The Hyenas' Shrill Laugh

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  1. A sport's competition was going to begin at the high school. Alex gave a crooked grin at the poster.
    "Looks like a great opportunity to crush the rest into a pulp."
    She turned and continued on her way to woodshop. She was excited to make a shelf for her father's cooking books. She never understood his love for something so...boring and time consuming.
  2. Justin just was traveling and he saw the competition and he smiled. He was ready to just attempted to do it. He was strong and he knew that. Though he knew another person would join that others feared just as much. His only reason why to join was to prove that he was better than her.

    Though on his way to class he bumped into Alex though he didn't say sorry just kept on walking.
  3. As she walked, a boy bumped into her. The audacity of him to not apologize! She turned to him.
    "Hey! You! You fucking bumped into me! Apologize!"
    She walked over to him. Not going to take it. He was a boy. He needed to know his place! She thought.
  4. He looked at her and just kept silent. Though she came up to him and he just watched her. The girl was there infront of him she was clearly taller than him by a few inches though he didn't like the fact that she was bigger. "Why would I ever listen to girl like you?" He asked her looking up at her because he was shorter than her.
  5. She growled at his comment. "You're really getting in my last nerve, kid."
    She began to crack her knuckles. Until she heard the bell ring. She snarled, but dropped her arms to her side.
    "Just wait until the next time I see you."
    She turned and headed to her class.
  6. Justin snickered and watched her leave. The girl seemed to take advantage of her size. Though he didn't care three inches taller so what he wasn't afraid to hit a girl. "Cya Miss Alex I hope you have fun" he said to her in a rude tone.
  7. This kid...She thought to herself. Not bothering to turn around and continue on her way. She arrived a bit late to class and sat in her usual spot. Waiting for her teacher to arrive. She was still steamed, but tried to calm down.
  8. Justin was in class and luckily his teacher doesn't care if he's late by a minute. So he was fine, he was used to being nice though this woman clearly hated him just for bumping into her he just didn't care to say sorry
  9. She continued on her project for the entire class period. She finished it by the end of class. She couldn't wait to give it to her father. She was in a better mood than when she first came to class. The thought of that boy was long gone.
  10. The sports competition was tomorrow. Though he hoped she wouldn't be there or it may not end out well. He might be a captain on the football team but she's on the wrestling team.
  11. She was excited about the competition tomorrow. Finally, a chance to destroy those she dislikes and no consequences. Now that she thought about it, she never remembered seeing that kid before. Was he new or did she just never noticed him before?
  12. Justin was done with the majority of his class and he decided to ditch school. He was good at school though he doesn't tend to keep his grade below a C or higher than a B+. He just never really cared to attempt at school he found no point in doing that type of thing.
  13. After classes ended, she grabbed her shelf and left. Not bothering to deal with anyone, she was in too good a mood to look for that kid. Alex couldn't bike home because of the shelf, so she opted for walking.
  14. Justin was going around the town to just go home sure he was ready for anything and he was hoping that the girl wouldn't be there. Walking home though he wasn't gonna care for what she was gonna try to do to him.
  15. Alex grabbed her headphones Adams placed them in her ear. Listening to some music to keep her entertained until she got home. She noticed someone waking ahead of her, but paid them no mind.
  16. Justin soon arrived home and he was gonna decided to go and attempt to win in the contested to brag in her face though she was clearly able to just tower over him and it made him feel small.
  17. When she arrived home, her father was in the kitchen preparing dinner.
    "Oh! Welcome home! I've made a snack for you, it's in the fridge."
    She thanked him and took it out.
    "Oh, yeah. I've made you something."
    She presented him with the shelf.
  18. Justin soon just went to sleep because he was ready to beat the girl anytime. Though if the sports competition was wrestling he would probably lose and he knew that by heart.
  19. The next day, Alex quickly got ready. Today was the day. All her training was going to show today. She ate a small breakfast. Her father was going to go see her. Making her perform at full capacity.
  20. Justin got ready to go sure it was his excuse to get out of class but he wanted to beat Alex more and that's all he needed. He soon arrived to school early and he started to prepare his things for today.
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