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  1. The Burma Desert, a dry uninhabitable place filled with one village that welcomes newcomers because there's a large chance that they would by anything, all you needed to do was try your best to scam them into buying something that seemed valuable when it was really a piece of crap. Almost every store needed to do this except for the Turanga Bar at the end of the village. Drinks were so good that regular criminals made that bar their go-to spot.
    A green jeep suddenly pulled up, skidding the sand slightly. There hasn't been a decent car around for over 10 years and it was obvious from the villagers faces that they were shocked to see one at all. The drivers side door opened and a young gorgeous brunette walked out. Her sparkling green eyes darted from left to right as she scanned the area, she needed to find someone and fast.
    Thieves were already planning on stealing the car when the young woman snapped at the car and it teleported away, the thieves grew annoyed instantly. For a woman who just came here she was well on her feet.
    The brunette continued to walk towards the bar as she received even more looks from strangers. A skull and bones insignia was embedded on her black jacket. Some people gasped, she was from the Hunter society, which means someone was in trouble.
    As more people saw her insignia they fled, leaving the place almost completely deserted.
    The doors opened and the girls dark green combat boots stepped in eerily, everyone turned to her and saw her insignia before they broke out laughing.
    One monster walked up to the girl "Your not from the Hunters Society, there's no way a cute little girl-"
    "My names Claire, and this is your first and only warning, move out of the way now!" the woman said.
    This demand made the men laugh harder, the monster grabbed Claires shoulder and she grabbed his hand and bent it backwards. The monster screamed as the others heard a cracking noise.
    "You bitch!" the creature yelled and raised his hand to slap her, but she grabbed is arm as he was about to hit her and kicked the things face with her boot. His hand and nose were now broken, he went to punch her again but she ducked and tripped him before standing on him and unshiethed her sword from her waist and held it at his throat. The creature wimpered in fear and Claire looked up "anyone else wishes to get their ass kicked then face me now!"
    Nobody said a word, however there was an occasional akward cough now and then. "Thats what I thought" Claire said before putting her sword away and walked up to the bar tender.
    "Have you seen this creature?" Claire asked showing the bar tender the picture.

    ((Note: You cannot be the criminal Claires chasing after))
  2. Adrian watched from another end of the bar to see what all the fuss was about he saw a Hunter and thought. "Goddamn it and my day was going so good to, oh boy here she comes." She was approaching him now he adjusted his pistol belt in case this got out of hand and he had to shoot his way out, he stood up and faced her but was in a casual stance he didn't want to fight a Hunter today, his green eyes were all she could see of his face as he was wearing a hood and waited for her to speak.
  3. The bartender looked up curiously his pure black eyes flicked over the picture before he shook his head "Nay, not seen that scoundrel since last month that fool was screaming nonsense saying something about the fall of some Society...why?"

    Listening quietly from the back of the bar sat a small creature its eyes flicked to tensed hooded figure to the pretty young Claire and the bartender.

    "Yes yes, what lively day the bar sees, yes yes!"
  4. "Thanks" she said before walking towards the man. Scoundrels from the bar watched in silence as the hunter approached the hooded man. "What the hells a vigalante mafia doing here?" one of them whispered.
    "Have you seen this creature?" Claire asked holding up a picture of a raggity old alien from sepia 9, his name was Honest Joe, but there was nothing honest about him. The crazy man has a feddish for stealing anything of value from each planet, the only one who knew about Joe was Linney and he was across the bar shaking.
  5. The small being continues to watch as the young lady made her way to the other being. His eyes widen at the title of Vigalante Mafia, he didn't like the sound of that. But noticing the picture in her hand he figured that who ever was on it had to be very dangerous and seeing that he wasn't much of a fighter he decided that he wanted to help, but mostly to save his own skin.
    Standing he approaches the Hunter and says with a strange accent "Yes yes, may I be in some form or fashion a small ounce of help? I think I might, I think I may know something that shall, and can help you."

