The Hollow Halls

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  1. A lot of things happen when you become a new kid; new friends and enemies, a change of uniforms, and a new understanding of how bad things can get if you screw up. Except these were normal issues to deal about with transferring school mid year, what wasn't normal was the students playing with magic in the halls or shapeshifters showing off in the middle of classes. Yet in the Hollow Institute, though most students called it the Hollow Halls, it was a normal sight since everyone here wasn't normal.

    It was difficult to integrate into such a wild place, as one of the few new kids, Jay, understood. He was home schooled nearly all his life, taught by his dad since magical abilities ran through his side of the family, that was till life decided he needed to change course. Jay brushed away a few strands of red hair away from his eyes as he rushed to the dining hall for lunch. He was going to be eating alone, again. The boy seemed used to it though, people, warlocks, demons, and anything that simply breathed, had a hard time connecting with him and simply went on it's merry way. The whole dining hall was packed with friends gossiping or engulfing their food, though a few students seemed just as alone as he did.
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  2. Gethin all throughout his life, being somewhat of a loner, usually preferred to be alone. Or not necessarily alone, he just didnt like the people around him. This behavior was most likely because of his father. He was raised by a single parent as his mother had died when he was little. She just disappeared, didnt come home. It wasnt sure ofcourse but Gethin was sure she had died. She was always so kind and loving. Not the type to leave a family. His father on the other hand, the source of his type of magic, was just like him. Kind of a loner. Gethin took after his father, very dark coloured hair though not exactly black. A lean build but manly jaw. And not easy to be around.

    With a sigh Gethin saw his expectations were true. Not one table was occupied with at least one person. The challenge now was spotting the person least likely to talk to him. After walking around and watching he saw the new kid from his class. Up until now nobody had really spoken to him and compared to the other options he was least likely to smell bad too. Reluctantly he took his food to the table and sat down glancing at the red haired kid.
  3. Jay glanced up just in time to meet gaze with Gethin; the student seemed so different than him. Jay was shorter for sure and he also had freckles covering most his pale, acne scarred face. He raised his hand and reluctantly gave a wave to lanky student. "No seats taken," he mumbled, "not many folks here seem to like new kids haha." The laugh wasn't enough to cover up his anxiety over meeting another student. "I'm Jay, been here for about three days or so?"

    As Jay looked over the boy, he wondered what exactly he was considering he was surrounded by students of walks of life. Vampire? No, not deathly pale. Demon? He wasn't hanging out with the other creatures from hell so no. No wings, horns, hooves, extra eyes; everything seemed normal as far as Jay could tell. He bet he was a mage or something akin; those seemed to be what most kids here had.
  4. The boy looked at the talkative redhead in front of him and sighed. "Nope. It takes a while to get used to the surroundings, the people and other creatures and the stuff they teach us." He held out his hand for Jay to shake. "Hello Jay, my name's Gethin. As i noticed you were scanning my face and head for horns, scales and/or mucus ill just tell you. I'm merely a human mage. What type i dont plan on sharing just now. However what i will share with you is that i'd like to have lunch in peace."

    The new kid didnt seem so bad, but Gethin just wasnt one for conversation with everyone though he didnt expect his messmate to be quiet.
  5. Jay gladly shook his hand, "I don't mind you sitting here, first one to ever do so so I'm pretty glad." Secretly the young student was glad that Gethin was just a mage, the possibility of them getting along was just slightly better now. He decided it might be best to eat his fruits and veggies without disturbing the student much. As he took a bite of an apple, he wondered what exactly Gethin was considering how he responded. Maybe it wasn't a common type and people start asking too many questions about it. Thinking about it, Jay would probably be that one person.

    He set down his apple, he wanted to tell him that he was a mage too, but just a boring manipulator type. He didn't say anything aloud for fear the kid might leave for him being too noisy.
  6. Gethin looked up. Somehow the silence coming from his person annoyed him more than if he spoke. "You're way too quiet. Arent you supposed to tell me your type? Your family? Yout hobbies and sports? Your favorite animal and all that sort of thing?" Judging by his red hair Gethin just assumed it was something with fire. He looked that stereotypical to him. Probably some hyperactive firebreather now afraid to not make friends.

