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  1. Plot: From the beginning, humans have sought domination. Others have sought order, and opposed the conquerors. And others still have prepared for decimation. The Horsemen, an organization dedicated to the annihilation of humanity, were formed long ago, when the first humans decided that they weren't good enough for the world. They have slowly brought humanity towards the breaking point, and are divided into four departments [which (despite the heavy cooperation present between them) have often competed against each other, and heavily distrust each other]:

    "Famine": The brains and bankers of The Horsemen. The role of this branch is to control the flow of goods in the world (money, oil, food, and medication). Originally, the only job of Famine was to ensure a lack of supplies, so Pestilence or War could move in and effectively destroy nations. However, with a surplus of products (even too much to divert to other branches), Famine began pumping supplies back into a country's economy, with companies constantly set against each other, which in turn could tear the nation apart, pushing towards The Horsemen's inevitable goal: World annihilation. Other branches refer to them as "greed-mongers" and "heretics", the latter because of their seeming dependence on the enemy.

    "Pestilence": While not the most physically or economically imposing of the branches, the doctors of Pestilence are perhaps the most feared and respected. The branch is responsible for the manufacturing, distribution, and vaccination of diseases, virulent bacterium, mutagens, etc. The vaccination bit comes into play for The Horsemen themselves, so the bio-weapons could never be turned on them, or spiral out of control and blow the cover of the organization, or even to be marketed by Famine, bring in more funds for The Horsemen, spread disease even further through a "vaccine" for another one, and force dependency on said vaccine. Distribution is a job handed to field agents, who deliver the viruses, or sabotage facilities designed to hold them. Manufacturing is self-explanatory. Other branches often refer to them as "plague rats" or "druggies".

    "War": The foot-soldiers and commanders of The Horsemen. Soldiers are hired off to the highest bidder to operate as a mercenary army, often proving far superior to their enemies, resulting in the scales tipping in the favor of the enemy. However, War soldiers often change sides, depending on who offers more money. In peacetimes, they act as instigators of a conflict, disguising themselves as an enemy country's extremists, and becoming a general nuisance, until finally the white dove is shot out of the sky, and War is incorporated by the terrorized country to attack the supposed enemy, and the cycle of death begins again, which often benefits another country, which results in benefits to the organization as a whole. Other branches often call them "turncoats" or "gorillas".

    "Death": The penultimate result of everything The Horsemen stand for, there is only ever one Death agent at a time, who leads the other branches against the world. S/he answers to no one but The Seals. He combines the best qualities of all the other three branches. An active Death is required for Operation: Revelation to take place. No one dares to say anything negative of him, since they're all afraid he'll hear.

    "The Seals": Essentially the board of directors for The Horsemen. The first four members are the most prestigious members of the four branches (in the case of The Fourth Seal, that of Death, it is rumored that he is the first Death, though this certainly must be an exaggeration, and must be the Death before the current one), and represent the four branches. The other three Seals are responsible for initiating the inevitable Operation: Armageddon, which requires the agreement of the former four to pass on to the final three. The first four Seals are given jurisdiction over all other operations, and for managing the four branches.

    Your Role: As the organization progressed through history, the ultimate power was revealed: Nuclear technology. Specifically, thermonuclear missiles. However, that is also the one thing The Horsemen have failed to obtain in their arsenal. Thus, they have assembled a team of four: An agent of Famine, an agent of Pestilence, an agent of War, and the one and only Death. You (the role-player) will take control of one of the agents. Since The Horsemen have no biases towards their employees, you have free reign over your character. But, here are some guidelines:

    "Agent of War": War troops are generally large and bulky, equipped with the most advanced weaponry that a foot soldier could handle, being the ones to take the most and dish out the most hits. They are typically incredibly stubborn, loyal to the cause to a fault, and have anger issues worse than a volcano.

    "Agent of Famine": Famine agents generally have a small role on the field. They are usually fast, stealthy, and smooth-talking, known for their proficiency at thievery, and with a knife or handgun. They are more cunning than intelligent, though that does not necessarily mean they are moronic.

    "Agent of Pestilence": Usually a medic in the field, they are also capable of creating grenades of varying effects from anything they have on them, and often carry some vials and syringes containing various viruses and mutagens to benefit the team or disadvantage the enemy in close combat. They are incredibly intelligent, but very anti-social.

    "Agent of Death": Equipped with the most compact and efficient weaponry of the times, genetically engineered to be the most physically and mentally perfect being in the world, and technologically augmented to round out the rough edges, Death is the perfect assassin, the greatest mind in the world, and arguably the most important resource of The Horsemen. However, they have never worked well with others, rarely speak, and have severe mental issues.

