The Hunt

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    After years of being trained by her folks. Fiona Jennett was one of the few women that would be seen ready for combat. The only problem with it was she didn't like it. Until she overheard her parents talking about how pathetic she was as a hunter she was just going to dick around with being a hunter and get another job. Being hot tempered as she was Fiona went ahead on a hunt. It wasn't that her skills were bad she just never tried. The problem with that is now she would fight as she practiced, meteorically. With a deep breath she found herself in the middle of the woods in the dead of night. It was quiet but she knew that there were monsters lurking about. Her muscles tensed as she glared into the dark with only the full moon giving her any chance of seeing. Her heart pounded beneath her chest cavity. Now she was starting to realize maybe she was being hot headed. One, no two demons lunged out of the dark. She fought them off as well as she could manage. Luckily they were low level so she managed to off them.

    There was still a feeling in her gut that she was being watched. With that in mind she ran off heading for the edge of the woods. It was time to get the hell out of here. Her breathing was heavy as she kept looking over her shoulder to see if anyone was there. Several times she could have swore she saw someone, otherwise she just kept on running. The moonlight her only friendly company.
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    Azaziel watched as a young girl entered the woods. 'she must have a death wish is she plans on going in there alone' Azaziel continued to watch the young girl as he felt the presence of two lower level demons. 'what a waste' He turned to fly away when he saw her in action. Her fighting style was sharp and fierce like a cool blade cutting through hot steam. He was intranced by her moves, then it was over. He couldn't control himself and soon he found himself following the young girl.

    She started running tword the edge of the forrest, in fear of losing her he jumped out in front of her. His Red eyes starring at her, he watched as her hair flowed in the evening wind. She was interesting, enough so that he exposed himself without thinking.
  3. At one point when she was turning her head to look forward again there he was. Almost running into him she ended up stumbling backwards falling right onto her ass with an "oof". His wings were tattered and probably shouldn't have been able to function but demons seemed to defy logic a lot. She looked up at him fear in her wide brown eyes. Quickly she got to her feet and ready to fight as she wondered to herself why she wasn't dead already. Her heart thudded and her breathing was still labored. They just stared at each other. His glowing red eyes only striking more fear into her with how cold they looked. This was certainly no low level demon. She could feel power all around him making her stomach do twists and turns that urged her to get the hell out. If he wanted to keep her here he certainly would. That's how demons are as far as Fiona is concerned. One thing was for sure, there was no way in hell that she was going down with out a fight. If she was going to die today she is going to die a fighter to the last breath. With these thoughts in mind her fear mustered itself into anger, but not just towards the demon, towards her parents, towards their entire family. They couldn't just let her be the normal one.
  4. The girl starred at him. He wanted to see her in action some more. His eyes started to glow as he muttered something under his breath. A gust of wind blew through the trees as the shadows started to move. The dark shadows grew limbs and slowly started to approach the girl. "They are called lurkers, they are weaker than the last monsters you fought but they have numbers on their side." Azaziel sat down and got comfortable. "Dance for me, maiden."

    Azaziel raised his arm as the lurkers charged at the girl. He was emotionless on the outside but on the inside he was full of excitement. But why did watching her fight excite him. He didn't know.
  5. Her head started to dart in every direction as she started to try and fend off the damn lurkers. "I know what they are you asshole! Would you just-" She was cut off when she was almost grabbed, decidedly she started to maneuver in an attempt to avoid them "Make them stop" All she could think was how unbelievably pissed off she was. "I don't feel! Like! Dancing!" With each word she emphasized it was because she was hitting the low level jerks to keep them at bay. Then she started to make a break for it and was again running for the end of the forest, she could get away if she could just get to the edge of the forest. A few of them were pretty fast and made it up to her but she just kept on using the skills she didn't learn as well as she should have. Now she could see it, the edge was so close!
  6. Azaziel Watched her dance around, it was captivating. He was amazed at how his minions were being knocked over as if they were nothing. Ofcourse they were weaker but a horde of lurkers was still something to fear. She made a break for it, Azaziel's moment of fun was over in an instant. "No." he jumped up into the trees trying to cut her off again. He jumped down a hundred feet shy of the edge. He stood tall his wings spread wide. "where are you going?" his eyes changed a deep purple color. "i can sense your feelings sway. Could it be." The lurkers surrounded the girl, she was trapped with no where else to go. Azaziel held up his right hand making all the lurkers vanish into thin air.

