The Human that Took her Heart.

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    Name: Christine Moore (calling name: Chris)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Chris is a kind person of heart. She always puts up a smile to please others, and her biggest concerns are always evolving around the people around her. She isn't very conscious of herself and usually gets herself hurt to help others who need it.
    Short Bio: Chris is an orphan who lost her parents at 6. She doesn't remember their faces, and was raised in an orphanage until she was 9. There, a woman adopted her. She was rich and with a string of lovers on her back. Chris ignored it and instead focused on her friends and other aquaintances instead of her frivolous "mother" who was never home. Chris is alone in charge of her house, and she doesn't have any other family than her deceased parents. No grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins. Therefore, she spends most of her time alone.
    Extra: Chris is only kind to others because she's lonely. When no one is looking, she's usually expressionless. After the loss of her parents, she didn't know how to feel true happiness. Only a happiness that felt fake and awkward.
    Chris has a tattoo on her back, aquired at a time that she doesn't know herself. It is a pair of angel wings, black outlinings with white. It's a beautiful tattoo and it seems to grow with her as she ages. The wings are getting rather large on her back, and she wonders what will happen when they are "done" developing.
    Her eyes also change accordingly to her mood, but no one outside ever sees it, because they're always blue when she's with others. Blue. The color of emptiness, on her own emotional scheme. She is blank when she's outside, like a doll.
    Chris is also an actress in her free time, and sings in musicals and acts in plays around her town, having gotten quite popular. She is also admired and even desired among the girls because of her looks. She's jokingly being called the prince of the school.

    Chris was on her way home. It had been a long day in school, and she just wanted to get home and be alone for as long as she could, maybe exercise her dance, or take a run in the forest behind her house. Anything to be alone. Other than that she could read, watch a movie, do her homework, whatever. She knew her mother wasn't going to be home, and therefore she could have her time alone without having to worry about anything. She was a bit sad that her "mother" wouldn't even come home when it was getting so close to her midterms. She wanted some moral support. But of course, who'd expect that from such a woman? She was probably busy with some guy on her trip to London. Chris had grown to hate males after what her adoptive mother had done when she was taken home. Bringing in guy after guy and eventually, starting to leave the house to meet guys. Chris was now alone in the spacious and large house, and she had no one to spend her day with. It was the same, trivial everyday wherever she looked.
    She just wanted someone to change it for her. To show her something that would give her a new perspective. Her life was boring, colorless and meaningless. She had no real friends. They all liked her for her pretty looks and her popularity. She didn't want to trust any of them, because she knew they'd turn against her if she said something truthful. For example if she said that she was gay. That wasn't going to help any of them, at all. She would be judged until the end of her life, with no exception. But she didn't see a reason to tell anyone, either. So she was gay, so what? She wasn't planning on going out and falling in love with someone anytime soon.
    As she approached her home, the rain started to pour. Great. She sighed as she got inside, her hair already managing to become damp from the rain. She set down her bag and took off her shoes, setting them on the shoe holder to the left of the door. She stood in the hallway for a few minutes as she looked inside the empty, lonely house. When she got over that, she went into the kitchen. She looked through the fridge to see if she was missing anything for making her dinner for the night. She wasn't, she was always so thorough with her things that she never forgot anything. With her sort of airy demeanor, many would judge her as being light-headed and forgetful. But her mind was quite clear, and she almost never forgot things unless it was deliberate and she wanted to forget it. Instead she set over the kettle and, waited for it to boil before pouring it into a cup. She sighed as she made the tea, taking it to the living room. She tidied her bedroom and the bathroom as she drank the tea. Her world was so boring. She could see that. She knew that she was grey, a nobody. She had always been unwanted, and even if she was an actress, someone who would show people color and talent, she was still just a shell. She was nobody inside. And she wanted to become someone. For a person to make her someone.
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    Name: Akatsuki Kurosawa
    Age: 17 in human years and 4 in demon years
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Akatsuki was brought up to be a collected person and always keeps her calm. She is rarely able to convey her emotions to people, and when she speaks, her words come out to sound cold and emotionless. Despite that, Akatsuki has a kind side that is rarely shown to people and helps people in a way where they take it to be harsh, causing them to misunderstand her.
    Bio: Akatsuki was born in the mountains and have lived there for most of her life away from humans. As she grew up, her parents taught her to stay away from humans, saying that they were creatures that would kill their family if they knew of their existence. One human, who they thought they could trust turned out to betray them and gave away their secret causing hunters to kill every one of her family members. After that, she killed every human she could find that killed her family and because of that, Akatsuki began to despise humans and left the mountains to find somewhere to stay after she took revenge.
    Extra: Akatsuki is able to retract her horns to hide it when she walks among the humans and her left eye is a slightly lighter red color than her right eye because it is partially disabled from being stabbed with shards of glass. Being a demon, Akatsuki has a cold temperature of a human corpse body and her heart beat can't be heard or felt as if she had no heart at all. She also loves to eat things that are overly sweet because her taste buds can barely taste human food. At her new school, she is labeled as oni-hime (demon princess). The reason why it became her label was because the girls would call her a demon for her cold demeanor and for taking all the guys attention because of her beauty and the guys would call her a princess, thus creating her name oni-hime. Another reason why she is admired for not only her beauty, but because of her archery skills for never missing her target.

