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What year should be begin our Hunger Games at?

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  1. The 49th annual Hunger Games!

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  2. The 50th annual Hunger Games & second Quarter Quell!

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  3. The 51st annual Hunger Games!

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  1. Link to the interest check
    Link to the IC


    Welcome to the Capitol!

    You have been selected to be one of the two tributes from your District for this years Hunger Games!

    As soon as we arrive at the Training Center, you will meet your prep team, who will prepare you to meet with your stylist before the chariot ride parade.

    Training will begin promptly the next morning!

    Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


    Our great nation, Panem, was established many years ago after terrible war and conflict. The country that formerly resided in this continent was torn to pieces through these wars, and from the ashes, Panem arose. Our nation was strong and mighty, uniting those who remained into the thirteen districts and the Capitol. Each district had it's own specialty, designed to made the most use of the location in which the district lay. The districts and Capitol worked like clockwork to create a unified, systematic front, allowing for all of the nation's citizens to lead happy, fulfilling lives, free from the danger and threat of another war.

    Today, our nation has a population of 4,556,778 people, spread across the remaining twelve districts and the Capitol. The districts are spread out across North America, the land was inherited and healed after the great wars. Much of North America's size has been consumed by the oceans that border our continent, but we still have plenty of land to live on, and space enough for our population.

    Approximately fifty years ago, the Dark Days threatened the prosperity of Panem. Traitors from each district rose up to the Capitol, fighting brother on brother, destroying everything they laid their hands on in their destructive rampages! The Capitol fought back valiantly to quell the rebellion and protect those in the districts still loyal to their nation. For every one Capitol soldier that perished, two or three rebels were fought down. Eventually, the Capitol beat back the rebels, however at the loss of our Thirteenth District.

    The Hunger Games

    In the stead of the Dark Days, our current President created the Hunger Games, an event that truly brings us together again as a nation! It was decreed that every year, each district would offer up as tribute one young man and one woman to fight to the death in an event of honor and sacrifice- The Hunger Games. The one surviving victor would remind the districts of the Capitol's forgiveness, and they showed their generosity by rewarding the victor for their success, providing lavish living for the remainder of their lives.

    The Games themselves have little to no rules. Tributes are picked randomly from a drawing days before the event begins, and are brought to the Capitol. Training and a few public events, meant to bring in sponsors for each tribute, commence and then the Games begin! Tributes are placed into an arena build specially for the Games. The arena's can change from an empty desert to a wild forest- it is all decided upon by the Head Gamemaker for each year. Once inside of the arena, there are no rules. The only goal is to be the last man standing.

    The Districts


    There are only twelve districts that remain in Panem today, the thirteenth having been abolished during the Dark Days. Each district has their own Peacekeepers and Head Peacekeeper, and are located in separate regions of North America. Each one also has it's own special export to the Capitol. Below is a list of each district and it's function.

    District One - Luxury Items
    District One is arguably the wealthiest of the twelve districts because of it's export, luxury items. These items are heavily used by the Capitol.


    District Two - Masonry
    Although District Two supplies masonry, it is also known, albeit less commonly, that they also produce and export weapons and supply Peacekeepers for the Capitol's usage. The district highly supports the Capitol, and some say that they get special privileges because of it.


    District Three - General Electronics
    Although they primarily focus on electronics, this district also produces firearms and automobiles that are used by the Capitol.

    District Four - Fishing
    District Four fishes, as is notable by their position by the ocean. Many of the tributes hailing from this district have an ability to use fish hooks and tridents as weaponry, as well as have a talent for gathering food (fish) during the games.


    District Five - Power

    Much of the power for the nation comes from this district.

    District Six - Transportation
    This district produces many automobiles and items for transportation, notably building the trains that run between the twelve districts and Panem.

    District Seven - Lumber
    This district produces lumber, chopping down (and probably growing!) trees for use in building and fuel. Many tributes from this district can use hatchets and axes to fight. Children begin work in this district very young, as lumber is usually in high demand.

    District Eight - Textiles
    District Eight produces clothing and textiles for Panem! Peacekeepers get their uniforms here from special factories.

    District Nine - Grain
    This district farms grains for Panem and the Capitol. Large fields are scattered about the country that are filled with various grains.

    District Ten - Livestock
    District Ten has large fields for livestock, which are bred and used for meats and other products.

