The Human and Divine (OOC and Sign-ups)

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  1. IC:
    The Human and Divine​

    Twelve years ago Aiko the goddess of love and affection found an orphaned child at her shrine. She took a liking to this child and decided to adopt the little girl. Although the other gods didn’t find this arrangement suitable, a human girl couldn’t live with gods, somehow it was allowed. This girl began her life, growing up with Aiko as a mother. Now, this girl is 16 and Aiko has decided to make her adopted daughter the new goddess of love and affection. Some gods and demons don’t like this situation. Aiko rules over a lot of land and has a lot of divine power; whoever becomes her heir will get that power. So now, the teenager girl has to deal with gods and demons trying to take the place of her being the heir. They do this either by killing the heir or marrying her. All of a sudden the girl has to deal with the duties of a goddess, killers, marriage proposals and homework for each class. Her life of a god’s daughter and her life as a high school girl is now going to collide. She never planned any of this but all of a sudden this problem has changed the two worlds forever and now they are about to mix together, in many different ways.


    ~I am using Japanese style shrines but making up gods and goddesses.
    ~This Rp is about the two worlds colliding and coming together.
    ~I am hoping for a lot of different kinds of relationships (Romance, rivalries, friendship) in this RP, the reason being is the whole idea of being two completely separate words (actually not so separate ;) )
    ~You can be whatever you want. Examples: Human (student, etc.), Gods, demons, familiars.
    ~You can have as many characters as you want.
    ~Feel free to ask any questions

    Character Sheet:

    Species: (Human, god, demon, etc.) If you play a god don’t to forget to tell of what.
    Looks: (Picture or description)

    My Character:

    Name: Zora
    Age: 16
    Species: Human to be god
    Personality: Zora is shy usually at school. This is because she tries to keep her two separate lives from coming together. Most people at school spread rumors about her, due to them not knowing much about her. They don’t even know where she lives. However, if you get to know her you will find a more courageous person who will not give up. She has a way of changing people and has the intelligence to figure out how to answer wishes even without some divine power as help.
    Bio/history: Zora is the orphan who was adopted by Aiko. Her story is what causes the start of the two worlds colliding. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 3. She was left at an orphanage. Zora ran away from this orphanage and went to Aiko’s shrine. That is when she adopted Zora. Ever since then Zora has seen Aiko as her mother, lives at the shrine and helps out with granting the wishes of human that come to the shrine and ask.
    Looks: When at the shrine or meeting other gods she usually wears a kimono. During school she usually has the school uniform. The outfit in the picture she will wear while out or regular occasions.
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  2. well damn... Never thought i'd see something like this. Count me interested! I just moved to Iwaku and I cant stop being interested in so many RPs :P. Im gonna make 6 character apps if you dont mind. 5 of them will be gods and not played very much though. My main char will be human, and my 5 gods will be in a constant fight over who gets to own my main char.
  3. I'm absolutely intrigued by this idea. I don't have time to make a CS right now, but I will when I can, and if it's allowed, I'd like to reserve a spot. I've come to a stall with all my rps and have found myself lacking imagination and creative will, but I think this idea will help to revive me :)
  4. Sure thing. :)
  5. I am interested! :D
  6. Name:


    By appearance 18-19

    Goddess of Life and Judgement.

    Naeve is generally quiet, similar to her sister Nithya. She is impartial in everything, unbiased even when prevented with troublesome situations. This is what allows her to reign over Judgement as she provides all cases given to her with a verdict in hopes of settling disputes without favoring one side. Calm and collected, Naeve is the weakness to Nithya while Nithya is also her weakness as they work together to exist. She harbors a quiet love for most living creatures and enjoys watching people grow and develop during the lives they are given. However, with her twin she is secretive and is often hidden even from her own kind on some occasions. Rarely is she searched for unless a huge dispute has arrived or something as disrupt the flow of life. Like most Gods, she is knowledgeable to an extent. Naeve is good example of a peaceful type as she much rather hide away with her sister than play along with events that occur between her own kind and others. She has a habit of being seen everywhere with her twin while also switching with her impartial moments and the soft hearted ones.
    She is inseparable from Nithya.


