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    The name says it all, right? Any Magica Girl can have access to this almost never-ending world via the Mundi's Portal, located in Blaze's Plaza. Magica Girls can travel towards any known part of the Human World by simply saying its name to the portal, which will open a magical link located exactly in that area for the Magica Girls to use it for go there and also return to Atena Land. The Human World is a really fun and vast land full possibilities, but it also dangerous, because that's where all the Berserkers dwells, constanly making mahem and chaos. Most of the missions occur in this place. Be creative and give life to this area on any post you want.
    Note to Roleplayers (open)
    Everyone is allowed to make their own plots in this section. Simply post a starting thread (post) if you want to make your own story and write "All Welcome" if you want anyone to join you. You can also wait for someone to post something and if they're welcoming anyone to join them, well, you can freely join them. A couple of missions will be availlable later, so don't worry and be patient.

    Reminder of how to Fight (open)
    It's supposed that all of you had read the Roleplay Guide, but yeah, I'll make your life more easier by placing here the 2 modes of how you can start a fight. Any doubts or want to see the full information, re-read the Roleplay Guide in the Homepage
    For a Surprise Attack
    First of all, make a post describing how you spot that enemy and then, click on "More Options" button above that post for throw a dice. In the area that says "Throwing a dice for...", write "Surprise Attack" and in the "Faces" area, write a 3. After throwing the dice, you can either make another post or add a paragraph right on the recent post you made that says "After throwing the dice" describing the following:
    •If the number is 1, you missed your attack and in concecuence, alerted the enemy.
    •If the number is 2, you're allowed to make a single Light Attack (you decide how your Light Attacks are, but keep in mind that Light Attacks are quick, but don't inflict lot of damage).
    •If the Number is 3, you're allowed to make a single Heavy Attack (you decide how your Heavy Attacks are, but keep in mind that Heavy Attacks are slow, but inflict more damage than Light Attacks).

    For a fair Fight
    It's the same process as the "Surprise Attack", but you have to write "Fair Fight" in "Throwing a dice for..." section and throw a 6 faces dice. Again, depending on the number of the dice, make a post or add a paragraph on the recent post you made describing the following:
    •If the number is 1, your attack was so lame that the Berserker dodge it easily.
    •If the number is 2, you're allowed to make a single Light Attack (you're the one that decides how are your Light Attacks).
    •If the number is 3, you're allowed to make a combo of two Light Attacks.
    •If the number is 4, you're allowed to make a combo of 2 Heavy Attacks (you're the one that decides how are your Heavy Attacks).
    •If the number is 5, you're allowed to make a devasting combo of five attacks (just make 5 beautiful fightning moves by combaning Light and Heavy Attacks).
    •If the number is 6, you're allowed to go on "Fury Mode". (This is a where you can show off your special 30 seconds deadly move. On this mode, the weakest of the Berserkers quickly die and leave pretty wounded tough and strong Berserkers. But, beware, this uses a high amount of your Soul Gem energy. It's always recommended to purify your gem after each Fury Mode).

    Availlable Missions
    None for now. Come back other day or after a few hours.
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  2. Skyla Trace


    Skyla found herself in the middle of the crossing, face first on the pavement. She had tripped at the last second before entering the portal. Jeez that hurt.

    "Caela... Caela?... Hey Ca-SONUVA...!

    The cat-like being found it's perch gracefully on the head of her partner, forcing it back into the ground. Skyla pushed herself back up and onto her feet. She was already thirty minutes late for the band's rehearsal.

    "C'mon, we gotta hurry!"



    Thwak! She had just opened the door, and she was already hit dead in the face with a drumstick. Asuho stood cross armed, and obviously pissed. This is no different than usual. Skyla began rubbing the growing bump on her head. Mina was tuning her bass like always, not a word spoken.

    "Skyla, you are the lead guitarist AND the lead singer! We can't have you goofing off like this all the time! We have a concert IN FOUR DAYS!"

