The Hunter says Hello!

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Hey its Hunter here, Iv been hanging around chat abit and stalking the site, but now im officially here.

So ya..Hi!
Hello Hunter! :D .....What are you a Hunter of? O___O
Hey, if you've been stalking... wouldn't that make you "The Stalker"?
Sounds like a low budget horror film...

I'm not good at jokes! D:
Anyway, there's a ton of awesome people who will be able to help you settle in here... but I'm not one of them!
I'm just a person saying hello and feel free to talk to me if you want. :3
Hiya Hunter, welcome to Iwaku!! :D
I'm glad you've decided to join us instead of stalking us.
I hope you like it here. I'm Terra
Hi Hunter, I'm Ozzie. We met in chat. Again, welcome to the site!
I Hunt many things...good RP mainly! :P

Hey Everyone, and Thx.
Thas wassup.
-Tries to make a mad face, but can't hide her dimples.-
T^ T Am I intimidating yet? -whimperwhine.-

I am Staci. >:D
-throws confetti all over, more than necessary.-
My job here is done.~
Hello there and welcome to Iwaku, Hunter.
I hope that the welcoming committee has not scared you thoroughly thus far.
I'm Kitti, by the way, and it's nice to meet you.
If you've been poking around, then I'm sure you've gotten the gist and direction of things, but if you need any help, please do feel free to ask.
Do you stabbity stab things....Or do you just shoot them? I like stabbity stab...Though blowing things up is awesome. >:3
*sniffs the Hunter* may be of some use...

Welcome to the Iwaku! ^.^ Need any help at all, feel free to ask. :D
As if that hasn't been pointed out enough.. >>

*tips hat*
We've met! I talked to you in the Cbox. Hope you enjoy Iwaku as much as I do!
Oh, welcome Hunter! Welcome to Iwaku!
Good to know I'm not the only one in the land of the Kangaroos!

Cheers mate!
Cheers! =)

I'm a little busy IRL at the moment so may not be that active, but hope to get stuck into it soon.