The Horror Hunt System

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  1. Hunted (open)

    You are the Hunted.
    you steer clear of the Monsters, while hunting your target.
    You have a Personality Concept, how your character's personality is.
    The rules will be modified to match your personality, and this will be one of the major clues for the ones hunting you.
    The Hunted have a set of 4 cards they must use before getting a new set, and every time they use a set of cards, a beacon is let out, letting the nearest monster know of your general location.
    A Random number generator will assign your target, and you must learn who your target is while exploring a hostile environment, while also watching out for the other hunters and Monsters.

    Monsters (open)

    You are the Monsters, inhuman creatures that hunt the Hunted.
    You create a monster based on a Monster Concept, what your monster is closest to. It will act like a Personality Concept, but more extreme.
    The Monsters have a set of 9 cards they must use before getting a new set, and when they all use a set of cards once, the environment changes into a monstrous otherworld, which changes when they all use a set of cards once again.
    Your goal is simple, kill all the Hunted.
    There will be a competitive aspect, with the monster with the most kills getting a bragging rights item for future rounds, and the losers getting an advantage, 2nd place a minor advantage, and 3rd place a major advantage. Ties will result in duels to learn who the winner is.

    Card Set (open)

    Uno Deck.
    1-10: Similar to die rolls. Use for major events or conflict.
    Reverse: If you goof up, you can rewind back a turn.
    Skip: You can cause something to have to skip a turn, giving you two turns to act instead of one.
    Draw 2: Draw two cards. Free card.
    Wild Card: Can act as any card type or color.
    Wild Card Draw 4: Same as Wild Card, plus Draw 4 Cards.
    May spend card for color instead of type.
    Green: Support- Gain building or healing item, or get some help or protection from an NPC ally.
    Tier 1: Minor potion. Shadow out of sight guiding the way. .
    Tier 2: Healing kit. Direct guidance by an unseen figure or ghost.
    Tier 3: Scroll of Healing. NPC who has no idea what's happening.
    Tier 4: Book of Magic. NPC who knows what going on here.
    Red: Offensive item- Gain a weapon or trap.
    Tier 1: Common house and shed tools. Scraps
    Tier 2: Common Firearms. Large or gas-powered tools. Fairly well maintained car parts.
    Tier 3: Military grade weaponry. An actual trap.
    Tier 4: Rocket launchers. Magic weapons. Evil warding scroll.
    Yellow: Hide spot or escape way- Summon a hiding area or an unexpected pathway, and gain space between you and your pursuer
    Tier 1: A closet or bed.
    Tier 2: Trap-door Cellar, leading to another room.
    Tier 3: Invisible hallway, with an illusionary or fake wall.
    Tier 4: A place of sanctuary, unable to be visited by Monsters. Doesn't ward off Hunters. Temporary.
    Blue: Lore and clue- Gain Intel on your fellow Hunted and Monsters, or reveal some of the map
    Tier 1: Very vague or riddled with riddles.
    Tier 2: More understandable, but doesn't tell you who it's for.
    Tier 3: Useful, and hints toward a Monster, Hunter, or Prey.
    Tier 4: Very useful, and who it's for is heavily implied.
    Green: Minions- Summon monsters of your own. They don't show the Hunted's location unless specifically noted, but they may damage or kill the Hunted, or cause the Hunted to make excess noise.
    Tier 1: Basic Mook-Basic cannon fodder
    Tier 2: Basic Mook Varient- Mostly the same, with one special ability
    Tier 3: Elite Mook- Quite a bit more powerful than basic, and have many special abilities
    Tier 4: Mini-Boss- Slightly less powerful than the main Monster, and have a more noticeable weakness. Basically, Monster Jr.
    Red: Offensive item- Allows ability use or weapon creation
    Tier 1:Short, not very powerful
    Tier 2:Moderate, take caution
    Tier 3:Powerful, Really gonna hurt
    Tier 3:Overkill slightly?
    Yellow: Trap and Scare- Sets up a trap or scare for unfortunate passer-bys. Shows the Hunted's location to the Trap's owner. Scares track and stay active for a while
    Tier 1: Oh no, a waist height fence
    Tier 2: Oww! Stupid bear trap!
    Tier 3: Help! My leg's trapped in barbed wire!
    Tier 4: *Carbonite*

    Blue: Puzzle- Make a puzzle area, with an incentive of Intel or Items.
    Tier 1: Which hole does the round peg go into again?
    Tier 2: I don't like jigsaw puzzles!
    Tier 3: Well, that algorithm was quite a challenge.
    Tier 4: *Braindead* due to complexity
    You may stack up to 4 of a same color at once, allowing for a more powerful version of the color. You can only play the stacked color, not the unstacked color, while you are stacking, but you can still play the type. While you are stacking, you receive three cards when you play your remaining three cards. Once you play the stack, for (x*(x-1) turns, cards of that color are discarded. You may only have one stack of cards stacking.
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