    Character Sheet:



    Personality: (guidelines are there for a reason, though I encourage you to add to them)

    Agent of:

    Favored weapon(s):

    Personal skillset: (again, guidelines that I wish for you to add to or detract from, but to stay on track with)

    Appearance: (brief summary and images)


    [Character sheets may be posted when four people (including me) have applied and been accepted. Strong, clear, and linguistically correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation appreciated.]
    Note: Death has been taken. By me. Deal with it, and have fun!
  2. Name: Quincent Erasmarr

    Age: 28

    Personality: A quiet, misunderstood man that has always enjoyed causing pain, not for the sake of causing pain, but to study the reaction to it. Fascinated with diseases and natural poisons, always thinking of how he could kill people near him with a poison or make them catch a deadly disease. Doesn't talk much, and is usually found alone, but can work with a group.

    Agent of: Pestilence

    Favored weapon(s): Poisons, handguns, knives, diseases, "plague grenades" which release contagions or neurotoxins via gas

    Personal skillset: Sneaky, basic field medic, powerful immune system, tolerance to most poisons, knowledge of many poisonous plants

    Without Armor:
    With Armor:
    Rebel Assassin.jpg
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  4. interesting, though I'm still debating whether I have enough time or not.

    On the off chance I do have time for it, I want to take up that famine spot
  5. Name: Aras Straight

    Age: 22

    Personality: Aras is stubborn but not excessively, loyal to the cause to a fault, and has anger issues worse than a volcano. He is know to storm off at times, and has a very one track mindset.

    Agent of: War

    Favored weapon(s): Aras often scavenges and employs whatever weapons and equipment he can acquire from both friend and foe. Loving to improvise and use unconventional weapons. He is also quite fond of anything causing explosions.

    Personal skillset: He may not look the part as much as some but he can take the most and dish out hits with the best of them. He also has near perfect aim, and is best with close combat with weapons like swords.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Hope this is okay.
  6. Aren't you missing a horsemen? Mainly Death?

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    Anyhow, that pic @BloodMoon used, I have seen it too many times in alot of RPs.
  7. I can change my pic. I have some others I thought might work.
  8. Agent of death is taken by @Mr. V and I am pestilence.

    As for war and famine, you'll have to see what he says.
  9. Interesting.

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  11. I just came to say, that when I see the add, all i read is SEMEN
  12. F a m i n e

    Desiree Black

    Age: 24

    • Lustful - Desiree as she has been come to know, has always had a hungry glint in her pale grey-blue eyes. As her name implies, she is filled with a desire for something no one can provide her. She hordes things, in particular, information. Some of the things she comes to find out is impossible to come by. But Des has always been the owner of such information. Knowing things is her game, and she plays it well. But not only information, but bargaining, haggling, and ultimately theft. Des has innate ability to rob even the most perceptive of men blind. But this lust does not only end with the desire to know, but the quest of flesh as well. Desiree has craved the company of both men and woman since the age of 12, and has been very successful in getting what she wants. Both sexes crave her just the same, as they all say; "But she is different." In that statement, is the truth.
    • Curious - One would believe that curiosity really does kill the cat. But what if that cat has made an art of never really truly being involved in anything. When knowledge became a job, Des grew a knew thirst and curiosity that she had never really felt before. It took a while to harness and control this new found trait, but eventually she began to use it to her advantage. Her curiosity is not a simple want-to-know type thing. It is the pure need to know, and this sharp curiosity has never led her astray.
    • Intense - It is hard to ignore Desiree when she has the need to be seen. Other times she has not problems becoming a ghost, an when she does she gets deeply involved. Des has mastered the art of disappearing for long periods of time and showing up at the exact moment she is needed. In exchanges, she can make anything sound convincing by sheer force of intense willpower. Everything she does is strong, an deeply rooted. Nothing she does is ever taken lightly. She is nothing if not hard driven. Aloof is completely out of character for her, unless she is using humor in a con.
    • Quickwitted - Quick on her feet, quick with her words. She is agile and graceful in a verbal debate and/or beatdown. She is never caught with her pants down, and she never falters. Des always knows what to say, and how to use what the other says to her advantage, this wit of her is a companion to her ability to see paths in her head, and her sharp perception of the world she lives in. Though this wit is not to be confused with witty sarcasm or commentary. It is purely used for offensive, defensive verbal exchanges. A side show in her escaping and disappearing act.
    • Disloyal - Desiree's loyalty lies wherever the disadvantage is. However backwards it may seem, it is a wonderful thing for the other side. Just like the slight pangs of huger, Desiree works almost like a parasite. A relationship that is detrimental to the host as Des works from the inside devouring nearly everything to work her way out. In this twisted point of view, Des has done quite a large amount of damage to many of humanities greatest assets. Not even loyal to Death himself, she stay neutral only doing what she is told. So long as the reward is higher than the loss or effort she must use.
    • Greedy - Desiree is the ultimate consumer, and producer. She is greedy and hoards massive amounts of connections, information, supplies, and man power. But in the process of this massive consumption, she indeed pumps plenty of "product" back into the system. Not exactly meaning to, she ends up wasting all her efforts at times to try and devour more. The girl is known as "Famine's Hunger" for a reason, as she has an insatiable need to feast and gorge herself on what her hosts have to offer. Des can never get enough, and never will as she has a hunger that cannot be satisfied. She must know more than the enemy or the ally. And she always will.
    • Charismatic - Quite the smooth talker, and another companion to her ability to escape, she can literally talk her way in or out of anything. Her tongue is as velvety as it is silver, it doesn't help that her voice is a velvety soprano. There is just something about her that screams bloody murder about her ability to sway. Her technique? Playing to the vanity of humanity and the Horsemen alike. Everyone wants something, but no one wants it more than she does.
    • Deceptive - Do not let her looks, smile, and light hair fool you. She is the master of deception, and will rob you out of house and home before you can even say, "Well aren't you a sweetie". Des has the appearance of a completely normal, pretty, young woman. Her features are feminine, but her aura commands respect and also protection. Everything about the woman is deceptive, and she will most likely be lying to you every second you spend talking to her. But instead of lying, she simply tells you her own twisted version of the truth. In fact, Des doesn't do much lying. That would mean the things she says aren't true. Which in another world, they can be true.
    • Merciless - Compassion and Desiree were never meant for each other, the young woman is known for starving her targets to death. Holding back any knowledge, food, shelter, warmth... everything. Des is a fan of slow painful torture, and she is quite unapologetic. This trait makes for a fantastic Inquistor, but dangerous as she has not once released one of her "political war party related" prisoners. Though most of her branch turns a blind eye to what happens when she brings home a new toy.
    • Sardonically Religious - Desiree has a sarcastic near humor religion due to her upbringing. She will often talk about her "sins" and her deal with the devil. Religion the only thing that she speaks of lightly, its almost inhuman. But then again, there is nothing human about her. At times she almost uses her religion as an excuse for what she does, praising the lord before she stops someone's heart. It is all very amusing to some, but something that she takes quite seriously.

