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  1. Name : Princess Amidi

    age : in human form looks 21, her true form is very unknown

    race : Spirit of Creatures

    History : she doesn't talk about it knowing no one would ever want to hear it anyway. She doesn't speak human at all only animals and makes odd noises. Said to be the MOST DANGEROUS creature the guild has ever captured. Held as a prize in a famous raid, chained up and never seen light ever since.

    Personality : Though at first of her history you may think she is evil, mean cruel and nasty. You couln't be more future from the truth then possible. She has the most kind heart, loving saoul and friendlyness that could make any creature calm down and stop being agressive. She is a true Nature spirit

    Powers : No human weapon effects her, Her true form is almost inpossible to wound. She can turn into any creature she has meeet before. Can can speak english for few hours if she kisses someone. Inhuman condition , able to jump higher, run faster, lift more and her scream cane break weapons.

    Picture : Human form (has feathers and wings. Stands at five foot five)


    True Form [​IMG]
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  2. Name: Jax Revere

    Age: 25

    Race: Human!

    History: Jax was the son of a tailor, a man who made little, but provided what he was able. Unfortunately a time came when little wasn't enough and the man did the only thing he could fathom. He signed his son into the Hunters' Guild, signed away his right to be called father for the knowledge of knowing the boy would be fed. The boy was granted a new name and was put into training. He was quite adept at his trade, quickly climbing the ranks to lead hunter.

    Personality: A serious man, who doesn't cut corners and fights for what he believes in. He is fearless and somewhat clueless when to the finer points of human interactions. For example subtlety, etc.

    Picture: url.jpg
    Note he wears a mask. Under the mask I a brown haired and green eyed man, with a stubble beard. A scar marks his right cheek bone.
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  6. Princess Amidi or known as Creature to the guild was tightly locked away. She was a prize of the guild but she was nearly unable to be kept under the chains. The girl was said to be very DANGEROUS . Said she could destroy a whole city without much problem and weapons of people effected her very little. It was said it took half the guild death to bring her into from a raid.

    So there she sat her wings chained and eyes covered and hands bound together. But being who she was this effected her very little. She sat there because she wish not to be hunted once more and so there she was for over ten years rotting, well not really. Her face straight, she never spoke and when she did she made very strange sounds and whole rang of clicks and other things. The cage she was held in was made of everything the guild had, thousand feet deep and she sat in a pit, they had great reason. Her true form was too big to handle as human was a ant to her in her true form.

    She hears the door above her open and looked up as two chains coiled around her and brought her up. She felt the binds around her eyes taken off and her pupil opened as she looked at the two humans and blinked once more as if to get a better view of the two humans near her. Her massive white wings tucked up beside her in case of an attack by the humans as she listened as they seemed to talk but couldn't understand a thing they said.

    She made some strange clicking noise and the chains started to break from her wrist and her eyes glowed sharply as the chains came of and she streached her massive stunning white wings. When she saw the weapon pointed at her, making a sharp cry and it broke into billion pieces. She grunted sharply and her fingers where sharp like daggers and she watched them with sharp eyes. She was very beaitful female with eyes that could bring even the best humans to their knees in fear before her. She was well known in the guild as a hostil creature, so why was she allowed out now ? where they going to kill her ?
  7. The Guildmaster, a man of aging years and thinning hair, stood somewhat hunched over looking at his pupil. He had summoned the young man to him, wishing to impart a mission of great importance. Not many were as adept as the man, even the Guildmaster only reached the top tier Hunters after he turned 30. Now this one, a favorite of his, had reached it and was only 25. The older man looked at the darkly clothed student, a smile on his lips.

    "Is a mask truly necessary here?" he asked, straightening his back as much as possible. At age 70 the bones were starting to creak, but the way he carried himself belied his actual strength. Not to mention the power he commanded through respect.

    "Habit, Master." Jax said, his voice young and full of vigor. "I did not mean offense. You called for me?" He lifted the helm off his head. It was a strange accessory. Fashioned to resemble a skull, it was a steel mask that covered his entire head. It served a dual purpose. One being the more obvious, to protect his head from harm and the second to instill fear in the beings that were still capable of feeling it. He clasped it onto the back of his belt and started following his mentor who had chosen a direction and traveled at a surprising pace in it.

    "I require someone I can trust, Jax. Someone quick with a blade, but not blinded by the flash of it." The man clasped his hands behind his back as he walked. "You are that man. I am about to show you something that has been a rumor for quite some time with the Guild. One you've likely heard before." Their path was taken them down a corridor, past rooms and down multitudes of stairs. "I require a Keeper." With that the old man threw a door open, revealing a woman inside a pit. "If you would please," he motioned to some chains.

    Jax followed command, starting to pull the chains which caused the female to be raised. Jax still wasn't entirely sure what was happening. Closer inspection of the woman made it clear though that she wasn't human. The wings made that fairly obvious. He tugged at blindfold and to the reveal the girl's eyes. She was attractive he would say, fair skin and full lips. He stepped back and asked his master what exactly was he to do with her. The master explained that she would be an asset, but he needed someone to keep her in tow. An odd sound filled Jax's ears, followed quickly by the clattering of chains. Out of instinct he drew his dagger, pointing it at the maiden. An ear piercing scream filled the room, his weapon splitting into shards. Banshee's were known for their screams, but this was unlike anything the brown headed man had ever found.

