The Holy Grail Wars

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  1. Greetings. I have some free time and would like to find a dom male partner for the Main Guy Character. I prefer the Main Guy Character to be a male in real life, the rest can be whatever. ^^; My idea is open to a one-on-one or group RP. This doesn't have to be Mature either.

    This thread is an indicator of whether this RP is filled, which characters are opened, and to determine who is interested. I will be creating a group for this RP in which you may be added in.

    The Holy Grail Wars
    Based on Fate/Stay Night.

    If you do not know much about the series you can look it up on here. We can either use the actual characters or make our own. I will provide character sheets.

    As for the plot, it’s under construction, but if anyone can help me out or wants to pitch in ideas, it would be much appreciated.


    Characters for the RP

    _x_ Saber --- I will be playing this character
    __ Saber’s Master [Guy Character]
    __ Archer
    __ Archer’s Master
    __ Rider
    __ Rider’s Master
    __ Berserker
    __ Berserker’s Master
    __ Caster
    __ Caster’s Master
    __ Lancer
    __ Lancer’s Master

    Villains/ Misc./Others Upon Approval