    Agent of Famine
    "It is of all the world I will devour."

    Desiree is a special case for the Famine branch, most of its agents were once well to do. But they signed their soul over to do terrible things for a terrible cause. Desiree, however, is the first subject in a new project that consists of training criminals to do contracts for the branch before they actually become an agent. Like an initiation. When Desiree was chosen, she wasn't thrilled or adamant about it. In truth she didn't rightly care, and they had promised beneficial rewards. She had been in it for the rewards, not even for the fact she had gotten out of the high security penitentiary in Siberia, Russia. Her contracts were always clean, and damn near perfect. Desiree's designated director immediately pushed her up the ladder to Agent of Famine and head of the Information Department.

    Favored weapon(s):
    Inscribed 8" Dagger
    Double Barrel Shotgun

    Personal skillset
    • Information Broker - Her forte lies with the endless amount of knowledge she has and her ability to get it whenever its needed from whomever. Charisma and Deception is most often her used traits and abilities when working on an information contract. This job is very often a behind the scenes job, and at times she never even sees the person face to face. That is much too traditional for her tastes.
    • Theft - Next to usurping, she can just flat out steal whatever she needs to. Its hard to pin it on her as connections that are blatantly connected to her are rare and hard to come by. Des is quite the sly fox when it comes to petty or massive theft. At times the woman can do it just for kicks and giggles or to plant the seeds of paranoia.
    • Throat-slitter - When the need arises, Desiree has been hired to carry out an assassination for the pure reason of supplies or funds. In this contract she starves her target, never answering a question or need and just before they would die of starvation, dehydration, or pure insanity she would slit their throat and be done with them in no time. During this time, the hostage would spill all the information Des needed to carry out with the rest of the contract.
    • Deception - Des is the master of disguise and all things related to twisted reality. The best actress in her branch, she can fool anyone with a crack in their perception. Desiree is very unapologetic about her acting and in fact has many personalities, resulting in a possible multiple personality disorder. She acts accordingly to the situation at hand.
    • Minor Tactician - Due to her exceptional skills tactics and path wise, she can sometimes be of great help on the field. Working behind the scenes is what she does best, so long as there is a great reward behind the next contract.


    The pale blonde hair matched with a constant change between blue and grey eyes can be quite disarming. She is very slender and agile as well as fit as she was put through basic and advanced military training. The smile that she often wears is very chilly and does not reach the slyness in her just as cold eyes. When out of her uniform, she is a fan of loose clothing and classy shoes. Her street clothing consists of long sleeved dark shirt, light wash jeans, and more often then not oxford shoes. The necklace that adorns her neck is actually a platinum syringe filled with a specially designed starvation chemical engineered by the Pestilence Branch. It is only used for emergencies.