    District Eleven - Agriculture
    This district has massive fields surrounding it filled with cotton, fruits and vegetables, and other grown products that usually are sent directly to the Capitol. Everybody works here during growing season, even children, who are pardoned from school to help out in the fields.

    District Twelve - Coal
    Located in the mountains, this district mines for coal that is sent to the Capitol and other districts for fuel. Arguably, this district is the laughing stock of Panem, being rather poor and far away from everybody else, having very few tributes throughout the years. However, their industry is also very important.

    Other Terminology

    There is a lot to know about the Hunger Games, and there is so little time; below there is a FAQ for all of your Hunger Games needs!

    • Sponsors! These are the highly important, rich Capitol citizens that will often pay to provide gifts to their favorite tributes during the actual Hunger Games event. Paying a high fee, they can purchase medicines, foods, and other supplies to send to tributes in boxes or spheres, carried down to tributes on little silver parachutes. Sponsors can often be the difference between life and death. To gain sponsors, tributes typically must have an appealing attribute or high scores to win their favor.
    • Tessarae is a bit complicated to explain, but here it goes: Many youth in Panem hail from families in great need for extra food and supplies. Tessarae provides grain and fuel to potential tributes. You can take out tessarae as many times as you have family members, but there is something they must pay; for every time you take out tessarae, your name is put into the Reaping ball one more time. These counts are cumulative, meaning that if you have three family members, and take out three counts of tessarae one year, then the following year you would have six extra counts in the Reaping ball, as the three from the first year rolled over into the following year, where another three tessarae were taken out. While this could also be the difference between life and death, it could also throw you into the perilous Games!
    • This is the formal selection of the tributes, held at the center of each District. Escorts (men and women that escort the tributes throughout their stay at the Capitol) pick names at random from Reaping balls, containing every child's name and their extra counts. Only children ages 12-18 are entered. At the age of 12, you enter your name in once, but every other year after that, you add one to your count. An 18 year old has their name in 7 times. After the name of a tribute is chosen, the Escort asks if there are any volunteers- other teenagers who wish to take the place of the chosen tribute. Sometimes, there are fights in Career districts over volunteering. In other districts, nobody volunteers.
    • The Training Center is the huge building tributes live in until they enter the Games. They reside with their stylists, mentor and escort. Throughout their stay, they are given a few opportunities to train, learning survival and fighting skills. Towards the end, they are each given an hour of time to demostrate their abilities to the Gamemakers, who then give each tribute a score from 1-12, which is publicly televised. These scores can help tributes win sponsors.
    • This event is held almost directly after tributes arrive at the Capitol. They meet their stylists and prep team, who doll them up for the Chariot ride, which shows them off to Capitol citizens and potential Sponsors. Tributes are dressed to resemble their district's main export.
    • The interviews take place later on during the tributes stay at the Training Center. Once again, their stylists make them look their best and then they go on stage, one at a time, at three minute intervals to talk with an interviewer in front of a live audience. They talk about themselves and answer questions, trying to make a good impression on the audience and potential sponsors.
    • The Cornucopia is exactly what it sounds like; a huge golden cornucopia in the center of the Hunger Games arena. It is usually filled with loot that the tributes can use in the Games. When the tributes rise up into the arena, they are circled around the Cornucopia. They must wait a minute until a gong goes off, and then they can rush the golden cone for items. However, many simply flee. The beginning of the Games often results in a bloodbath, where people fight for control over the majority of the items the Cornucopia holds. Usually, about half of the tributes die at the bloodbath at the Cornucopia.
    • Mentors are past victors of each district that mentor the new tributes. They help them train and help them through their interviews. They handle incoming gifts from sponsors, help gain sponsors, and teach the tributes how to survive in the arena.
    • A token is an item you kept from your district that you can bring into the arena to represent your district. There are rules on what the token can be (objects that can be used as a weapon or as a beneficial item are prohibited).
    • Feasts are events held at the Cornucopia midgame. Their purpose is to bring together tributes towards the end where they are often hiding and trying to avoid eachother. Often, the feasts provide food or another helpful item to tributes that arrive. Sometimes, they hold nothing at all, luring tributes into their deaths.
    • Quarter Quell's are events held every 25 years of Hunger Games. They are special because there is a new rule in place; i.e, double the number of tributes, no weapons, etc. The rules are all preset in advance.
    • Career Districts are home to the Career tributes, a group of tributes that tend to band together due to their heightened chances at winning the Games. Usually, the Careers come from Districts 1,2, and 4, and those districts are dubbed the Career districts for that reason. Career Tributes often sneak in training for the Games prior to their reaping, and volunteer for the Games in hopes of winning the grand prize. Many times, the Career packs win over control of the Cornucopia and tend to win the Games.

