The Humble THQ Bundle

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  1. So the folks at publisher THQ have teamed up with the lovely guys of Humble Bundle to create THE HUMBLE THQ BUNDLE, where you pay what you want for games like Darksiders, Company of Heroes and Metro 2033. Pay more than the average ($5.72, at the time of posting) and you also get the dementedly fun Saints Row: The Third.

    It's a sweet deal, guys; not only are you giving to charity, you're also getting awesome games. What more could one want?
  2. *Buys for $10 (much more local)*

    I'd pay more if I could.

    Even if I have most of the games already Its a fucking steal.
  3. Triple A games in a humble bundle?

    What sorcery is thi--Oh right. THQ is in financial hell and very desperate for income. Still a steal.
  4. The proceeds go to charity, I don't see how this would get them income.
  5. Developers don't make money from this sort of thing. It's a gesture of goodwill, and as far as I'm aware THQ are the first big studio to do it.

    So kudos to them. Cynicism is fun and all, but sometimes people are actually not assholes.
  6. Beautiful. ;__;

    Now I really wish we weren't broke... That's a fucking awesome deal.
  7. Yes, I realize it's for charity. This isn't my first Humble Bundle.

    But if you don't alter the default distribution of money the devs do get the majority of it. My joke stands.
  8. They've added Titan Quest and The Road to War DLD for RF Armagedon. If you've bought the bundle to to your download page and get yer keys.