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    It was a nice warm spring day, perfect for Zora to do some of her duties at the shire. It was a weekend so she had school off. She grabbed the broom and began to sweep the main building of the shrine's floors. Her mother was off doing something, she didn't always go telling Zora what she went to do. It's not that her mother didn't want her to know, she just always left without saying anything. She would apologize every time she got back, saying that she thought she had told Zora.

    The shire was quite large, though quiet. Only a few people would stop by for worship or to ask a wish ever now and then. It was beautiful and peaceful still. Zora always tried to keep everything looking good. There were a lot of trees and flowers that filled the place with color. It was Zora's home, it had been like that for a while now and she enjoyed it. She made a happy sigh, thinking about theses things with she went on sweeping the floor. She had a lot to sweep but that didn't seem to bother her, for now anyway. She never knew when someone would show up though. Living with a god meant that she had to deal with the other gods and their type of life. Sometimes she would have unexpected visitors, due to what ever they really wanted to be there for and it would end up messing up her cleaning. She couldn't help it though.
  2. Gin was resting on the wall of the shrine, the golden rays of sun warming his fur. 'Mmm...this day can't get much better!' He thought, mewing a little and rolling over on the tilled top of the wall to the shrine to warm his belly. He stretched his back, as he stared up at the baby blue sky, his green-yellow eyes shining, black fur ruffled from a gentle spring breeze.

    'There's only one thing on my mind right now...and that's...' Suddenly hopping up and rolling over on his paws, Gin caterwauled loudly at the sky. 'THIS HUMAN WORLD IS SOOOOO BORING!'

    Gin hopped off the wall of the shrine, his bell around his neck jingling a little as he trotted into the shrine's main building. He was in search of his charge; a human girl named Zora, who was apparently good enough to be adopted by his master, the Goddess of Love.

    He followed the hollow, echoing sound of her sweeping until he found her. Checking to make sure they were alone, he said aloud, in a deep voice, "Girl! When are you not sweeping?!" He said exasperated, sitting on his hind legs and reaching his back foot up to scratch behind his ear. "Can I follow you to school again? That's pretty entertaining...."
  3. They would not deny that it was a good day. Sun shining and the weather calm, many people walked around or stood while chatting idly to one another. Even to them, Gods, they found it strangely peaceful despite their existance. It was odd. Matching expressions stared lazily at the humans with nothing but boredom, a lack of concern in the eyes of them who should. After all, one manipulated and formed life while the other controlled and caused death. Yet, after years of their chosen isolation the twins found humans boring and no longer did they partake in looking after them. It was not that they were renegade...they simply found no honest reason to care. So, they no longer responded to the prayers they received.

    Grey eyes remained open as the Goddess of life and judgement could only stare blankly at the forms of the humans, finding that fact of their existance...well a bore. It was only her job to make sure no one interfered with life and to judge every choice brought to her. Naeve definetely had lost interest in giving back life or creating it. She would once grant people a brief period of time before her sister would claim them but not longer. It was a lot easier of Nithya anyway. The girl sighed softly, the armor still chimed when she shifted, the one eye visible from behind her hair and helmet.

    Moments later, red eyes that matched Naeve's in emotions flickered open as she picked herself up from leaning on her sister. They were inseparable and so one twin was often seen resting upon the shoulder of the other. It was a comfort to them of some sort, letting their emotions that once caused pure chaos settle to a tolerable level. Nithya, goddess of death and chaos turned her gaze to where her sister's was, a small frown coming onto her lips as she turned to her. "They do not amuse you..." Her voice was quiet, a delicate hush as it ghosted from her lips. Grey eyes met hers before shifting back. "Not at all...they are arrogant." Was the reply.

