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    "Ello. My name?.. Abbey. Abbey Mustang..."
    "As I recall... I'm either eighteen or nineteen... No, I'm nineteen."
    "At this moment... Well, I'm not very social.... I've been told that I over think things a lot and that I'm naive. Since I don't remember what I was like, I guess they could be right. From how things are, it points to them being correct. Though there are times that they lie to me.. It hurts to know, and I cry over it when I don't want to. I rarely get angry with people, not enough to get physical anyway. When I do, it's when someone is being mean to my friends... Or the people I think are my friends... Amnesia makes things hard on me. I don't remember my parents' faces, or what I liked to do on the weekends. I can't even recall what food I like... At least I'm still alive, I'm sure I'll be alright. From what my friends say, I've been on my own for a while."
    "Apparently I have a bad habit of falling out of my bed in my blanket cocoon."
    "I have no grace what-so-ever."
    "I'm really dense, but I'm good at strategizing. Ironic no?"
    "I will never leave a friend when they need help."

    Interesting Facts:
    She is completely dense when it comes to boys and anything involving romance.
    There is also a small fanclub forming that has been following her since her amnesia was brought on.
    She is from America but had moved to Japan during her childhood, not that she remembers.
    For some reason she hates being referred to as girly or shorty.
    This girl is the shortest in her class of giants.

    She has amnesia and knows practically nothing about the Holy Grail War.
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  2. [​IMG]

    “The name is Archer that’s all I will unless you are my master.”
    “Age is not much of a number for me…….”

    “In my days of life I was a very quiet person unless I was with my Merry friends. The rulers of my land did not like me to be around even though I was a very loyal knight for the old king, who fought in the war.”
    “I love to eat well with my comrades after a good day of pay”
    Interesting Facts:

    Interesting facts about me…………. Not much to tell I do not want to tell anyone about my history because you should of seen my movies or my many books.
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  3. The day had started out like every other. Abbey had gotten up after falling off her bed, wrapped in a blanket cocoon. She met up with her friends to walk to school. They talked about the strange incidents that had been happening as of late. The rise in the stabbings around their school, the random hobo on the block that just stared at people, and the rumors of the school. Only the first one had piqued her interest enough to talk. Even though it was only a few words.
    She tried a new food today, and also found out that she detested bitter things.

    Answered the teachers' questions, and helped clean the classroom when the day had ended. Then she took her time walking to her part-time job at a cafe. She dealt with the common pervert and annoying customer with a warm smile. That was when things fell out of routine. Normally she would leave when her shift was done, but she had stayed to help close up. Abbey had declined the offer for her male coworker to walk her home even though it dark.

    On her way home it happened. The incidents that she had thought would never happened to her became a reality. It was by pure chance that she had escaped with only a deep gash on her face and arm. If she hadn't tripped... The person before her would have killed her. As time began to slow down, her voice rang out in the moment as if calling for some outside force. Her tears blurring her vision heavily.
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  4. It was a peaceful day in my time I had no Concerns what so ever for the day to me was normal. Until, The ruler finally found out about our hide out deep in the woods of Nottingham. I pulled out a black arrow with purple markings pierced into the edge of the tip. “I king John hear by order your deaths by the Gallows.” He said smiling on top of his pure brown horse. “You have no right to all yourself king, Now ALL HAIL KIN RICHARD!!” I yelled out releasing my arrow, but I heard a girls cry for help. It was not long after that moment I vanished from my forest environment and was put behind a girl my arrow came with me just leaving my bow.

