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  1. Well then... where to begin? Well I have been Rping for 14 years now so I am definitely no stranger to RPing. I am a 24 year old Male, and am currently in the military. So with that said I guess I should go over some of my likes and dislikes, but for those of you who just want to read my story idea's you can just skip right down to the bottom of this page where I'll place them. Also if you want to suggest rp groups to me by all means I will check them out x3.
    ♥Originality♥ (open)

    What can I say on this one I LOVE IT. If you pitch a original idea to me, or request one of my original pieces you will most likely have me immediately hooked. Though don't get me wrong I am not against doing fandom rp's just don't expect me to jump into a rp that follows very close to the original script. I am also not very big into playing Canon characters unless their secondary. I do, however, love playing Alternate Reality, or Multiverse type fandoms so I do have some leeway when it comes to Fandoms.

    ♦Content♦ (open)

    As with my age I am well fine in participating in 18+ material stories, and can/will play both sexes in all my stories. However, when it comes to pairings their is only one I cannot accommodate when it comes to the more smutty type situations, and that is M/M pairings I can play them I just can't do anything... behind the door. Any other pairing, however, I have no problems with so if you want to play them out, or fade to black ill let you decide.

    Per rules I will only play out sensual scenes with those within my age group so if your little star is red were good to go x3 if its blue only light silly romance for you x3.

    I also love to play multiple characters in all my stories yet wont require my partner to do the same so please don't feel intimidated by that factor. In fact I have been in quite a few rps where my partner had one character to my five so trust me I am quite use to it.

    As for grammar I am by no means a Nazi on the subject so I will not attack the slightest slip up here, and there... that doesn't mean, however, that I will tolerate illiterate people so please don't expect me to respond well to text lingo unless that's how your character speaks which in that case I'll be just fine with it.

    When it comes to my own writing style I am about a High-Casual writer, but if you don't trust my word you can request a example of my works. I usually will respond with as little as two paragraphs up to seven depending on my muse, or what I am working with so basically I'll mold the material you give me to work with.

    I will state one thing with adamant resolve... I will not respond well to godmodding. Powerplaying possibly depending on the situation, but godmodding is a big no no in my book. Trust me it wont end well. Also if you like to converse with your partners while rping I am all up for that hell you can talk to me about whatever you like as long as it doesn't distract you from the actual rp.

    As well since I am in the military there are times I may have to sacrifice time to the job... however I will let you know before hand if I am going to disappear for any long length of time.

    ♣Plot Twist/Creativity♣ (open)

    So I am sure after reading my standing on originality I am sure you can deduce where I stand on creativity... so I'll just say that's self explanatory. I do, however want to add that if you would like to change anything with any of my suggested stories, or possibly brainstorm some idea's before getting started I am all up for it x3. As same to those who pitch me idea's I may try to suggest changes, but will not be hurt if they are rejected its your idea after all.
    As for Plot Twisting I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when my partners catch me off guard with a unexpected twist to are tale... trust me unless you think your idea could somehow hurt the actual story you do not have to pass every single one of your idea's through me before throwing it into the story. Trust me I'll be throwing a few plot twists of my own as well.

    ♠Being Partners♠ (open)

    Alright I swear this is the last one. If at some point we do decide to rp with each other I do want some things known. I consider no question, or complaint as stupid so if there is something going on in the story you don't like, or if your starting to get bored by a certain element LET ME KNOW trust me I will definitely let you know vice versa. Being partners means I will listen to what you have to say even if it may be a kick to the balls. Trust me I am a big boy I can handle change, or the fact that you don't want to rp anymore... all I ask is that you at least give me a chance to mend the problem before dropping out on me. Or if it can't be mended tell me before you just up, and vanish on me.

    Well for those of you who were willing to read through all of that I thank you x3, for those of you who skipped it to find out what idea's I have I DON'T BLAME YOU XD. So basic rule if the idea is listed that means no one has taken it, and its up for grabs. So if any tickle your fancy just shot me a PM, or post on this thread to let me know what I can do for you. Though if your wanting to shot me one of your idea's I suggest PMing it to me.

    Writing Example (open)

    ~Never had I thought I would die in the field of battle~

    Archarmer Degalus ~ The Battle of Wolves 1123 A.O.G

    "MOVE," a voice roared over the clash of steel, and arrow resounded in the air as a questionably monk robed knight pushed away a common armored soldier from a wave of raining arrows. The black robbed knight grunted as he took the majority of the force with his shield with short wavy brown hair jerking about with each arrow that hit the shield ... by the gods they were to far into the battlefield. Who was insane enough to let a salvo of arrows fly here where both sides would be damaged. Once the arrows halted the knight's gray eyes turned to where he had thrown the younger soldier. Good... he was alive. The knight ran up to him with mud splattering with each step as he reached a hand out to pull the soldier to his feet before blocking a swing from a enemy soldier using a battle axe. The knight growled in frustration before pushing the axe back in a upward arc leaving the enemies neck wide open as Archarmer's shield came back for the kill slicing the man's throat wide open. As the body hit the muddy ground the knight known as Archarmer Degalus turned back to the lowly soldier.