    Gethin shook his head. "You know what.. fine, go ahead and talk. Im fairly certain we're gonna have to team up for group projets from now on anyway. Seeing as everyone in the school saw us together."
  7. He smiled at him, he thought he might end up liking this kid. "Okay, so I'm a mage, nothing special. Just a manipulator. I'm suppose to be able to mess around with all these elements but so far my only luck is with earth and rocks and stuff. My dad nearly mastered fauna manipulation, now that's pretty cool." He glanced at Gethin, wondering what exactly he was expecting from him, hopefully he didn't sound too boring.

    "I've been home schooled so sorry if I kinda, well, suck at this whole personal conversation kind of stuff. Not really my thing. Now planting, that's more my thing. Probably have the best green thumb in this whole school," he joked. Jay wondered what classes they had together to make him say that. Was it Magic control 101 or perhaps it was that class on spotting hunters in human societies?, he wasn't sure but he'll see what classes they share soon enough.
  8. Gethin nodded. "So you have your dads magic too huh? Same here. Though i have no clue what he can do actually." He finished his meal and decided to just converse till the bell would save him. "So how long have you been going to school here? Only seen you in mage 101 and demonology so far. What other classes do you have?"
  9. As he took another bite of the apple he said, "Only a few days really. Some stuff happened with my dad and I had nowhere else to go but this place offered to house and teach me. Pretty good deal if you ask me. " Jay dug through his pockets and pulled out a crumpled list that had all his classes on it. He listed them off one by one, "Okay, so I have demonology, Mage 101, Magic control 101, Anthropology of Monsters, Integration Methods into Human Society, P.E., and lastly Advanced Geomancy." He glanced up at Gethin, shoving his paper back into his pocket, "What classes do you have?"
  10. Gethin looked up wondering for a couple seconds. He didnt usually think about what classes he had, he just went to then and did his homework.. partially. "Well uhh. Mage 101, Magic control 101 too actually, Demonology, anthropology of monsters, im skipping integration methods cause i grew up in human society. its too boring and lastly i take the dark magic control and what they call miscellaneous magic control. I dont like it though, i think im pretty good at controlling my magic, i just cant make it stronger cause they wont let me practice, fight or hunt anything.."
  11. "Why do they make you take that miscellaneous class then? Do they think you're dangerous or something?" Jay asked, it wouldn't surprise him if he was; the student simply gave off the vibe of being powerful. "Wait, you hunt? With your powers? Man, that seems a bit too wild for me to do that. Well, unless it was something magical but still, I'd rather not." He finished off his apple, chucking the core into a nearby bin. Jay still had his platter full of vegetables and diced fruit.
  12. Gethin looked at his plate and frowned. "Seems like you're a vegetarian? Dont you need some meat? Maybe gain some muscle power? Either way, yes i hunt. But its all organised from the school. They use the students who can control their powers, no necessarily powerful, to do the odd jobs everywhere. Hunt, clean, entertain.. you name it." He shrugged. "And i dunno if they think im dangerous. I dont think i am, but my magic type is rather, well, unstable. So i guess thats why. Yours however is very well studied so i guess you'll grow magically very quickly."
  13. He didn't take another bite. Looking over his tray, he said "It's hard to grow with your magic when it seems I've been stuck at the same place for years. My dad tried helping and well, never went well. I'd rather have magic that can grow compared to one that just seems... stuck." Jay looked at Gethin, wondering exactly what type he had. Not many seemed to be unstable in general except the powerful kind. "Oh and with the food thing, I guess I'm vegetarian. It's hard to eat meat when you grew up around so many game animals."
  14. "I dont think its normal and i understand that its worrying, but i have absolutely no problem with killing in general. As long as it is with a cause. Like for food, saving someone, preventing terrorism. Stuff like that. Random killings tho.. no. Dont condone that at all." He smiled, something that felt mildly unnatural to him. "And dont worry about the magical growth. Your type of magic is so immensely researched that you'll progress quickly and probably will surpass your parents in no-time"

    A moment later a rather large, brutish half-demon sat at their table and began picking pieces of fruit off Jay's plate and tossed the ones he didnt like on the floor and the ones he thought tasty in his maws. "A fuckin' vegetarian in a demons and mages school? Thats like asking to be the outcast. But from the looks of it you're already used to it huh? Skinny and ginger. We're gonna have some fun with you this year."