    Walking through the streets, the stench of humans filled her nose as it made her want to gag in disgust from their smell as she arrived in a new town that had the scent of humans everywhere. Just finishing registering into a human school, Akatsuki was on her way to stop by somewhere to eat, when it began to rain. Looking around for shelter, she spotted a small cafe and went inside to be welcomed by a sweet aroma and decided to stay until the rain would let up. Finding a table to sit at, she ignored the stares of the males in the cafe and sat down in the far back of the room to order nothing but sweets, causing the lady who was taking her order to look at her strangely. Perplexed, the lady left without a word to get her order. I hate it here... Akatsuki thought as she rested her chin on her hand with her elbow on the table, looking out the window.

    As she patiently waited for her order, she watched the rain fall, trickling on the window pane and listened to the rhythm of it as it hit against the window. Her mind wandered elsewhere to the time when it also rained, on the day she took revenge for her family. It's been ten years huh....? She thought to herself as the scene of fallen corpse were laying lifeless below her feet replayed in her head. After her revenge, she didn't know what else to do anymore. Her family was gone. Her dream was dead. Her purpose fulfilled. All she could do to pass what was left of her time, was to just live her life blending in with the humans to survive. By now, no one would probably believe demons would exist since they think that they all died. They were wrong... Akatsuki was left, and she doesn't plan to die anytime soon.

    "Excuse me miss" The lady that took her order called to get her attention. Snapping out of her thoughts, Akatsuki turned her head to look at her, making the lady flinch from Akatsuki's cold gaze. "Uh... Ummm, your order" The lady stuttered, putting down the tray of food that she ordered and left hastily. Looking away from where the lady stood previously, she looked down at her tray of food and picked up her utensil to begin eating. As she ate, she savored the taste of the sweetness from her cake and drank her hot chocolate, not feeling the temperature of it scald her tongue. Licking her lips, she finished her meal and the lady came to take it away clumsily.

    "Thank you" Akatsuki said, her voice sounding calming and clear, making the lady look at her in a daze. Once the lady left, Akatsuki stayed in the cafe, watching as people passed by in a rush to get out of the rain. Humans were complicated creatures to her... They had so many emotions built up inside of them to the point where they can't hold it in anymore, causing a scene or a loved one to be hurt. "Foolish humans," she said unconsciously, shaking her head in disapproval, causing some people's head in the cafe to turn towards her direction. Putting her gaze on each of them, they quickly turned around with one last glance at her in awe at her graceful appearance and soothing voice. Disgusting.... She thought, bringing her gaze back to the window.
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  3. Chris, in a fit of rage, smashed the cup on the floor. Why did this have to happen to her? Why did she deserve to become a walking shadow of herself? She sighed as she cleaned it up afterwards, before throwing the broken shards into the sink until she found a way of ridding of them. She decided to go out instead. She put on a white button-up, a black vest and black jeans. Over that she pulled her ash grey trench coat and a red muffler. She sighed as she walked outside, the cold September wind biting itself into her skin and under her jacket. But the cold didn't affect her any longer. She just didn't care about it. When she finally stopped, she was at a cafe. It was cozy and the amount of people were thinning out. She ordered a cup of black coffee, really just for the sake of the bitterness that she couldn't taste either. She didn't care about herself, always putting up appearances for others. But she was so tired of it. She didn't have a duty to give them what they wanted. The only person that she would have to obey to was herself. And yet again, she did want friends. She did want someone to put feelings inside of her cold, dead heart. She wondered if she was ever allowed to feel anything, if she was supposed to be a normal human. But she felt that she wasn't. The coldness and anger was all because she didn't deserve to be human. And the fact that she could put up such a pretty, perfect little mask made her seem almost unnaturally perfect. But everyone were stunned by her beauty and didn't see what was inside her. They didn't see the big, empty hole in her heart.