    In the light the creature, looked like a Mudskipper with brown fur, it had large antennas like a roach. And long arms which it pulled up to its chest like a mantis.
  6. Claire spun to look at the bar tender, "Why in the world would you want to help?" she asked.
  7. He looked taken aback, before saying "Yes yes, I know you may not trust me, but this bar, this bar's not all it's cracked up to be. Aside that I think I can be of some help." he lied, his black eyes shined with mischief.
  8. "I hate to break it to you, but us Hunters don't really look for help...and if you ask me, it is suspicious that a bartender in the middle of a desert working in a bar for common criminals would want to help our kind..."
    Claire then spun around to the crowd "interesting that nobody here knows this man at all!" the hunter yelled holding the picture of the criminal up. "If there's something that i've learned while growing up in this miserable village is that criminals stick together here at the Turanga Bar!"
    She then grabbed the nearest short man and held him up "I want my answers! AND I WANT THEM NOW!"
    Nobody answered and Claire threw the man on the table and punched him across the face, "tell me or this man suffers!"
    Again there wasn't an answer and Claire punched him twice as hard breaking his nose, everyone winced as the punches continued, the mans cries of pain and anguish were heard across the room, making some criminals look away.
    "Stop! Stop! I will tell you!" a loud, desperate voice shouted.
    Claire slowly turned to the shaking man and dropped the bruised man before walking towards Linney. "Where?" she asked calmly, without showing any emotion.
    He tried speaking but he was in a state of shock and disbelief, how strong is this girl exactly? Why did he want Joe? All he knew was that if he didn't say something and more of his friends got beat up because of him, people were going to sooner or later find out and come back to haunt him.
    "I DON'T PLAY GAMES!" Claire shouted sternly, snapping Linney out of it.
    "He-he-he's at planet Suragon! In Nuon Swamp!" Linney stuttered, "please don't hurt me!"
    "I have what I need" Claire said as she was about to leave.
  9. A purple hooded girl with a white mask over her eyes stood up. She was only 5 foot, which was short for her age, stood up.
    "What has this man done? Was it so drastic that you think you have the right to come in, beat someone up, and make them give you answers? In my opinion, you are probably worse than this criminal."
    She turned slightly to shine her saber at Claire, warning that she was prepared to defend herself and anyone else caught in the scuttle. She'd seen enough senseless violence that day, that some meaningful violence could make her feel more accomplished.
    'Astraea, is this really worth it?' She asked herself.
  10. Claire turned to the woman "the man I beat up wasn't innocent and neither is the man I'm about to capture" was all the hunter said before she left.
    The hover car flew to Claire as she hopped in. The young woman glanced back at the bar, the purple haired girl reminded her of herself when she was a child.
  11. Astraea glared at Claire as she left, then attended to the man's broken nose.
    "Those Hunters are nothing but trouble. Most of 'em are probably as bad as we are." A person in the crowd murmured to Astraea.
    Finishing wrapping the person's nose, she sighed and responded, "at least they try to do the right thing. People inherently are evil, but with some effort, they can try to be good." She had met a few before, and even fewer were kind and even had shown some form of mercy. They were extremely rare and could be killed for that, but they were the best kind to run into.
  12. (Hunters are good vigilantes like Batman)
  13. Astraea attended to the man's nose

    "Those hunters ain't nothin but trouble. Most of em are as bad as we are." Someone the crowd said.
    "People are inherently bad. At least they make an effort to be good. Thank the Lord I'm not dead now." Astraea responded, finishing wrapping the man's nose.
    She sighed and left the bar. The jeep tracks stayed in the sand. Curiously and cautiously, Aestraea followed them. She hoped o find something she wasn't sure of, but wanted.
  14. (After living in the town for a while, Astraea feels like she can change the town without violence or cheating. She also sees the hunters as quick to violence rather than enforcers of the rules. She has a respect for them though.)
  15. Ok but don't write anymore we have to wait for other people
  16. Adrian put money on the bar and lit a cigar he looked at the bartender and handed him a sack it had gold in it Adrian decided he might as well follow hr checked his ammo for his revolver and the revolver itself and proceeded to follow the hunter and the woman who left behind her Adrian thought. "I'm gonna get hurt following but i'm not doing anything here." He got on a motorbike and proceeded to head the same direction of the hunter.
  17. Claire was getting ready to blast off into space
  18. (Tracker for the win then and he heard where she was going it's just kind of implied he would meet her there but I guess I should have made that clear.)
  19. Claire blasted off at Nuon Swamp, ready to get an explanation.
  20. The Nuon Swamp was a dangerous and wild place, perfect for a top-notch criminal to hide out. Vines were wrapped around various sorts of trees, green swamp gas filled the air, creating a misty and eerie effect.
    Claire scanned the area but all she saw so far was some giant Bog Frogs in their natural habitat, croaking and watching out for flies to devour.
    The young girl didn't know this planet personally, so she had to find someone who did. Her journey began as she started walking foreward, being cautious around swamp gas.
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