    Skyla just shrugged and went to ready her instrument. She made sure not to express the true nature of her weapon.

    "I know, I know. Don't worry. I was just getting a new guitar. See? C'mon! Let's practice!"


    Uttered the quiet bassist. Asuho, just sighed, and took her seat on the drums. Counting off to start practice.

    Part 1: All Welcome
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  3. Kailani Brookes
    Human World. London, England,

    The portal had worked perfectly, it transported Kai right into her apartment. Now the girl sat, listening to her radio. She tuned it back an forth listening for something, anything.

    According to Ringleader "trix" he and his circus will be in town for a while yet! Click. Forty percent off on full sized mattresses so stop on by. Click. Authorities don't quite know what to make of these strange disappearances. Click.

    "Ah, Kailani, that one sounded important!" Atticus said alarmed. Kailani snapped to attention and turned the radio back. Apparently there was a string of disappearances, the victims were a wide variety of ages. "Hmm, probably kidnappings," she said, writing down some of the information.
    Hide N Seek
    All welcome!​
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  4. Random Event for: "Hide N Seek"
    From: Kailani Brooks (@SugaarCereal )
    Location: London, Engalnd (Human World)

    It was 8:00 PM and the streets from were a bit dark tonight. Due to some recent disappearances, people were in a hurry for reach their homes and locked inside. They were no safe anymore in the streets and it's known that the weird disappearances ocurred since this time of the night. The police has been working really hard on the investigation, determined to find the reason behind such events. But so far, they haven't found nothing. Not even a single clue and that's the most weird dilema. 20 people have disappeared, just like that and leaving behind no clues or trails. Whoever or whatever was behind everything, it was really clever.

    Not so far from Kailini's home, a girl dressed with casual clothes were running through a sideway, sobbing and with a really scared expression. From anyone's point of view, it was as if she was running from someone or something. There was no one around for help her. "Please, just leave me alone, you freak!" she shouted, speeding up through the sideway and passing by a closed shop. At the end of the shop, she turned to her right and ran through a almost completely dark alley. The girl's face were covered with tears and her breathing was heavy and quick. A few steps behind her, a mysterious shadow was slowly chassing her.
  5. Kailani Brookes
    London, England (Human World)

    Unfortunately, as Kailani was learning more and more, the work of a magica girl wasn't always exciting. Sometimes it just involved information gathering and patience. So she poured over all the known information about the kidnappings, on her laptop. Atticus was currently curled up in her lap simply overseeing the girl's research. However it seemed that this wasn't going to be one of those quiet nights.

    Please, just leave me alone, you freak! Atticus' ears twitched and he stood at attention "Kailani!" The teen nodded, she hadn't heard the scream that Att's sensitive hearing had picked up. She had, however, felt that familiar premonition. It was like something had raised her hackles. There were only a few things that could do that.

    "I know!" She said springing to her feet, nearly knocking over her computer in the process. She donned Stryker and the gloves that had been stashed previously.

    "Don't forget this!" Atticus ran up to her holding and ornate bell by the handle in his jaws. You could call it her second weapon, even though it wasn't really. It was just an ordinary human bell that she'd bought. She put it to good use though, it was pretty effective in drawing low-level berserkers away from humans, especially the sound oriented ones.

    Since the normal way would take way to long, Kai opted for the fire escape. Atticus led the way, and Kai followed closely behind him. Eventually the cat stopped at a particular ally and peeked around it. Kai too, disguised her presence and peered into the alley as well.​

    Mentioned: @Shinku

    Hide N Seek
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  6. Random Event for: "Hide N Seek"
    From: Kailani Brooks (@SugaarCereal )
    Location: London, Engalnd (Human World)

    The girl kept running through the alley, even when she couldn't practically see that clearly. She stopped once in a while for look at the many interceptions, pick a way and continue with her running. In the end, she just get lost through it and unfortunely, she encounter a dead end. She widen her eyes and gasped with dispair. She quickly turned around and slowly walked backwards, her back bumping the a wall after a few seconds. She was sobbing and trembling with fear, feeling observed.