    The arrow moved above the girls head and scratched the cheek of the assaulter. The assaulter stopped in his tracks and quickly moved back smirking. “What is going on here?” I asked and as the words left my mouth the instructional guide it seemed like to this Holy Grail war entered my mind. “So you must be another one of these servants correct?” I asked the man in front of me. “Yes, you must be the archer servant and I am the assassin servant.” He mustered licking his lips and holding onto a sharp what seemed to look like a modern day kitchen or butcher knife. The man was covered in black but wore a black top hat. “You know its not polite to try and hurt a young girl.” I spoke pulling out another arrow and reeling back my bow, tightening my grip and narrowing my eyes to get a good glimpse of the targets chest. “Assassin retreat for now.” A young boys voice ordered coming from the alley way. The assassin servant quickly vanished as I lowered my bow and put away my arrow into my quiver.

    I quickly kneeled down to check on the girl pulling my black hood down showing my blonde hair and blonde Go-tee and showing true face to my new master. “You know you’re kind of short for a master.”
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  5. The dark haired female could only watch with blurred vision at the appearance of another person. Who looked a lot like a black blob at the moment, but something shined, a point of an arrow to be specific. Her pale hand wiped her unshed tears while she listened to the conversation that unfolded. Servant? Assassin? What was going on here!?
    The two men before her continued speaking for a few more seconds before a young boy's voice came from an alleyway and the man that she presumed to have attacked her disappeared. Yet the one with the bow stayed. In fact, he had kneeled before her sitting form while pulling back his hood. Revealing his blonde locks and relaxed face.
    A pink flush was fighting its way to her face from his looks alone before he decided to open his mouth. Even in her confusion about everything, she still had a one-tracked mind when it came to that word. Her eyes closed while she stood up on her own, but not without huff of annoyance leaving her lips.
    "Thank you.."
    Abbey trails off in a civil tone that had yet to be shared with her body language. Then again, she could also be holding her arm because it was bleeding enough to stain her school uniform's shirt and jacket tared sleeve red. Even the cut on her cheek had a small line of red going down her cheek before dropping onto her collar.
    "You must be mistaken though... I'm no master."
    With that she opened her eyes to give a narrowed stare before pointing at finger at his face.
    "And I'm not short..."
    Then she briefly glanced at her finger to see the red on it. Thus it finally dawned on her that it was not just mere cuts she had sustained. Which lead to her face going from an annoyed look to a semi-panicked one.
    "Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.."
    The two words being repeated like a mantra as she began quickly walking forward. Her house only a few minutes away. She had to disinfect the gashes, or they might get infected. Abbey's thoughts going toward what would happen when her classmates saw her. Even from behind, her body tensed while her pace sped up significantly. Her friends would freak out and her coworker would blame himself. That thought did not help ease her mind at all.
    "It wouldn't have been his fault!"
    She mumbled to herself with a pout, somehow her mind had went from her own traumatizing event to the reactions and guilts of others within only a few minutes.
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  6. I looked upon my master’s face and was confused by her reactions to him as if she did not know anything of the Holy Grail war, granted I did just learn them myself. There must have been so much going on within my master’s head. I looked at her wounds and ripped the sleeves off of my shirts and ripped them again to cover up her arm’s cut and to try and put pressure on her cheek to stop blood from coming out. I tide the make shift bandage together tightening it as much as I could without hurting her too much. “This should stop the blood from your arm and your cheek should be fine now.” I told her throwing away the sleeve I used to cover and dab her cheek with.

    “Well your wrong and two things one you are somewhat on the smaller size range and you are a matter of fact my master.” I explained to her. “You must have known this day was coming since you are a magician, to have summoned me here, right?” I asked her looking at her wondering why she did not know of the Holy Grail war. I then heard people starting to come out of the café shop and I quickly scooped up my master into my arms princess style and I leaped to a tall building hiding up to here to stay out of sight. The jump did surprise me a bit but I was even more surprised by how I am not invisible right now, most masters would hide the presence of servants to all humans but I could not sense being cloaked at all.