    Her life in the orphanage had been lonely. She had been called a strange child, and none of the kids wanted to talk to her. Instead of that, they bullied her, locked her in the broom closet, tried to drown her in the pond outside the orphanage, and several other things. Especially after seeing the tattoo she had been practically born with. They cut into her skin and she almost died. But the scars disappeared after a week and left her body spotless. She looked around the coffee shop as she lost herself in the memories. Until she saw it. The girl. It was a girl with red eyes, and Chris saw it. They were the same, this girl was just as empty as she was, with no purpose and a hatred towards the people around her. Chris' gaze didn't falter, because her expression were equally cold compared to Akatsuki's. Her eyes faded from their normal blue to red, the color of her anger and hatred, her cold and yet burning hatred. It had been so long and she was still empty. The orphanage, her foster mother, and everyone around her had eaten off of her heart and left her with this hole. She had never had true happiness, because her heart had been gone by the time she was supposed to feel it. Her eyes kept themselves locked with this girl's, because she knew that they'd probably sit and stare at each other like that for ages until one of them broke down.

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  4. Akatsuki heard the bell on the door ring, indicating that there was a customer and turned to look at who had walked into the cafe. A boy? No a girl... Despite looking like a male her feminine features were visible. Watching the girl walk in and sitting down with her order of coffee, their eyes met, and for a moment, Akatsuki saw the girl's eyes flash red when she clearly saw that it was blue. Staring at her for a while, Akatsuki was the first to break away from the gaze and looked away. What just happened? Akatsuki thought to herself, questioning to herself as to why she was staring at the girl. Thinking that it was just a human staring at her like always and her staring back, she shrugged the thought away. Despite that, her mind wandered back and began to wonder why the girl had the same look in her eyes. A human who had the look of loss and emptiness. Why had the girl looked at her like they were the same? Sure they must have lost something important to them, but Akatsuki knew that they were nowhere near to being similar. This is why I hate humans... Akatsuki thought, reminding herself that they were complicated creatures that she despised.

    Letting out a sigh, Akatsuki brushed her hair away from her face and stared out the window. Humans and demons cannot coexist... She thought, repeating exactly what her mother had always told her as a child, and just like she was taught, Akatsuki had always stayed away from humans. She wasn't about to get friendly with them. Some day they might betray her, just like the human that betrayed her family, making her lose all trust in humans. Although she had transferred to a human school, Akatsuki still had her hate for humans and only decided to go to pass her agonizingly long life until she died or was killed someday by the hands of either herself or a human. Looking at the glass of the window that became fogged because of the cold, her long, pale, slender fingers, traced a symbol of her home language on the glass that read 'revenge' and left it there as she began to randomly write other symbols out of boredom, causing the people in the cafe to look at her weirdly as the others stared at her graceful movements and flawless skin as if they could watch all day even though she was doing nothing interesting. Her beauty was captivating and enchanting, yet it was strangely natural to the humans, letting themselves believe she was some sort of heavenly being when she was in fact, just a demon. That alone made Akatsuki despise them even more.

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  5. Chris knew that there was no such thing as heavenly creatures. There was only darkness. And she knew that from when she had found her parents lying cold on the ground, killed by some force that Chris didn't know of. It had coincidentally been on the day that she had been angry and told her parents to go die because she said she hated them. They had died the same day. Deep inside, Chris knew that she had been the cause of her parents dying so suddenly and painfully. She knew that everything lead back to her and was her fault ultimately. She knew that this pain wouldn't subside anytime soon and she knew that her pain would end up taking her life. She had caused her own parents to die, and her hands were stained in their blood. She couldn't clean her hands, that was obvious. She would be sinful forever and ever and out until she died. She knew that creatures such as demons existed, since she had lived with one. Her father had been a demon. But he wasn't evil. He was the kindest man on the planet, and Chris' half-demonic dangerous powers had killed him. Because she had human feelings and demonic abilities. Unless she became a shell, her powers would go out of control and she'd kill someone else. She knew that demons and humans couldn't coexist, and she was the exact outcome of such a coexistence. And if creatures like herself came out of humans and demons breeding, she could see why the coexistence was a bad thing. It would ruin the world to have such a relationship. Therefore, she had sensed this girl to be a demon. With her writing in the demon language on the window. So Chris got curious. She walked over and sat beside the woman, equally graceful to her. People watched them both in awe as it was like two godly creatures having a meetup. She sat down on a chair and looked at Akatsuki. "You're one of them, aren't you?"