    The Hunger Games has no rules, but this roleplay sure does. Here they are!

    1. Absolutely no god-modding. This is when you take control of another character, incidentally or on purpose. This is ONLY okay when a GM does it to an inactive player in order to move the story along, and even then, I'd like to avoid it.


    2. You cannot have a perfect character in any way, shape, or form. When reading your CS I will ask that you fix it, and if you make your character out to be perfect during roleplay, you'll get a warning before a ban.

    3. I ask for at least one well written paragraph per post, 4-5 sentences minimum. Please check your spelling and grammar.

    I don't require you to write in any form/tense, but please be consistent.

    4. A posting order isn't necessary, however during fight scenes or conversation, try to keep things in some semblance of order to provide other players a chance to communicate. Don't post twice in a row, and please, if you're in communication with somebody else, please keep it to five posts or less- if you need more than that, please collaborate through a PM and then post it as one post.

    5. If you are absent for two weeks without prior notification, you will be removed from the roleplay. This is a fast paced set roleplay and you need to make sure your character isn't blocking others from movement and communication. If you will be gone for any period of time, let a GM know and make sure your character either a) has somebody else to play him/her for the time being or b) is out of the way and won't disrupt the flow of the roleplay.

    If your character is locked in with another, and the player is absent, you have rights to partial god-modding; I.E, you can say a neutral statement to free your character, such as "After conversing for awhile, they parted ways" or "She told him that she had to go, and left."

    6. I shouldn't need to say this one but I will: No sexual relations, at least not during the Hunger Games. You're fighting for the death, not making love. Yes, Katniss and Peeta fell in love, but they weren't doing the do in their cave. In the districts, you are permitted to do whatever, but keep it to a PM and under a spoiler with a rating. In the Games, romance is allowed, sex is not. You shouldn't be falling in love during the Games anyway.

    7. You are not going to enter this roleplay being a badass fighter from district 11. Yes, Career districts do have some more liberties with this, but a Katniss Everdeen is going to be rare. I don't want to see 10 people from different districts coming in with the ability to hunt.

    8. All Iwaku rules apply, of course.

    9. No. Revolution. This may be discussed outside of the roleplay, but don't go starting a revolution on your own, please.

    10. Everyone can have two characters. This may change without notice (it probably won't be going down, but if it does and you already have two characters, you get to keep them.)

    11. Book characters will not exist, as a whole, in this roleplay for the sake of keeping things clean. President Snow might, but past victors, etc. don't necessarily have to. I guess if you know for a fact that a certain victor existed in the current time period and you really want them to be your mentor, go ahead. But I set the roleplay years before the seventy-fourth for a reason.

    12. Respect! Be nice to your fellow roleplayers. :)

    13. You are absolutely welcome to come up with plot devices, plans, etc. with other roleplayers.

    14. Please try not to leave the roleplay before the end. While it is okay to do so, it would be great if you joined with the idea in mind that you are going to see it through 'till the end.

    15. As this roleplay will involve everybody's characters dying except for one, the GMs expect that players will be realistic in combat and in other situations in regards to their characters health and life status. No character is going to go through this entire event without suffering. No character is going to walk out of a fight, bleeding out, and still live without help. And help isn't going to always come. We're leaving it up to the players to make sure things stay real, but in the case that somebody just refuses to let their character go, we do reserve the right to kill off your character. This is the Hunger Games. Only one will survive.

    Besides, hopefully we'll be running a second games after this one! Meaning, you get another shot. So try, try again!

    16. Most importantly... Have fun. Or else.
    >.> <.<

    CS Form
    This is the form you will use to create your character. Be mindful: Unless noted, all spaces are required for you to fill in. You may add in additional information.

