The Hunters of Pinoeer 2 [[SCI-FI]]



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The "Pioneer Project" - A plan born of desperation, conceived in response to imminent destruction of their home worlds. As plans for the evacuation began, unmanned probes were sent into deep space to find a habbital planet. When a potential planet was discovered, the first interstellar transport ship, Pinoeer 1, was sent to establish a colony.

Pinoeer 1 confirmed the Planet Ragol was a sutable location, and the inital colonists started prepareing the planet for the main wave of refugees, beginning with the construction of the Central Dome.

7 years later...

Pinoeer 2 completed its long voyage with the main wave of refugees aboard. Now is the moment of truth, is Ragol really the planet they have been looking for? Or will its secrets damn it and the people of Pinoeer 2?

That will be decided... Soon. Very soon.
Pinoeer 2 is a huge ship, holding the millions of refugees from Coral, their dying homeworld. Most of the population is made up of Humans with Newmans (creations of the humans who reach physical maturity quickly and have pointy, enlongated ears), and Androids (do I even have to spell it out?) as the minorities.

Inorder to keep the peace in Pinoeer 2, two organizations were created. The first was the govenment owned and mostly human Military Police, which protects governmental areas and patrols the sectors of Pinoeer 2, though they they tend to avoid Sector M and other crime riddled sectors.

The second is the more ethnicly diverse Hunters Guild. They are a privately owned orginization that works to improve the lives of the citizens of Pinoeer 2. They act as supplementary policemen and odd jobs, ranging from find and retive missions to escort missions, to missions handed down from various governmental positions
Ok, there is the info. Anyway, I will be putting up a CS sooner or later.

Age: [Newmans mature faster. 8 would be considered middle age so 5 could be considered adult. Androids tend to malfuction more often after 40 years and there are none older than 50.]]

Class: [Hunter=close range specialists, Rangers=long range specialists, Forces=Magic specialists. Androids can not use magic but can see traps. Newmans are not physically strong and it is rare to see a newman ranger. They are powerful forces though.]]

Appearence: [pic would be appreciated.]



Section id: [I will give this to you.]]
Name: Sarah

Class: Hunter

Appearance: (coming once I can see if I can nab a screenshot or not)

Personality: (again coming soon)

History: (coming soon... but shouldn't be to hard to shove together)

Section ID: (Aww... can't I just use mine from the game? I still remember it's color!)

Just a couple of quick questions. Will this follow the main plot of the game or be a side story? Also what about weapons and Mags? With my character being based off of one I actually had can she start off as experianced as she was (pfft not really that big or bad) or will her gear all be "broken" from the start?

Note: Zypher should be happy... first time I'm RPing a female character @_@
You can go ahead and use it then. Mags are ok and weapons... Well, I wanted to start out with not so experenced guys but one experence person would be good.

If you want to see something like this go to and read Phantasy Star Online Sidestory. Thats kinda it.
Judging off of what I remember her having on my game I'll start her off fresh. Somehow, even with her being in the 30's she had atleast two God/Powers, a rare mag (that was given to me and probably hacked anyway), and ran around with a Red Saber (and later a Red Sword)... which was the main thing I was interested in for this :P

Anyway I'll go take a look for that story but I think you answered my question with the name.
Translation: It will mostly follow the main "plot" however there will be a lot of side stories, besides the missions.
Okay, haven't played PSO, but I'm doing lots of research on it and I'll try my best. :)

Here's my WIP bio.

Name: Kricket

Age: 5 (Newman)
Class: Hunter


Personality: Going wherever she can find adventure, Kricket lets her actions do the talking. Though she may not be incredibly intimidating, she likes to "get the job done right".

History: (Coming soon. I'm learning more about PSO right now so I can write up a proper history. I can tell you she's skilled with daggers though.)

Section id: (Hoping for Oran, because I learned that you find daggers with it.)
Eh can't see it because work restrictions on the computer but if it's a system RP then I'll take a pass. Not really up for doing table top games online.

On another note I'm thinking I should change my character just for the sake of diversity.