    Gethin did nothing about it. His body language was completely calm. Almost stoïc, his eyes however were far from it. A chance to let out some cropped up anger perhaps. But if Jay didnt stand up for himself and he had to rescue him from getting picked on Jay would be in his debt for a while and everyone else would see them as friends..
  15. He glared at the half-demon, holding himself back from throwing the tray of food into the creature's face. "I'd rather if you'd stop that," he requested. The student didn't stop with his weak plea, instead the demon threw a chunk of melon at his face. "Oh man, you really just did that, did you?" he chuckled, wiping away the sticky juice from his face.

    "And whatcha' going to do about that stick? Run away to your mommy and daddy?" the demon mocked. Gethin could tell that hit a sore spot on Jay, his eye turned frighteningly cold for a moment before calming himself down. The half-demon didn't seem fazed by the act at all, it was more like a normal day in the underworld for him.

    Jay slide his tray over to the student, "Have it, I'm not hungry anymore." It seemed that he really wasn't going to stand up for himself, even though he nearly broke away from the hippie state of emotions for a second. Jay didn't want to get into trouble especially at a new school infront of a possible friend. He wouldn't deny that he'd love to create a sinkhole underneath the half-demon or at the very least throw a few rocks at him yet the idea of this causing trouble for him was enough to deter him away.
  16. An enormous grin appeared on Gethins face. One not out of happiness, rather out of joy for what was going to happen next. An aura of still power made its way into the air. The source was obviously Gethin. The shadows under the table and of the people around him somehow spread and started turning the air around them grayish black. Some would describe it as a cloud but it was more like a ink in water.

    Gethin stood up and focused his attention on the demon. To him it was more a curse than a blessing but he had a strog feeling for justice and couldnt sit idly by. Jay wasnt going to teach this creature a lesson so he had to. The shadows began flowing over the body of the demon and restrained its arms and legs. The shadows stopped moving, limiting any movement made. Gethin leaned over the table, still grinning. "Do you fear me?" He asked. The demon merely nodded in silence unable to speak as even its jaws were covered by shadows. "Good" Gethin said coldly. He pointed at Jay "You will not mess with him again or ill make sure he will not be as merciful as i am." With a large, powerful movement of his arm gethin made the shadows throw the demon off the bench and into the dining hall. Gethin sat back down continuing his lunch and in a split second all of the shadows dissipated into nothing. After all that he just looked at Jay, expecting perhaps anger or most likely fear.
  17. "Wow..." Jay seemed to be in shock for a mere moment till his face turned to show giddy. "You can, you can control shadows?! Oh man, oh man that's so cool! That's on par with being a summoner do you you know how cool that it!?" It seemed like the exact opposite of what Gethin was expecting, esecially coming from someone who didn't have the guts to stand up for himself."

    He reached over the table and pulled his tray back to him, stuffing a piece of fruit in mouth. "Wait, Gethin, why did you just do that? I mean, you've know me for what, a total of four minutes? I'm happy you did, it was really cool but why?" Jay didn't have much interactions with other mages or people for that matter but mages who control darkness aren't exactly know for protecting people they've just met.
  18. Letting out a prolonged sigh he shrugged. "Cause i cant stand bullying and other injust things. Doesnt really matter how long ive known you now does it? If someone oughta try something like that around me they can be sure im going to do something about it." He grinned. "Im actually a bit shocked he didnt wait till after lunch. i wouldnt have been around then...this isnt the first time i threatened anyone here you see."

    He continued his meal finishing it. "And what do you mean a summoner? I havent been called a summoner yet... many, many unpleasant things but never that... What would i have summoned just not?"
  19. "No, I meant being on the same level as a summoner. Must have come out wrong, haha," he said. "Summoners aren't common and neither are you, it's pretty cool to be honest because they're both some of the coolest mages." Jay glanced at Gething, "Do people not like you here or something? Or do you just not like people in general?" It seemed blunt but Jay didn't care, he wanted to know more about what people thought of the student.
  20. "Look around.. do you see anyone cheering cause i made some demon piss his pants? No, im not very popular, but i dont generally like people either. dont like their fake personalities. Lying to get others to like them. That is what i call weakness. Be yourself and see if people like you. Now you have no idea who someone really is until you drive them insane, make them fear you or force them otherwise to show their true face. So concluding.. no i dont like people"
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