    "How can you expect her to be an asset if she's wild?" He asked the master, but it only solicited a mysterious, "It's up to you to decide." followed by the master turning and exiting the room, leaving the two alone. Jax was confused to say the least and after a few moments of silent contemplation while looking at her, he pulled the female clear of the dark pit. Setting her on firm ground. He knew the master had some agenda and would share it eventually.

    "You better clip those claws, or I'll clip them for you," he said, not with anger, but there was no humor in his voice either. He had discarded the now useless blade aside. He tugged her somewhat roughly towards the doorway. "Time for a bit of sun."
  8. The girl didn't understand anything that was going on so she just fallowed as they went down the hallway she could hear other creatures and clicked and cooed slightly, unable to speak with humans. she made many different noises and all different sounds to it. She grinned as went outside smiling at the sunlight. She made an odd cackling clicking sound on her throat as she flapped her wings causing a truck to over turn and hit a different building. She smiles as she streached her wings out happily. The sky was bright that day, truly bright no one had seen the sun in few days and it made her very happy to see it.

    She looked at the sky and crooned her neck up and to the side happily as she looked at the world with new colored eyes, that green pericing eyes had turned solid yellow color now. She looked back at the human and cocked her head to the side, knowing she couldn't understand him so seeing a hunter walking past grabbed him and kissed him before she dropped the man that looked like he was in heaven.

    "ah thats better, now i can actually speak whatever you humans speak. Who are you and why am I seeing light once more i was not captured to be set free anytime soon. Sick twisted games you humans play" said as her voice while speaking was a haunting one. A voice that forever was inside the ears of the humans that listened to it. Purely sad and unknown her voice seemed to have other voices, four to be in fact. She was not just once person there was something very strange about her. She had different personalities and so called forms she could take, all with different personalities and abilties.
  9. Jax felt his grip tighten on the girl's shoulder as she spread her wings, ready to pull he to ground if she decided to zip off. Her wings flapped and he felt the gale tugging at his clothes and saw how a truck screeched and turned over into a building. Once her wings settled though, the air was still again, not even a sign of a breeze. It would be a hot day. The sun was already beating down on the people of the city and it wasn't even noon yet. Jax nodded to a hunter he recalled being named Dimitri as he passed. A newish recruit if he wasn't mistaken.

    Too quick to stop, the woman grabbed at the hunter, tugging him close to so their lips meet. The man was certainly caught unawares and found himself swooning on his ass on the ground. He didn't appear to be any worse off so Jax examined the woman. She was yellow eyed, although he could've sworn to another color a while back. He was surprised when she suddenly spoke for she had only made strange sounds up until then.

    "You need a kiss to speak?" he asked although it seemed fairly evident from what had just happened. "And we're not playing a game. If you'd like to see something sick though, just look at how men get slaughtered by beasts." He realized that was likely not something to be said to a woman, but didn't care to apologize. He stopped in the middle of the hallway, pulling her to a halt. "You were captured to become an asset. Or that's what my master said. That means you are bound to me." It was a strange idea. Having a hunter bound to something, given the right circumstance, he could've hunted.

    "I am Jax, in answer to your other question. Jax Revere. What is your name?"
  10. "how close minded of you to think humans are the only thing under attack. I speak only to animals and creatures of different world learning and adpting thats why it took half a guild to die to take me. Course I knew more then a human did about all the creatures you have no clue of on this planet. i didn't come from here actually I was never born on earth. I am not given a name that concers you hunter of the innocent" said sharply her eyes making the hunter go silent unable to muster another word to her. She looked around seeing creatures all around, some caught some harming hunters. She grinned and shook her head and made a small noise and a large snake like creature that was coiled around a hunter looked right at hr and lowers its head and let go of the hunter and slithered off into the woods without another word.

    She smiles "These creatures you hunt have families and just like you are trying to stay alive and keep their families safe. i was captured protecting my village from your sick group. slaughtered many of m kind, children, elders and adults. i gave up my freedom so they could live in peace you hunters truly don't know anything about this world of creatures" said sadly shaking her head as her wings retracted into her back as she watched the world. She looked at the young hunter and helped him up.

    "sorry about that chap but i did need to learn english for a few hours. i hope i didn't startle you too bad" she grinned gently patting off his head of dirt. the young hunter actually smiled and nodded in thanks and walked off. she smiles and looked back at her fellow hunter "Not all of us are bent on killing most of us live in peace but humans hate what they don't understand. Thats why so many decades we lived in fear of you but we knew he couldn't hide much longr so slowly and slowly we came back into your world. But there are some that are evil, some who's soul purouse is to harm and kill all those around them. The on who is a true foe is the one with the golden red eyes and has claws that shred, his voice is that of thousand souls. leading an army of creatures of shadows. that is who you should be hunting not others" she said wisely looking at the world and whistled sharply as it rang out and a small wolf horse creature galloped in slowly. She smiles "get on and don't question it you want to save the hunman race and vanquish evil then get on" she said smiling as she clicked and made strange sound and the creature lowered itself so the human could get on. As if she could talk with all forms of beats and monsters.
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