    "Keep a eye on all directions this is a battle that not even Hel herself would take part in," Archarmer spoke franticly as he picked up a ownerless mace rather big, but not that heavy for him. The soldier was shocked to find a officer ranked knight so far into the trenches of war, but the advice quickly kicked in as he charged back into battle. The Battle of Wolves... this was indeed a fitting title both sides were desperate beyond all repair. When the King of Avalon had passed he had not named his successor of the two children he had, and without a king many other nations started to attack from all sides hoping to topple the land of Avalon to add to their own kingdoms. Was this a battle with one of those kingdoms... no it was not. It was a desperate move by the two children fighting over the crown as directed by their respected "advisors". Hah, he spat at that thought for there was no noble element to this internal battle. This war was this countries doom... as soon as he could push through he would get home to grab his siblings, and mother to get out of this nightmare of a falling kingdom. The sounds of war driven madness filled the air as a multitude of enemy soldiers charge from multiple sides... could someone even of his caliber survive so deep in this circle of hell? His eye's flicked to the right as he swung the massive mace with both hands quickly halting two soldiers on his right. The first enemy was immediately killed by the impact to his side while the second soldier was simply tossed away by the impact of the first's body. Twisting his legs to halt the spin Archarmer lifted up his recently acquired weapon like a axe, and brought it down hard onto a enemy from the left easily shattering the man's head to gritty pieces. He closed his eyes temporarily as he was harshly reminded how he was murdering his own countrymen by the back armor symbol of a White Wolf. His side was the Black Wolf, but that was a stupid difference of color. These people he was slaying were once his brothers & sisters in arm... that he was killing in the name of ideals at this point... no he was fighting to escape now.

    "WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH," with anguish filled regret he flung the mace forward smashing a new opponent's chest armor into pieces while Archarmer ran forward fetching a lost sword as he began to run deeper into the bowls of hell slicing those foolish enough to get into his way with sword, and shield. One, three, seven the number of bodies falling to the Shield Knights strikes continued to grow as he forced his way forward... he needed to escape... he needed to get his family out of this nightmare that was about to swallow his homeland whole. With a burst of energy he jumped into the air with blood filled eyes cleaving a man in half on his downward decent. He look around as the number of allies was getting fewer, and fewer. He was getting desperate as the battlefield had become a giant circle of enemies with nowhere in sight a end to the bloodshed. He yelled in anger before his attention barely caught wind of a halberd aiming for his head. The dance of sparks spiraled out of control as halberd met shield pushing Archarmer backwards as his eyes squinted at the new enemy in front of him.

    "I was wondering when I would find you in this pit of garbage."

    "Calipher I have no time for you."

    "Yes you do were on opposite sides are we not? That means our business is to kill each other," Archarmer's fellow Knight spoke with a chaotic grin stretching deviously behind his helmet as he pointed his halberd at the desperate Shield Knight.

    "Don't do this Calipher," Archarmer yelled as Calipher laughed at the notion his once ally tried to use.

    "Come my brother in arms lets see who is the better knight," Calipher dashed forward swinging his halberd horizontally in hopes of slashing his opponent in half. Yet just like before it was halted by that annoying shield that Archarmer always had causing the desperate knight backwards again. Fine... if this bastard wanted to taste the cold fang of steel then he would have it. With the hostile look of a wolf Archarmer charged forward ducking into a slide when Calipher redirected his weapon in the opposite direction. With a mid swing Calipher's eyes twitched in recognition of pain as Archarmer's sword had grazed into his left side. Regaining his footing Archarmer turned around to face his opponent as he roared a battle cry. Calipher had little time to react as he lifted his polearm above his head to block a head swing. It was then the more twisted of the two grinned as the adrenaline of true battle took over. The two knights pushed off each other before in flurry of strikes parried blows with sword, shield, and halberd fighting to destroy one another. Pushing through Archarmer got past Calipher's defense again delivering another mid swing that grazed into Calipher's right side. Damn that armor was the only thought that came to Archarmers mind as he spun around crossing his hands above his head as his shield blocked a lunge meant for his stomach, and redirected it upward allowing Archarmer to deliver a hard boot square into Calipher's stomach region pushing him onto his ass.

    "Stay out of my way," Archarmer yelled before running past Calipher unaware of another White Wolf Knight following his movement with arrow readied. In the mist of battle especially in the trenchs it was insane for one to use a bow for a target quite a ways away. However, the female knight ignored that golden rule, and let loose her arrow. The arrow passed by swords clashing, axes beheading, and maces bludgeoning before it found itself straight into Archarmers sword arm. The knight screamed as he dropped the sword, and kept moving forward quickly breaking the arrow so he could pull it out easier. His tensed eyes looked at the color of feather used... a light silver tint. "Euporia," he growled as he continued to run. He need to get more distance, and fast unfortunately the Knight he had given name to kept on him.

