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  1. I don't know how to explain it-- it's just a rp with my OC Lyvanna-- and I'd possibly like to have parts where Thranduil confronts her.
    Everglade knows what to do XDD
  2. Nah, I'll start XDD

    Lyvanna walked down the hall of the Mirkwood castle, hoping not to encounter Thranduil, the King of Mirkwood, also known as, Lyvanna's tiny little crush.
    She was an elf, and therefore, was not locked in cells with her dwarf friends. Lyvanna had joined the dwarfs and Bilbo on the journey to the Misty Mountains, even though Thranduil had denied her to do such a thing. Lyvanna had obviously disobeyed the kings order, and ventured with her friends anyways.
    She didn't want Thranduil to catch her walking along the halls, in a suspicious manner, because she could have been the next one to be locked up in a cell, for disobeying Thranduil.

    Coincidentally, she caught a glimpse of Thranduil out of the corner of her eye, Lyvanna froze in her tracks. It was silent in the hall she was treading through, no whispers, no footsteps, nothing. All silence.
    She prayed to herself not to have Thranduil see her wandering around, because if he did, Lyvanna would have been in huge trouble.
  3. Unfortunately, Thranduil had seen the familiar shadow of Lyvanna, and questioned himself. He contemplated whether or not to go after it, to see who it was. He was almost certain it was one of his people, Lyvanna. She had gone missing for quite some time, and he wondered where she had been all this time.
    Thranduil was anxious to see who was behind the shadow. He crept out of his throne room, almost tip-toeing down the halls, moving silently and quickly, as almost similar to a Hobbit's movement, so he wouldn't make noise-- he feared the shadow would hear, and make a run for it.

    He peered down one empty hallway, then peered down another to see the same shadow he saw not so long ago. Thranduil continued to follow it, with the same slow movement he had before.
  4. Lyvanna knew it had to be Thranduil that was after her, she saw no use of running, because that would create quite some racket throughout the castle. So, she sauntered down the hall, trying to move as quickly as possible away from the person following her.
    "Quiet yourself. You shouldn't be making so much noise if you're trying to avoid contact with Thranduil." she spoke to herself, and nodded, knowing she was right.
    The more she moved, the closer it seemed Thranduil was approaching her. Maybe she should just stop and wait for him to come, maybe he wasn't going to punish her for disappearing on him after all! Or maybe he would have.
    Lyvanna loved Thranduil, and no matter what kind of attention he paid to her, it was still attention. And she liked that attention, since she was in love with the elf.

    Footsteps became more audible since she stopped herself from making any further movement. Here he comes, moving slowly, with no use of doing so anymore. Lyvanna wasn't going to flee from this one, she knew she was in the wrong, and she might as well deal with her punishment, she was bound to be receiving.
  5. Thranduil grinned to himself, knowing he was getting closer and closer to the person behind the moving shadow.
    When he began to see slight features of the person, he grew more and more excited. Thranduil transformed from a quiet walk, to an audible jog. It wasn't very formal for him, since he was a king. But he just HAD to find out who the person was.

    "L-Lyvanna!" he gasped, when he saw the person, revealed to be Lyvanna standing in front of him.

    He looked into her beautiful blue orbs, his breath taken away. He hadn't seen Lyvanna for a month or two, and to see her again, was sort of-- heartwarming. Her long brunette locks were the same as usual, and looked no different than they had been the last time Thranduil saw them.

    "I-- I." Thranduil choked on his words, trying not to sound-- too emotional towards her. He truly missed her, and wanted to say so many things, but he did not want to come off-- as if he was in love with her.

    "I missed you." he blurted, a bright pink blush dusting his cheeks. He looked down at her, seeing that she was quite happy to see him also, just by the huge smile on her face.
    He wrapped his arms around Lyvanna, pulling her into a tight hug.
  6. "T-Thranduil... I." she gasped, feeling surprised that he had felt-- something for her. She was gone for so long, and he-- missed her? That didn't sound like him at ALL. Lyvanna wasn't complaining though, she could honestly get used to this affection from the Mirkwood elf.
    "I missed you too." Lyvanna beamed brightly, her white teeth flashing, illuminating the halls, as if they couldn't get any brighter. The fear of her being punished by him, soon faded away, knowing that wasn't on his mind, or even close to striking his thoughts.

