The Hunter and the Hunted (Wicked_"Innocence" and LYDIA)

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  1. The new girl stood at the front of the room. She had naturally tanned skin and light brown hair. Jasper decided she was pretty, though he didn't particularly care. He just wanted the school day to end so he could go hunting with Ariana and Micah.

    The evil homeroom teacher from hell made the girl introduce herself to the entire class. She told them that her name was Isabelle Smiths. Jasper stared at the wall until she sat down.

    The bell rang, and Jasper was the first to get to the door before Mrs Evans called, "Mr Rathscar? Come here for a moment, please."

    Jasper groaned under his breath, rolled his eyes and approached the teacher's desk. The new girl stood beside her, looking tentative and nervous. Jasper smirked and raised his eyebrows at the teacher. "Yes, Mrs Evans?"

    "Mr Rathscar, this is Isabelle, as you know," said Mrs Evans. "Miss Smiths, this is Jasper Rathscar. He's going to show you around today."

    "I do not remember consenting to this, ma'am," Jasper pointed out.

    "Enough, Mr Rathscar," snapped Mrs Evans. Jasper really wanted to snap her neck. "You will show Miss Smiths to her lessons."

    Jasper sighed, straightened up and faced Isabelle over the desk. "Well, come on, darling, we don't have all day," said Jasper, turning on his heel and leading her out of the room. He leaned over her shoulder to see her timetable. "English with Mr Trenton? Same. Come on."

    As they walked, Jasper grinned and turned to her. "I didn't mean to be rude, I just really do not like that teacher."
  2. She was annoyed, jittery, and so embarrassed. She couldn't even believe that she had to introduce herself to the class like they were back in elementary school once more. Honestly, half these people wouldn't even remember her name if she shouted it at them because she was insignificant to these people. Isabelle moved the seat the older woman had told her to sit in and breathed out a sigh of relief seeing that she was sitting next to some dumb cheerleader and her boyfriend who couldn't keep his hands off of her, or at least she hoped that was her boyfriend.

    Isabelle had been home-schooled half of her life, but as soon as eight grade started her father began sending her to public schools cause they was literally nothing her could teach her that she hadn't already taught herself at home, so then he gave up and sent her to her first classroom.

    After class had ended Isabelle had moved back over to the teachers desk to ask her where her next class was but she quickly called over some guy that looked like he hadn't even wanted to be here. Him and the teacher seemed to have a chemistry that told everyone they completely hated each other's presence, but she wasn't going to interrupt as teacher told him that he had to show her around.

    "Oh it's not that serious I could find it for all the trouble that it's w-" then he looked at her and said something she wasn't expecting from someone who had the face that says 'I don't care' even if his comment was still a smart-ass comment. Apparently they had English together and she wasn't going to say that she was happy with his presence, but he had been showing her around so she needed to play nice.

    "You don't like her Oh really? From the looks of it you two seemed to be the perfect buddies..." She said sarcasm dripping from her every word as she gave him a small grin of her own. Of course she's hated high school every year that's she's attended and since she never stayed in one spot because of her father's profession she never really made it a habit to make friends to make high school a bit easier. "I honestly haven't stood in front of a class and introduced myself in so long...she seems to think that half the people in that class care about what people say" she chuckled softly and looked back down at her hands as she played with the hem of her sweater.
  3. "Well, lucky for you, Isabelle -- that is a lovely name, by the way -- Mr Trenton couldn't care less about what you do, so he won't make you introduce yourself," said Jasper. "We literally won't even care if you fail."

    Jasper's sharp eyes wandered the crowds of unassuming high school students. As much as he hated having to hear every word of their petty drama with his vampire hearing (seriously, who cared if Becky broke up with Jason so she could be with Annie's ex-boyfriend Oliver?) Jasper was happy to live the first hope of a normal life he had experienced since around 1967. Jasper passed his adoptive 'brother', Micah, who saw him with the new girl and shot him a dirty look. He grabbed Jasper's elbow and pulled him down so he could mutter furiously in his ear; Jasper flung out his arm to stop Isabelle from getting lost.

    "Why are you with a human?" Micah muttered, so quiet only Jasper could hear him.

