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  1. Have you ever read a fabulous book by Andrew Fukuda called The Hunt? No? Thought not. Anyways, it's a dystopian world where vampires rule. Humans, who they dergradingly call hepers, are nearly extinct. However, a few remain, and blend in with vampire society, trying to survive. The story is about a human boy who goes to highschool with the vampires: eats with them, learns with them, exercises with them. The vampires in this story don't sweat, die in sunlight, show no emotion, etc. About the showing no emotion, they mean it. If something is supposed to be funny, then you scratch at your wrist. If something exciting is happening, then you cannot widen your eyes or even express the fact that you're surprised. Otherwise you would be dead. Use the best deodorant you can make, your human smell will get you killed.You have to shave every day, vampires don't have body hair. Whiten your teeth and fake fangs every day, slightly yellowed teeth will get you killed. The vampires drink blood. Now, since there are supposed to be no humans left, they survive on synthetic blood to keep them alive. To survive among them, you must eat it, too.

    Now, that's the basic premise for the story. This can either be a one x one or a group RP. In the story, we'd all be humans blending in to be vampires. We'd probably have classes together and see eachother around in class, but, due to the secrecy needed to survive, none of them know if any other humans still exist.

    If you're interested, respond below!
  2. If we as players can stay true to the cannon that vampires feel nothing, than I am definitely interested.
  3. Yeah, that was one of my worries with the idea was that people would diverge from it. While vampires do show some emotion, it's mostly especially strong emotions, like anger (vampires have been known to curse), passion/lust (they've got this weird way of showing it, so I'd rather not have it in the rp), and a few others, though it is rare. The rp would have to, due to its nature, be greatly platonic.
  4. I have this book in my book shelf somewhere! I would really like to join if that would be okay! And I agree, vampires only show severe emotions! And not take this as a joke- please don't make them sparkle. -.-
  5. Of course! ^^ I think we can do a group rp if we get maybe one more person, then we're golden. Or, if no one else appears interested in the next day or so, then we're good anyways.
  6. -Runs in and raises hands.- Made it!

    It looks very interesting and I would love to join this RP, vampires that do not sparkle *o*
    But seriously, I really like the idea and might borrow this book you are speaking of from the library.
  7. Yay! I can put up an ooc thread hopefully by tomorrow, maybe. If not during the weekened, then definitely by Monday afternoon. Can't wait to see where this goes xD
  8. Sorry sorry sorry I've not posted the OOC thread yet! My computer literally died on me for half a day, and then school and Halloween preparations took over! I'll be sure to have it up by Sunday, I'm so sorryyyy!
  9. Its all good :3
  10. Here is the OOC! IC will be up eventually!