The hospital.

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    The hospital had always been a place of sanctuary, at least, to those with the 'right kinds of illnesses'. Refusing to believe this, and perhaps being a little wary of the entire staff body, the nurse known as Kelsey made her way to the left ward, where the fifth room from the right, code named W5, was to take up most of her attention.

    She read through her notes, the male she was to see had been injured while playing football. She had to loosen up a little, the nerves of having yet another one on one patient were getting to her head. "Alright, Kelsey, stay calm, things will be alright!" She spoke to herself often, but never answered herself, which seemed only marginally better.

    Even so, she entered the room.
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  2. Peter was laying back on the hospital bed with a broken arm. The young Hispanic man looked a little irritated with his situation, but seemed to be okay. His olive colored face was a bit scratched up and his dark brown hair was messed up and slight spiked up. He turned to the young woman who walked into the room. "Hi..." He said a bit skeptical, briefly looking her up and down.
  3. As soon as Peter spoke, Kelsey put on the brightest smile she could pull. "Oh! Hello there..." She sighted her papers, before placing them on the desk nearby. "Peter! How nice to meet you! So... I'd like you to tell me what happened, to cause you to break your arm..." The woman seated herself in a chair, pulling it right up against the hospital bed.
  4. Peter looked at her strangely for a moment, but his expression changed as quickly as it came. "You want the novel or just the gist?" He asked jokingly with a chuckle.
  5. "Oh, I wouldn't mind hearing the novel, there's nothing much I can really do for you at the time beyond what's already been done, unless you need a touch more morphine." Kelsey nodded, her hair bobbing about as she did so. Her eyes focused on the arm, as she felt some sympathy for the footballer.
  6. Peter sighed, running his good hand through his hair. "Well we were in the fourth quarter, leading by four. This asshole on the other team was just starting me down as we were about to start the next play. We were on the offensive, may I add. So the QB gets the ball and is looking for his open receiver and I say to myself 'Wow, this is the perfect opportunity to try and sack him before he can pass the ball.' So my stupid ass starts running towards him and that same asshole comes out of my blind side and just crushes me like an empty soda can. Next thing I know I'm all dizzy and everything goes black. Then I wake up about ten minutes later in an ambulance with a broken arm." He finally finished with a pout on his face.
  7. "Oh my!" Astonished genuinely, Kelsey had never heard of such a case in her time as a nurse. It was still quite cool, to have someone who plays football within the same room as her. She always looked up to her father, who was a footballer, and this was just a treat. "I hope you're okay now, I mean, such a hit would surely hurt."
  8. "Oh yeah, I'm great." Peter said sarcastically. "I probably won't be able to play for the rest of the season. When I said I wanted a break, I didn't mean a permanent vacation!" He shouted, looking up at the ceiling as if he was speaking to someone else.
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