    "That tends to happen at school, Micah. My stupid fucking homeroom teacher made me show her around, Micah, it's not like we're getting married," Jasper snapped back, even quieter. Micah shook his head and walked off. Jasper straightened up, rolled his eyes and continued to walk. "Sorry," he said to Isabelle. "Just my uptight brother."
  4. She shook her head at him and shooed the whole thing off completely. She hadn't known how uptight brothers worked because she was always the oldest and more of the uptight one because she had to be the oldest. "Oh don't worry about just seem to get along with everybody huh..." She noticed him roll his eyes and saw how quickly he changed his posture after the whole showdown so she assumed that the conversation wasn't as pleasant as it could have been.

    "And name isn't that great, just an Italian name cause my dad's Italian, and if you met him you would easily figure out that every stereotype about Italians is so true, except for him being inolved in some heavy criminal activity" If you didn't count going out an killing anything that sucked blood as a heavy criminal activity. But he was a completely different person when he wasn't on the job, just like she had been. Though she wouldn't normally find herself talking to a student and being shown to one of her classes, even if he was going in the same direction he was still walking with her...and that was something new for her. She was one hundred percent sure that they would never talk again after this day though, so might as well enjoy the feeling while it lasted.

    Isabelle pushed some of her hair behind her ear and looked around the crowed hallways seeing how everything was just like the movies, everyone hung out with their own and it just seemed to be that way...he was just glad they weren't hopping on tables and danced around the hallways as they sung stupid songs.

    " let's just make the rest of my teachers like this Mr.Trenton guy...This is at least the third high school I've been to in the whole year..." She had to move the first time because the cove her father was hunting had followed him home one day, the second time was because the first coven had been extinguished and he wanted to move back, and now this time was because they was a large coven in this small town that seemed to be causing issues, and many people were reporting not remembering what they just did maybe three minutes her father got suspicious and then the hunters league sent him here to check it out. "Oh yeah, I know you were forced and all but thanks for showing me to class, you could have just ditched me but you didn' thanks" her voice was soft as she looked up at him giving him a small smile.
  5. Jasper was in the mood to further agitate Micah, just because that was the kind of asshole he was and Micah had really pissed him off. Plus, Ariana would find it funny. "I wouldn't have ditched you, I'm not that evil," he said smiling down at her. "You could even come and sit with me at lunch if you like."

    They arrived at English. Mr Trenton signed the new-kid-slip of paper for Isabelle before sending her to the only empty seat in the room -- which, conveniently, was right beside Jasper. "See?" said Jasper, as they sat down. "Total give-no-fuck kinda guy. He's great. I want him to teach all of my classes."

    Jasper smiled at her, trying extra hard to dazzle her with his good looks like he could do with other girls. He wouldn't call himself a 'player' ... he just liked experimenting with what he could actually do with girls or guys attracted to other guys. It was fun, but he wasn't into breaking any hearts. That was more Sebadet's area of expertise.
  6. Isabelle gave him a small smile back then pulled out a notebook readying herself for class, there was already material in it because she had been to three different schools and hadn't felt like shooing for supplies each time she moved, the only things really in the notebook as you flipped each page was rough drafts of papers she wrote previously and some doodles at the edge of the paper she drew every time she got bored in a class.

    English had always been her favorite subject though because she loved reading and writing. Sometimes she would write short stories when she wasn't paying attention or was in history, that was her most hated subject ever. Always has been and always will be.

    "I'm just glad he didn't make me anything...having to stand in front of a crowd of people you don't know and say your name with them just staring at you is just so unnerving....and annoying" she pushed some of her hair behind her ear and was ready to start listening to a lecture because this had been the class she was looking forward to.
  7. Mr Trenton finally stood in front of the class to speak to his students. As Jasper had expected, he couldn't care less. "Alright, class," he said monotonously. "You should all have read Romeo and Juliet by now. Today, I want you to pick a partner and start to prepare an oral report on it. You will have three lessons on this, until it becomes homework. Begin."

    Jasper laughed before turning to Isabelle. "Best. Teacher. Ever. Anyway, have you read the stupid book? I have read the stupid book. Shall we be partners?"
  8. "Of course I've read Romeo and Juliet, and it's not's just a broken love story between two people who shouldn't be together but disregard what had been told to them by their parents and fall in love's actually pretty poetic when you think about it...but I'm pretty sure that's the last thing you do" she said with a smile as she crossed one leg over the other. "I can't believe you even said it was stupid, Shakespeare was a genius, did you know that every line in that play has ten syllables?"