    She deliberately didn't use the word demon because of the people watching them intently. She knew that this shouldn't happen, but she didn't belong with either the demons or the humans, so instead she just went back and forth. But she felt more like one with the demons, because to humans she was a freak. At least she was so if she didn't hide herself. But it always lead to betrayal, either a demon betraying a human or the other way around. Chris was a captivating person with her gentle features and those ever changing eyes of hers. They looked unnatural and yet enchanting, beautiful and so strange. She was watching Akatsuki intently, with expressionless eyes filled with cold, dull anger. Anger towards everything and anything. She didn't blame either humans not demons. It wasn't her parents' fault for falling in love with each other, and thus Chris had just blamed herself for being born. Instead her expressionless and yet shining eyes observed Akatsuki. Even if she was so sad, it didn't show in her eyes. Her eyes were just blank and she knew that Akatsuki wouldn't try to run away from her. Something inside Chris told her that and she decided to believe it. Mostly because that Akatsuki hadn't left yet when Chris had stared at her like that. She felt that they would understand each other in a way that no one else would. That they would somehow get aid from being with each other. She knew that they couldn't be happy, but it was fine. It was totally fine that they couldn't be happy, but at least then she had someone to be unhappy with. She knew from the looks that Akatsuki was sending that she hated humans. That she despised them. And Chris couldn't blame her for it. They weren't very understanding and always mistook things. It was the most annoying creatures she had ever encountered in her life. That was why she preferred to be around the graceful and knowing demons, but she couldn't and had to blend in with humans. "Blending in is tough, isn't it? I'm a lot more like you than you might think. Coming here, living here among these worthless creatures called humans... we aren't that different."
  6. Akasuki heard someone approach and turned to look at the girl. Watching as she sat down next to her, Akatsuki silently looked at her with a cold and distant look that seemed unnerving and glared at her when she spoke. This girl... She's human... But she's also part demon... Akatsuki thought to herself. "And what if I am?" Akatsuki responded to the girl's question about being one of 'them'. The girl then explained that they weren't any different, making Akatsuki stare at her blankly. "You do realize you just insulted yourself" Akatsuki pointed out. "Your partly human too, and we're nothing alike... I'm full demon, you..." she shook her head and stopped midway, "What do you want anyway?" Akasuki asked, sounding cold and harsh.

    Foolish human... Do not associate yourself with me when you are fully aware of being part human, Akatsuki thought. I hate humans, and I don't even care if your part demon. Akatsuki then began tap her fingers on the table impatiently and waited for the girl's answer. Thinking a little more, Akatsuki slighty sympathized with the girl, rememering that demons hated humans and that she must have been treated differently because of being part human when her genes had nothing to do with her. It then clicked inside Akatsuki's head that one of the girl's parent must have married a human and most likely went against thier rule of, 'being with a human is forbidden'. Softening her gaze a bit she asked, "What is your name?" her voice sounding void of emotion unintentionally. Putting her gaze on the girl, Akatsuki stared right into her eyes, unmoving.
  7. Chris shook her head and looked at Akatsuki. "I really don't care about that. I'm just curious if you're going to kill us all. Honestly... I wouldn't object to you doing that." Her words were filled with the emptiness inside her, and the corpse-like expression on her face made her unnerving to see for other people. She was always like this when she wasn't in other people's company, an expressionless doll drained of everything from the death of her loved ones. "I wasn't talking about our species. There's other points that make me similar to you." She simply said as she looked at Akatsuki, her eyes dull. She was always dull, nothing but expressionless and absolutely, utterly... dull. She didn't want to be like that, but she had no reason to be any different in front of others anymore. She had no purpose to live, and she resented everyone and anyone around her, mostly because she knew that she would just hurt them.