    Many years ago, Naeve was a blank slate similar to her twin being Nithya. Her desire, like Nithya's was to be the being of life and judgement, her knowledge on the respective duties was little and so she was unprepared for the duties. Once she was dubbed with the position she found the weight of the jobs burden begin to break her and she began to experience moments of emotional turmoil. To be impartial to everything she saw and witnessed, Naeve struggled to keep herself in check. So, she did not notice her sisters pain. The two grew distant to each other and eventually they were forced to a point they began to battle one another. This lasted for far to many years, the broken bond being damaged further as the battle between the opposites being yet the same by blood raged. Eventually, both tired themselves out. In hysterics and emotional turmoil they spoke of their feelings and the two sisters reconciled, leading them to work together. Naeve would occasionally help out Nithya in her job by judging where the dead went to relieve some stress of the girl while Nithya would help by collecting evidence to help make Naeve's cases easier. The two went into hiding shortly after, only to appear when needed, found or was working.




    By appearance 18-19

    Goddess of Death and Chaos.

    Similar to her sister, Nithya is generally quiet and speaks few words. However, unlike her kind hearted twin she is one with a much darker side to herself. Cruel and occasionally sadistic with her demands or actions, she is rarely approached which causes people to also avoid meeting Naeve. Being the creature to guide souls to the underworld or heaven, she is constantly witnessing death and being the last thing people see and so she has no issues with taking a life while her sister and opposite half hates the idea unless it is justified. Her weakness overall is her sister who poses both in power and reign the complete opposite of her. Nithya is often putting herself down by her near constant confident and cruel demeanor to everyone. She shows and displays little emotion other than amusement but she is not completely cold hearted as few will find access to her more warmer side. Nithya is often asleep, comforting hr sister or just guiding the lost or finally judged souls to their final destinations. Knowledgeable, Nithya is a lot more manipulative and tainted than the Goddess of Life and Judgement, making her sly. She is a nice girl if one got to know her.

    She is inseparable from Naeve.

    Years ago, thousands if not more, Nithya was a gentle and passive child alongside her sister. Neutral up until the time she was chosen to take on the role of the Goddess of Death and Chaos. Her desire was not to take the position that corrupted many and so experienced lethal fits of anger at the fate she had been given. Yet, at this point she did not understand the pressure Naeve had either. Neither sister understood one another and it created tension between the two twin beings. Avoiding one another became a must and soon they were seen battling one another, their personalities having changed slightly from their previous ones. For many years the two girls battled until they were left broken and tired, anger having made them shout and scream out their emotional states and fears, both causing the other twin to notice. It was then that Nithya noticed the stress her sister had by remaining impartial to everything. From this point on, the two sisters hid themselves away, only appearing to do their respective jobs or when they are searched for. She began to help Naeve in her duties while the other would do the same, leading to both girls finding their respective jobs and duties easier than before.


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  10. Alerts mess up for me too sometimes.

    Feel free to make a character(s)! :)
  11. Making a character now! I WILL HAVE JUSTICE.
  12. Name: Kithyin
    Age: Since the dawn of mankind, 45000 years ago.
    Species: God of Deceit
    Personality: Mischievous prankster, enjoys dropping down into the human realm once in a while to confuse and annoy people.
    Bio/history: Kithyin has gone by many names in the past. She was responsible, perhaps indirectly, for the evolution of the human brain, simply by causing the simpletons who believed her to do stupid things that ended in them being eliminated from the process of life. Around 3000 years ago, she hid in a bush and talked to a man called "Moses", and continued to do so for quite some time, to him and his ancestors in different locations. She wouldn't view herself as evil for this though, because she gave a culture hope.
    Looks: When she goes to the human realm, she usually appears similar to a faerie from legend, roughly 7 inches tall.
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  14. Wooh! Ill be making a human too but I need some inspiration first.
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