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    WELCOME!! <3

    Hi once again to my lovely rp search thread! <3
    My name is Korra! I have been rping for five to six years, and am hoping to find some rp partners. I am twenty years old and I expect you to be 18+ please and a rpier that can post regularly. Please make sure your post size is at least one to two decent paragraphs.


    A little about me:

    I am a female, I play either genders. I am normally on every day and I reply in order to replies I receive. I can every so often go quiet and I promise I will contact you if I have lost interest and expect the same of you.
    I am a rper that can play either gender
    I love Yaoi, Yuri as much as a standard male and female romance.
    Also am a romance and action nut.

    Moving on ^-^



    - Supernatural (I am best at playing Sam) am thinking a cannon x oc
    - Legend of Korra
    - Arrow
    - Gotham
    - Naruto
    - life on Mars
    - samurai champloo
    - Game of Thrones
    - Sengoku Basara



    - Witcher 3 <3 <3
    - Metal Gear
    - Dead Space
    - The Avengers
    - Warframe
    - Jak series <3
    - Resident Evil <3
    - Devil May Cry <3 <3
    - Zombieland
    - The Darkness
    - Iron Man
    - Dracula legend untold (could continue and do our own version of the future)


    My own plots:

    -Vampire x Human
    - Dragon x Dragon Rider (Have a Plot)
    - Demon x Angel
    - Alien x human (Have a plot)


    Please message here or pm me if you are interested in rping with me. ^-^​
  2. I am more comfortable in a female role, first off. I love Supernatural, though Dean is my favorite. Sammy does have his own charm, i will give him that. I like the Dragon√óRider thing you have there. I love playing as a Dragon if you realy want to do that one.
  3. I can certainly play Dean for you. I just prefer playing Sam is all ^^ pm me and we can work something out.
  4. I generally prefer original settings to using an already-existing anime setting. That being said, do you have any specific ideas for a demonxangel rp? I have some possible ideas for that and definite interest
  5. For the demon and angel one my plot is so vague that any ideas you have I would love to hear. Please pm me and we can talk about it further.
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Not open for further replies.