    From the darkness that was a few steps away from her, a dark figure emerged from it. Its eyes were brighting white and its whole body was pitch black and kind of foggy. It was a creature like taking out from a really creepy nightmare. The girl widen her eyes and screamed with fear, shutting her eyes closed and knelting on the ground, covering herself with her arms. "Please, don't hurt me...! I-I just wanna go home!" te girl shouted, begging for mercy. The creature just grinned widely, hundreds of white teeth revealing from his mouth. It kept coming towards her, slowly, some growls and hissed coming from him.
  7. Kailani Brookes
    London, England (Human World)

    Kai gasped quietly at the sight then glared angrily at the creature. She should be able to handle it. It looked to only be a class D creature. She couldn't fight it with that girl nearby though. No, she'd have to draw it away. Maybe, if she caught it's attention she could draw the beast away from the girl. She could use her bell but that might not do the trick, because if it decided it was more interested in the girl than the sound, then it was game over. She decided to take the chance and just surprise the breast. Hopefully she could get the drop on it. If she did it right then it would be too dark for the girl to make heads or tails of what went on.

    After that terrible dice roll.

    Kailani drew out Stryker from its sheath and charged closer to the beast. Or, she would have, had she not tripped over a rise in the sidewalk and fell flat on her face. She grunted slightly, as she skidded to a stop scraping a variety of different parts. Atticus sighed and shook his head. "Good heavens, she's going to get herself killed, one of these days."

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  8. Random Event for: "Hide N Seek"
    From: Kailani Brooks (@SugaarCereal )
    Location: London, Engalnd (Human World)

    The beast, known as Stalker, a Class D Berserker, quickly turned around after hearing the naise Kailani made from tripping. Even when she failed to attack the demon, it sure get it's attention and he was pissed, realizing she wanted to attack him by surprise. He growled angrily, putting all of his attention to Kailini now, but it's not that he forgot about the human. He stood in a fighting stance, about to attack.

    After throwing the dice
    The Stalker barked and dashed towards Kailini, raising his right paw and taking out his big and sharp claws. Once close to her, he scratched her body 4 times in a concecutive way, chuckling and grinning evily. After the scratched, he jumped up a bit and slammed his right fist right on her face. He then jumped back and galred at her with a grin.
    Kailini's Health bar dropped from 200 to 186.
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  9. Kailani Brookes
    London, England (Human World)

    "Kailani! Are you okay?" Atticus said worriedly the animal had gotten her pretty good. The Stalker's blows had further knocked her on the ground. "Yeah.. I'm fine." She was hurt but fine. Fine but pissed. She'd had been so stealthy and cool only to get the crap beaten out of her because she tripped, tripped! If that wasn't embarrassing then what was? Still she had to help out that girl. She rose again to her feet to attack again. Lets try this again she thought, tighting the grip on her sword.

    After yet another terrible dice roll

    Kailani decided on a simple attack. She ran closer to the Stalker and made to slash at it with her sword.
    Atticus flinched at the poor choice. He knew that the Stalker would be able to dodge this easily, he only hoped that his charge would make it out of this battle. Things weren't looking good so far.

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  10. Random Event for: "Hide N Seek"
    From: Kailani Brooks (@SugaarCereal )
    Location: London, Engalnd (Human World)

    The Stalker intercepted Kailini's attack. He chuckled and quickly turned hi body to his right, dodging Kailini's slash with ease. He grinned more widely, having a bit pity on the girl's bad luck. He backed away from her and lowered himself a bit, getting ready for another attack and show her that she is no match for him.