    "Sorry Archarmer you simple chose the wrong side," the female knight sighed before pulling a second arrow, and letting it fly before jumping away from a sword swing as she grabbed another arrow, and stabbed into the attackers left eye. The arrow danced past a similar hellish landscape yet it kept descending until finally it dug into Archarmers right thigh causing the knight to fall over, and roll into the ground. Once he halted he could hear four men each coming from a different direction. Painfull getting onto his knee's he lifted his shield blocking four swords that had threatened to tear him asunder. His shield trembled as he fought against both pain, and four attackers... no he was close... he was near escape. With a scream mixed with pain, and sorrow he pushed up onto his legs standing up as the four attackers were flung backwards. Yet they were not scared off which became clear as they went after him again.

    "I WONT DIE HERE," Archarmer screamed as he rushed the one in front of him grabbing the back of the mans neck before smashing in his adam's apple with his free fist. He turned left blocking a sword swing as a slash was delivered into his back from another attacker. Archarmer roared in pain as he pushed away the first attacker, and spun around as his shield cut into the second attacker chest sending the second attacker onto the ground bleeding to death. The first attacker returned into the fray, but was immediately out as a shield dug into his neck. Archarmer turned bloodied eyes to the fourth man still standing as he pulled his shield out of his newest victims neck. The man trembled in the bloody sight of Archarmer before running away screaming bloody demon. Archarmer slowly started to move again albeit a lot slower, but at least he could still move. His wounds were starting to take effect, his body becoming groggy from blood loss, and his mind... was slowly starting to play verbal notes of his siblings, and mother... he was nearing a death state.

    "ARCHARMER," the Knight turned around barely able to lift his shield up properly, but fast enough to block another halberd swing that sent Archarmer spiraling left. As his body rolled in the dirt the temporary sight of Calipher told Archarmer his chances of escape were fleeting. Yet just like himself Calipher was bleeding so his strength must have been slowly waning. As he halted in the blood drenched mud he pushed himself up on his knee's. He could still move he could still fi... Archarmers eyes went wide as he felt two arrow's jam straight down into his shoulder blades each being held by the Knight Euporia who was behind him. Without hesitation his hands fought up grasping her wrists as in a majorly painful movement he flung her onto her back as he aimed to run away yet right as he tried to force himself back up... his eyes dilated wide. Slowly he looked down at his chest... gouged deep into his torso was Calipher's halberd. With a rough tug Calipher pulled out his weapon as what was left of Archarmer's life was spent glued to Calipher as he fell backwards dead upon impact with the ground.

    (My role is always the first one, and yes I have actually idea's for each one, but it would take forever to write them all down XD. (* means its a long term idea though)

    Summoner X Familiar

    Familiar X Summoner

    Shaman Apprentice X Ancient Spirit*

    Steam Punk Merc X Steam Punk Detective

    Pokémon Trainer X Pokémon Breeder*

    King of Thieves X Knight Commander

    Alchemist X Convict

    Hacker X Advanced Robot Girl

    Thief X Genie*
    (yep the one up top XD)

    OC Bounty Hunter X Samus Aran
    (From Metroid... OTHER M NEVER HAPPENED >3>)*

    OC God Eater X OC God Eater
    (God Eaters Burst)

    Monster Hunter OC X Monster Hunter OC*
    (Monster Hunter)

    Link X Female Harem*
    (Comedy of Legend Of Zelda)

    Male Harem X Zelda
    (Comedy Of Legend of Zelda)

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  2. A few additions x3
  3. Sorry... read the listing "Thief X Genie" and couldn't help thinking this:

  4. XD that's okay that's perfectly natural a response XD
  5. Oh, I am so tempted to create a wild and "wooly" genie right about now. I also like the Summoner X Familiar... with all my alien/fantasy critters (and my open imagination), I can see much room for fun with that pairing. Just not sure, with all the request responses I've made, if I should "eat" just one more. Though I have no idea if any of my interests will work out. I've had a number go "boom".
  6. A sheep genie XD?
  7. Heh... you caught that, didn't you? I'm thinking more a "non-conventional" genie. After all, not all genies are blue, bare-chested with odd facial hair and baggy pants. They could be like this:

  8. It would indeed be a hilarious experience XD.
  9. I'm interested in King of Thieves X Knight Commander

    Just a question, can I be a Queen of Thieves instead?

  10. Exactly.
  11. As in both of use being thieves?

    Well played... >>
  12. You'd need to determine just what three wishes you'd want....... :worms:
  13. If you are still looking I would love to do a theif x genie rp with you. Or shamen apprentice x ancient spirit. I also have a plot about dragons, though I am not sure if it would interest you or not XD
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