The Hunter's Lair

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    Name: Sarsia Onigew (the picture is her true form)
    Race: A mixed breed, not categorized
    Power: To shapeshift into the most desiring man or woman to that individuals eyes (IT WORKS ON EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING SO DON'T EVEN TRY TO SAY IT DOSENT)

    "Welcome to the Cavern Pub, where all the Niptune's most famous drinks are bred, how may I help you?" Sarsia asked, chewing her gum.
    The man just stood there stuttering as he watched the young and beautiful woman stand there, waiting for his answer.
    This particular bartender was a Siren Shapeshifter, having a shapeshifter dad and a siren mom proved that there are mutated aliens in the world. Of course her powers were to shapeshift into the most sexy man/woman in the universe to the person...making them obsessed over her. In fact that's how this particular bar became so famous!
    She then grabbed a glass that was empty and grabbed a jar full of a type of cloud, she placed the cloud over the glass and naturally the cloud started turning gray, raining green liquid into it.
    She pushed the glass towards him, "it's on the house..." she said with a fake smile and the man nodded and grabbed the glass walking away.

    This whole bar was full of hero's of all type, weather they are aliens, monsters or humans. Yep, it was a typical day for Sarsia, all except for her secret entrance into the Hunter's Lair...a place where the nest heros gather to kill the worst of criminals with bounties on their heads, thats how they make a living.
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    Morsalline Corvenne

    Age: Undefined

    Unidentified. Comes form many generations of scientific experiments and she got loose.
    Most see her as a humanoid necromancer, though her talent comes naturally like an in-born
    power. However her appearance says everything so what she is is up to what you think she is
    because even she doesn't know.

    Power: Necromancing. ( IE- raising the dead though not returning life, possession, moving between the human world and the dead world. etc.)

    Having entered the Hunter's Lair only minutes earlier, she tended to avoid looking at the bartender, standing with her legs crossed, leaning against a table.
    The tattered ends of her cloak swaying gently with the motion of others around her walking and moving. She didn't speak, or make any eye contact, but she seemed
    rather curious about everyone all the same judging by the look in her eyes with that energetic glint.
  3. The bartender saw a man walk up to her in a light gray cloak that looked burned on the ends, he was wearing a white shirt and cargo pants but his face remained a mystery. He whispered something to the bartender and she nodded before she opened a mysterious curtain behind her. The man walked through, dissapearing through the entrance.
    The woman looked around before closing the entrance back up.
  4. She personally had seen what happened though he paid little to no mind of it.
    It was something she was used t seeing by now, something of everyday occurrence.
    She didn't really mind it anymore, hearing some faint whispers nearby, and directing
    her attention towards them. They were coming form the bartender and an anonymous man,
    she tuned out all other sound and listened, though she soon looked away, unable to decipher
    what they had said. now she was rather suspicious of the bartender, deciding to later confront her.
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    Name: Meenos III
    Race: Hummingbird
    Power: Gravity Control, complete over his own body and what he is in contact with, and a little weaker when things are out of reach.

    A flamboyantly dressed, and rather peculiar looking specimen walked into the pub. He walked over to the bar and sat down, waiting to be served. He winked at the necromancer woman, chirping musically.
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  6. It was getting late and as the bar got more empty, she walked over to the man, "one drink...but the bars closing any minute...same for you lady" Sarsia said, a little annoyed...she didn't want to have to work late again.
  7. The bird chirped happily, his voice was whimsical and light, "I'll have a nectar to go then. What currency do you take?"
  8. Name: Combat varient 7 or "Ajax"
    Race: sentient machine
    Power: Improved strength and near limitless stamina. His right arm can transform into 3 different weapons. A short sword, a plasma assault rifle and a plasma sniper rifle. Though, the sniper rifle requires a tool to be used and he does not always have it on his person.

    Ajax sat in his hovercar and waited for the bar to close. He had matters to discuss that could get heated and he didn't want to draw any attention. Having a live hostage with a bag over his head in the vehicle also meant he had to lay low. He downloaded some updated software to his drive while he waited. Mozart played over the radio while he did. He enjoyed the sound of human music. It was so often care free.
  9. The Bartender seemed distracted, looking ahead "crap the robot..." she mumbled then poured the nectar fast...inhumanly fast as she slid it gracefully to the bird she looked away from him, "first one's on the house...the bar's closing you both need to leave now.."
  10. Meenos took the drink and chirped his thanks. He stood up and spun his cane in a circle, raising his drink he struck a ridiculous pose and shifted his gravity ninety degrees. In his pose he fell horizontally toward the exit/entrance where he released his gravity so he was held down naturally. He resumed walking, and made a line straight for the car, he walked past it, but not before he got a good look at what was inside. Hmm. Interesting package right there. He shifted gravity and fell up gracefully laughing until he was out of ear shot.
  11. Names: Celtic and Motin
    Races: Celtic- "Druid" (human/plant)
    Motin- "Finnmun" (fishman)
    Celtic- image.jpg
    Celtic- Control over plants
    Motin- Control over water (Including temp) Incredibly fast swimmer and can't drown.
    Both very quick and light on their feet.

