The Holy Grail of Fuck my Life

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  1. So I feel like crying right now. I'm not sure if it's just left over fear, sad or angry tears, but they are there.

    So I lost a friend because he decided that me asking for two days off to spend time with my friends was a 'bad' idea, even though my boss was happy with my work and had no problem doing it. He started attacking my character and I just basically said fuck off to him. So now more than ever I am looking forward to this trip, and actually I have a blast until the last night.

    We all went to the beach to take a late night swim, I'm the slowest swimmer of the group. I swim like an otter on it's stomach, I don't breast stroke. One of my other friends is a very strong swimmer. We walk out to the booey (because there was no drop off) and hang out, I break one of my nails through my toes kicking a cement block. So I no longer am able to go as fast as I did getting to the ledge to walk on the booey line. The three of us (there were five in all, just us three decided to swim) start to head back. i'm worried that someone might actually need to help me, but I surprised myself and got to shore the same time my brother did. Suddenly things got really quiet, I barely reach the shore when I hear, 'Help!' and I look back and my friend is actually drowning. He got his foot caught in the lake weed and couldn't get free, so I grab the nearest floaty and tear ass back into the water trying to reach him. But while I am a strong swimmer I am not a fast one and I'm scared that I won't reach him in time. But luckily our other friend who was on shore with the others picked up on the peril our drowning friend was in and dove in. He reached our friend's side and I finally got the floaty to them, the two f us pulled him back to shore.

    If it had only been me he might have drowned. Every time I close my eyes I see him struggling in the water and I hear his crying out and it scares the shite out of me.

    The next day I hurry to work (I couldn't put my boots on, didn't have enough time) so I am wearing Keens. I get really sick at work and spent at least twenty minutes in the bathroom. This entire time I can't get my mind off my friend and what could ave happened.

    To add to my bad day my boss texts me and demands to know why some of the horses weren't given supplements, and it's because she didn't fucking communicate with us about this shite. No message that one horse got the whole pack, not one that said one got his in the fucking noon time. Nope, she loses her shite over something that was her fucking fault because she doesn't have the sense to tell us.

    Fuck my damn life anyway.
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