The House on Elm Street

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  1. Bentley woke with a start. there was a loud, high-pitched noise and as she ran out of breath she realized it was her screaming. there had been another nightmare, one that seemed too real to be a dream. she wiped her puffy, red eyes and pulled the covers up to her chin, taking slow, deep breaths to calm herself.
  2. Jason was lying slumped on a bench on the street opposite. He was tired, but couldn't go back home tonight. He faintly acknowledged the sound of a girl screaming, but stayed mention less, not stirring from his apparent slumber.
  3. Johnathan awoke from his sleep in panic as he recognized the high pitched noise to be his housemate bently screaming in terror from upstairs. He yanked the covers to the side, grabbed the glock from under his pillow, and busted through the door. "What's going on in here?" He demanded...only to see Bently alone shivering in terror. "Bently, what's going on?"
  4. She flinched at his voice and stared at him. "N-nothing," she whispered softly. "Just....a nightmare. Go back to bed." Her heart was still racing and she fumbled to turn on her nightlight, her eyes not leaving the familiar figure of Jonathan. She was terrified to look at anything else.
  5. Johnathan walked over and flipped the light on before sitting on the edge of her bed. "Hey," he said picking up her chin. "It's alright, your safe here. Your home alright? It was just a bad dream"
  6. "It didn't feel like just a dream," she said, wrapping her arms around her waist tightly. "I don't know, it's silly."
  7. "Here," he said re-positioning. "Tell me about it, and after i hear what it's about, i'll sleep on the floor here just in case it wasn't a dream. Deal?"
  8. She nodded and took a deep breath. "Well, you were in it. Both of us, and a boy...I couldn't see his face but the three of us were tortured by a man. At least, I thought it was a man. He was tall and big and had a laugh" She shuddered. "Anyway I knew he was going to kill us. Not like in movies, Jonathan, but slow and painfully." Her eyes got wide and she hugged him. "Don't leave tonight. Not out of this room."
  9. He was taken back by the hug, but he returned the comfort and spoke softly, "I promise. I won't leave your side tonight..." He paused to bring her face to his. "Now, get some rest. I'm sure you'll forget the whole thing by tomorrow." He gave her a comforting smile, hugged her once more, then left to retrieve his blanket and pillow
  10. "I hope so," she said as he left, lying back down and closing her eyes. When she did, all she could see was the outline of her nightmare, so she sat up and looked out the window. There was a figure lying on a bench across the street. She shut her eyes and rest her head against the pillow.
  11. Johnathan grabbed a pillow and the comforter off his bed and laid them down next to Bently's bed. It appeared she was asleep. He gave a brief sigh, walked over, and kissed her forehead. "Night Bently," he said as he laid down on the side closest to the window
  12. She mumbled something like a 'good-night' back and rolled over.
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    Bentley woke up earlier than usual. She tip-toed past Jonathan and put on her running shoes. "I'm going for a walk," she whispered before slipping out the door, down the stairs and out onto the street.
  14. Johnathan rumbled a bit in his sleep. He was only awake long enough to say, "...Be...careful"
  15. Jason was now lying passed out on the pavement. His mouth wide open and his facial features squashed up against the floor. He wasn't snoring and the only thing that told her that he wasn't dead was the slow and steady movement of his chest.
  16. She walked slowly, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. It had been a night of tossing and turning. She was surprised she hadn't woken Jonathan up. There was a boy on the pavement, she saw and frowned. He was sleeping, possibly drunk. She kicked him a little.
  17. He let out a moan "why'd you kick me?" His eyes didn't open and he may well have been awake the whole time "what did I ever do to you?"
  18. "You're ruining my peaceful walk," she said, looking around. "And you scared me."
  19. "If you're scared by a bog lying down on a bench then you do led a fairly sheltered life darling." He smirked, still keeping his eyes closed
  20. She laughed half-heartedly. "I'm a little shaky sometimes. Hey, you wouldn't happen to be sleeping out here last....night..." She recognized his face. "Uh, sorry, I have to go." She stepped away from him.
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