    She noticed that his crown was not on his head, like it usually was. Maybe he had set it down for a few minutes, and accidentally forgot it in his throne room? Lyvanna ran her hands through Thranduil's thin bleach blond hair, the soft strands tangling in her fingers. She missed feeling his beautiful clean hair. Lyvanna had felt, heart-warmed by his presence, and just by looking in Thranduil's eyes, she could tell he felt heart-warmed too.
  7. "Lyvanna. It's been so long... Where have you been?" Thranduil questioned curiously, letting go of her, and setting her back down on the ground. He didn't realize he had lifted her up as he was hugging her, but that wasn't exactly a bad thing, since Lyvanna didn't seem to mind.
    Thranduil was patiently waiting for Lyvanna to answer him, the smile never leaving his face, but-- he took slight notice that the humongous smile on Lyvanna's face was no longer present.

    Thranduil thought of all the possible things that Lyvanna could have disappeared for, maybe she got lost taking a short walk in the forest? Impossible, Legolas wouldn't allow such a thing.
    She couldn't of possibly started a journey with those troublesome dwarfs, could she? That's nonsense! That would never happen!
    But, what Thranduil thought wouldn't ever happen, specifically after he had denied Lyvanna's request to go traveling with her friends-- actually was happening. That was how she wound back up here in the first place!
  8. Lyvanna hesitated deeply. She tried procrastinating by not speaking at all, but she knew Thranduil was waiting for an answer.
    Maybe he'd understand if she said she had left out to travel to the Misty Mountains with her dwarf friends and Bilbo! But, knowing him, I don't think Thranduil would understand, even if Lyvanna had a good reason to venture out with them, after Thranduil had prohibited her from leaving the Mirkwood castle.

    Thranduil would never forgive her for doing such a thing, Lyvanna thought, knowing it was true. He would banish her from ever entering the castle again, and that would be the end of her relationship with Thranduil. Legolas would have been having fits of rage if that was to be the case, and would banish himself from the castle also, just to be with Lyvanna.

    "I-- might of possibly... Disobeyed you. My king." Lyvanna spoke silently, getting down onto her knees, her head hung low. If she had completely confessed her wrong doings, he would be even madder than he probably already was!

    "I'm... I'm going to the Misty Mountains, King Thranduil. Even though you forbid me from going. Thorin is simply irresistible, and I-- have always wanted to go on an adventure with my friends. That was my only chance and I took it, my King. Can you ever forgive me?" what did Lyvanna have to lose if she confessed entirely? Nothing. Thranduil could have been mad all along, and was just waiting for her to come clean.

    Oh what ever will his reaction'll be!
  9. At first, Thranduil thought Lyvanna was simply joking with him! But how specific she was in her explanation, and it just had to be the honest truth that Lyvanna spoke.
    Thranduil didn't know what to think, he was mad, for not only did Lyvanna travel out with dwarfs, but she left without permission! He had denied her access to leave, yet she went anyways!

    "Lyvanna. You could've gotten hurt. You must stay here..." Thranduil's tone turned serious within an instant. Tons of thoughts swirled around in his cluttered mind, what was he to do, now that Lyvanna had broken his trust? And especially disobeyed his orders!

    "I do not want to do this, but Lyvanna. I am going to have to punish you. If you even THINK to step foot out of this castle again, to continue goofing off with those dwarfs, I will have to banish you. If that happens, I will never speak with you, or even give you a single glance, EVER again. Do you understand?" Thranduil threatened, his voice deep and strict now. He did not want to banish her, but if Lyvanna was stupid enough to disobey Thranduil yet a second time, it was something he'd have to do.
  10. Lyvanna swallowed, a bead of sweat trailing down the side of her face.
    She nodded,
    "Yes, my King. I understand." her voice silent and weak as she said this. Her body was trembling in fear, knowing a severe punishment was right around the corner for her. At least it wasn't as bad as being banished.

    "I am sorry. King Thranduil." Lyvanna mumbled, feeling tears begin to form in her eyes. She had completely broken the kings trust, and was now suffering great consequences from doing so. She couldn't be anymore sorry than she already was.

