call yourselves. What you are." It was probably the least important question, but it would be something. To admit that they hadn't even worked that much out was, frankly, an embarrassment. The brown haired man decided not to answer H-30's goading to come into the cage. He would not, as much as he was tempted by it. Not without back up, at least.

    He did wonder if H-30 was telling the truth, about killing the things. Probably not. Why would it just give that information away? It was unfathomable to Tybalt that it didn't know how to kill one of its kind anyway. "My perspective requires me to stop your kind from coming to Earth, so coming or going to Earth is irrelevant if you're still in motion towards Earth." Maybe playing this word game would get something out of him, but Tybalt was already mentally preparing for more forceful means.
  10. 'The fact that you can't transform the world around you with a mere thought is the proof your mind is weak, human.' H-30 said with an emotionless voice. After all, if he thought of the things his own people were capable of doing with a mere thought... If he thought of the things HE would be able to do, if only he was older...

    'And if we put the point of view strictly in my people, then my people isn't even in motion. It's the Earth the one who's coming to us. Don't like it? Make your beloved Earth go other way, silly.' As he talked, his own mind reached out for Tybalt's. He was happy to find the man had already thought of going in the cage on his own. He used his own mind to reinforce that wish a little. Hopefully Tybalt wouldn't notice, and would just think it was curiosity.

    He turned to look at the man. His expressionless eyes looked like two cold pieces of ice. 'If you insist, I'll tell you what we call ourselves. It's --' Tybalt didn't hear anything, except for an extremely high pitched noise, as if he had tinnitus, but it was over after a couple of seconds. 'I don't know why you want to know if you can't even hear it. I have no way to translate it, so let's just say it means 'human' in my language.'
  11. Tybalt did not take offense, if that was what H-30 was intending with his comment about being weak. Humans hardly used half their brains, he couldn't exactly argue with H-30 there. He sighed when H-30 still didn't really give him an answer on why they were coming to Earth in the first place. Just as he was thinking he wasn't going to get any answers at all by this game of words, H-30 kind of answered him on one thing. It was just an answer he couldn't use.

    He winced slightly at the noise, turning his head away. How... annoying. However, H-30 had sort of answered him, hadn't he? Why couldn't the thing just answer his other questions that way too. He was growing more irritated quickly, however.

    With the nagging curiosity to go into the cage, Tybalt caught on quicker than most humans would. He took one step backwards. "Don't." He answered, voice suddenly icy and hostile. He raised his voice then. "You can all come back inside now." He called to the people waiting just outside the door. He was done with this negotiating business. He didn't have anything new to report, so it was time to try something else.

    If the scientists here were smart, they would have used wires that could inflict pain as well as scan H-30s brain if they were smart. He walked over to one of the computers as a few of the people who hadn't left to go do something else came back inside, as well as the guards.
  12. H-30 turned around, and went to sit by one of the corners. He wished he could "sleep" as humans put it. Then at least he'd get breaks from this hell.

    Scanning the alien's brain had been the scientist's first option. As the woman told Tybalt before, his brain didn't work as a humans', nor any animals they knew. Sometimes the frequency of the brain waves were too high, sometimes they were too low, sometimes they changed violently, and then suspected they were picking up different things, not just the brains' activity.

    One of the less scrupulous people there suggested using wires that could inflict pain. Together with the results, were the videos of the security cameras, showing H-30's activity and behavior during the whole process. They had been insisting for a long time on running those tests, and doing it by force proved to be impossible, as H-30 seemed to be prepared to fight to death if he had to, and they didn't want to lose their subject. Once H-30 finally agreed, after running the normal scans, they ran the ones with the pain inflicting wires.

    H-30 was in his blue jelly with tentacles form. After seeing the needles didn't have any bad effects on him, when one of the scientists walked up to him with the wires in hand, H-30 approached the man. He got scared when, from what he was thinking, H-30 attempted to eat his arm. The guards reacted quickly and were about to shoot him, when they noticed the man's fear had passed, and he showed no signs of feeling pain. His arm just felt cold and wet. H-30 took the wires from him, and walked back so he wasn't taking in the man's arm anymore. The wires flowed inside of his body, until he connected them to his brain. That was the most cooperative he had been during his captivity.

    Even after sending the pain levels to the point where they'd kill a man from the shock, H-30 didn't even flinch, and the scans didn't show signals of excitement, or any kind of reaction to the pain. They wanted to see if the alien could still concentrate, so they put him to play chess against one of the scientists. After understanding the roles, H-30 won three matches in a row. The scans varied a bit, but they suspected it was due to the process of thinking during the match, nothing more. It was as if he didn't feel pain, or the wires failed to cause him pain.

    H-30 curled up and closed his eyes. Still awake but seeming asleep, as usual.
  13. Tybalt was not happy with the video recordings as he watched them. He looked back at H-30 with a frown and then at the screens again. This was ridiculous. They could hardly even hurt the thing. It appeared that the wires wouldn't be enough, and Tybalt was thinking he'd just shoot or cut the damn thing himself to inflict pain, except for one small problem.

    Reaching out, Tybalt rewound the video to watch a part of it again. The part where H-30 could have basically ripped that guy to shreds, but hadn't. Why? Was it just self-preservation? Even if it was, it was different from the other monsters they kept housed in the lowest layer of headquarters. Even the intelligent ones took any opportunity to maim or kill, even if they knew they'd just be killed in return. So why hadn't H-30?

    He looked over at the alien again, scratching his chin and neck in thought once more. That act caused Tybalt to reconsider physical pain, but he needed answers. From his pants pocket, he pulled out a switch blade. He toyed with it for a few moments, not saying anything to anyone, but just staring at H-30. It was several minutes before he finally spoke up.

