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Sooo, I have a few ideas. They could be either 1x1 or group.

The Hunger Games

This is pretty much based off the concept of the book, but it'd be an earlier hunger game. Basically, The Hunger Games is an event held by the Capitol once a year. There are 12 districts and from each they pick one girl and one boy. At the age of 12, their names are put into a pool/or a hat if you'd rather, and this continues by adding your name one more time every year until you're 18. You can also put your name for a tessera(e). Each tessera gives a years worth of grain and oil for one person. It's not something you can really live off of, so often many end up putting their name in multiple times just so they can help feed their family.

You know what, this isn't even based. I just wanted to do something with the concept but without the canon characters. Alright anyways, after one male and one female is selected from each district, they're paraded around but the really interesting part is the Hunger Games themselves. Basically, it's a fight to the death between the 24 tributes. They're dropped into an environment that may or may not be lacking weapons or other necessities based on how cruel the game keepers are feeling that year.

It can be any type of climate- tundra, desert, forest.. anything! The only issue I see with this is that it might be frustrating for a group. There's a high chance that your character will die unless they decided to band together and fight against the capitol. Fights would possibly be a bit hard to regulate too... maybe this would have to be a 1x1 simply because then there's no huge attachment to the other 22 tributes? I wouldn't want to upset someone if their character ended up dying or something.


.hack//esque RP.

Basically, you're playing as a character in an MMORPG setting. You have an offline part of you and an online in which they don't even have to share the same gender, age or looks- it's just generally realistic to have a somewhat similar personality both online and offline. Think about how you act when you're online! It magnifies and changes your personality compared to offline.

This could work either way, group or 1x1. It doesn't have to be.hack related or take place in The World and we could come up with our own sort of plot, classes, etc. I just really love this type of RP... it was one of my earlier RPs when I was younger. XD
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Ooooooo. I love .hack based stuff. I thought of doing one a long time ago but then forgot because a new episode of my favorite show came on xD
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Ooooooo. I love .hack based stuff. I thought of doing one a long time ago but then forgot because a new episode of my favorite show came on xD

Ahhh, my RP comrade. We seem to have a lot in common so far. XD .hack is definitely interesting! It fits a modest group size as well, which is nice.
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Yeah. Now we just need some more people who are interested, make up our own game world with classes, get the character sheets up and we're ready to go. That is if the majority of people who come in here want a .hack based RP.
Bump! Edited the title so it's a bit more descriptive.
We could make it a "Jump In" roleplay so others can just come in whenever they want.
Indeed we could! It'd work well with .hack for sure. I'll set something up tomorrow.