The hunt

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  1. The moon was full and shining down on the silent forest. Shadows flitted around, the deformed shapes looking slightly eerie. The air smelled of rotting leaves and vegetation, with scents of smaller mammals and such things mixed in. Fish and other aquatic organisms coexisted in the sparkling clear pond. The silence was broken by the sniffing of a being blanketed by darkness. One could not make out its appearance, until it stepped to the water

    The being, now seen as a girl, with a mere height of 4 foot and 5 inches sat down at the waters edge and looked at her reflection. A pair of crimson red eyes stared back at her, taking in her looks. She had a thinner-than-average frame, with a well defined muscle tone. A pair of floppy bunny ears sprout from her head in a comical fashion, twitching about constantly whenever she doesn't think about it. The light breeze tickled her short, pure white hair. Her only clothing was her black furry pelt, which reached from the lower part of her neck to just above her legs. Her face was babyish and seemed to be about 15 years old, though she could be younger.

    Today is a good day, she decided, happily watching the schools of colorful fish that swam around lazily. She always went to this place every night to watch them. After all, nobody was here and the silence was comforting.

    She was so entranced watching the fish and aquatic animals in the pool that she did not hear or sense the large mountain lion slowly moving towards her back with its belly on the ground in a way that showed it was hunting her.
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  3. The man walked through the forest silently his left eye glowing slightly showing off the dark golden color. He looked around and his nostrils flared slightly as he scented the air. Mountain lion and....... rabbit? He thought his eye narrowing slightly under his ragged blue black hair. He follows the scent curiously and sees a mountain lion stalking a young girl and he lets out a deep menacing growl and leaps for the mountain lion. The mountain lion snarls as he hits it and starts clawing and biting at him ripping the patch off of his right eye revealing that it is clouded with blindness. He grabs the mountain lion's head in his hand and shoves its head aside and lightning fast he sinks his fangs into its neck and starts draining its blood.
  4. Her sight is immediately directed to behind her, to see the corpse of a bloodied mountain lion and a lone man. Her hairs stood on end, upon sensing his aura. " Hey, what are you doing?" she stood up, brushing strands of grass off her fur.

    It was strange to see any humans here, and that was precisely the reason why she chose this place. Sighing, she was slightly annoyed that someone was barging into her private place. Her floppy rabbit ears perked up, on the alert for any slight sounds.

    She hoped she wouldn't have to exterminate him. She felt too drowsy and lazy for that today. Bored, she flicked a needle onto a tree beside him, it sticking firmly into woody tree trunk. Sorry, tree she thought out of habit.
  5. He looks around for his eye patch and upon seeing it he picks it up. "Saving you from being mauled." He stands up and ties his eye patch back on covering his right eye. He turns to look at her and his eye focuses on her ears. "Nice ears." He grabs the needle she threw at the tree and with a small pull he pulls the needle from the tree and holds it up. "So your not human." He snaps the needle in half in his fingers and drops the pieces on the ground. He looks at her again and a gleam seems to go over his eye and the gold becomes ringed in black as he uses his ability to see veins and vital organs to look for her weak spots out of habit.
  6. Heat came to her cheeks as she pulled on them out of habit. After a few minutes of silence, she got over the embarassment and spoke.

    " Mauled? Please, spare me the drama. I doubt the lion could claw through skin that's stronger than titanium. And what is a non human doing here?" That was when she noticed his aura was..different. Somehow not human.

    Scoffing, she noticed that he was gazing at her. " What are you looking at, nothing to see here." Not impressed by the breaking of her needle, she sat down again, staring at the fish in the swirling pool for no other reason than to stave off boredom.
  7. He laughs and walks over to the pools edge and watches the fish with a hunters intent. "Stronger then titanium you say? Strong skin. As to what I am doing here I was and am hunting. A man has to eat. To answer what I was looking at I was looking at your veins and organs to see where your weak spots were out of habit." He holds his right hand out towards a large fish and his hand leaks black blood and the blood flies at the fish spearing it. "Got you." His blood pulls the fish out of the water to his hand and he grabs the fish the blood absorbing back into his hand.
  8. " Well, you just killed my appetite for fish. I hope you're proud of yourself." she said, letting down her guard a little. Or was it teasing? One could never tell when it was her. She would've gotten a fish herself, if she didn't feel so drowsy and lazy.