    Could it be that she wasn’t a magician after all but that’s impossible. “Master if I may ask what your formal name is? Also do you remember your parents telling you about a great war?” I asked her hoping her answers would give him answers instead of having to find and silicate with a Priest………. It might seem weird that I don’t like clergy men but I have my reason trust me on this fact.
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  7. Not long after she had begun walking, her savior had gotten her to stop and had ripped his sleeve. He had wrapped her arm with it, gingerly too, as if to not hurt her. Though she still winced, even small bits of pressure were not welcomed on that arm. Yet, that did not bothered her. What bothered her was how he had then proceeded to dab her cheek with the extra fabric. One blue orb closed as he put pressure on her cheek, causing it to burn with dull ache.

    Though his handiwork allowed it to stop bleeding, for which she was thankful for. As she parted her lips to thank him, he started speaking and had brought up her height, or lack thereof, up again. Abbey had just begun to form a witty response back to him when she was scooped up. His arms holding her firmly to him as he jumped up into the air. A small squeak came from her by the sudden change of scenery, and the great distance she was from the ground.

    Her face lit up to a bright pink in embarrassment, from the squeak and from being pressed up against this strange man's chest while he held her was not something she found very comfortable. Not only did she doubt the sanity of the man holding her, but whether or not he was human. Abbey's hands covered her face from view as she tried to fight off the even brighter flush that wanted to cover her face.

    "Put me down you crazy kidnapper!"

    Behold the first time she raised her voice at another human being today. The girl figtded awkwardly in his arms as her brows furrowed in frustration.

    "I have no idea what you're talking about. One of the boys paid you to prank me didn't they.. This has gone too far for a prank."

    Abbey rambled on as she tried to make sense of things in her own way. Yes, it was highly unlikely that this was a prank, but it was just as unlikely for what the blond man to be telling to the truth at the moment. Given that she had no idea what he was talking about. Though she grew still upon him asking about her parents. Blue orbs stared at the ground below as she quietly answered him.

    "... No.. I don't remember anything... I... I have amnesia."

    From him asking her that simple question proved that this wasn't a sick prank. Her classmates already knew about her condition. That she didn't remember anything but her name... Even her age had been fuzzy. There were no memories of her parents, her childhood, nothing until she enrolled into the Academy here.

    ".. So you made a mistake.... You must be looking for another Abbey."
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  8. "So, my suspicions were right, you dont remember anything about your heritage of being a magician." I said letting the poor girl go. "Also i would of never came to your aid if you weren't the right girl, Abby, cute name it suites you." I said looking around for the church. "Were is the town church do you know?" I asked hoping she would.

    Even before she even responded I picked her up again leaping this time several times. Stopping in front of the church. "Hmm Servant instincts come in handy."

    I said walking into the building seeing a man in a priest robe with blue hair and a small thing blue pony tail. "Its strange to see the servant who was in the past two Grail wars now the Priest and observer of the War." I said looking at the old Lancer servant.
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  9. "How many times do I have to tell you. I'm not a magician."
    Abbey says while rubbing the back of her neck, happy to have her feet on the floor. She crossed her arms as she turned her head in the opposite direction as him. Her cheeks growing a little bit warmer from his compliment.
    "No... Why- Hey! Stop picking me up!"
    As much as being carried like a princess by a handsome stranger was every girls dream, this dark haired girl still did not feel comfortable around him. Especially since he kept picking her up like a doll, it didn't help that she was trying her hardest to hold her skirt down. His jumping around did not help at all with that in mind. In fact, the gust from his jumping alone made the parts of her skirt that weren't being held down flutter in the wind. What made matters worse was that she had unwillingly got a peek of the far away ground.
    Thus she was now biting her lip to keep from screaming, as well as hiding her face into his cloak for the time being until he got to the church.
    "Put. Me. Down."
    Abbey stressed each word despite it being muffled by his cloak, for she refused to leave the safety of the blindness until her feet were touching the ground. Silently, she promised herself that if he tried to do this again without asking her first, she was going to kick him in the shins. Not that she thought it would do much, considering he had just jumped his way to the church.
    "Why is this happening to me.."
    She mumbled to herself, questioning everything that had just happen and will happen to her.
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  10. “Master Abby, you need to calm down this is how your family works.”