    "i almost forgot about them. why is your heart swaying? shouldn't one who was breed for something embrace that something?"
  7. A smile almost broke out on her face but it stopped once she was skidding across the dirt managing to stay on her feet. He was a lot bigger than he had seemed before, and she didn't like that. Able to hear the lurkers she frightfully started to turn her head in every direction until the demon called them off. All Fiona could do was take a fighting stance against this demon. "What are you talking about fiend? The only thing my heart is doing is pounding against my chest " Her expression was one of sheer anger making no doubt that this red head was hot headed and ready to fight even if it wasn't what she wanted to do for a living. "Explain yourself demon! Why haven't you killed me yet?!" She wasn't as skilled as other hunters, but everyone knew a high class demon when they saw one. Large wings and usually large horns could be indications of power.
  8. "why? why does anyone do anything in this wretched world." He lowered his wings and relaxed his stance. "boredom" He starred into her eyes his eyes changing to a dark orange. "your heart beat seems out of contol, this is fear. your body has taken the fight or flight aspect and has started to inject small doses of adrenaline into your blood stream. Fascinating." Azaziel closed his eyes and sniffed the air. "sweat, filled with expended nutrients you lose during your little dance. it truly is amazing." Azaziel turned his head as he continued to analyse the girl. "do you know Demon's don't sweat? we don't have adrenaline either. that is unless we wring it out of a living body. It's actually very bitter."
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  9. Her mouth hung open just a bit, she was unable to believe what she was hearing. In fact him observing her like anything but a person was really pissing her off. At this point her anger was starting to overtake her right down to the core. Her heart was pumping half as fast as it was before, and then she did something that was really stupid. She charged forward with all of her might, her sword pointed right at his chest, but instead of hitting him knowing he would have dodged. Her body spun to the side giving her the right momentum to dodge past him and keep on running. All she needed was to get a little further.
  10. Azaziel saw her change emotions. "from Fear to Anger? why was it my words? all i did was talk about what i was witnessing." She drew her sword. "Anger directly influences courage, i'm learning alot tonight." She lunged at him he moved quickly. He was expecting an attack but saw her run. he looked at her and smiled a bit. "even though your emotion was anger you were still able to devise such a cunning plan. was that thanks to your Hunter training or is that something all humans are capable of."

    Azaziel chased her. he got ahead of her and held out his arm causing the roots and tree branches to grow. "I didn't say i was done playing with you." Azaziel stood there as the exit behind him closed up the light grew smaller and smaller. "what will you show me now?"
  11. Listening to him was infuriating. The worst part was how he was basically belittling her, Fiona didn't appreciate it much at all. "I don't fucking know! Just leave me alone! Go away!" He was still chasing her, she could hear it even though he didn't seem to make a whole lot of noise. At least compared to her he didn't.

    She stopped when the her only escape was blocked off and he was again in front of her. Her head started to turn every which way as the light faded. A little more fear pumped through her veins never having been a fan of darkness. One thing was for sure she could still see the demons eyes that seemed to glow. With a yell of frustration she put away her sword, crossed her arms, and sat down with a huff. Essentially she was pouting but that was because she knew he was just toying with her. He even said he was and she wasn't interested in participating.
  12. Azaziel watched as she stood in fear, his eyes were wider than before he knew he could continue playing with her, to continue learning of her emotions. He willed the roots and branches to completly close off the exit. "what will you show me next."

    Azaziel was puzzled she returned her sword and sat down on the floor completely giving up, he could sense her anger but it wasn't as intense as before if he had to guess it was like she was throwing a tantrum. "what are you doing? arn't you scarred? don't you want to run?"
  13. She straighten her posture now giving off more of a sense that she just couldn't care less. "I don't want to give you the satisfaction! We both know how it'll end if I take you on, and if I run you'll just show up in front of me anyways. I'm not going to make a fool of myself just for your amusement and observation. I'm a person damn it! As for whether or not I'm scared. That's just a stupid question" Of course she was scared. After a moment of sitting there she decided to get up dusting off the dirt on her pants. She looked at him and with a grumble she started walking in the opposite direction. She kept her hand on the handle of her dagger just in case he decided to attack.
  14. Azaziel was bewildered at her attitude and rather calm demeanor in what most people would see as life or death situation. He decided this too was interesting, he decided to follow her. "my amusement? well true any other demon wouldn't have thought twice about skinning you alive whilest ripping out your non-vital organs keeping you alive till the last second then eating your fresh heart." Azaziel thought about it for a second then continued. "it's the range in emotions you know. that add a different spice, a small hint of flavor. If your scared it's tender lightly spiced with a slight butter aftertaste, if your angry it's tough somewhat spicy, confused to be honest tastes like if someone had added to much salt. After realizing this i became infatuated with emotions."