    (you are not required to come up with a fancy name like Katniss Everdeen)
    (12-18. You may not be a mentor as of now)
    (male/female although you can be whatever you'd like, as long as it's not crazy, I.E "squirrel" or anything like that)
    (1-12. Capitol is off limits)

    (I prefer realistic art/images but you can do anime if you'd like, as long as it looks... human. Keep descriptions focusing more on the physical. Clothing doesn't matter as much as all tributes are in uniform anyway)

    (Who is your character? How do they act? How do they tick?)
    (what do they specialize in? Tricks relating to their district or other learned abilities go here. Try to find at least one thing to throw in)
    (are they strong? Are they fast? Cunning, clever? Don't make it OP)
    (try to come up with a few to balance your strengths. Obvious ones for lower districts would be undernourishment, etc.)

    Background history:
    (required. Doesn't have to be long, but cover their past life, relationships, how they came to learn any skills they did, if they applied for tessarae, etc.)

    At the end of your form, please fill this in (with your characters information):
    Character Name/Age/Gender/District/Username

    How This Game Is Played
    The game needs to be fair, doesn't it? We already went through the rules, but below are the rules/methods for how the Games will be played out.
    I promise it's not horrible.

    **Note: I don't want to make people use the dice to calculate combat hits/misses. I'll only institute it if people are powerplaying, I.E refusing to let their character be hit, dodging every attack and strike. In that case, dice will be used. But I believe people can be trusted to play fair.**

    • Read rule 15 on the rules list.

      Essentially, we will be trusting each player to realize when their character needs to die. You're character likely won't live until the end to be the victor. That's okay. This is the Hunger Games and the idea is to try, but you will likely fail (considering the number of characters here). There is always a next time (assuming we get that far :P)! So just try your best.

      However GMs do reserve the right to kill off any characters that *should* be dying, but have not. This is to keep things fair.

      If a GM killed off your character and you have a valid objection, please message both/all GMs in a conversation to discuss the issue.
    • Things need to be fair with who grabs what at the Cornucopia as well. Careers will typically be able to have more access to these supplies, but it also depends on how the Games play out. In general, my only rule is that you don't go overboard. Keep things real. GM's and I will pick what is on the Cornucopia table.
    • Sponsors will be outside of the roleplay players. Yes, people who are not in the roleplay will be your sponsors! I have yet to work out an official system for this, but the idea is generally that other members of Iwaku will be able to provide gifts for your characters. It will probably be done through voting or likes; a certain number of likes will equate to certain gifts that you can chose to receive (as we have no players for mentors, you will chose what your mentor sends you for now). When this comes into play, I'll create a Giftshop for sponsors.

      You will be allowed to ask other players to help you get items through this system. However, spamming is not allowed.

    The roleplay will begin just before the reaping, giving characters a chance to provide an introduction before arriving at their local reaping. Characters in a district with no partner (only one of the two tributes are played by a player, and are not NPC) can opt to skip this and go directly to their train ride.
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  2. Character List
    Every character in the Games will be listed here for reference. Check here before creating a character to guarantee that the spot you wish to claim is open. You may reserve your spot for up to two days; then it will be released again if your CS is not posted.

    Character Name/age/gender/District/Username

    Robin Grecia/18/Male/1/Archangel
    Goldie Locke/16/Female/District One/Fernweh
    Walter Zolnerowich/18/Male/District 2/SinisterOblivion007

    Ash Livell/17/Female/2/Rainjay
    Edward Lovesky/12/Male/3/Quiet Musician
    Coriander Vey Cicilia/12/Female/3/shadicmaster
    Ricochet "Rizzy" Damascus/14/F/4/Karci
    Male (closed)
    Astrid Gaynor/15/Female/5/Raven
    Nolan Antleran/18/Male/Seven/Stein
    Hailey Willson/16/female/District 6/Lizzy
    (RESERVED) - Stein
    Rowan Tahney/16/Female/7/Rainjay
    Male (closed)
    Female (closed)
    Male (closed)
    Female (closed)
    Tsu'tey Windrider/18/Male/District 10/Quiet Musician
    Grey Atkins/15/F/10/lethal_fever (page 1)
    David Lancaster/18/M/11/lethal_fever (page 1)
    Scarlett Willow/17/Female/11/Megilwen
    Marcus Weaver/15/male/District 12/Lizzy
    Ember Sparks/16/F/12/hayverly

    GM's And GM Applications


    I need a few co-GM's, so below is an application. You may apply through a private message to me. I will select co-gm's at my discretion.

    Co-GM's would be responsible for helping me plan for the game, organize players, read through applications, and make sure everybody follows the rules. You would be expected to be relatively active.