    "Well I do apologize my existence. I'll file a case against my dad impregnating my mom two years after legal marriage." She said coldly. She wasn't angry. Not at all. But she truly felt undesired and it had almost been like that since her birth. The freak child, the escaping from other demons, her mom crying every time her dad came home hurt from having protected them against demons. All of those experiences, they still lingered in her. And in the end, she had killed her parents because she was a freak, undesired, ugly, and she didn't belong anywhere. With everyone around her treating her like garbage she couldn't care less about what happened to herself. "So... sorry for being born, I guess." She shrugged and still had her cold, expressionless gaze locked on Akatsuki. Great... now she's probably going to feel sorry for you and then not want to kill you... way to go, Chris, just jump in front of a train already... or will that really end in death? I won't be that lucky, that's for sure... no one will allow me to god damn die. I can't reproduce, I can't do anything but live and eventually die. I'm worthless. So why won't I just die? She wondered all of these things inside of her jumbled up head, and all she desired was a bit of affection, just a little bit of a person showing that she wasn't just garbage. "I'm Chris. But it won't matter... soon... I hopefully won't be around anymore as a living example of the sin committed by humans and demons alike..."
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  8. "Kill...? I have no such intention" Akatsuki spoke. "If you mean my hate for humans... I already killed the one's that needed to be killed" She said distantly, listening to the girl ramble and introduce herself as Chris. As if reading her mind, Akatsuki looked at Chris, void of emotion. "You sound as if you want to die" Akatsuki stated. "If you want to die... Why don't you just kill yourself already? Why are you waiting for someone else to kill you?" She asked Chris. "Unless, your actually waiting for someone to stop you to give you a reason to live..." Akatsuki spoke.

    Falling silent for a moment, she no longer heard the pelting rain and turned her head to look out the window. It was no longer raining heavily, but it also didn't stop raining. It was just small drops, falling from the sky, ready to cease. Looking back at Chris, she shook her head. "And your telling me this for what reason? For me to stop you? Or for me to kill you? If you truly wished to die, you would have done so yourself and died long ago. Take the human's for example. Why do you think they commit suicide? Because they want to die. They don't have a reason to live because people around them treat them like worthless trash. You... What is it that you truly wish for? Why are you still here if you want to die?" Akatsuki spoke, knowing that Chris just wanted to have someone who cared about her and would give her a reason to live. "Your answer... Why don't you think about it and realize for yourself why you haven't yet died. You must really be a human after all, wanting to throw away your life so thoughtlessly."

    Getting up from her seat, Akatsuki left the cafe without another word and stood under the drizzling rain that dampened her hair. Sighing, she departed and went back to her empty house, flipping on the lights. First day of school tomorrow... Great, I can't wait to go, Akatsuki thought sarcastically.
  9. "That's great for you... sadly I can't get my revenge over my past because it was my fault that it happened. I wish there was someone I could kill..." Chris said softly as she looked down at her hands, gently wondering what it would be like to give everything up, throw it away and never do anything about it again. She actually did want to kill herself. It would make anything easier. But she didn't have the courage, she'd always be a coward. "I guess I just blame myself. Everything that has happened in my life has been my own fault." She said softly as she closed her eyes. "I don't have the courage... and I don't believe it would work. It seems I'm invincible. I once tried to jump from a building, but got caught in a met halfway down and survived. I pumped myself full of pills and threw it up before I could die. Then I tried hanging myself, and the rope broke. After that I tried killing myself by burning in, but I was rescued. Next up, I tried slashing my wrist but ended up not cutting deep enough to die, and someone found me and brought me to the hospital... over and over again, I've tried to end this horrible life of mine, but fate just won't let me die... that's why I think if someone killed me, made sure that I would be dead... then I'd finally get revenge for my parents."