    Azaziel continued to follow. "how are you able to keep so calm in this situation? i have never met another human who could keep their conposure while speaking to..." Azaziel stopped "actually this may be the longest conversation i had with a human."
  15. With a sigh she muttered an "I hate you" under her breath. Listening to him made her queasy, making her want to bolt forward but since she had his cursed interest she would just keep walking forward. "I don't care about your infatuations. I just want to go home and never even think about vile creatures like you ever again." When he asked how she was keeping so calm she stopped going completely quiet. She turned on her heel to face him her expression pure frustration. "I don't know! Okay! And I wouldn't exactly describe myself as calm! Just....ugh...just go drop dead! Please! Just..!" She grunted and again started to storm off even though she had no idea where she was going.

    She knew this situation was life or death but right now she knew there wasn't a damp thing she could do about it.
  16. Azaziel watched as she explained her situation. "so you, yourself are unaware as to why you are able to stay calm in face of such uncertainty? how fascinating." Azaziel continued listening to her complain. "i thought you came her to run from your fate. I felt such hatred for the path you set to walk in, the path of the hunter?" Azaziel started to hover over the girl now. "i felt confusion, sadness, anger in your heart when you entered the forrest. It was the one reason why you didn't die." Azaziel looked at her from his upside down position. "do you really wish to return? if you do then all you have to do is agree to a few conditions."
  17. "First of all a deal with you sounds like a really bad idea! Second, the only reason I came here was to prove to my parents that I'm not useless as a hunter!" Her anger then dissolved more into sadness. Her shoulders slumped and she looked down. "I don't even want to be a hunter. I rather be a dancer, I was taught basic dances for social occasions, but I'm my parents only child. My older brother was killed in a ferocious battle" She stopped talking staightening her posture thinking of why the hell she was even saying any of this to him. She looked at his upside down face finding it a bit amusing. There was no way she would get out of here unless he let her, so with a sigh of defeat she asked, "What are your terms beast?"
  18. Azaziel looked at her as her emotions changed suddenly again from anger to sadness when speaking of a brother. He waited till she was willing to listen to deal. "Azaziel by the way. not beast, not demon. Azaziel." Azaziel landed infront of her. "and what would your name be? i have been told among humans pleasantries are needed before any negotiation.
  19. She nearly jumped when he stopped right in front of her so suddenly, she even almost ran right into him. "Well you're not wrong, My name is Fiona Jennett it's anything but pleasant to meet you Azaziel." She added with attitude as she popped out her hip putting her hand on it to rest. "Now tell me these terms I just want to get home."
  20. Azaziel looked at her oddly. "Fiona Jennett? that doesn't sound to intimidating. Your parents must've not had much expectations for you, i mean the name Fiona hardly strikes fear in a Demon's heart." Azaziel looked surprised mostly because he didn't think she would accept. "my terms, lets see." Azaziel walked further away from Fiona. "I was once like the others, i only had the need to feed in my mind. I must have consumed more humans that you have ever even known." Azaziel faded into the darkness, his voice seemed to echo throughout the forrest. "i committed the ultimate unforgivable act. I ate the heart of a pure religious maiden."

    Azaziel's voice dipped suddenly. "Eating the heart of a pure religious maiden is a taboo on both sides. Gods and angels don't want it done since it's a pure soul, and whatever. The dark side doesn't want it done because they want a chance to corrupt the soul first. The whole battle between heaven and hell depends on who has the most souls." a heavy sigh emits from the darkness. "my punishment was consciousness. i was no longer a mindless eating machine. i started to think, to wonder, to ask why." Azaziel's voice became angry. "then those filthy angels condemened me here in this damned forrest!!!!!!!!!." The forrest started to tremble.

    Azaziel's voice settled. "after that i stayed her asking why, but to who. my fellow demons were of no help, and no human before yourself entered the forrest." Azaziel reappeared infront of Fiona. "my condition is to take me with you, i am only allowed to leave is if i made a contract with a human." Azaziel held his hand out to Fiona. "i only want to quench this never ending knowledge thirst and when i am satisfied you may kill me."
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