The Hunt

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  1. You are a human. Amazing, right? However, there is something extremely unique about your existence. You are actually alive! In this day and age, that is extremely difficult. To survive, you have to blend in with the vampire population, whose only addiction is human blood. The vampires chase it down like a meth addict would a fix. Only much, much worse. Whoever has helped you lived, your parents or someone who has taken care of you, has probably given you rules to follow. The general rules for you to follow to live are:

    1) DON'T SWEAT. Vampires would smell it on you in a heartbeat, and be on you by the next. Furthermore, don't participate in sports where you will sweat, because that's just asking for it. Swimming is fine, but nothing else.

    2) DON'T GET COLD. Goosebumps are a sure sign of humanity. This is why swimming is on the fence, because they rarely, if ever, heat the pool.

    3) DON'T ACT AS IF SWIMMING IS NATURAL. Vampires suffer from a panic attack if they are up to water over their jawline. If, for any reason, you are in a situation like that, act like you're drowning.

    4) DON'T LAUGH. Vampires don't laugh. At all. If something is amusing, they scratch their wrists. Getting caught smiling is just as bad as sweating.

    5) DON'T EXPRESS SIMPLE EMOTIONS. Only express emotions of the highest caliber, such as lust, passion, rage.

    6) NO LOVE. They aren't human like you and I. If two vampires fall in love, and they are doing the vampire equivalent of kissing passionately, the male puts his elbow in the female's armpit. Disgusting, right? Don't try it, it won't do anything for you.

    7) SHAVE EVERY DAY. Vampires don't have body hair, simple as that.

    8) WHITEN YOUR TEETH EVERY DAY. In addition to wearing fake fangs, you must whiten your teeth because a slight yellowing, no matter how slight, is bad.

    9) ACT AS IF HUMAN BLOOD IS THE BEST DAMN THING. 'Cause it has to be, otherwise why would the vampires kill all the people.

    10) DON'T GET CAUGHT SLEEPING. Vampires not only don't get red eyes from lack of sleep, they also don't sleep on beds.They have sleep holds in the bedrooms, which are attached to the ceiling, and they hang on them by their ankles. Humans can't fly to the ceiling. At least, I can't.

    11) NO NAMES. Vampires don't have real names, just designations. They get designations for their seats in classes, their positions in jobs, etc. You might not even know your own name, which will save you most likely.

    These are just the basics. There're are many more things that will get you killed, but those are the major ones. We are all in highschool, may even have the same class, but none of us know eachother, simply because it is too risky to go around saying, "I AM A HUMAN."


    Name (if you know it, and any designations you may have):
    Appearance (Picture or description):
    Personality (The one the vampires don't know):
    History (How you came to be here):
    Anything else (In case you've anything else we should know):

    I'll have my own character sheet up when some people put their's up.
  2. I'm a little confused. Is this supposed to be about humans pretending to be vampires so they don't get eaten (or drained or whatever)? If that's true, where did the vampires come from? Did they take over the world? And why would we be in highschool if we're hiding from vampires? Answer these questions, and I might think about coming up with something, otherwise I'm sorry.
  3. Yes, the history has been muddled, so that no one knows for sure how the vampires came, and we would be in highschool to both create a sense of normality, and to be able to get a job once they are out of highschool. Think of it this way, could a vampire hide amongst humans if he/she didn't have a job or go to school? Truant officers would be at their door if the latter, and they wouldn't be able to have a home, etc, if the former. It's based on a book, called The Hunt.
  4. Sorry I've never heard of the book. How can a vampire go to highschool? Those are usually held in daylight. Are these the kind of vampires that can go out in sunlight? Also, from how it sounded everyone was hiding from vampires because we know they exist. Why hide from something you don't know is real? Wouldn't they have asserted some measure of control if we know about them?
  5. Some of those vampires in that book Twilight went to high school. There are ways to make things work, depending on the situation.
  6. Those Twilight things were the most pathetic excuses for vampires in the entire history of the monster-type. Sorry if you liked them. It's the truth.
  7. The vampires would, of course, have their jobs and schools at night. It's common sense. Think about it, if humans were allergic to moonlight, as an example, then we would come up with ways to fight against it. It's like evolution, but on a more artificial scale.

    And the amount of humans is extremely low. Only about five would exist in a given city. But the vampires are absolutely crazy for human blood. If they think about it, they get all drooly and junk, if they smell it, it's worse, almost orgasmic. The houses the vampires have also have automatic shutters that detect when the sun is coming up and shut, so that they can sleep during the day.
  8. So humans would be trying to pose in night school? And does this mean that vampires are a separate species, since you seem to be suggesting that they age?
  9. Yes, exactly
  10. Okay, I think that's enough questions answered for me to try doing this, but I'm still not sure if we're going to try to fight the vampires or just stay under the radar. How do you kill these vampires, anyway? Can we just go old school wooden stake on them?
  11. They die like any human does, they're just faster and stronger. Sunlight will kill them, but after about two minutes in sunlight about fifteen minutes before dusk or after dawn. And the main aim would be to stay under the radar.
  12. So no say...locking all the vampires in the school with us and then opening all the windows in the daytime then?