    Applications are closed.

    Application (open)

    Age: (you are sending this through a GM so it should be okay to tell me, but if you are very uncomfortable saying so, leave this blank)
    Roleplays you are in: (with links, please)

    What times are you available on Iwaku:
    Do you work:
    Have you been a GM before? Where?:
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  3. My CS

    Name: Rowan Tahney
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    District: 7
    Token: On a silver plated chain around her neck, a charm of a tree

    Rowan has short cropped pale blonde hair, and light green eyes. She has fair skin, being of a lighter color, and has an average sized build, leaning towards the lean and strong, muscled side. She stands at a bit above average height.

    Rowan is a headstrong girl, taking lead whenever given the option. Although she would rather work on her own, she won't pass up decent companionship and is very opportunistic, keeping her eyes out for chances and to catch every possibility. She is very determined, and doesn't let herself get trodden into the ground; instead, it motivates her to push herself harder. She's a very intense person.
    Rowan has been trained to work in her districts industry, lumber, and thus can use an ax with proficiency. She has a vague understanding of what is poisonous and what isn't.
    She most definitely can handle and maneuver an ax skillfully. She understands basic first aid, having to learn the basics to handle injuries in her districts industry. She can move quietly through the trees and is somewhat stealthy in her movements.
    Sometimes, Rowan can loose control of her temper, lashing out at others unintentionally. Theoretically, she would have issues combating ranged (bow and arrows, throwing knives) as she works incredibly close range with axes. She isn't incredibly fast, or incredibly agile; really, she relies so heavily on her strength that it can result in a pitfall.

    Background history:
    Rowan was born in district 7 with a family of 3 siblings, living with her aunts and uncles in one decently sized house. Her entire family worked in the same area- lumber, specifically harvesting it- and her and her siblings children will probably do the same. She grew up fairly well off, usually having enough to eat and having clothing on her back, a roof over her head. She only ever took out Tessarae once, in a time of dire need. After that, her elder sister refused to let her do so again. Her sister was 18 when she was picked as a tribute for District 7, and made it to the final 3 before her death. Three years later, Rowan volunteered as tribute to save the life of her best friend's little sister, vowing to avenge her elder sisters death and win the Games.

    Rowan Tahney/16/Female/7/Rainjay

    Name: Ash Livell
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    District: 2
    Token: None

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Ash has dark, long hair and piercing gray eyes, and a narrow, lithe build. No, she's not starving and emaciated, she's just a bit on the smaller, tallish side, with very light skin.

    Ash is a girl with quiet confidence, keeping to herself but still appearing intimidating. To her, most everything is pure business. She does what she needs to do to survive, and does her thing with pride. You could say she is even bursting with ego, although just because she doesn't act humble doesn't mean she's an egotistical person.
    Ash is adept at using knives, but usually not so much for throwing, but for close quarters combat. She is trained to throw them, too, but she prefers to use a mixture of her agility, speed, and her skill with knives to combat. She can also use swords, but is a bit clumsy with them.
    Ash isn't so much strong as she is clever and quick. She tries to use her speed to get around, her strategy to knock people to the ground before they know what hit them. She's had training.
    She can become overconfident, believing that the world is on a silver platter and that it's just for her. She has little to no sense of how to get her own food, and isn't very materialistic. If you think about it, all she really has going for her is combat; only 1/2 of the battle.

    Background history:
    Ash was born with only one sibling, being the youngest in her family. Her family only held one belief; win, or fail. Failure in her family was never an option. She was training for the Games her entire life, but always waited for just the right time to volunteer. She planned to volunteer on her 7th reaping, and as she was the first to call out, replaced the fourteen year old tribute that was selected.

    Ash Livell/17/Female/2/Rainjay

    That die thing below was an accident. Blame my cat.
    Rainjay threw 6-faced die for: Total: 2 $dice
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  4. 1)
    Grey Atkins
    A small leather bracelet. It's a simply string of leather that has been tied around her wrist and probably wouldn't come off unless you cut it.

    She is extremely skinny, although not undernourished. She's only 5'2" and has dark red, curly hair and green eyes.

