The Hunter is taught to hunt.

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  1. *Ethea, a colossal land that has seen war upon war, societies built and remade along with new races birthed and found. The society of HOPAPH, (Human Organisative Protection Against Paranormal Hostilities), raging against the Council of Mudri, (The Council of the ranged amounts Mutants.), and also locked against the Magi, (Unique Spellcasters to the land.). Further south the land was scarred with marks of Demonic plague, the charred ground held tree's of a sickly nature, with no leaves and crumbling upon touch. The silent skies left the eerie sense of something watching you, though no matter where you turned, you could never quite see the culprit. The slow winds carried a distinct sound, one that could only relate to the cries of a man being tortured severely. The land held many dangers, from stray shadows looking for a new host, to horrorific creatures ready and willing to devour travelers daring enough in a single swallow. The male stepped out, of where? There was nothing there, only the dark haired man, his red highlights glowing and emanating a heat unlike that of normal human temperature. He sniffed once, before sneering slightly, the place surrounding him stunk of old bones, dust and contamination. He was sending out a mental message for someone long ago, someone who he knew still existed, as his death would result in saga's being wrote of tragedy having ended, peace having come about and spread to his ears.*

    *He knew of the many portal's that remained here, being the magical network of worm-holes the demons used to travel from one place to another. Demons... Poltergeist's... Greater Demons... Lords... The lot of them. This was a frequently used cluster, a simple reason was strategically, it was the best meeting place. The message had been sent in all directions, not knowing where Hiru/Nosfentor was located at this specific time, but mentioned upon hunting dark beings. Other people sensitive to this sort of magic might have been able to pick up on it's source, others sensitive to magic in general might have got a specific feeling, this much he knew. He just wished all speed to Hiru, as though he could protect himself, he did not wish to actually be put in a position where he needed to.*
  2. *Hiru was studying the methods of manipulation of darkness and how to create a inhuman being with the simple power of shadow, as a distraction to fool mortals easily. The idea of a distraction that if mastered, could actually cause fear into the weak minded. This being the 3rd book that he had read and still not finding the information he was searching for. Hiru was finding it slightly aggravating that, this library didn't have the books it needed. He thought to himself, '' No surprise that this crappy library doesn't have what I want. It is only ever Haiven library that has what I want.'' He thought as he placed the books back in the bookshelf*

    *While placing the last book back on the dusty shelf, Nosfentor heard a message that Arlemar wanted him to appear, curious as to what reason his lord would want him to appear.Hiru chuckled as it had been a while before he had seen Arlemar, Due to travels that he needed to attend and was still not finished. Hiru walked outside and found small buildings around his area. He then walked into a Building and without other's easily noticing, He created a darkness portal to appear next to Arlemar. Only thing that Nosfentor and Hiru didn't know is, the flow of power around Arlemar would cause Nosfentor to come out instantly without a transformation phase.*

    *As Hiru walked into the wall which was actually a portal that he created, everything had become purple colour's with cubes of different seance of different areas that Nosfentor had been to, giving him the option to create a portal their if needs be. As Hiru entered the portal, He instantly turned into Nosfentor. ( here is an image of him-> ). In front of Nosfentor was different cubes of different areas and some of the cubes, had see through pipe systems on them. these pipes being sources of power in an area of choice, and found one of the cubes to have a pipe connected to it that was multi-colored which meant that, to him it must be the place that he wants to go to. As he pressed his finger on the cube that had a see-through pipe of multi-colors connected to it, the cubs dissapeared and Nosfentor was going through the portal*

    *As nosfentor appeared through the portal, he saw Arlemar next to him and noticed the fluctuation of magic around the area. Nosfentor nodded to Arlemar before speaking*My lord. For what area or dimension are we going into to find these dark beings? *Nosfentor asked as he was curious as to where he wasgoing to find these dark beings, unknowing to the fact of whether he was familiar to the area or not. He wanted to be prepared for whatkind of dark beings he was going to encounter, if possible to have a heads up*
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    Fane was not one for magic that had to be used with just pure concentration and energy. Especially since he already used his concentration and energy on his energy shields. The clearing he was in had little to no trees but there was a stump or two that he used as a seat. He wanted a way to use magic with words instead. He was reading more about old style magic where you make a spell through word rhymes, when he felt a magic that seemed to be summoning someone or something. He decided to investigate where it could have come from, and kept a hold on the location with a little spell he learned the other day. He closed the book he had bought from a store recently, picked up his staff, put it on his back and started off towards the source.
  4. *Endora had been wondering across many lands for atleast 3 weeks now. She found herself getting lost in travel. Living a life on the road was normal for her so losing herself in the travel was easy for her. She looked around to see ruins of buildings that once stood proud. She made her way into a building that looked as if inhabited with a living being. Unfortunately her sensing abilities had been going crazy since she stepped foot in this strange place so she couldn't even tell what it was. Endora gripped the handle of the door tightly and slowly pushed it down to unlock the door. It was so weak and rusted it came straight off the hinges and fell to the ground. She looked up to look around the building when a spirit made of dark mist met her glance and it ran at her with intent to inhabit her body. Straight away, thanks to her fast reflexes, she grabbed her wand from her belt and pointed it at the spirit and shot a bunch of little bright stars that seemed to come out at the hundreds and made the spirit disappear*
    Stupid wand...