    I looked around and smiled letting her down. “You should calm down please and listen to the priest.”

    Lancer smirked and looked around, “You just need to sit back and listen.” Lancer stood in front of them and placed his hands behind his back. He explained everything about the Holy Grail wars rules and regulations. He also told them the stories of His past two Holy Grail wars he was in.

    “See this is what we are here for, and please tell me you understand a bit more now.” I told her and asked her. I was really interested in how she was going to react and how she would take all of this in.
  11. For the most part, Abbey had remained calm. She wasn't freaking out as badly as one thought she might. Though she was even more confused. The explanation told her nothing about why she was participating in this war. She still did not believe she was a magician in the slightest. Nothing from what she could remember gave an inclination of her having magic. Plus magic wasn't real. Yet, to deny the existence of the two men before her would be impossible.

    She numbly sat down in one of the pews as she stared at her hands. So she had powers, and that was how she summoned this guy. Briefly, her eyes glanced up to the blond Archer. He showed strength and skill beyond what a human could achieve within a lifetime, but he had saved her.

    "UGH! This can't be happening!?"

    She groaned out loudly while letting her face rest in her hands. How could she just get put into this war? A war she was completely unprepared for. A war she had a high chance of dying in. That's when it finally sunk in. Her eyes welled up in tears as the full concept made itself known to her.

    "I almost died already... And I'll have to... To... To defeat other people.."

    Abbey's voice grew quiet to where it seemed it came out barely above a whisper. As a reminder, her arm felt a dull ache pulse through it. Death was a possibility for her inexperience. Not that she should be blamed for that, she was admitted into the war by chance. But in war, the only ways out was either death or winning through the death of others. Would she really have to kill other people to survive this? Was there really no other way out?

    The blue haired priest before her had already stated that to be the case.

    "I don't want to understand... I want to go back to being normal and not having people try to kill me."
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  12. I listened to her words with pain inside my heart. Seeing the sadness inside her, hurt him even more than she would ever know and he did not fully comprehend why. 'Maybe if I didn't answer the call for help this could of saved her from this heartache. No! Don't think like that. If I didn't help her then she would if surely died.' I thought to myself looking at her take a seat.

    Lancer was scheming somethingby the look on his face. I could tell this, but I left him be. I was only concerned with the somewhat harsh words that came from my masters mouth.

    "If you wish to go back to normal without dieing then i must die, or you must use all of your three command seals."

    I told her bluntly, now i had turned my face to lancer in hope he might strike me down and take care of Abby.

    "Archer even if you would die by my hand or any others then your master would still be in trouble of losing her life. Because any master would know that it is best to take out both the master and the servant together"

    Lancer said he then smirked as he summoned his red lance out of no where. He quickly went to stab at Abby testing her knowing fear was in play at this moment. With her being fearful she would probably protect herself with her own magic if not then it would be able up to archer to be quick on his feet.
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  13. Abbey wiped her eyes with her uniform's sleeve, tears would not help her now. Despite that thought, her eyes still watered again. Her heart almost broke in two when she looked up to hear Archer say that he would have to die or she would have to use her command seals. Which, at the moment she had no idea where those were.

    The thought of him dying because of her made the tears that had yet to fall, burst from the side of her eyes and roll down her face. Now it was out of her control, just like the situation had become. Lancer had made a good point. All the other master knew better than her, were less naive than her. They knew that she could still participate even without a servant. She could establish another connection with a prior Masterless Servant.

    Everything began to slow, as a large red and blue blob came into her vision. Blue? Was the priest attacking her too?
    It seemed to be the case, as she lamely fell of the pew she had been sitting at, just barely getting away in time.

    "Why-What are you-I don't-."