    The Stalker's surrounding suddenly filled with a heavy black fog. His eyes began to bright from white to red. With a chuckle, he slwoly faded on the fog. Seconds later, he appeared behind Kailini and slashed her with his right claws right across her back, some of her blood spalshing on the ground. After that, he jumped a bit and did a flying kick, hitting her right on the middle of her back. That kick probably will sent her flying away from him.
    Kailini's Health bar dropped from 186 to 102.
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  11. Kailani Brookes
    London, England (Human World)

    She was already stunned from the first attack, so the kick was a little overkill. Ok it was major overkill. It sent her soaring forward, though she needn't worry, she was stopped rather effectively by a building. The force actually threw her through one of the walls into it. It hurt like hell, if fact she wasn't really sure if everything still worked properly. Atticus ran quickly over or his charge. "Kai, can you hear me?" He said shaking the girl a bit. Kailani nodded faintly and struggled a bit to get to her knees. She took one of her health potions from her belt and consumed it quickly. "Kai... I don't think you should continue on this fight. You clearly can't handle this on your own!" He emphasized.

    "Then who!? If I can't help her then no one will. I've got to at least try," she said finutely, ending the conversation. She smiled and took another potion from her belt. This time, a Chili-Bang-Bang potion. Despite being battered she smiled "Didn't think I'd be using this so soon.." She found that she could indeed still stand. She spun on her heel and threw the potion out of the stores to land at the beast's feet.

    After a miracle throw!

    The throw rang true and exploded right at the beasts feet. She didn't give it a chance to recover from that. She ran up to the beast and delivered two well placed kicks, just as payback. She used the second kick, to push herself away and put distance between the two.

    Kailani was just about done with this fight, the girl charged up her blade, and it glowed a faint blue in the darkness, once again she charged the Stalker she brought her charged weapon down once, before reaching it, sending a charged attack ahead of her aimed directly at the beast.

    When she did reach it, she used Stryker for what it was truly meant for. She stabbed the creature, right where the chest would be on a normal being. It was a heavier attack of hers, entitled the Death Stab. Because if done right it was fatal to the berserker, but if misused it be the enemy a chance to hurt Kai because she was so close. Not this time though, this time she pierced straight through.
    "Ha, recover from this you bastard." She taunted, sticking her tongue out and and jumping away from the Stalker. She swung the vile blood off her sword and readied herself for further retaliation.

    "Language, Kailani." Atticus reminded from the safety of the building that Kailani had "broken into".

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  12. Random Event for: "Hide N Seek"
    From: Kailani Brooks (@SugaarCereal )
    Location: London, Engalnd (Human World)

    As the Chilli Bang-Bang blew right in front of the Stalker, the explosion really stunned him and some of the flames hurt his eyes. He backed away, growling with pain and covering his eyes with his paws. Because he could even look at Kailini, the Magica Girl attacked with a couple of devasting and painful moves. He growl and whimpered, some black blood gushing from his mouth and wounds for land on the ground.

    After the kicks, he fell on his knees, an unbearable pain on his whole body. He thought it was over and that it was his time for make an counter attack, but that's when Kailini's weapon came in and definitely killed him for good. That last stab, the "Death Stab", pierced right through his chest, destroying his "Vital Core". He let go a loud and eerie shriek, his whole body slowly disappearing into ashes. In the end, his corpse fell on the ground and when it impactd the ground, it blew into ashes.

    A black Greed Seed laid perfectly right where the Stalker blew into ashes.
    Congratiolations, Kailini brookes! You successfully defeated your very first Berserker by a miraculous dice throw!
    Items Earned (open)
    x1 Greed Seed
    200 Crystalias

    Remember to update your Profile by eliminating the items you used during this fight and adding those you earned!
  13. [​IMG]

    Skyla Trace

    Practice went off without a hitch. Everyone sounded great, Asuho had a great rhythm going on(Though she did break a few drum sticks), Mina was in the groove on her bass, and Skyla was shredding it on her new guitar. Practice went on until the sun began to set. The sky was a brilliant orange when they took a break.

