The Hope of a New Galaxy

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    Judith, Head captain of the ship Penelope V7

    Judith waited in the controls room as the rest of her crew came in. They were on a special mission today, and if they failed; their planet would succumb to death, and be nothing but a mere space dust in the Traverse Galaxy. She sighed and sipped at her coffee. It was lukewarm and tasted bitter. She wished she could put a little sugar in it, but the control room held no sugary substances anywhere. Judith watched as one by one each of her crew came into the control room. She waved at them and smiled, she had been with this crew for ten long years, going on space missions frequently.

    It had been twenty years ago to this exact date, that the planet started to deteriorate from lack of metals in the core. Judith loved her home planet very much, but they needed to find a new one, in a new galaxy, somewhere far away. One that would help them succeed in life and make sure their new home was one they could live on for the rest of the Welterian's existence. She wished that she could just stay and be with her family, but she was the head captain, and she was specifically requested for this mission for her expert skills in driving the ships about space.

    The Commander of Welterian came into the room, and he had a worried look in his eyes, but who didn't nowadays? Judith bit her lower rose colored lip and waited for him to speak to her.
    "Please understand Judith, I need this planet to go on and live, but I can't just let you do this mission alone.." He began and she raised a slender brow at him and spoke softly.
    "What do you mean Commander? I have my whole crew going with me." She told him and gestured to her crew that was all standing in the room.
    "Well, yes. But, I need someone from my side watching you and helping you. Please Judith, just let him come on your ship and help you find our planet a new home." He asked her, practically pleading with her. She narrowed her eyes and shrugged her shoulders.
    "Who is this man that you are sending with me?" She asked curiously.

    The commander gestured to the door, and as it slowly opened she saw the man she was suppose to let go on her ship while they found their planet people a new home.
  2. 'Sgt. Sanderson.' Was carefully sewn on his uniform. He looked around and briefly saluted the captain. All those little lights, 'blips' and 'blaps' of the computers and machinery... Aaron wasn't used to all of that. Not that he was new in the army, actually, he had been serving in the army for almost ten years now, but he was more of a ground soldier. A grumpy marine, still in his thirties, not too inteligent, but really smart with medium area of effect tactics, really skilled shooting at the bad guys and of course, blowing stuff up. Aaron still wasn't sure why he was ordered to be part of an exploration ship, and even he was aware of the issues his planet was living and how important was to find another place to live, he didn't understood why a ship like that would need a man like him. Well, I guess every ship needs strong people to punch things on the face... Thought him, trying to pay attention to the captain and the comander.


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  3. Judith raised an eyebrow at the man. He didn't seem much like a space cadet type of person, he was more ground military. She coughed and crossed her arms underneath her breasts. She glared at the Commander.
    "Who the hell is that? He doesn't look like someone who could go up in space for even a minute!" She snorted and scoffed at the man, she didn't like him to begin with. She sighed and turned to her crew.
    "Well ladies and gentleman, this mission is officially screwed." She laughed and so did her crew, she turned back to the two men and extended her leather gloved hand to the man.
    "The name is Judith Meyers, please to meet you."She chuckled and shrugged her shoulders and shook the man's hand. She let go and waited for the commander to speak again.
    "Alright Judith, don't kill him, and find our planet a new home! We are ready for you to go." He told her and smiled, she smiled back, but a little wary. She sighed and gestured towards her crew and they exited the control room. Judith turned back to the man as she headed out the door.h
    "Come on skippy, we have a long mission ahead of us." She chuckled and left the control room, not bothering to look back if he followed or not.

    Soon Judith and her crew were boarding the Penelope V7 and she felt all the controls and sighed happily. She was in her home away from home. She started up the engine and began the check for any faulty equipment on the ship, and searched around for the man that was supposed to be going with her, she hissed and sighed and yelled out loud.
    "Where are ye', Hurry up and get to the Engine control room immediately Skippy!" She called out and sighed and turned to get her drink and she sipped at it slowly, waiting for the man, if he even was on board!
  4. (( I'm going to advance to the point we were at. ))

    "Sargeant Aaron Riley Sanderson, Sir." Said him firmly, replying to her question about his name. Hopefully that would en all that 'skippy' thing. Taking a quick look around it was easy to see that all the 'blips' and little lights were eager to start doing whatever they were supposed to do. As ordered, Aaron took a seat next to the Captain and fastened his belt. Aaron was used to be outside the homeworld for long periods of time, but this felt different... He knew that this was going to be a long mission, that they may even never return home... But somehow, that didn't made him feel sad, he knew this mission was important. Nothing a deep breath can't fix.