    She's fast tempered and is quick to defend herself when being cornered. She also hates it when people assume she can't do things (something that happened a lot due to her size relative to her district's function). When she's not defending her honor, she's busily watching everyone and everything that goes on around her and pays close attention to detail. Although she's feisty and sometimes off putting, she can be extremely caring and nurturing. She can come off as childlike and non-threatening, but is extremely clever and isn't afraid to back-stab to survive.
    She knows how to butcher and properly prepare meat to avoid contamination. Additionally she knows an extent of first aid (although it's animal first aid and she's never really had to use it on people and doesn't even know if it translates).
    Agile, cunning, flexible
    Although she is strong for her size, she's extremely petite and short and could easily be over powered if someone got their hands on her.

    Background history:
    Although her mother died when she was born and her father was killed in a butchering accident, she's has a rather stable childhood. She lives with her cousins and is glad of it, because without them she probably wouldn't have any friends. She learned her skills by simply working in her district. Nearly everyone in her district has the same skill set. Grey.jpg

    David Lancaster

    Dark skin and dark eyes with a strong build from working in the fields every day. He's 6 foot and sturdy.

    He is extremely caring, but doesn't always come off that way because his love for other people is sometimes overshadowed by his love for himself. If you can get past his constant need for self-appraisal, he's kind of like the big brother you always wanted and he'll have your back till the end.
    He is familiar with hundreds of plants and knows what can and cannot be eaten.
    Stamina, strength, and is intuitive
    Extremely arrogant. He is well aware of his allurement and also of his strength and intuition.

    Background history:
    He's been working in the fields since he was little, just like everyone else from his district, but he also has five younger siblings from the ages of 1-12 and is constantly taking care of them and loves them to death. His father recently died of unknown causes, leaving his mother to take care of the six of them. His desperate desire to be able to go home and provide for his family makes his ambition to win even stronger. Although his life has been hectic and not as all luxurious, he is very much grateful for everything in his life...except of course being selected at the reaping this year. Working in agriculture and being fascinated by nature sure go hand in hand, that's why he spent a lot of his (very little) free time, studying plants.
    At the end of your form, please fill this in:

  5. Both are good. Just make sure that David's stamina and strength are balanced; Usually, the stronger you are, the less stamina you have, as you have to lug around more bulk with it. Obviously you can have both (football players!) but there are limits to both.

    Welcome to Panem! :) & Thanks for signing up.
  6. Name:
    Ricochet (Rizzy) Damascus
    A small golden heart that she keeps in her pocket.

    Appearance: ellen page.jpg

    Personality: very shy, she isn't a social butterfly. skiddish, frightened easily. Very caring, and loving of animals. Very afraid of the people, especially capitol people.
    Can easily make nets in a day or two, knows how to purify salt water or any water.
    Stamina, well at hearing,
    Weak, insecure, mentally unstable

    Background history:
    Grew up with extremely abusive parents. She never knew why her parents beat her. She just thought it had something to do with the fact that she wasn't the materialistic daughter they had hoped for. But truly the reason was that her parents had been raised that way so thats what they only knew. She was an only child. No friends at all. Worked at her fathers bait shop, her entire life. Her parents names are Robert and Carlee. Rizzy had met a boy in her district, who she fell in deep love with. His name is Nicholas. She met him when she was in the third grade. Then When they hit 8th grade they started to date. Then they fell in deep love. They've been together ever since.

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  7. Is that Ellen Page picture?
    If it is, I fully support

    A few things:
    Female for district 4 was reserved, but I'll let you have it.
    Maybe mention how/why her parents were abusive: I don't really see too much reason for District 4 parents to be abusive, but it could work. Just add in a sentence or two.
    Please fill this in with your character information:
    Character Name/Age/Gender/District/Username