    "Damn Skyla that is a sick guitar. Where'd you get it anyway?"

    "Oh! I uh... It was custom made from a friend!"

    "Awww come on, you can tell-..."

    All head's except Mina turn to the window. It had been shattered to pieces, and lying amidst the rubble was a rock with a note attached to it. Skyla approached the window. That's impossible. They were up four stories...

    "Mina, what the hell is this?!"

    Mina just sat there with her bass in her hands, as she opened her case

    "It's nothing. I've been getting these for a while now."

    Asuho looked over at her, dropping the paper to the ground. Skyla picked it up and read it. She soon wished she hadn't. What she read, scared her.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]"We can not wait any longer for a reply. Come to the abandoned apartment building tonight, or We will hunt you down. And nothing will stop Us from taking what We desire. Do not keep Us waiting. We grow impatient."[/BCOLOR]

    How long Mina..."

    No response

    "How long!"

    Mina turned her face away, not wanting to make eye contact.

    "About two months..."

    All this time? Weren't they friends? Why did she feel the need to hide this?...

    "And you never told us?..."

    Skyla's voice was covered up by the fiery Asuho, who also expressed her concern for her friend.

    "Mina, someone is not only stalking you, but threatening you! You have to tell someone about this. Call the police!"

    "It's nothing..."

    Skyla opened her mouth, and tried to console her friends, but she pushed her hand away.

    "I said it's nothing!...

    Mina seemed to realize what she had done as Skyla retracted her hand immediately. Her expression was pained. Mina put her Bass into its case, slung it over her shoulder, and headed for the door.

    "I'm going home..."

    It slammed. The two left in the room were completely silent. Until the silence was broken by a voice inside her head.

    "You should follow her. I have a bad feeling."

    Skyla nodded. She also had a bad feeling about this. She turned to Asuho.

    "I guess that's it for the night... See you later Asuho..."

    And the door shut, without any further words.
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  14. Kailani Brookes
    London, England (Human World)

    Kailani sighed and sunk to her knees "I-I did it!" She half cheered half sobbed. She was happy, of course she was. The tears stemmed from a mixture of relief and overwhelming joy. Atticus shook his head and bounded over to comfort his charge, grabbing the Grief seed on his way. He set the seed near her knee and jumped in her lap. "Oh, boy. Why the tears?"

    "It's just.. I can't believe it." She forced out. Kailani swiped at her eyes repeatedly. "Good heavens, Kailani...There's really no reason to cry. Maybe this will help," he said and nodded to the Grief seed. Kailani peeked out at it and picked it up off the ground. "Ah, this is.." She started, staring at it. Atticus nodded, "It's the Grief Seed dropped by that Berserker. Now don't you have someone to check on?"

    Kailani stared on at the Amiscus uncomprehendingly, that is until she rembered. Her sea blue eyes widened in realization and she hopped up. She hurried over to the end of they alley where that Berseker had cornered that girl. Making sure to power down beforehand. She searched around in the darkness befor calling out. "Excuse me? Anyone back here?" Maybe it would be best to just call the police and have them pick up the girl.

    Hide N Seek
    Mentioned: @Shinku
  15. Event for: "Hide N Seek"
    From: Kailani Brooks (@SugaarCereal )
    Location: London, Engalnd (Human World)

    As the frighten girl heard Kailini's voice, she widen her eyes and quickly stood up from the ground. She quickly ran towards she heard Kailani and once she found her, she gasped with relief. "Oh, thank God you're alright!" she said and looked around. She made a confused expression. "H-Huh...? Where's that creepy thing? Did you actually...? Killed him?" The girl slowly looked back at Kailini, tilting his head a bit to her right.

    She was curious of who Kailini was and she noticed the weird, yet fabulous clothing she was wearing. She also noticed the adorable cat-like creature on top of her head. She blinked a couple of times and looked back at Kailini.

