The Human Boy and Vampire Girl

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  1. The concert was still pounding in his head as he made his way out to the parking lot. He had gotten their a bit late and had to park way away from the building. But he didn't mind really. The walk allowed him to think, his hands shoved into his pockets as he walked, humming the songs his favorite band had played tonight. He was soon away from the lights and other people to get to his car.
  2. Tapping her nails on the concrete roof of the building she was one, Lillium scanned the parking lot. People were everywhere. All teeming with blood. She wasn't in need of feeding. Instead, Lillium was hunting for an entirely different reason. She needed a companion who wasn't a vampire; someone who she could eventually trust with running errands during the day. Unfortunately her last pet had to be...disposed of.

    Humming caught her attention. A male was walking further than the rest of them; he was lost in thought. She climbed down from the building carefully to not draw attention to herself. She unzipped her black jacket and tossed it aside revealing a peach quarter sleeve lace shirt. She dusted off of her black shorts and slowly closed the gap between the man and her. Her heels clicked with each step as she walked behind him, her arms tightly wound around her chest feigning being cold.
  3. Ryan turned around when he suddenly heard heels behind him and turned, curious, and froze to see a beautiful woman walking up to him. She looked frozen. He glanced around him and then back at her, trying to make his tongue tied tongue form words.
  4. She briefly smiled at him, "Hello mister." She sashayed off knowing good and well he would follow her. She flicked her waist-length red hair behind her shoulder casually sneaking a glance at him. Well, he sure is handsome at least.
  5. "Uh...hi." He breathed, trying not to stare at her to much. Or at least make it look like he wasn't. He gulped nervously, still tongue tied and brain muddled.
  6. She turned around and continued to walk backwards. "Did you just come back from the concert? Good show right?" She continued to flash her smile knowing that men loved that.
  7. "It was awesome." He said, and hurried to catch up with her. "Can I walk with you?" He asked, still starring at her with wide eyes.
  8. "Of course," that smile again, "did you park far and get here late too?" She had no idea what the concert was or where he parked, but she was sure she could find her way out.
  9. "Yeah. I did. How'd you know?" He asked, and offered her his arm, wondering if she'd been watching him.
  10. She gladly took the arm pressing her breasts softly against his arm. She pointed at the far end of the parking lot where two cars could just be seen. "I figured you were walking to your car. Most people who parked this far left a bit earlier so they didn't walk alone. This city is dangerous at night you know." She smiled, "I'm Lillium, by the way."
  11. Ryan blushed when he felt her brush up against him and turned his head away so he didn't stare at her like an idiot more then he already had. "I'm Ryan." He said, not really thinking. He couldn't believe that such a beautiful girl was talking and walking with him. He didn't think to much of himself. Or she was just trying to get lucky with him. He smoothed out his hair and his clothes, straightening his back and trying to make himself look his best.
  12. She pretended to shiver from the cold. "How did you like the concert?" She leaned in closer to Ryan almost breathing the words into his ear. Almost like cat and mouse. Lillium could feel the blood coursing through his veins. Envy washed through her. This is why I need him. So he can go and buy me things in the stores. So he can keep things tidy. And so he can find me things to eat. ​She smiled to herself at the thought.
  13. He gulped when he felt her move closer and shivered. "It was great. Do you need my coat?" He asked, and unzipped his coat and shrugged it off of himself and handed to her, waiting for her to take it.
  14. She refused, "We're almost to the cars anyways. As soon as I go home I'll jump into my white fuzzy robe and warm up." Smiling she looked at him. "What are your plans for the rest of the night?"
  15. "Nothing really." He answered as he continued to walk with her, arm-in-arm.
  16. "Well that's boring." She frowned a bit at the news. "Well, here we are." She examined the cars. What luck that there was another right here. I wonder where the true owners are. "Well Ryan, it was very good walking with you. Thank you a lot." She leaned over and pecked his cheek.
  17. His eyes widened in surprise and he smiled. "You're welcome." He wondered if she would give him her phone number. "Do you think I could...get your phone number?" He asked nervously.
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    "Sure!" She pulled a Sharpie out of her pocket and took his arm. After writing the ten digit number on his arm she winked, "Call me soon?" She smiled to herself knowing that she wasn't going to give him long enough to even get the chance. A servant had to be found quickly and he was suitable enough. Maybe I won't have to torture him to start with. Torturing wasn't one of her strong suits; she tended to take things to far.

    Planning on following him tonight, she quickly said her goodbyes to Ryan. She felt a chill down her spine like someone was watching what was going on.
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    He held onto her phone number as if it were gold, reading it and re-reading to try and memorize it. He would call her tomorrow, he decided as he got into his car, setting down the piece of paper where he wouldn't forget it. He hoped she wouldn't think of him as obssive for calling her right away, but then he didn't want to blow her off either.
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    She waved as he drove off, feigning looking for something in her bag. Licking her lips she laughed, So the hunt begins. The nagging persistence of being watched stayed with her as she walked to where her car was stashed. Following him should be easy.

    Getting into the car, she realized something was off. It didn't surprise her when her passenger side door opened. A tall man climbed into the car and slammed the door shut. She continued to start the car and start to drive without saying a word. "Remember what happened last time." The man's voice was booming in the small car. "Quiet down," she said, "It's deafening with you in this close of proximity." The man reached over and patted her head before grabbing a fistful of hair and pulling back. He grabbed the wheel with the other to keep them on course. "Be..more...careful." He articulated each word with a sharp tug on her head.