    Just fix up the history a tad and fill it in and you're in! Thanks for joining :)
  8. Alright. There's a few other people who showed interest on the check that we'll wait for and maybe we can get a few more people to join so we've got a good lot for the Games.
  9. I would like to reserve district 3's female tribute please
  10. Reserved! :)
  11. Are you still accepting applicants?
  12. Definitely! We have plenty of space :D
  13. Name: Coriander Vey Cicilia (cori for short)
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    District: 3
    Token: A small cpu from her first computer. It no longer works, so her brother engraved it for her with a symbol that only they know the meaning of.
    With lightly tanned skin, Cori stands out among the very fair skinned population of District 3. Her eyes are a bluish green, and she has very soft features (as most all 12 year olds have) She has a very innocent look, mainly because of how innocent she really is. She's soft and fragile in pretty much every way, and you can clearly see it on her.
    Personality: just as innocent as she looks, you could relate her to the average computer nerd who just so happens to be cute. She's soft spoken and tends to keep her head either in a book or some sort of electronic device she is fixing, but take those things away from her and she can turn into anything. She is very emotionally unstable without something to occupy her and can quickly get out of hand.
    Skills/Strengths: she is a quick thinker, quick runner, and has a nimble frame. Though she can't climb trees or swim well, she knows the inside and out of pretty much any survival manual you could buy. She is tech savvy, and can rewire/reprogram most anything.
    Weaknesses: poor climber and swimmer, and if she doesn't have something to occupy her, her mind will run wild and she would probably go crazy. Either that, or her emotions would go out of control and she could be in a fit of rage on moment, depressed the next, and end up laughing about it all like nothing happened.

    Background history: with her mother having died in a work accident, ending in a high voltage electrocution, Cori's father was left to care for himself, Cori, her brother Terrian, and twins that had been born only earlier that month. Terrian was eighteen that year, so this was his last chance to pull Teserae, which he did for all his family, and narrowly missed being pulled into the games. This year, though, Terrian can't do it again, and their father is struggling to pay for all of the children, so now it's Cori's turn to put in Teserae. She didnt care that she was no in the reaping bowl more. There weren't many other girls eledgible anyway, and they were all of the girls that hated the sight of the games, getting squeamish at any mention of blood and guts. She was sure she'd be reaped anyway. But when she wasnt, she couldn't help but volunteer, unable to bear the sight of her best friend going in, and also, finding this to be a more perminant solution to the family's problem. She was the first to volunteer, so no one could object.

    Coriander Vey Cicilia/12/Female/3/shadicmaster
  14. Looks good!
  15. Awesome, I'd like to apply for the District 7 male tribute. I'll have something up soon!
  16. I'll reserve the space for you :)
  17. Name:
    Ember Sparks



    A silver necklace, just a chain.

    Ember is tall and skinny, probably about 5'7. Her hair is very long, and sometimes curly at the tips.

    Ember is a very quiet girl. She's always kept to herself and made sure to keep out of other's business. However, she can be adventurous and outgoing once you get to know her. She's overall kind and considerate, oblivious to the harsh realities of the world.

    Ember is a complete bookworm. She has studied a lot about various plants and herbs, as well as birds and the body system.

    Agile, somewhat flexible, quick, and smart.

    Under nourished, sometimes clumsy, and not very instinctive. Ember also has a sensetive ankle from previous injuries.

    Background history:
    Ember has a small family, small enough to just be her and her dad. Her father is often out in the mines, coming home at a late hour. Her mother was married to her father at a young age, and died a while after Ember was born. Growing up, Ember would try to get to school at at satisfying hour and do her work. Other children would make fun of her name, it being so ironic. As Ember grew, she also flourished. Despite her poor community and school system, Ember would stay after school in the small library and study things that didn't require studying. During Ember's 12th year, she had an 'accident' that ruined her ankle for years to come. For her small family, she would take tesserae ever since she was 13. Ember had always dreaded reaping day, but figured her life was too perfet to be chosen. The world too kind to do something like that to her.
    But really, the excitement of hearing her name called would thrill her- until reality came for a hard hit.

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  18. If you can fill out this with your characters information, that would be great: Name/Age/Gender/District/Your username

    Otherwise, it's good to go! :)
  19. Shadic and I have been working on a combat system to ensure that the roleplay progresses (instead of resulting with nobody dying for days). Originally, the idea was that a die would be rolled to determine who would die and who would not, but we've decided to change that (as it seemed unfair). We've come up with a system below.

    Characters will be assigned 'stats' of a sort to be posted probably below every post in the IC. Stats would be like strength, stamina, health. The stats would be based on the characters strengths/weaknesses. Upon attacking another player in the game, you would roll a dice (probably the dice provided by Iwaku on posts), once to see if your attack hits or not, and again to see how much damage. Stamina would be used to see if you evade or not, strength to see how much damage you did, etc.

    I'd like player input on this system. Perhaps we won't need an actual system in place (we could just use the honor system, but nobody likes their characters to die), depending. What do you guys think?
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  20. I think it's a fair way of doing things! But have you considered a random generator? That may be helpful I don't know though. Just thought I'd put that out there.
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