    The twins slipped from the cherry blossom tree, their appearances vanishing till they stood in forms that were mortal by appearance. Both still have dark raven locks falling to their waists with porcelain like skin that made both pairs of eyes stand out more. They looked the exact same, both garbed in the towns school uniform, the only difference between them was the eyes that reflected their power. Landing upon the ground they looked at once another before around them. "We should get to the task we chose to leave our home for..." Naeve murmured to her twin who nodded, her eyes returning back to her sister. "I agree. It is time to seek out the one that Love chose to inherit her power." Both twins nodded before heading off.

    Around ten minutes later, after Nithya had stopped to stare at a stray cat who strangely caught her attention they located the shrine. Both remained stoic at the sight but inside they were both curious to what human would have the ability to compel a goddess in such a way! Never had they heard of this and it still remained a mystery they must work out. However, considering Love's personality they could understand how it would have occurred. They both sighed softly before they headed up the steps, hand in hand as she headed to find the girl that caught their attention.

    Reaching the top the raven haired Goddess' settled their blank gazes upon the human who stood before them, broom in hand as she worked. They could only gaze over to each other curiously. Why was she sweeping? A frown bloomed on both of their faces before Nithya noticed the cat and her attention was once again captured. Naeve however remained on topic. "You..." Despite the gentle tone, her voice had grown louder from the whisper that she previously used when talking to her sister. "Are you the mortal who has been adopted by the one who represents love?" She asked politely. She found no need in being rude since they were the ones intruding. Nithya however still had her gentle red gaze on the cat of all things, her eyes wide. "Such a cute kitty..." Was the only word parting from death's lips.

    Yes, the Goddess of death simply adored cats.
  4. Zora looked down at the cat who appear by her. "There's a lot of house here, you have to sweep a lot." Zora said to the cat. She continued on with her sweeping despite the comment. She was used to him anyway. "I don't have school today, Gin. It's a weekend. You'll have to wait until Monday, then you can come." Zora could hear someone coming in front of her. She at first that it was going to be her mother, ready to question the goddess of where she was at. To Zora surprise it seemed to be or what looked like to school girls. They couldn't be though, Zora knew better. She could sense they were gods, for some reason Zora was able to do that for a while now. She had learned that she gradually gets divine power now that she was chosen to be the new goddess. It caused problems for her sometimes.

    "Uh, yeah." Zora responded to the question. She had to be careful she knew some gods weren't happy with her. Though Zora was really a friendly person, so it was hard not to just talk to them with a pleasant voice. "I am." She heard the one twins comment about the cat. She laughed a bit at it. "Gin, I guess you could say he's cute. As a cat." She said, looking down at Gin. She knew he liked to bother her for fun, so she joked around back at him sometimes.
  5. Naeve continued to stare over at Zora, eyes refusing to express any emotion as she studied her carefully, judging her upon the feeling that began to flood through her system. She was the goddess of Judgement as well after all. Gently she let her head lull to one side as grey eyes refused to shift from her target, her hand still at her side. After a moment she seemed to soften, her gaze as well as her posture. "I see..." She whispered faintly. "I can tell that Love herself adores you..." Her voice was quiet, rolling off her lips daintily before she smiled a very rare smile that no god, goddess or mortal had seen seen other than her sister.

    Moments later Nithya reached over to pet Gin's head, her porcelain cheeks dusted a light pinked as a small smile graced death's lips. "Cute..." She had to repeated before she turned her red gaze over towards the girl, her eyes still blank as she took a deep breath. "She protects you well..." She continued for her sister, other than that remaining quiet. "Both I and my sister left our hiding to meet the one mortal who gained a god's affection." Nithya stood, although she was occasionally seen glancing over towards the cat. "We hold...a strange sense of respect for you."

    The two were moments later seen stood next to each other, both staring curiously at her. "In short, we are interested in you." They both said together before turning to glance at once another. Since they had long since hid themselves, they doubted she would know what they reigned over, controlled and created. However, they could guess that Love's familiar would know. Well, maybe. They weren't entirely sure anymore, having just seen how different the world was since they left. Few people remained calm towards them when they found out one controlled death and the other life, it was a reason why they hid. "I am Naeve." - "I am Nithya." There was a brief pause before a slight smile came to both lips. "Pleasure to meet you heir to Love's title."
  6. "Oh, what a surprise. Deities seeking out the heir...again..." Gin expressed his annoyance. Familiars tended toward that, a kind of 'loyalty' that found them disliking the company of other people outside of those they are attached to.