    Okay she was bit of a nerd when it came to poetry and books, but Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe had been her favorite poets and Stephen King had been her favorite author. "And we shall be partners...since you're the only person I know here"
  9. "The only reason I think Romeo and Juliet is stupid is because Juliet was like thirteen and Romeo was an adult. And it spawned millions of generations of teenage girls thinking they need a guy to survive." No need to mention that he was sick of it due to Sebadet and Ariana dragging him to see the play a total of sixty three times. "Besides, why read a love story when you could read Macbeth? Yay. Death and scorn, my two favourite things." He grinned. "I'm kidding." He wasn't.

    He opened his notebook to his notes on Romeo and Juliet and handed it to Isabelle. He hoped she could decipher his handwriting; Jasper had never grown out of the elaborate, curly calligraphy he had been taught in the eighteen-forties. His teachers hated him. "So there's my in-depth analysis of it." He knew here were at least ten direct quotes in there because Jasper had an advanced memory. "I could even recite the entire thing if you wanted me to. I have an eidetic memory."
  10. "Mcbeth was pretty amazing as well....and you have to think about the time period Shakespere was was normal back then than it is now....and I'm pretty sure not every girl thinks they need a guy to survive..." She laughed at how angry he seemed to get about the book, maybe he had been passionate about the play...just in a different away. She looked down at the notebook he had handed her and was quickly taken aback by his hand writing and ran her hands over it looking up at it. She could read it because her father became desperate for something to teacher her so her taught her calligraphy. Isabelle had known how to write in it but hadn't done it because she knew most people couldn't ready it now and days because people never learned how to write in it.

    But he had, for some weird reason this guy who seemed to give no care in the world about anything could actually write with caligraphy and seemed pretty skilled at it with how gorgeous this had looked.
    "Your handwriting is pretty...don't know many people who actually write with calligraphy...I mean I know how I just don't feel like putting that time I to actually make it look nice" she looked over some of the stuff he had written and nodded agreeing with some of the had written. "I don't think I need you to recite it considering I read it twice every's one of my favorites next to Hamlet..." She looked up at him from his notebook pushing her hair out of her face.
  11. Jasper looked up at the board to see that Mr Trenton had actually written something for the first time in five hundred years. The oral report topics.

    "I think the fourth one," said Jasper, running his fingers through his icy white hair and nodding to the board. "Was 'their parents' strife' the reason for the love between Romeo and Juliet proving to be fatal? I think no. Because they weren't exactly rational before they met each other anyway."

    Jasper looked at his own handwriting. "I know, it's sad it isn't taught anymore. I only know how to do it because I went to this prestigious private school when I was a child -- in England, as you may have guessed by the accent I cannot be bothered to normalise." No need to mention he had attended primary school in the eighteen-forties. "Then my mother Anastasia adopted me and we moved here, to Littlebys Bay. Why am I even telling you my life story?"

    Jasper felt oddly comfortable with her. She didn't buy into his crap and he liked that; he liked the realness of this girl, and her hardened opinions no amount of eyelash-batting and kissy faces could break.
  12. "That's an interesting question to ask and I agree with you but I don't think it's because they weren't rational I think there love was fatal because it happened so fast and before they knew it everything was being thrown at normally takes years before you have that kind of connection with someone and for them it took hours, two days at was so fatal because it was a scary situation that turned into to death and loss so quickly...and when she saw the love of her life dying in front of her something clicked and she realized that she had been through so much with him...that she couldn't just leave him...their fatality throughout this whole situation was their mentality and how fast their love occurred",

    She chuckled softly and bit her lower lip realizing how lame she sounded. "Sorry I'm so lame...Like I said its one of my favorite" she felt a bit embarrassed with how passionate she had just become and how eyes seemed to turn to her.

    She blushed lightly with how everyone seemed to look at her for a second and hadn't even began talking again until eyes turned away from her and she wasn't the center of attention anymore.
    "It is pretty upsetting that they don't teach it anymore, I learned from my dad...and I don't mind hearing about your life's pretty refreshing talking to someone my age"

    Since the only people she talked to were older men and women briefing her about how many supernaturals she needed to worry about and if they were biters or not.
  13. "Well, my life story ... is pretty random, actually," said Jasper. "Anastasia adopted me when I was thirteen -- " lie " -- and she already had two adoptive daughters, Sebadet and Bridget-Marie." Truth. "We lived in England for the next three years, then we moved here to Littlebys Bay -- " truth " -- and over the last two years Anastasia adopted Ariana and Micah." Lie. "Seb and Bridget have graduated but they still live here."

