The Hunt for Love

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  1. Leon had been wandering around Bellhaven for the past couple of days now. He was there on the look outs for the new 'threat' according to the HCO, Human Cleansing Organization, that he had been working under for the last couple of months. Leon had been working for the organization for about a year now as he had been told he had been found by them, and therefore trained. Never once had Leon doubted what he had been told, as he never doubted it before.

    There was no reason for why a soldier was to doubt his superiors, and if they lied then he didn't need to know about it. Everything he did need to know he would be told, or so he believed. The light blue denim jacket was around his small thin body as he scouted the townsfolk, knowing the faces of every single 'gifted' individual as the organization had given him his targets, now he just needed to find them and right now his primary target was a girl named: "Maya"
  2. Maya was wandering around, on her own, like usual. It wasn't that she didn't like humans - she just prefered to be alone. Especially when she knew someone was after her, then she better trust no one. And the best way to do that, she thought, would be to not get involved in anything. She paid close attention to what was going on around her, making sure she didn't look odd doing it, though. She did her best to fade in.

    Sometimes she could miss having someone by her side. Someone to whisper things to, talk to, or just to touch. Nowadays, physical touch was connected to danger, at least to Maya. She had no pleasure in touching anyone, not even ones fingertips. It made her shiver. As if by just touching someone, she'd get hurt. She knew that sometimes she was a bit too careful, but hey, better that than to be dead, she thought.
  3. Leon was blending in with the crowd keeping his black thick rimmed glasses close to his dark eyes scouting over the townsfolk, seeing as more than just one girl matched the description of what he had seen on the picture. The girl looked a bit thin and small, she had long light brown hair and dark eyes and a very fair colored skin. Her lips were cherry colored and somewhere along the lines Leon thought she looked a little bit familiar, but he knew very well that the only thing she did look familiar was due to the fact that he had been researching most of these people, knowing a bit about his targets before he hunted them down after all.

    It took a short while and a lot of asking around the local people before they all pointed him in one general direction, and they were speaking the truth. There a girl walked, long beautiful light brown hair covering most of her back, though Leon only saw her from behind. He didn't get too close to her, but made sure to follow her through the crowds, wishing to strike when she was a bit more out of the crowds. It would attract attention if he began attacking her right now, and innocent bystanders could get hurt. He simply needed to wait for her to get a bit away, or he would have to chase her out.
  4. Maya usually tried to stay in crowded places as much as possible as she knew that it would be less of a chance that anyone attacked her when there were others around, but sometimes, she just needed to be alone. Like when the noises were too many and there were too many faces everywhere, and too much touching. Maya could easily get overwhelmed by it, and so she would walk away on her own to a more quiet place.

    One of her favorite places to be was the forest. And so, that's where she was heading. As she was making her way out of the more crowded areas, she longed for the birdsong and simple nature to surround her. She tried to keep an eye on the people though, just to make sure that no one was following her. She half-ran and half-walked, as she usually did, thinking that it'd be obvious to her if anyone followed her then, as they would probably pick up their phase too.
  5. Leon had followed the girl as much as he possibly could without loosing her or setting suspiciously close as she seemed to be going out of the town, towards a forest as the distance between the two increased, due to him wishing to not make her startled or run before he had the chance to confront her. He didn't attack her the second they entered the forest, but not until they were further inside away from the path and possible bystanders or witnesses as he summoned a couple of ice icicles, and sent them all towards her.

    "I am sorry, but you are to be cleansed. You are a direct threat to humanity and therefore you cannot live. Give up now or suffer a long and painful death," Leon told her as he attacked her, it was only a warning and the icicles he had summoned stuck to the ground in front of her, though they were as sharp as any blade could be. There was something familiar with the girl, but he couldn't place his finger on it. It was as if he had forgotten something important, but he shook the feeling off. He was there to do his job, nothing more nothing less.
  6. Maya stopped breathing for a second as she heard his voice behind her. Her first thought was to run, hide, to get away. But then she tried to think more calmly. She had made it out alive from situations like this before. This wasn't the end, she said to herself, as she turned around to face whoever was planning on killing her. The thought of that made her shiver, but she did her best not to show it. She knew that showing yourself was a bad thing. She glanced at the ice icicles, but without taking her eyes off of him. She tilted her head slightly as she took a closer look at the guy standing in front of her.

    Opening her mouth to say something, her voice stuck in her throat. Those eyes. That face. She knew it too well. Leon. Leon, Leon, Leon. What was going on? For a couple of seconds she just stood there, she couldn't understand what he was doing there. Was he really a hunter? Wasn't there some kind of mistake? Knowing that she had stood still far too long - normally she would have run off by this time - she took a step back. "Just hold on a second, will you", she said, choosing her words wisely. "Are you sure you really want to kill me?" she asked, knowing that it was a stupid question, but not getting it together in her mind how he, Leon, could kill her.
  7. "Orders are orders, and they shall be executed with the utmost perfection. There are no exceptions," Leon told her as he summoned a couple of more icicles around himself, their sharp end was all pointing over at Maya as he was certain he felt his heart skip a beat when the girl talked. It was strange, never in his entire life had he felt like this before towards anyone really, not even those who raised him like their own son after they had found him out in the woods, or so he had been told.

    He didn't attack her as there was sort of a second voice telling him not too, though she had not done anything aggressive yet and he was not intending on using force unless the girl began fighting back. He knew very well he was suppose to kill them, but he was more interested in capturing her alive. There were the exceptions of those who were brought back to the main base alive, though Leon had no clue whatever might happened to them afterward as he never saw them again, but to him that was none of his business so he had never asked anyone about it either.
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