    Abbey tried to muster out a sentence as she stared up at Lancer fearfully, his spear sticking out of the spot she had previously been sitting on the pew. Without her thinking about it, she began to back away from him.

    "Observers... Observe? They don't participate... Why are you trying to.."

    The dark haired girl had managed to get out those words in a steady voice, despite her shaking like leaf.​
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  14. I quickly grabbed the lance's blade with in my hand pulling it out of the pew. My hand was bleeding but I did not care I was furious, at what lancer just did.

    "Well that was not what i was expecting i was hoping you would have used your magic." Lancer said looking at me. He made his lance disappear, as he then dusted off his robe. "Well i would like to say im sorry." He said turning around and seeming to disappear completely.

    "That dang priest, I am so sorry he tried to hurt you and that........ I wasnt fast enough........." I told her i then looked at my hand and it quickly healed this caused him to smile. "Hey look, you do have magic i wouldnt have healed so fast if you did not possess mana inside your body." I said smiling. I then helped her up and was holding the door for her. "Lets head home."
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  15. Abbey took a shaky breath to calm her nerves. The smell of iron stinging her nose. Her eyes landed on Archer's hand that had once held the lance was bleeding while he glared at the disappearing priest. A pang of sadness hit her chest as she just watched his hand bleed. He was hurt. While he spoke to her, he too watched his hand. What surprised them both was how it healed. Apparently it was a good thing, besides the obvious, that his hand had healed so quickly, for a smile grew on his face.
    In turn a small one slowly was shown by her in return.
    "I... I'm okay now... So. Don't worry about it."
    The ebony haired girl says while a light pink dusted her cheeks, her eyes falling to the interesting floor. His words about her having magic, and that being what healed him made her feel a little better about the situation. So she wasn't completely defenseless. She could learn, and get better at... Whatever this type of magician does.
    Her thoughts were broken when his hand had grabbed hers tightly and pulled her up to her feet. The suddenness made her stumble a little, but she caught her balance as he walked to the door.
    "Let's head home."
    He said, and that made her look at him with one a pout she had no idea she was doing.
    "I don't know where my house is from here.."
    She admitted as she raised her hand to run her fingers through her hair when a shock of pain in her arm made her force a pained laugh out.​
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  16. I let out a small laugh at her words "I don't know where my house is from here.." He then smiled and looked at her, "I guess we are going to have to give you another ride in my arms." He said smirking as he did put up his hood the purple markings of the hood shining purple with the moon light as his eyes seem to become purple and his face seemed to became a pure dark shadow.

    I then looked around and sighed, placing my hands onto my hips. I looked around and shrugged. "We could always sleep outside or we can......." I stopped mid sentence as i heard a sweet harp song filling my ears. My body went numb as I followed the sound not knowing why.

    (Oc: this will be the caster servant doing all this fyi)
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  17. Abbey's face that had been a light pink, burned cherry red as she heard Archer's laughter. He was laughing at her, but his smiled held no mean feelings. It was warm, not that it took away any of her embarrassment.
    "I guess we are going to have to give you another ride in my arms."
    Groaning, the dark haired girl shook her head to expel the idea. She would rather walk until she saw something familiar.
    "I rather walk then have you carry me like that. It's uncomfortable... Not that your arms are.. I just... Let's just start walking."
    Even more flustered than before, she began walking, trying her best to not look at him. Or else, she might faint from overheating. Though when he had trailed off, she could hear his footsteps going the other way.
    Stopping, the girl turned to check. Sure enough, he was walking in the opposite direction.
    ".. Um... I'm sure it's not that way... Hello?"
    Abbey says as she walked over to his side, he was unresponsive to her. Like he was in a trance. Her hand reached out and gently tugged on his cloak to get his attention. Now was the time that she realized that she never caught his name.
    "... Hey... Hey. Hey!"
    Growing desperate, she raised her voice as she walked beside him. Her lips pulled down in a frown.
    "What's wrong with you?"
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  18. I could not snap myself out of this tone of voice, the harmony it was like listening to the greatest symphony alive. "I...... Can't.... stop......" I was finally able to muster out. I finally stopped in the park, were a maiden stayed in a strange dress what i think most jap's call kimonos. I started to grab my bow to get into a protective state, but i was then stopped as the music started to play once more.

