The Horror of Feros

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  1. Looking for a partner who is willing to play the role of a detective and possibly play the partner as well if you would like. Otherwise I can handle the partner. As for the personality, gender, and appearance of the detective that is up to you completely (you can also customize the partner as well if you're controlling him/her)

    Here's the setting and story I have set up for the RP.
    (Names of the detective and partner are just filled in for the purpose of this summary, you get to make the name for your characters of course lol)

    Time Period is the early 1900s, location is a fictional one but is focused around a small city and rural countryside

    The chill of the night air was bitter on Nick's hands... he smashes the cigarette against the wall of the bar and flicks it off down the alley before he walks along the sidewalk towards his home. The cheap whiskey had failed in the one job it had for the man, the memories were all still there in his head. Jill, Mabel, Nathan... his wife, daughter, and 10 month old son haunted him nearly every night... reminding him of the starless night that swept his orderly and happy life from his grasp. Mabel's birthday, yet another reason Nick could never forget what happened that night

    ---Flashback Start---

    There were no more guests and he was cleaning up the mess of balloons, discarded candy wrappers, and half eaten food. Jill was putting Nathan down for bed and all that it entailed and Mabel was enjoying the dolls and toys she had received in the privacy of her bedroom. He wasn't planning on making her clean up the mess, it could wait... it was the weekend and the girl could use a day of fun in the dreary grind of school and studies. However such peace and fun was not to last as a loud crash resonated from within the house, such a violent sound may as well have been a bomb in Nick's ears. In an instant he had dropped the trash bag and sprinted across the yard and into the house heading right for the rifle he had mounted on the wall "Jill?! What's happening?!" He stopped in his tracks as he saw a man standing at the base of the stairs looking up towards the second floor. He was completely naked and charred... like a hotdog abandoned on the grill for far too long. Nick could smell his cooked flesh and his eyes widened as he saw the trail of footprints that started at the door. Each step this man had lost some flesh on the wood of the floor, gooey melted globs of skin and flesh left imprints of the man's feet with each step

    His staring was only broken when the man raised a foot and proceeded to head up the stairs. Nick launched himself as fast as he could to reach the rifle while shouting as loud as he could "JILL!!! GET THE KIDS AND CLIMB OUT THE BACK!" Upon obtaining his old hunting rifle he loaded a round he kept hidden nearby in case of emergencies like a home invader like this. He ran for the steps taking them several at a time until he reaches the top and sees the trail of flesh footprints leading straight to Nick and Jill's room. Nick took only seconds to arrive and shoulder the rifle, aiming down the sights at the Charred Man's head. Without even asking what he was after Nick fired, after all what would a man who looked like this say? He shouldn't even be alive or moving in this condition! Which is why he shouldn't have been surprised by the fact that the bullet ripped through the man's head and burst it like a balloon. The flesh drooping down the man's torso, yet it still stood. It turned and looked at Nick with one wide bloodshot eye as it took a step towards him. Nick's heart grew cold and his stomach was in knots as he knew he had no more ammo in the rifle, not that it had helped. He looked towards Jill and opened his mouth to speak but instead his mouth was filled with the hand of the creature. He had moved so swiftly and shoved his hand all the way down his throat in nearly an instant, the hand and arm melting in his mouth and burning him so badly as he vomited violently yet in vain. Choking on his own vomit and the flesh of this supernatural creature he lost consciousness...

    ---Flashback End---

    Nick lit up another cigarette as he waited at the train station and he glared at the couple who giggled and played with each other's faces like mere children. Nick remembered exactly what happened next. He had woken up in the hospital with several suits waiting to question him. They said his wife and children had disappeared, no traces at all... No blood or signs of a struggle. The only one there was Nick surrounded in his own vomit and trembling in a corner letting out hoarse wheezing breaths like a man in a panic. With his throat so burned it was so long before he was able to tell his story. Though there wasn't a day that went by that he didn't regret it. He lost his job as Bruenwich City's lead detective and was committed to a mental institution for years until he managed to be 'cured' and released... From then on he had been taking odd jobs like this one as a private investigator. Nick looks down at the envelope and mumbled the contents of the note aloud to himself once more "Nick, Your services have been humbly requested by Mr and Mrs Syrrus Tibalt. They would like to meet you in person but are not in good health enough to do so. Please take the 4:50am westward train at Quinton Station, it should be the only one at that time and it should only have one stop. There will be a driver waiting there for you, please feel free to bring whatever you wish and here is your advance. Forty percent as you usually like to bargain for..." There had been $840 within the envelope. With that kind of cash Nick could have just ran off and lived his life in another city for months! But his morals weren't the reason he hadn't done just that... It was the final item that was in the envelope. A small picture of three very gloomy looking people. A woman, a teenage girl, and a child... He could recognize them quite easily. His family, the very people he had thought he lost to the devil all those years ago. Yet here was evidence of them very much still alive and standing in front of a large fountain in front of a manor. Likely the client for this job. Oh he had some questions for these people and-

    "Hey boss sorry I'm late, again" Nick damn near jumped out of his skin as he leaps to his feet and turns to see his partner looking at him with an amused expression "Dammit Samantha! I told you before not to pull that kinda shit with me! I coulda blown your head off! And you're lucky this damn train isn't here yet or I would have left your ass here and took your cut with me!" The woman sighs and shakes her head "A shame to think what you would waste it on... Well I see the train coming up now, shall we?" A train was indeed approaching the station. A very old nearly rundown piece of garbage more like it, but it seemed to be running just fine despite the age and patches all over it...

    And that's the end of the little backstory behind the main character and the events before the start of the RP. The story of the RP follows this detective searching for the answer to what happened to his family 7 years ago. The unbelievable incident that tore his life apart and stole his family from him all without any reason. Except that there is a reason for it, one so dark it will take 'Nick' into a world he never imagined was possible. Creatures that only existed in the minds of fearful children staring at a cracked closet door. Normal people who managed to be worse than any monster could ever be... and other more mysterious things beyond human comprehension

    Now of course you can change Nick's name/personality/gender/appearance and I will adjust the story accordingly. Same with the partner if you wish to control him/her

    Anyone interested in taking a trip to the tiny city of Feros and figuring out this mystery against all odds?
  2. I am also open to talks for different main characters if you really want to develop one of your own and have me tie it into the story. I can be very flexible and creative with this
  3. I'm interested L:

    Can I pm u?
  4. Absolutely :)
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