    When in uniform, Desiree sports and all leather armor that is specially designed to strengthen when her blood is shed. In accordance to the blood, there is a small meter attached to her hip that counts the levels in her blood. The hungrier she gets, the faster and stronger she becomes. Though currently there are some technical issues with the armor itself that is being regulated by the mask she wears that duels as a air filter. The suit sometimes saps too much of her blood causing her heart to pound too rapidly and the adrenaline has become what they call "Super AD". It basically turns her into a berserk blood thirsty monster.


    "Some say the world will end in flames. Others by ice. I say we will all suffer, and pay for the sins of others."
    Desiree Black. A child of an unholy union, her father a murderer her mother a thief despised their newborn daughter pale of flesh, eye, and hair. Raised her with an unbreakable and wholly abusive fist. Desiree, child of Russia learned each action and step she took had an equal or greater consequence. Unless each step was taken quietly, muffled by the snow and ice. Sent to St. Petersburg, she attended classes at a private catholic school for girls. There though she was taught never to steal, kill, lie, or blaspheme; she did all three with a ironic unapologetic religious flamboyancy.

    In this all girl school, she became sexually frustrated at the ripe age of 12. Instead of staying celibate, she took great pride in her ability to romance the other girls at the school. This became her trait of deception and charisma, that and her ability and hobby of talking her way out of trouble. In time she became a favorite of everyone in the church. Especially a good portion of the female student population. Eventually she graduated this school though, ripping the hearts out of most their chests.

    "Cold and pure as snow, silent and dark as night. Death do I have respect only for."
    After leaving the church at 18, she found that her mother and father were both executed leaving only her traditional grandmother as a guardian. After only a few months of living with the strict bitter woman, Des found her to be loaded. It didn't take long for Des to slit the woman's wrinkled throat in her sleep, coming upon a large amount of money. After all there were still plenty of her parents enemies that could be blamed, and how could the officials not believe the young woman who had held her grandmother's dying body until the wee hours of the next morning. The scarlet seeping into her very conservative white nightgown. This murder was the young woman's start down and endless spiral to consume.

    The money was put aside for her, by her, for a "rainy day" as she puts it. It kept her going for a while, but she always felt hungry. Not for material things, or bread and water. But for knowledge.

    "Blood and shouts, music to my ears."
    Desiree yearned for more, more to wrap her long pale fingers around. More to sink her teeth into. So began her life following in her parent's shoes. Desiree stole, pillaged, and murdered her way around the mother Russia that raised her. Each time she only became hungrier until she was uncontrollable and insatiable. The woman began to rape, torture, and slay whatever got in her way. Sometimes all three. Desiree was not hungry for information, but for blood. She wanted to hear the screams of terror, and taste her victim's blood on her hands. Even now she still hears the cries in her dreams, but a part of her doesn't mind and still craves it. But then, she was sloppy. Leading a trail of blood right up to her door step.

    Russia had come to take its dues.

    "Sickness is subjective to the weak. I take control of my insanity."
    Desiree was filled with a sickness, she had left a brilliant scarlet and gold trail behind her. But as she was thrown into the coldest of prisons. She desired evermore. Even within the steel walls of a jail cell, she would kill and steal. Never stopping. Not until she arrived at the Siberian Penitentiary. This High Security containment system went completely under the radar for hundreds of years. The Russian Government turning a blind eye to its experiments and torture. Only the worst prisoners went there, and they went there to die. But Desiree didn't care. At the young age of 20, she had went there with a numb, starved body. They did countless experiments on her body. Testing anything from resilience, perception, hunger, to willpower and weakness. She reacted only positively to these tests, showing an extraordinary evolution to anything they threw at her. Soon she was diagnosed with a severe personality disorder. Desiree had the ability to take on the biological make up of each new personality, in short she could retrain her brain to her own whims. Even more extraordinarily, she was able to keep her own personality in the startlingly high influx of new personas.

    She became something of a prized possession of the facility, and due to this the blind eye became an increasingly curious eyes. Desiree Black became very closely watched, by an interesting group of people.

    "I will devour it all, and still I will be hungry for more."
    It took only a single year for Desiree to be taken into custody by an agency call "The Horsemen". She didn't mind the vagueness of their operation, only that they promised rewards. That is all she cared about. Four months of basic military training, Eight months of advanced boot camp. All through it she pushed herself over her limits and became stronger with each passing day, when finally she broke. Five captains were injured during Desiree's rampage. Though The Seals forgave her. Desiree was finished with her training at the age of 22, and placed in the Famine Branch. The woman showed only the readiness to complete the contract which she had gotten a taste of two years prior. The rest... is only hunger and strife.

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