The House of Terror.

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  1. A family moves into a new house. Everything is perfect... until strange things start happening.
  2. Takeshi sighs as he looks out the window. He was not looking forward to moving... he was perfectly happy in the place he lived in before... But of course when you are 17, you dont have a choice. Takeshi moves his red hair out of his face as his mother parks in front of the house. Takeshi takes a good look at the house.
    ((Btw this Pic should give you a pretty good idea of what Takeshi looks like.))

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  3. Anna bell was still in the car she didnt like the looks of the house. "Big bro i dont like the looks of the house" she said a little scared she was still waering her PJs er Cow PJs but who can blam her she was a little girl 5 years old and still suck her themb she never had a friend in her life but Teddy. 'this so bad i hate the house'
  4. ((Hello friend XD. Long time no see lol jk XD. Damn I almost keep putting Eli in this RP XD))
    Takeshi looks at his little sister and gives her a small smile, "Hey dont worry Anna. This place might not be so bad.
  5. "but it looks supper scary I dont like it im living in the car" she sucks on her thamb and holds her teddy closer

    lols know the feeling i kep puting raven when im suppost to wirte reaper))
  6. Takeshi sighs and picks her up, "Come on. You havent even gave it a shot." Takeshi had to admit, he didnt like the looks of this house either... it seemed... strange. But he shrugged it off and set down his little sister. Their mom and dad were taking stuff into the house, "Come on you two. Grab some things and take them inside will you?"
  7. ((Changing name her ame is Neko))
    runs back into the car and loks the doors so Takeshi cant com in side and take her out again. sucks her thamb and holds Teddy even closer. she closed r eyes and coverd her ears so if Take tryed to tellher anything she wound leason
  8. Takeshi sighs, grabs some stuff and takes it inside.He knew that if she was left alone in a car for a short period of time that she would get scared and run inside. He sets down the stuff in the living room and takes a look around. The house was huge and nice looking for an old house. A few things were broken here and there... but it wasnt bad. Takeshi then took the stuff he grabbed and took them upstairs. He eventually spotted a room he wanted to be his and put his stuff in the room.
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  9. Neko got out of the car and walked in side the scary house "Mommy" she cryed out. she knew her mommy would call out back soon. she felt a cold bresy and got gosebummps ajd everything she looks around and soon found the basmean she gose down stairs and see a fire place but the fire place is chaind why is that. she tochs it and she felts some one breatjinon her hand she scraks and runns up stairs then up up stairs and bummps into Take

    ((have you ever watched a moive dont be afred of the dark i did and thats what i picter the hose as and to be warned i make ing the ghost talk to her latter on in the story that hen everything gose wird and shit making this sound like mama shit im such a horror person))
  10. Takeshi looks at her, "Oh hey. Look who finally decided to come out of the car," he looks at her noticing she is scared, "Whats wrong?"
    ((Yes I have watched it ^.^. I LOVE horror movie. I am a horror person as well XD. Btw I am going to make him have the ability to see ghosts. And later on he will be able to talk to them :P))
  11. Hako and dad had taken a few extra stops along the way .. Guys food what can I say ... They were still on the highway entering the city he picks up the phone he dails takeshi's number ...
    (hope im not intruding hako looks like my avatar photo...)
  12. ((I dont mind at all ^.^. Anyone can jump in! :)))
    Takeshi sighs at his sister. All of a sudden his cell phone viberates in his pants. He grabs it out of his pocket and presses the 'Talk' button on the screen. He puts it by his ear, "Yeah?"
  13. "theres something in the basment a moster i think he inside that fire place thingy" she said then hearrs him talking to somwone eals on the phone "who is it big brother"

    ((are you are brother as well?))
  14. The phone makes a clicking noies then his brothers voice... "hey did you guys get there yet how is it .. "he pauses .. In the back ground of him speaking dads voice is herd phantly "tell your mom I love her" the car exits the highway and in the city the go headed for the house..
    ( yes I am ... Ill play the non believer for a while.. I love the paranormal)
  15. ((I dont mind :P))
    Takeshi looks at Neko gives her a small smile then says, "Well... its big."
  16. "how big I call dibbs on first pick for room .. Well we are around the corner well at least thats what the gps said.. " with that he hangs up the car turns about 3 corners nd stops in front of a puny house it might have been a 2 bedroom at first glance ...i step out of the car and look at it... Takeshi lied..he thinks to himself... Dad taps his shoulder "wrong house son "he points across the street to a house that was the size of three of the other one put together .. He grabs a bag and a box and runs inside.
  17. Takeshi chuckles, "Too late. " he says as he hangs up the phone, knowing he is now in the house.
    ((Btw how old is Hako? Takeshi is 17.))
  18. Big brother!" se knew he as talkingo him then ran to see him "BIG BROTHER HEKO" as she dose she runs with er arms open and as smiling "big brother theres a monster in te basment dont go down there"
  19. Takeshi follows her and shakes his head, "There is no monster downstairs." Takeshi never believed in monsters... although he DOES believe in ghosts. He has always been able to see ghosts, this was his gift. Nobody knows about it but him.
  20. he hugs her back "we havnt even moved in and your already scared... " he smiles picking her up swinging her around then sitting her back down ... "so wheres mom "
    He looks upto takeshi
    (wanna be twins.. If not he is 15 he is obsessed with technology and scary movies but does not believe)