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  1. Thank you so much
  2. It's just that my ideas don't always work out the right way.
  3. It's all good girly! Not your fault
  4. Wtf just happened.. I keep getting ignored. Something about ban, ooc, etc. wat.
  5. *Don't feel bad, we all make mistakes!
  6. Don't worry everything is solved, this is now the OOC.
  7. EVERYONE IT STARTED HURRY WRITE SHIT!!!!! I WANT TO RP ^^ well we have to wait for everyone to post till we really rp but whatever >.>
  8. Sorry guys x.x Tuesdays I'm always busy. I'll be back in a few hours to rp more consistently, but I'm off and on until then
  9. I don't know what to do lol.
    Should I just post about his past then bus ride, or past, bus ride, then meeting Coline. LOLOL
    do you know snake,
  10. I'm sooo confused
  11. NOOOOOOOOOOO *rolls on the floor like crazy* wait then just up resuver for you character and stuff so the others can continue i did this before once! also Ill keep you up dated with what happing when your writing X3

    That sounds right!
    And yes she know Snake!

    About what?
  12. It'll take me a bit to respond another group I attempted to join fouled my RP mood...
  13. Cry, you were too harsh. Let them talk to other people, but there is a solution.
    COLLAB. When you have to talk to someone, give them a pm and just roleplay it out in the pm, that gets rid of exes in the ic. Saying we can't talk is rather restrictive for the creative and it will definitely result in a VERY short post from a lot of people I know. :/
  14. *sighs* FIne but I just want to contune to the everyone Knows everyone already part that's why I want to skip!!!!!
  15. what's going on. I mean i kinda got it
  16. You really didn't miss anything just that the rp has started ^^
  17. Then you could have just started there, sheesh! If you wanted posts of them meeting, it could have been in flashbacks! Not meaning to be a jerk about anything, since I'm pissed off at all my family right now and it kind of affects my word choice, but there are seriously tons of options!
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  18. Ehmmm.. I'll just wait for a few posts as examples of what to do exactly
  19. I need that thanks X3
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