    The lady in front of us has a small harp that seemed to drip water every time a string was plucked. Then a Women about the age of 25 came into light for us to see. She had what seemed to resemble a song book opened in her right hand.

    "So you must be the caster servant and master if i presume correctly. Since can sense two set of mana coming from that maiden." I then looked at my master. "Master you must you your command seals to order me to only move my body in your commands. This will yes take away most of my free will but its risk we must take to fight them!" I yelled but it was too late the caster servant played a harsher tone of song and i pulled out a arrow and pulled back my bow pointing it at Abby. "Ple..ase.... Ru..n..." I said releasing the arrow a tear rolled down my eye as the arrow moved past the hilt of the bow.
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  19. Abbey watched as they continued to walk into a park. His words did nothing to make those feeling die down. In fact, they intesified when she spotted a Servant and Master only a few yards from them. Her insticts told her to run. To run as far as she could away. Blue orbs rested on Archer, she couldn't leave him. His voice filled her ears, as he spoke to the women before them. A caster servant. Wasn't that the one who was like a mage. A mage used magic attacks. Usually had low defense to physical attacks as well as little to no strength. They relied on long distance.
    Then the song began to play. It was a vile song, a song of war. From the corner of her eyes, she could see Archer beginning to move. He was aiming his arrow at her. Within seconds, Abbey crouched low to the ground and went toward the trees. She didn't know why she did this, she couldn't even control her body at the moment. It was moving on it's own. Not from the song, no. It was moving out of habit. A habit she was unaware she had. The arrow went over her head, and struck a tree she had passed. Once out of view, she pressed herself behind a tree as she panted quietly.
    He wanted her to use a command seal. How would she do that? She didn't even know where they were?
    A flash of heat, erupted on her back as if to give her an answer. Bringing her hands together in front of her, like she was going to pray, she inadvertently used a command seal.
    "By the power of the command seals-"
    The wind began to pick up and rustle everything around her. It encircled her and unfortunately gave away her position, but that was power of the seal. No. That was her potential seeping out in moment to prove to the seals, or even to herself, that she was master. A master who could use the seals and wield a Servant.
    A design that looked like wings appeared to glow throw the clothes on her back.
    "Halt all movements not ordered by me!"
    Her voice was meek and quiet at first, like the wind. But it grow louder as the breeze turned to a gust. The insigma glowing on her back faded before it stopped glowing, yet there was burning sensation still on her back where it was.
    The command has been given.
    "Take out the Servant if you can.."
    The doubt was evident in her voice, not due to a lack of faith in Archer's abilities. It was more of her over thinking what could happen. A very clear picture of the two of them dead was imprinted in her mind.​
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  20. I was extremely happy that this was the very first time i missed hitting my mark. I would then see the gust of wind blowing through the air causing my hood to fly back. My eyes would only see the red light shining from the tree, but my ears heard her command perfectly clear. My body felt lighter and more at ease with myself.

    I quickly pulled back my bow not having a arrow in hand but my eyes glowed a dark purple. "This is a power that will cause your deaths." I spoke as, then faced the bow into the air releasing the string of the bow and a dark Magic circle appeared from the sky,"Now Fall Riches of the Earth." What seemed to be Small Gold coins were falling from the sky but in reality it was an illusion to them. Fiery arrows were stabbing into them and all around them.

    Once the first arrow would hit them, they would realize they had been tricked. I quickly ran to my master to cover her ears from hearing their screaming agony. I hated using that power because I was a thief a two bit criminal, because
    i am.........

    The Deadly Marksman and Thief Robin Hood.........
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