    Two young men leaned against the front of the pub. One of them had black branches protruding out of his elbows and appeared to be reading a worn book, however he was blind and the book contained only gibberish. The other was some sort of fish humanoid and would occasionally glance at the hovercar. "What do we have?" Whispered the first boy, his useless eyes not moving from the book. "Hostage situation, seems to involve the owner in some way." The second whispered back. "It's a metalman, they always have some pricey parts in them." "Not to mention the hostage might be valuable."
  12. Name: Edel
    Age: 27-28
    Race: Human
    Power: Due to a recently obtained condition, can change the shape of any bone in his body. Also can detect the heartbeats of any life-form within close proximity.

    Born blind, grew up with his other senses enhanced. After becoming a banished wanderer from his home, wanders the universe in search of excitement and purpose.

    Edel lifted the hood from his head as he entered the bar, exposing his pale eyes and black, coal like hair to the night air. Making his way past the crowded tables and bustling crowds, he pushed two foreign silver coins on the bench and sat down. "A drink if you would. Anything to soothe these nerves please." The blind boy queried, hanging his head low.
  13. Ajax was getting impatient. The bar was still had several customers. Screw it. He thought. He shut off the car and walked to the trunk. He retrieved the hostage which luckily made no sound. He swung it over his shoulder and walked toward the door, hoping that everyone was too drunk to notice.
  14. Calmly he waited, in his seat, drawing circles with his finger on the wooden bench when all of a sudden Edel heard a familiar gait amongst the bustle of the few drunks left. Clunk, Clunk, Clunk. 'Great.' He thought to himself. "A fuckin' combat robot" he mumbled. He heard the whirring of miniature gears and subsystems inside the thing clearly as it left the establishment and re-entered the bar. 'Just stay the hell away from me.' Edel thought, salty prejudice from years ago that still escaped occasionally.
    It was only then that Edel realised two very strange things. He got up and stopped the robot in it's path. "Okay. One, why do you have a heartbeat right next to you, and two, why is it beating faster than the blood-rush of a mouse?"
  15. Knowing that it was close to closing time, she seemingly vanished,
    unable to be seen by most but few could still see her undoubtedly.
    She planned on leaving but something strange was drawing her here
    and she planned to find out what it was. She had seen the strange
    hummingbird like creature chirp towards her, taking it as a simple friendly
    gesture and nothing more. Not wanting to bother herself with it, she left the bar,
    standing outside while a chilled breeze ruffled her hair and left leaves scattered
    across the ground.

    " Let's see, who is going to come out tonight?"
  16. The pebbles on the ground next to Morsalline started to rise into the air. They swirled in a circle, and Meenos dropped from the heights above to land in the middle, the pebbles now orbiting him. He leaned back, as if leaning against a wall, and faced Morsalline "So what brings a pretty lady like yourself to such a place as this?"
  17. Morsalline was a bit stunned by the question at first,
    taken aback that she had been called a pretty lady.
    It wasn't exactly a common name for her to be addressed
    by at any time and it put her into slight shock for a bit.
    Coming to her senses quickly, she responded with a
    frustrated sigh and propping her hands on her hips, looking
    at him as she would a child, one eyebrow quirked.

    " And what makes you think I am pretty? As far as I am concerned,
    pretty isn't exactly my forte, and my reasons for being here are my own
    and nobody else's. Can I help you with something?"
  18. Apparently not all of them were drunk, and some were stupid. Ajax steadied the body on his shoulder. "None of your concern." He said to the cloaked person.
  19. Meenos laughed and looked down at her, at nine feet even it wasn't too hard, "I have to say its probably the eyes. I find humans and those that are almost human, to have pretty eyes. You have the right to keep your secrets to yourself, at least that is the way I personally think." The bird shook his head, his feathers catching and reflecting the dim lights from outside, he straightened and tilted his head as he looked at her, "No... I don't think you can." He turned away and the pebbles orbited around him as he floated a few inches off the ground and moved away from her. She obviously wasn't here looking to have a one night stand.
  20. "Hey! Robot's with me, and I suggest you mind your own business kind sir...because thats how you get kicked from the bar!" Sarsia grabbed the robot by the arm and led him behind the curtain once again before closing them up.