    Upon the mention of his cuteness, but only in his cat form, from Zora, Gin hooked his nose into the air. "Well, at least I'm appealing." It was a jab, yes, but one Zora had been used to coming from him.

    Gin was looking between the three as the talked, and when the two Goddess's finished their introduction, he gazed from them to Zora. "Hey, I didn't know Goddess's came in stereo, did you?" Gin purring, almost laughing at his own joke.
  7. It was a beautiful day, with weather that invited everyone outdoors. Aria and Yui were no exception; with the day off from school, Aria had left home early to meet Yui at the park. He'd arrived first, though, and some children on the playground just inside had drawn him in.

    When Yui reached the park, she saw Aria skipping rope with a small boy, two girls turning it for them. Aria's short skirt fluttered with each jump, a sight that Yui found distracting despite herself. The two were saying a silly rhyme to keep the rhythm of their hops.

    Papa Bear wears the pretty socks.
    Mama Bear wears the cooking smock.
    Baby Bear wears the dress and frock.
    There's nothing left for Goldilocks!

    She'll make new clothes, yes indeed.
    How much fabric does she need?

    The pair began to count, but at seven the rope caught on the small boys ankle. His turn came to an end. One of the girls laughed.

    "Girls are better at skipping rope! Right, onee-chan?"

    Yui smiled to herself as she quietly approached. Aria turned to face the girl with a serious face. "That's not true. I'm a boy, and I'm pretty good."

    Three wide-eyed, disbelieving stares were cast upon the cross-dresser. Finally the boy worked up enough courage to say it. "No way, onee-chan. You're lying to us!"

    "I'm not! Just ask my girlfriend!" Aria turned around and held his hand out to Yui. She placed her own in it and stepped forward, smiling gently at the young children.

    "Hey, hey! Is it true? Onee-chan is really onii-chan?"

    "Yes, it's true. He's a boy," Yui answered softly.


    Aria grinned. "Yep! So don't ever let them tell you that you aren't as good at skipping rope! Bye now!"

    Aria and Yui waved goodbye to the children, the youngsters soon returning to their play. With hands intertwined, the two began their walk through the large park. "I don't remember learning that rhyme," Yui commented.

    "Nobody has; those kids are the first. Did you like it?"

    Yui thought it over in silence for a few moments. "It suits you," she finally decided.

    "I don't know whether to be happy or hurt," Aria complained with a small frown.

    Yui gave his hand a small squeeze to apologize. "I think you should be happy."

    That brought a great smile to Aria. "You're right. I'm very happy."

    There was a palpable atmosphere surrounding the two. Spring hung in the air, and twitterpation clung to the couple as they walked. Aria was happy with that, and would have been content to continue; unfortunately, there was an unwelcome presence nearby. Aria raised his head to look around them, trying to spy the kami that had arrived. There was nothing immediately noticeable, but there were many trees and plants that could hide a person, an animal, or whatever other form the kami may have taken.

    Yui noticed her boyfriend's unease. She looked around, too, trying to spy what was upsetting Aria. "What is it?" she asked quietly.

    "I wonder."
    Aria was telling himself to calm down. Aiko herself had granted him this new life; another kami would not interfere with that, surely. Hopefully. But demons never were particularly loved. And a newcomer to the city might not particularly care.
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  8. Two sets of eyes turned towards the cat with looks of curiousity to his statement. "Stereo?" Was the joint sound that passed from the twins lips as both reacted in a similar way. Heads lulled towards a side, casting raven locks across their face as the glimmer in their eyes became brighter as they inquired to what the cat familiar meant. They hated being ignorant to things but the two did not understand what he meant, and so the childish curiousity was brought to the surface. "What do you mean little one?" Nithya asked, once again being captivated by her infatuation with the feline race.