    Remember to update your Profile with all the stuff you earned after defeating the Berserker.
  16. Event for: "Murder and a Show"
    From: Skyla Trace (@Reanimator Bob )
    Location: Tokyo, Japan (The Human World)

    As Mina came out of the building where she was practicing with her friends, a dark figure dressed with hot gothing clothing was sat on the roof of a nearby Japanese restaurant. The figure belonged to a female with silver hair. She was looking at her pitch black nails and when she sensed the presence of Mina walking out of the building, the female betted her eyes at the her. She grinned evily, revealing some creepy sharp and with teeth. She had a headseat on her right ear, so she ifted her right hand and pressed a button on the device.

    "She's on the move, Master'", she began to say and after a few seconds, she nodded. "Yes, she's all slone. Want me to proceed with the kidnapp step?" She went silent and after getting an answer, she grinned widely and nodded. She pressed again the button on the device and slowly stood up, some pink stripped panties visible under her black skirt when she stood up. The female sighed and fixed her skirt before looking back at Mina from afar. "After all, looks like tonight's gonna be fun..." With an evil and creepy laugh, she jumped off the roof and faded in mid-air.
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  17. Skyla Trace

    Skyla had been following Mina home the entire way, after she left. She could sense something nearby, but never saw anything.

    "Anything on your end Caela?"

    The cat-beast merely shook her head. Skyla had been leaping from building to building. For a while, there were a lot of people. When Mina got on the train, Skyla found herself having a hard time keeping up. But she managed. Mina had left Shibuya. Now she was in a far less crowded place... In fact... there was practically no living thing save from the odd drunkard, or the sleeping homeless man. Come to think of it, practice had always been at either her Earth home, or Asuho's apartment. Skyla had never seen where Mina lived...

    "Is this really where Mina lives?..."

    Skyla kept watch.
  18. Event for: "Murder and a Show"
    From: Skyla Trace (@Reanimator Bob )
    Location: Tokyo, Japan (The Human World)

    "Damn it... There's a freaking Magica Girl here..." The Berserker has been following Mina all this time, hidden amoung the shadows and darkness. As she sensed te presence of Skyla, all of her plans just got crushed. She new really well that the presence of a Magica Girl was bad news for any Berserker, but she won't just ran away with her tail between her legs. She clicked her tongue and hidded inside the shadow of a nearby bulding, looking at Skyla and Mina. "If I got too close to the human, her Soul Gem will sense me... Damn it, what the hell I'm supossed to do now!?"

    The Berserker frowned angrily, grtting her sharp teeth while thinking about a backup plan.
  19. Skyla Trace


    "I know."

    She was right. A Berserker was nearby. All she had to do was find it. It took her a while. It seemed like it had sensed her presence as well. Now it was just one big game of cat and mouse. She had to pick up the pace. Simply running in circles using her sense wasn't helping. A small gust of wind began forming around her hand, as her emerald lyre formed in her hand.

    She closed her eyes, and listened carefully. Sound was just the wind moving, so she should be able to feel it just fine. A light strum... The sound reverberated around her. In her mind she formed a picture of what was happening. Then, she saw it. A figure that was moving. Without hesitation, she ran straight for it, still using her lyre to echolocate her prey.

    "Halt! I know what you are. There's no sense in running."
  20. Event for: "Murder and a Show"
    From: Skyla Trace (@Reanimator Bob )
    Location: Tokyo, Japan (The Human World)

    "Shit!" As Skyla finally found out the hiding of the Berserker, the female clicked her tongue and jumped out of her hiding. She rolled over the ground and stood on her feet, facing Skyla. She giggled evily, slowly raising her right hand. A dark fume appeared on her hand, from which a purple big scythe came out from within. As she grbbed it, she spinned it with her hands and pointed the blade at Skyla. "Useless being! You better get out of my way, 'cause your friend is all mine..." She giggled and stood on a fighinting stance, gripping her scythe tightly.
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