    After explaining all of this, it made sense why she was still alive. She had tried to die but it just wouldn't work. She had actually been trying quite desperately to die because she didn't want to live with the burden of her family's death on her shoulders any longer. It was too much for her to think about. She glanced over at Akatsuki and smiled emotionlessly as she answered the question. "I suppose I'm a little bit lonely. I don't have anyone to turn to, and not even death wants me... it gets a bit lonely on the long scale, to wander alone where no one wants you. And I do want to die, but somehow I know that fate will just get in my way and prevent me from it. It's my foolish, human feelings. But I don't deserve to live after what I've done. If I were to be prosecuted I would get a death sentence. Because I've killed two people with my own hands." She looked over at Akatsuki, still as expressionless as ever. "As you know, the powers that a half-breed demon possess are at times stronger than full-blooded demons' powers, but the downside is that they take much longer to control, and they're far more projected by emotions. I was a little child at the time, just angry with my parents for not letting me have something I wanted, like any other selfish child. And I told them that I hated them and that they should just go die... the next morning, the house was quiet. When I found them, they were on the bedroom floor. Killed, mutilated, torn and ripped to pieces as if attacked by a wild animal. Shows that no one could've entered the house, and their murder wasn't solved, ever. In the end I realized that my powers must've brought havoc upon them, and it was my fault they met such a horrid, bloody end..." She looked over at Akatsuki. "Now give me just one reason why you think I have any right to live on after stealing the lives away from two people."

    But then Akatsuki left her and she looked at the door. Right. It was always like this. No one would ever try to do anything to help her, neither humans nor demons. "Everyone's the same... I'm just the outcast..." She went back to her home, the coffee cup breaking against the floor as she left the cafe without another thought. On her way home, she slipped in the rain and her arm and leg got long, angular scratches that started bleeding. She didn't care one bit about it and just stood up, walking home and sitting on the floor of the empty, lonely house. She wasn't allowed to die, but she couldn't have care and compassion either.
  10. Akatsuki lay in bed thinking about what Chris had said before she left. Killed two people... Akatsuki thought. Give me a break already, Iv'e killed Hundreds of people and she makes a big deal out of two... Does she really expect to kill when she can't even deal with killing two people? Closing her eyes she turned to her side and sighed. Does she not realize that killing means to carry a burden? If she cannot carry the burden of guilt and hate, she cannot kill. To kill, you must throw away all your feelings... And become a true monster without a heart. Covering her face with her pillow she held her breath, her pillow suffocating her. Foolish humans... She thought as she fell asleep in that position.

    Waking up to the sound of an alarm, Akatsuki groaned and threw the alarm across the room, making it hit the wall and break. Getting up, she left the broken clock on the floor and went to get ready for her first day at a new human school.
  11. Chris hadn't intended to kill them. She had wanted to have a somewhat safe life with her family all until they would die of natural causes. It wasn't like she had killed them purposefully. She had been an angry little child, she hadn't meant to kill them. It wasn't like she had asked anyone to bear that burden, she hadn't wanted to kill in the first place. She decided to get her pain out once again, cutting into her skin as she sat and cried emotionlessly on the bed. When she was done, the sheets below her were bloody. She sighed heavily as she wrapped her arm in the sheet, going to the bathroom where she threw the sheets into the laundry as she washed the blood out of her cuts, panting slightly from the blood loss. This way, she would contain her powers and only feel the pain herself. When she projected the hatred on herself, no one would get hurt because of her anymore. She bandaged her arm and went to the bed, falling asleep with tears staining her emotionless face. Piercing her empty heart was the regret and the anger. She was no killer. She'd never become one.

