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  1. A girl treads through the city, a soul in a resistant body. She doesn't know what to do, other than roam aimlessly, supposedly there is a rendevouz for her host's "pickup" in the middle of the city. She doesn't know what to do. What else can she do except do what her host says? She has no life here in a city full of her own kind.
    wait here. her host tells her.
    she stops.
  2. A young man, about 18, glances out from an alleyway between two buildings. A car comes by, and he quickly ducks back. The things I will do... I amaze myself sometimes. After the car passed, he glanced back out into the street. He saw her. His first instinct was to run to her, while another one screamed at his to just run away, get back to safety. He couldn't leave her, though. After what she did to save him, he had to repay the debt in some way. He walked over to a trash can and banged on it once. That should get her attention. Hopefully no one else comes.
  3. The girl (changing to first person) jumps and looks around.
    Don't move. Just wait until Melanie comes for us. Her host tells her.
    What if it's him. I tell her.
    It's not. He's gone. She snaps at me.
  4. Come on, you know I'm here. He gives the trash can another quick bang, then risks peeking out of the ally. If anyone else sees me, I'm screwed.
  5. Don't move. My host hisses. Just wait.
    I seem uneasy. Are you sure that's such a good idea?
    Do you want to get us killed? She snaps at me.
    I shudder at the thought, look in the direction of the noise but don't move.
  6. I'm right here! He steps a bit out of the ally. Please, just come over here. He thinks.
  7. I start in the direction, but my host resists so much my legs lock up.
    What are you doing? I snap at her.
    Protecting us you idiot! She snaps back.
  8. Fine, if thats how you want it. He comes out into full view. Please let no one see me but her.
  9. I stare in his direction. Can I move now?
    Wait. She tells me.
    Are you serious right now? I snap at her.
    I'm being cautious.
  10. I wave to her to come over. Stop standing around like a statue and get over here. Someone is going to notice.
  11. I finally start moving towards him, despite my host screaming at me to stop.