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Greetings once again Fellow roleplayers. It’s me, ya girl, Vana back at it again with the partner search. I’m going to keep this one short and sweet, for I’m looking for something rather specific.

Basically, I have two OCs I want to flesh out more and work with. One has some time on her, the other is fresh out the oven. I’ll go into detail about them further down BUT for now some ground rules/preferences:
  • MUST be 18+ because or mature themes
  • MUST be at least semi-lit. I average 4-9 paragraphs per reply, I’d like someone to mirror that.
  • Preferred Discord, I don’t get in RPN very much so for activity reasons.
  • I write in third person, so I prefer others to do the same
  • Honestly that’s it.

With that being said, I have two characters I’m wanting to use. I don’t have anything hard typed up for them quite yet, at least as far as character sheets go. Though I am willing to mirror one of yours if you’d like me too. For now I’ll give a brief description:


A perfect combination of seduction, charisma, and mayhem boiled into one dainty frame. The wayward offspring of Hades and Persephone. She’s sure she can take on anything, and perhaps she just can, but her temper can get the better of her. Importance seeps from her porcelain skin with each click of her leather clad heels. Dark tousles of obsidian hair cascade down her back and her beauty is as much of the Gods as her creators. She can be difficult and doesn’t tame easily. Also very powerful as any Goddess would be, though foolish.


Nimble as a doe yet as deadly as a viper. An orphaned babe taken in by a cult wishing to bring about a prophecy through human sacrifice. Raised by their ways, dangerous as they come. She wants to leave but knows nothing else. Little does she know her true origins lay somewhere much more Devine.

She has a more directed plot line. If the summary intrigues you I’d be happy to go more in depth and send you the concept. She’s the freshly baked bread and I still need to work out some kinks with the plot, but would love input. Her background is heavily influenced by Norse Paganism.


If you’re interested in plotting something or think you have a character that would mesh well, send me a message! I prefer to make sure it’ll work out before giving my discord out.

ps. I am a big fan of romance incorporated into roleplays. But only if the characters work well. I don’t like to force feelings or stray out of character.

pps. I LOVE ooc chatter so ideally we have a server for the story and ooc.

Thank you!