    He was just recounting the old backstory the Rathscars had fabricated long ago to explain their random family. Due to some fortunate turn of events, the entire Rathscar coven actually looked quite similar, but Anastasia looked too young to have a swarm of teenaged-and-in-their-twenties children.
  14. "Aren't you all cool...not too random...I thought you were about to say that you were born with six toes or something..." Isabelle looked up at him then looked back down at the botebook she had and began sketching an outline of his face. She had always loved drawing and doodling when she had no time to do anything big. When she wasn't busy shoving a stake in some vampires heart or putting a bullet in a demons head, she was either reading, drawing, or cooking...she liked to write but she was no good at it so it hadn't taken that much of her time. "Weird question though but is that your real hair color, it's so light"

    What color could she possibly use for his hair color...not saying that she was actually going to color what she was doing. She bit her lower lip and looked up at him then looked back down at the notebook drawing lightly for his features figuring that she would sharpen everything up later.
  15. "Ahh, the inevitable query the entire world seems to have pressing onto their subconscious. The colour of my hair." Stefan waved his arms mystically around his head. "Yes, as a matter of fact, my hair is naturally white. I'm either Legolas or Draco Malfoy, take your pick. Preferably Malfoy. He was cool."

    Stefan tilted his head to see her drawing. He could tell it was of him -- who else had a jawline like that? -- but decided not to speak about it. It was kind of adorable.
  16. "Hm I don't know I'm more of a Legolas fan...I mean he was a complete bad ass" she chuckled looking up at him once more filling in the shadows on his lips among other places. "I mean if the world inquires about your hair that's good right. All the more attention...I think it's a nice color...suits you and brings out those icy blue eyes" it never took her long to do portraits, or at least the base of them. It was always the adding extra qualities to bring out that person's individuality and perfectly drawing the hair...that's the part where she always needed an extra the drawing pad she carried in her book bag she had many portraits there...even the portrait of her baby sister June.

    "If I may you know your birth parents?" She finally stopped drawing and looked up at him curious to know his answer. Though she was even more curious to know if he would answer the question...since they had just met.
  17. Jasper shook his head once, grimacing. "They died," he said bluntly. "A long time ago. My nose is longer than that," he added, pointing.

    Jasper had long recovered from the gaping wound his parents had left in him. All he knew about their life after he was transformed was that they died in 1872, and he had had to literally break into their bank account to get the savings that were rightly his. Sebadet had scolded him for that but he hadn't cared.
  18. "Oh wow...I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked it was none of my business" and just as he had punted out the length of his nose she looked up and looked back down erasing and redrawing. She then finally began filling in the extra details on his face which would take her longer than it had to do that base and decided to save his light colored hair for last. "I lost someone important to me I know it doesn't feel the best...but you look like one of those guys who don't like pity" she wanted to lighten up the mood since it had taken a dark turn for the worst.

    She wasnt going to tell him exactly who she lost, but she had rarely brought up the death of June so it was weird for her. Isabelle began sharpening up his jawline noticing how chiseled but soft it looked at the same time.
    "Any more details you want to tell me to fix...want me to make your neck look longer or your eyes a lighter blue...if your eyes got any lighter though they might as well be as white as your hair" she teased filling in his lips with a light shadow since she decided against coloring or painting it in but leaving him in chrome.
  19. "It's fine. I appreciate the curiosity, no one really talks to us. We're all sort of inapproachable," he said. "You're right, I don't particularly like pity, but I'm long over my parents. It feels like a hundred years, to be honest."

    He studied the drawing. Though it was just a base, a sketch, it was like looking into a mirror. "It's great. You don't need to change anything. You're an impeccable drawer. May I ask, what are you going to do with this?" he asked, smiling. "Frame it and make a shrine in your wardrobe? You must be, like, the fiftieth girl to have done that."
  20. She looked up at him and rolled her eyes looking back down onto the drawing, what was she going to do with it. Honestly she hadn't even known why she drew it in the first place. "I'm probably just going to throw it away or something...I don't particularly keep bases unless they're completely finished and your face has to many extra details that would take me forever to perfect" and that was when she closed the book placing it back on the table.

    "And I wouldn't be the fiftieth girl because I wouldn't waste my time making a shrine to you...I would rather waste my time making a shrine to batman or superman or both...." She chuckled softly, he was attractive but of course girls seem to loose their minds over attractive guys came near them and showed them a bit of attention. "And thank you...I usually draw in my free time while I'm watching my little he's a fun person to draw...I love that little boy" she smiled thinking about him.
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