    *She then smacked the wand against her hand and it let out more sparks until finally it stopped. Unfortunately her wand wasn't working up to the standard she'd wanted at all. But as far as anyone knew that was supposed to happen. After all the only person who could have seen it was now... well... dead. She then looked around the building and saw dead bodies and blood scattered across the room. Though it didn't seem to bother her one bit. She obviously felt bad for the lives lost but the blood wasn't anything knew. She then turned around and made her was down the streets. Obviously thanks to that encounter she knew she couldnt trust any friendly looking beings or buildings. Mainly because most of them would turn out to be traps for the weak.*
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    *Arlemar sensed Nosfentor approaching, and his eyes scanned the precipice for any other dark beings lingering near. Some were observing, but they were small in comparison to what the land could have brung, and they did not have the courage to intercept the meeting. He was reminded of certain features on Nosfentor he always seemed to stand out, very profound details on his face, and he did prefer Nosfentor over Hiru. He turned to Nosfentor and shook his hand in the ancient Warriors Grip, an honour-bound shake that revealed you were one who kept to an honourable path, whether it be the way you view it or someone else.* Been a long time... Nosfentor... *His voice seemed to hold a slight evil ring to it, allowing a partial amount of the Triban's essence to influence it. He turned towards the portal, his voice raised so it could be heard, though the dark winds hear carried sound far in hopes of luring the prey to the predator. His arm stretched forwards and slightly to the right, finger point to the portal that seemed to appear out of nowhere.* We shall be traveling to Outlands.. We shall venture into Terrokar Forests... We shall best the Hellfire Peninsula... And we will infiltrate Shadowmoon Valley and Illidan's hordes. *The voice held such a high confidence, most would think it insane to even ponder upon, though they would assume much that Arlemar was not interested in. Arlemar was not going to challenge Illidan Stormrage to do battle, but he had plans that would flow into motion the closer they would get to it.*

    *Arlemar did not say another word as his arm slowly fell back into place, his eye turned away from Nosfentor as it looked upon the horizon. There was a reason he had sent that message upon an open frequency. He had hoped others in the vicinity might have piqued their interest, he could use a few creatures to make this job a little easier on him, yet they were not required and would not stop him on his path. His frame stood their like a statue as his mind searched forth through the dark area, searching for dark beings of sentience that were not consumed by hunger or instincts.*
  6. *Nosfentor listened to the first thing that Arlemar mentioned, agreeing with the fact that it had been a very long time. through the months of travel, Hiru and Nosfentor lost contact with most people.* Indeed it had been. *Nosfentor mentioned as he watched Arlemar turn to a different direction, Observing him with curiosity as to what he was doing. After a minute of watching, he started to see a pattern of magic appear and minutes after the sight of the pattern, he could see a big portal of green energies, spiraling into the center and the frame of the portal was big. Nosfentor looked at the portal with a growing interest in what was on the other side, before hearing Arlemar speak again.*

    *After Arlemar had finished mentioning the areas of which we was going, and a highly known leader of many things. This had put a smile on Nosfentor as he did love highly known figures, mainly because every figure with a reputation that Nosfentor knew of, he wanted to fight. He generally like fighting other's but he knew that, he wouldn't be able to fight much on this mission, if at all. He walked a few steps closer to the portal, attracted by the energy fluctuation of this portal as, it was different from the usual portals that Nosfentor used and, it conserved a bit amount of energy to create. Curiosity for what was fueling this portal to stay open. Was it just because Arlemar was keeping it open? or did he just simply make it appear in visual and something else is fueling it? What ever it was, it intrigued him greatly as he wanted to know* What is making this portal stay open m'lord? *Nosfentor asked as he looked over to Arlemar*
  7. Fane was very close to the source of the magic that had been sent out to summon someone. His journey through this land was not very pleasant as there were many dark beings and shady locations where he went. He was very glad that his energy shields kept the dark beings away and gave him a little comfort. He wondered if there was a spell to ward them off without using his own energy like he was. There was also a doubt that finding the source was a bad idea, but he was going to find it anyway. When he finally stumbled upon the source he saw two men standing near what looked like a portal of some sort. An invisible energy shield was put up now and he cautiously approached and called out. "Hello there."
  8. *Nosfentor turned around as he heard the voice, curious as to why would wonder in such areas that wreaked of unknown magic and auras alike. When he turned around to see the figure, it was like looking down to someone as Nosfentor was 8Ft tall as Nosfentor is the demon side so, he was already in demon form. As he saw the figure approach him and his general, he turned his whole body towards the person. Because of being a big figure, the ground did shake a little bit around him when he placed his foot on the ground. * Evening traveler. Is there something I can help you with? *Nosfentor asked the person with a grin on his face, pondering on the reasons of why he would wonder here and what he wanted. Possibly a fight or just to explore.*
  9. Fane looked at the one who answered and was even more surprised to see a demon here. Then he thought that this place was more probable to see a demon than others. He answered, "Er...well not that I can think of. I just chanced upon you and your friend here. What are you doing out here? Anything interesting?" He looked them both over and felt dumb for not noticing it before that they were part demon if not full demon. As long as they weren't rampaging they could be talked to and delt with. He anxiously waited for a reply, wondering what this meeting could hold.