    From her "chair" made of rock, she swung her legs back and forth lazily. When had she last hunted? She didn't know, and didn't care, as long as her stomach wasn't trying to eat itself.
  9. He grins with amusement and lays the dead fish down on the ground. "Very proud of myself to be honest." He starts gathering branches and twigs off of the ground and stacking them nearby. He starts singing quietly to himself in an odd language that has some growling undertones. After he has a sizable pile of wood he looks at it. "That should be enough." He holds his left hand out and mutters under his breath and a small ball of flames floats above his hand and he throws it onto the pile of wood lighting it. "Now i can cook my fish. Care to join me for dinner?"
  10. " No thank you. Right now, chewing and swallowing seems like too much work." she paused for a moment, rubbing a piece of tender grass, letting the remains drop onto the ground, before adding." As well as digesting."

    if she was always this lazy, she would've starved to death long before she reached 5 months old, max. But luckily, she was not always like this, and all was well. Or something like that.
  11. He laughs quietly and walks over to a large flat rock. "Lazy are we?" He nods as he decides that the rock will work and he picks it up and carries it over to the fire. He looks at the fire which is burning strongly now and after a few moments thought he sets the rock on the left half of the fire. "Now i have a cooking surface." He walks over and picks up the fish and looks thoughtful as he tries to think of how best to cook it.
  12. " Best roasted, with half a teaspoon of pepper seasoning, if you have any." shrugging, she lay down on the soft tender grass. She rolled around a bit, enjoying the feel of the ticklish light green plants on her silky fur. This was fun and takes almost no work, she thought as she pulled out a flower, crushing the petals.

    She turned her attention to the sky. The dark sky was dotted with endless stars, making one feel small and insignificant. The moon was bright and shining as always, with no clouds to obstruct her view of it.
  13. He nods and sits down cross legged on the ground. "I think i may have some pepper seasoning in my coat." He extends a claw and cuts the fishes stomach open and reaches inside its stomach. "Glad this is a big fish. Makes it easier to gut." He laughs quietly and starts pulling the fishes guts out and setting them in a pile next to him. He stiffens slightly as the sound of a twig being snapped reaches them. He looks towards the direction of the sound and flinches as an arrow sinks into left shoulder with a dull impact sound and he growls at the man who walks into sight with a large bow.
  14. " Hey stranger, are you here to play or something~?" Jumping up lightly, she taunted the unknown man who came into sight. She puts both hands above her shoulders with the palms facing him, shoulders raised, as if in surrender.

    " We don't mean any trouble, of course. Right, Mister...?" she looked at the man beside her questioningly for his name, also sending him a meaningful look. It was best to not attack right now.
  15. He drops the fish and stands up his face and voice pained. "Damn wooden arrows." He grabs onto the arrow and starts trying to pull it out growling lightly in pain.

    The man grins at them. "Oh no I am not here to play. I am here to kill the both of you." The man grabs an arrow from the quiver on his back and notches the arrow on the bowstring. "Hope you made peace with yourselves." The man aims at the girl and draws the string back preparing to fire.
  16. " Oh dear. I'm going to dirty my pelt this time, aren't I..?" She let the arrow come at her, piercing through her forehead. Blood poured down her forehead, with white brain matter showing through the wound. She chuckled, the chuckle coming out more as a hissing sound. Even if it damn hurt.

    " I don't die from this, dearie." with speed much faster than a human's, she rushed for him, quickly grabbing the man by the throat, threatening to tighten her grip. The blood quickly dried and clotted the wound, stopping the bleeding, even though there was now a hole through her head.

    " Aw man, the breeze tickles too much." Using her free hand, she touched the wound gingerly. It would take a bit to heal indeed.
  17. The man grins and laughs. "You won't kill me by suffocating me little rabbit. I don't need to breathe." The man yawns with boredom and pulls out a knife and stabs it at her side but is stopped by him grabbing the mans wrist.

    "I don't think so." He growls and starts increasing the pressure he is putting on the mans wrist. The mans wrist makes a sound of bones being ground together and he grins. "I love that sound."
  18. She wondered briefly about why the archer would even bother trying to kill her and the other stranger. She didn't know about the other one, but she had kept a low profile for all her life. She hadn't once tried to kill a human, unless it was in self defence.

    Pushing those thoughts back into her head, she used the chance to change into her third form. Immediately, black flames engulfed her whole being, tongues of flame occasionally licking the enemy. She closed the distance between her and the archer, letting the unbearable heat scorch him.

    Ravage him, burn him and devour him, a voice in her head whispered. Reluctantly, she gave in to it this time, letting power flow through her being. She didn't take much notice of the fatigue beginning to overflow her body.
  19. He jumps back and the archer screams as he starts to burn. "This isn't over little rabbit." The archer disappears in a flash of smoke.

    He looks at where the archer was then looks at her. "Damn it all. He got away again. Would you mind dousing the flames? I have a thing against flames." He grabs the arrow and wrenches it out of his shoulder with a wet dull sound and growls painfully "Damn wooden arrows." He snaps the arrow in half and throws the pieces onto the fire and his black blood burns rapidly.
  20. " Flames? Douse them? But the fun has just began!" a slightly crazed look in her eyes, she laughed and let the flames burn stronger. Don't stop, kill, kill, kill..she could only give in. Oh dear, she thought, her concious mind almost faded away. She knew she shouldn't have done that. But it was too late.

    She let the blaze spread, burning everything. Until nothing remains. Let it all turn into ashes.. The dancing flames didn't stop. Their fuel was her life force. Her will. Smoke wafted into the clear sky, covering the moon.