    "Do you even eat anything at all?"
  14. H-30 observed Tybalt with his eyes closed. He wondered if the man was thinking of using that blade on him, but didn't even try to read his mind. He wouldn't waste his energy on that, if he wasn't even that interested on what Tybalt was planning to use the blade for.

    He opened his eyes when Tybalt pronounced his question, looking back at him. Then his gaze went over to the plate they left for him. 'You appear to be under the impression I don't "eat", because I don't do it like you. Truth be told, for me it's a mystery too how you manage to eat. I see you grab your food, and put it inside the hole in your head.'

    After saying this, H-30 grabbed a handful of shards of glass, and put them inside of his mouth. He didn't give signals of having cut his skin. After a short silence, he grabbed the plate, and spat the glass back on it. 'No matter how much I wait, the food is never gone. I don't know how you do it.' He said leaving the plate on the floor, looking up back at Tybalt.
  15. Tybalt shrugged. "I'm under no impression. Only.... curiosity." The glass did nothing, so would the blade? He pricked his thumb purposefully with the end of the knife and then stepped back up to the glass. There was a small slot that food was passed in and out of and it was currently locked. Tybalt unlocked it and stuck his bleeding hand through. He said not a word, but he was testing H-30.

    The other people there were suddenly very on edge. Two of the guards already had guns drawn, and several of them had moved forward in anticipation. Tybalt, however, was completely calm. What would H-30 do? Anything? The dot of blood on his thumb dripped to the floor, and Tybalt waited, the knife in his other hand outside of the glass.
  16. Tybalt's actions didn't fail to catch H-30's curiosity. He perked up when Tybalt inflicted a small wound on himself with the blade, and crawled up to the feeding slot, his gaze locked on the hand. He looked at the bleeding wound with attention. Not paying attention to how ready to get hostile the armed humans were, he grabbed Tybalt's hand and squeezed the wound a bit. More blood came out. But most importantly, he was able to confirm a suspicion of his. Back when he engulfed the scientist's arm with his body, he felt a certain energy coming from the man, a different from the usual coming out of his brain. Now he was feeling it all over Tybalt's hand.

    'Is it normal among your people, to ooze out this red substance?' he asked out loud. Then he leaned closer, and pressed his cheek against Tybalt's hand, as if he was an animal asking for affection. H-30 was cold to the touch from what Tybalt could feel. And H-30 found this peculiar energy coming from Tybalt's body very pleasing to consume. Tybalt couldn't feel anything out of place, since he wasn't forcing energy out of his body to eat it, just taking advantage of what Tybalt was already releasing on his own.
  17. This was not what Tybalt was expecting either. It seemed that H-30 was just full of surprises. That made him an interesting subject, more than the others, and Tybalt wondered why he hadn't focused on H-30 himself before now. As H-30 squeezed his thumb, he didn't flinch, nor did he pull away when the alien pressed his face up against his hand like that. It occurred to him, that perhaps H-30 was just as curious as he was. Mentally, he berated himself for not thinking of that sooner. Wasn't the alien spending all of his time imitating them. Why else would he do that except out of curiosity.

    Tybalt's eyes narrowed, and he thought that perhaps he had found his tactical opening. He squatted down, looking at H-30 through the slat his hand was in. "Why don't we play a game?" he suggested instead. "You give me one straight-forward answer, and I give you one...." Maybe he wouldn't have to use force after all.
  18. H-30 didn't change his position, still pressing his head against Tybalt's hand, but he shifted his weight a little so he could glance at the human. He pondered the proposal for a moment. Would whatever information he obtained from these people be worth it in exchange for whatever he told them?

    'I'll play under this rule: I can refuse to reply to your question. Of course, if I don't reply, you can try with another question until I answer, and only then I get to ask something. You can refuse to reply too, but won't be able to ask anything until you reply one of my questions.' H-30 proposed, thinking it sounded fair, and then he added. 'I'd like to suggest also that we can't stop playing, until we both decide to stop, in a mutual agreement.'
  19. Tybalt had to admit, he was rather thrilled. They were finally getting somewhere, and maybe he'd have to spill a few secrets to H-30 but honest, he was pretty sure it would be worth it. It was likely H-30 would never see the outside world again, especially if One had it his way. Tybalt had listened intently to H-30 as he outlined this rule. He took a few moments to think of any possible drawbacks to this. He was more uneasy about the mutual agreement to stop part, but perhaps it could work out.

    "I agree to these rules, but I propose another. If the answer isn't straight forward, or the question is answered with 'I don't know', the original asker gets to ask another question." he decided. "I'd also like to point out that, should we continue playing without coming to a mutual agreement to stop, I do need a lot more rest than you seem to need. You pretend to sleep, but I, on the other hand, actually need sleep, and I can't keep playing if I need to go to sleep. We can continue when I wake up, I suppose, but I do need that much." He thought that this also sounded fair. He hoped he was right, and that this would work out.
  20. H-30 didn't move as he listened to Tybalt speaking. The rules he proposed also sounded fair, even if that last request was a bit weird. 'I'm fine with those rules. And I didn't know you people actually needed to "sleep", but if failing to fulfill those needs would leave you incapacitated or puts you at risk of giving a wrong answer, then yes, let's take a break in order to... Sleep.'

    'I hope you answer always with the truth, human. Tybalt.' H-30 said finally separating from his hand, sitting on the floor. After all, if he kept sucking in the human's energy, maybe he'd notice something was wrong. 'You may start asking.'
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