    Naeve watched her twin with a soft gaze as the younger girl went and knelt by the cat, a smile tugging at the corner of her lips despite the girls efforts to suppress it. She slipped her hands into the pockets of the school blazer she adorned. The two were only dressed in such a manner because it was the first clothing they found that would help them blend in. Of course, if one was in touch with spiritual methods they would detect the divine energy that radiated from them in mass amounts. "Where is the Goddess of Love?" She asked, turning towards the girl. "We were sure she would protect you from any divine being that approached since we know many are not happy."
  9. "He meant that you too talk at the same time." Zora replied. She stopped her sweeping and smile at the two twin gods. Though she hoped that the two wouldn't go taking the comment in the wrong way, she wouldn't know what to do if that happened. She watched as the one tried to play with Gin, Gin didn't seem like the person who would want to play with someone like that to Zora but she could be wrong. She turned her attention back to Naeve and her questions. "To be honest, I don't really know where she is at right now. She tend to do this, running off, thinking she told me but didn't." Zora made a sigh. "She knows that some aren't happy and she does protect me, but she has things to do. I guess that's why Gin is here."
  10. Andrezja paced in his shrine. Not because he was worried, not because he was conflicted, but because he was bored. So far he had only gotten a few lame requests. "My cows aren't eating!" "The neighborhoods stray cats are dropping dead!" Nothing interested him, nothing gave him that spark of excitement that he so desired. Maybe he should retire...Pick an heir, show em' the ropes, all that jazz. But no...He wasn't ready for retirement. Whatever that was. He honestly had no clue what happened when you threw in the godly towel. Did you go to god heaven? God hell? Or did you get reincarnated as either something great or something shitty. So it was only natural that giving up his godliness wasn't really on the table at the moment. Well at least not until he knew exactly what would happen to him...

    Andrezja stopped pacing suddenly, his eyes brightening as he took his human form. There was only one goddess that he knew of who was planning to give up her godditude. Aiko, the Goddess of Love and Affection, and the mother of the little human that everyone either hated, adored or didn't give two shits about. He was in that last category, as he used to be a human himself so her circumstances and destiny didn't enrage or bother him.

    "Well then," He said to himself "Time to pay them a little visit."

    - -

    When he arrived at the shrine he wasn't surprised to see that he wasn't the only God there. He was surprised however, to find that Aiko wasn't. Jamming his hands into his pockets and strolling over to the little group, Andrezja slung his arm around Zora's shoulders.
    "Hey shorty, where's your mom?" He asked, not caring if he interrupted anyone or not. As soon as he could speak to Aiko, he would return to his shrine and maybe do something about those skinny cows and the dying cats.
  11. Kithyin had heard their conversation from behind a tree. It had been some time since she had last visited this world, and many things had changed. For example, her usual entry point now had a large fountain covering it, so she had manifested as close as possible that wasn't in plain view which happened to be inside a hollow of a tree.

    From the sound of it, there was a female and someone else who didn't quite sound like a man or a woman. Now that she had a view of them, she realised it was 2 women. Given that neither of them looked particularly threatening, she decided to make her presence known.
  12. Zora was surprised by the sudden arm around her, causing her to jump. Though at least for now he didn't seem to be an enemy. "She's out." Zora replied to his question. "And I don't know when she will be back." She brought up her hand to his and pulled it off of her. She wasn't fond of people she didn't know, touching her like that. She set the broom down against the wall, it seemed there were quite a few gods who wanted to be at this shrine today, for different reasons. "Is there something you want with my mom?"
  13. It was as though the sensation in the air crystallized, becoming a single point. Aria faced the kami's presence squarely and pulled Yui just a little behind him, holding one arm in front of her protectively. His other hand reached up to one of the ribbons in his hair. Seeing his posture frightened Yui slightly--it meant trouble was coming. Yet even as that fear was visible in the corners of her eyes, the silvery-blue orbs shone with joy. Yui had full faith that Aria could protect her, and seeing him do so made her heart beat faster.