    The alarm sounded the next morning, but Chris was already awake as always. She had gotten no sleep, but it didn't show on her face. Though her injured right arm were shaking from the trouble of having lost so much blood. She didn't care about it, and just changed the bandages before she pulled on a black shirt and a dark blue sweater to make sure her arms and even most of her hands were covered. She skipped breakfast, packed her bags and waited for the school bus to show up, which was in quite a while. She had to go to school today, how great.
  12. Leaving the house with herlong, black hair neatly combed and flowing behind her, she wore a red, floral kimono that was modernized and black messenger bag slung over her shoulder. Knowing that she would be given some strange looks she had already come up with an excuse that would let her blend in with the humans without causing a commotion. She even made sure to ask the principle if there was an archery club and had told him that she would join. That excuse, was enough for people to not care as to why she wore a kimono and instead understand because she would be in the archery club. Walking to the bus, a few male students watched as she gracefully walked past them and the female students glare at her as others looked at her with admiration. Standing a few distance away from the bus stop to avoid such a large group of students waiting in a glob, she waited alone, away from the group for the bus to arrive.
  13. Chris waited for the school bus to arrive. When it did, she walked into the bus. On the stop immediately after, she saw Akatsuki. That was possibly the worst thing that could have happened. She decided not to be an idiot but rather invited Akatsuki to sit with her. She looked up at the other girl with a fierce gaze. "Or are you still in the belief that I'm a worthless piece of scum? I'm sorry to disappoint you with my existence, if I could die I'd have been gone already." She spoke in a voice low enough so that only the black-haired demon could hear her. Her glance was fierce and yet blank as if she just didn't care about anything. "If you think I asked for this burden, you didn't listen to my story. You sought out someone and purposefully killed them for revenge. On that level, you and I are different. I didn't want my parents to die. It was an accident. I was a child, angry that I had to eat my vegetables, and I just happened to say the phrase "won't you go die" and I find them dead the next morning. I am nothing like you, and I haven't thrown away my feelings. I didn't choose to let them die, if they were alive I wouldn't be a shell by now, I might have even had the chance to control my powers." Chris looked deeply into the eyes of the demon. "Well, that was what I wanted to say. Go on and sit somewhere else, for all I care. You don't seem to have any feelings over what I say, after all, I'm just another one of those stupid, foolish humans, I'm just a little more annoying and powerful, right? Well... go on hating if that's what you want, if you think that'll help you anywhere. This is why humans and demons will never get along. Because you think that all of them are evil. One of them happened to kill your parents and then everyone is evil killing machines. Well, big news, I have never killed your parents, if that's what you think. Because you're like this to humans, they fear you and kill you." She had long ago went to the demon language, knowing that if anyone understood them, both her and Akatsuki would be in danger. At the same time, she spoke in a low voice so only the very nearest persons could hear maybe a little bit of what she was saying.
  14. As Akatsuki saw the bus arrive and the students walk in, she approached it only to see Chris. Stopping in her tracks, Akatsuki blankly listened as Chris spoke to her in the demon language and told her to sit somewhere else. "People like you can only say that if you have never exprienced what we have for yourself. Us demons have always lived in hiding because of the humans discriminating us for centuries. The same thing has happened for years... Humans killing us and forcefully tearing our families apart... The very first war between the humans and demons were also because of the humans refusal to coexist. What makes things any different now after all these years of never ending wars and fights between us species?" Akatsuki spoke, sitting alone at an empty seat behind Chris. "Despite living our own life quietly in secret away from humans, they just had to break the treaty and cross over the line... Do you know how many times the humans began a war because of this? Do you know why there are so few of us now? It's because of the humans that are killing and hunting us for bounty even though we didn't do anything" Krys continued to speak, quiet enough for Chris to hear and the other students not to. The other students were too immersed with their friends to even notice or care that Akatsuki and Chris were conversing strangely.

    Falling silent, Akatsuki looked outthe window as all the students filed in and the bus began to move. The engine was reverbating loudly as te students around Akatsuki conversed with each other, their voices overlapping loudly as they tried to speak loud enough for one another to hear. Watching the cars pass by, Akatsuki crossed her arms and sat strangely straight. She was after all, from a family of demons that held respect and continued their ancestors tradition no matter what time and day they live in. That of course, was why Akatsuki was always used to wearing a kimono, though it was slightly modified to fit the modern era she was in.
  15. Chris sighed as she looked at Akatsuki, forming her own reply. "Of course... because humans are stupid. They fear the different, the strange, the unusual. But we're both equal in this case. I'm walking proof that not all humans are like that, and trust me, my parents loved each other, and they loved me, even if I was what would be referred to as an accident. I don't belong in either group. I'm not human, I'm not a demon. I'm some halfway creature that's both dangerous and yet weak in terms of human feelings. But I let go of it all after my childish anger killed my parents. I figured that I had to be emotionless in order to keep others around me safe. But I can't let go of the guilt, obviously. The wars between the humans and demons will never end, I know that much, but that doesn't mean you have to hate everyone and anyone. You're just making it worse for yourself. By appearing as an enemy, obviously you would make the humans around you fear you even more. If you were more friendly, it certainly wouldn't make it worse. Times have changed. They are not all demon-hating bounty hunters. I feel horrible that you had to encounter such a bounty hunter, but they aren't the only type of human that exists. There's all kinds of different humans, and I bet that they only hate you out of their irrational fear. If you give them reason to fear you by being so unfriendly, you just add to their fear and thus their "hate"."