    "May I help you?" Aria addressed the small figure in the tree. That the kami had shown itself was a good sign: either it wanted an 'honorable' fight; or it didn't want a fight at all. Yui would be safe.
  14. Andrezja smirked when the kid moved his arm, he briefly considered putting it back just to see how she'd react but if her mom happened to pop up and see what he was doing, he doubted she'd answer any of his questions. Unless the kid could answer them. She was becoming a god for a reason after all.
    "I wanna know where she'd planning to go." He stated, "When she gives up her godliness that is."
  15. "Where she's going?" Zora questioned to herself yet still out loud. "Well, where ever she wants I believe. She might not have the divine power when she gives it to me but she's still around. She just doesn't die off. I think she's planning on going on adventures to places. When you have to work and your works being a god you really don't get the chance to do the things you really want to do." She responded to him.
  16. "I'm bored. You two are going to give me something to do." She hovered around, as if twitching impatiently.
  17. Aria blinked several times rapidly, not quite believing the words he'd just heard. Finally, though, he started to laugh. It began as a small giggle, but soon worked up to a heartfelt outburst that had both his hands clutching his stomach. Yui didn't know what he found so funny, but seeing Aria so at ease dispelled her fright.

    "Sorry for scaring you, Yui-chan," Aria gasped as he tried to reign in his laughter. He managed to stand up straight again, pulling Yui against his side. "I have a bad habit, don't I?"
    "No, not at all! You were worried for me, so I... I felt really happy." Even as color rushed into her cheeks, Yui smiled up at her boyfriend.

    Aria felt his heart skip a beat, its pounding ringing in his ears as he gazed at that adorable face. "Yui..." Words weren't enough to convey what he was feeling. Aria bent down and lightly pressed his lips against hers, letting his lips show what they could not say. Yui melted into the kiss, let his warmth flow into her from their connection. The sweet atmosphere that surrounded them at the beginning of their walk had just thickened to the point it could suffocate jealous onlookers.

    Ten seconds later Aria pulled his head back. The face Yui gazed after him with--so full of affection and adoration--made Aria want to return to her again. But he'd finally remembered that there was someone else there. Aria turned back to the small fairy that was hovering impatiently about the tree it had emerged from. "Pardon us, kami-san. Something to do, you said? Hmm~" An evil thought sneaked its way into Aria's mind. He entertained it for some moments before deciding it was attractive enough to share. "There's a cat at Aiko-sama's shrine. It's a rather ornery cat, so you should go give it a small punishment."
  18. "Ornery you say? This should be fun." She returned to the undergrowth and spent a couple of minutes flying through it before realising she did not actually know how to get to this cat. She sighed, turned around and returned to ask directions. When she finally found her way out of the bushes, she moved close to the couple. "Where is this shrine anyway?"
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  19. The fairy's reappearance startled Yui; they'd resumed their walk only to have it interrupted once more. Aria just giggled. "You're really new here, huh? Alright, so first you have follow this trail until you come to a point where all the paths converge. To get to Aiko-sama's shrine, it's the second to the right and straight on 'til morning."

    "Aria-chan!" Yui panicked a little at his strange directions. They weren't right at all. "I'm very sorry," she said, bowing in apology to the hovering kami. "It's just up the hill outside this park, over there." She raised her hand to point along with her words, giving the kami a general direction.
  20. A giggle suddenly was heard behind Aria and Yui. "You just like tricking people, don't you." Aiko said. She had gotten back from whatever she was doing, probably not going to tell anyone until Zora asked. "And to my shrine too." She had a warm smile on her face. "At least sweet Yui here is nice enough. Oh, why don't you two enjoy your lovely date and I'll show her where my menace of a familiar is at." She began to walk past the couple and to the other goddess there.
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