    Chris sat back down as they stopped conversing with each other. Some students had been staring at them, albeit only a few, but she thought it would be better to stop talking strangely around normal people. But something in her felt strange when she was around Akatsuki. She couldn't let go. She didn't know why, but she couldn't let go of the thought of this demon girl, and it was nothing like she usually felt around other people. She had never felt close enough with anyone to care, but this time, she wanted to get closer to Akatsuki. She wanted them to have something that no one else had, but she didn't say anything about it because she knew that Akatsuki resented her.
  16. "You think that we haven't tried? We did out best to live peacefully, we offered peace to the humans, we didn't even pose a threat to them... Yet they were the ones to cause our hatred towards them" Akatsuki spoke. "Times didn't change, they might have now... But in the past, they all said that it would change, but it never did" Akasuki spoke, her voice quieting down as the students began to notice them. Crossing her arms across her chest, she closed her eyes as they ended their conversation and blocked out all the noises around her as she just heard the engine of the bus and sat in silence until they would arrive at the school.
  17. Chris didn't answer. She had no responsibility to defend the humans. They weren't her kind, they had never been. She knew that Akatsuki was nothing evil. She didn't want to be evil, and Chris knew that, despite that she tried to hide it. When the others stopped staring at them, Chris slipped to the empty seat beside Akatsuki. She didn't say anything, didn't even look at the female demon. She just put her hand on top of the other's. Not to say sorry, but just to show that she was there. She didn't look at Akatsuki, but rather in front of herself to look at the other students in the front of the bus. "We'll just have to wait." She said softly as an answer to what Akatsuki was saying. "After all, I'm sadly put in the same boat as you are by humans. So we'll just have to... wait a little longer." Chris simply said softly.
  18. Akatsuki heard shuffling from beside her and opened her eyes to see who it was, but from where she was sitting, her disabled eye that was a faded red failed to see who it was. Despite not being able to see, Akatsuki had already known who it was that sat beside her. Suddenly, she felt Chris's hand on hers and turned her head to look at her, only to see Chris facing the front of the bus. Akatsuki grunted, not removing Chris's hand and just turned her head to look out the window as Chris began to speak to her in a soft voice. Strangely, Akatsuki felt that she didn't hate Chris considering how normally, she would brush someone who was in contact with her off and began to think that maybe it was only because Chris was part demon that she didn't mind. "I have been waiting... How much longer must I wait?" Akasuki said quietly in response to Chris.

    As the bus was coming to a stop, Akatsuki stayed in her seat until all the students had passed and left before her, waiting so that it would be less crowded. Once every student had left, Akatsuki waited for Chris to stand up and leave so that she could get out of her seat.
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  19. Chris looked down at Akatsuki and smiled sadly, squeezing her hand just slightly. She looked back at all of the students. "I don't know... one would think with all of the years we have lived in that we would get accepted sometime soon... but we both know what humans can be like... they take time to accept something like this. We live longer because of our demon blood, and that makes them scared. When they wither and die, we'll still be alive for quite a while longer than them. It's like... we scare them..." Chris said softly as she looked out upon nothing and everything, wondering what was going on between them at this very moment. They were very close, and their cold hands weren't moving. She had thought that Akatsuki would be brushing off he hand or something of the like, but her hand was still holding Akatsuki's gently. There seemed to be a connection with the way their hands were joined, but she wondered if it was just because they were similar. And not because of something strange like... like love. There was no such thing as love for Chris, it didn't matter to her to fall in love at all, not even with a person who seemed to understand her. She didn't understand this feeling she had for Akatsuki. It was something she hadn't felt before, and she was a bit scared of it.

    As the bus slowly came to a halt, Chris waited for all of the students to leave the bus before she stood up, actually holding Akatsuki's hand. She didn't care to let go as they walked out of the bus together. She lead Akatsuki towards the school as she looked over her shoulder with a smile.
  20. Once Chris got out of her seat, Akatsuki looked at their hands as Chris held on to hers, and walked out of the bus. Once they got out, Akatsuki was taken off gaurd when Chris turned around and smiled at her. Not knowing how to take it, Akatsuki looked away awkwardy and let go of Chris's hand. "I have to go to the principle's office before going to class" she explained, turning around to walk away from Chris. As she was walking, Akatsuki was slightly confused at Chris's behavior when they were previously unable to get along, and now they were suddenly acting so close as if they've known each other for years... Shaking her head, she refused to think more about it and walked into the office to speak to the principle again and get her schedule for the rest of the semester. Already knowing she was going to be late to class anyway on her first day, she took her time to get to the office.
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