    "Go ahead, punish me for disobeying you. I deserve it. You can push me around, anything." Lyvanna was terrified, she had never been spoken to like this by Thranduil in her entire life. What was he going to do? She was afraid of that. What if he killed all her dwarfish friends as her form of punishment? She could not bare with the suspense, and the suspicious silence served from Thranduil.

    Perhaps he was plotting, trying to find a good punishment for Lyvanna. One she wouldn't forget... Lyvanna couldn't stop shaking, and it was a sign of weakness, which made her weak. Never strong. But-- she was strong to had gone on such a dangerous journey with Bilbo, and the dwarfs, disobeying her King-- made it even more dangerous.
    She waited for Thranduil to decide what her punishment would be, and she yearned for the situation to be finished already.
  11. " I have decided." his voice echoed through the hall, possibly grabbing the attention of other elves. Especially Legolas.
    He knew he left Lyvanna in suspense, and he was also aware he was scaring her. That was his goal.

    "Lyvanna..." Thranduil stepped up to her, getting down on his knees, and lifted her chin up with his index finger. His blue eyes piercing into her identical ones, thinking of an actual punishment for her besides this. He really hadn't decided what her punishment was, and he thought bringing her to such suspense like this was enough punishment, and it was quite amusing to see her tremble in fear.

    Thranduil leaned in closer to her, in attempt to tease her. He knew Lyvanna fancied him, but what he wanted to know was how much she fancied him.
    "How much do you love me~?" he purred, trying to hide the grin wanting to wash up on his face. In his head, he was having quite a laugh over this, and he didn't want Lyvanna to know he was doing this as a joke-- well. Thranduil thought it was a joke. But the more he teased her, the more he began to think he had a tiny thing for her, like she did for him.

    "I'm waiting~" Thranduil chuckled lowly, his hot breath tingling against Lyvanna's neck, knowing he was succeeding in his work. Later on, he would laugh so hard to himself about this, and would give her permission to continue her journey with her dwarfish friends. BUT-- that was if his emotions didn't get to him first.
  12. "I-- love you a lot Thranduil." Lyvanna stuttered, feeling a bright red blush dust her pale cheeks. She had yet to find out that Thranduil was punishing her-- this was her punishment. But she didn't know that.

    "It's cute on how you think I'm clueless~" he chuckled, leaning closer in to Lyvanna, his lips inches away from hers.

    Lyvanna whined desperately, and gasped in shock, she wasn't supposed to whine out loud! Her emotions for Thranduil were so strong, and she couldn't believe she was giving in to this so easily. She would usually try to fight him, but she just couldn't.
    "T-Thranduil..." Lyvanna squealed under her breath, yearning for him to press his lips against hers, for this was all she wanted. If he pulled away, laughing, she would not let him have his little barrel of fun. Lyvanna would get up, and would either punch him, or kiss him. King or not King, it wouldn't stop her from doing it, if that happened to be the case.
  13. "Oh Lyvanna." he chuckled once again in a low tone, mimicking her gasp shortly after.
    "You're cute~" Thranduil bit his lip, leaning in a bit too much, and accidentally swept his lips across hers.
    The two both blushed madly, especially Lyvanna.

    Thranduil then realized he was in love with her, and kissing her was intentional. He extended the kiss, wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her in closer to him. He bit her bottom lip gently, hoping for a surprised reaction from her, but there was none. Thranduil's heart raced rapidly, and he could also feel the quickened beat of Lyvanna's heart.

    What Lyvanna wished for was actually happening before her very eyes.
  14. Lyvanna gasped, pulling away from Thranduil quickly.
    "T-Thranduil!" the blush spread wider across her cheeks. Lyvanna did love Thranduil, quite a lot, and she was extremely surprised by how he kissed her. She liked it, and enjoyed the kiss, but she couldn't understand why she pulled away. It was just so unexpected, and she thought he was punishing her for breaking the rules!

    Maybe this was part of a plan he had in mind, and whatever he was trying to do-- was working. He was in love with her, maybe! If this was true, she would be honored to be his queen of Mirkwood. It would make Legolas extremely jealous, but she didn't care about Legolas's feelings right now, she was puzzled yet ecstatic about Thranduil's possible plan he had!

    "Thranduil... I." a smile swept across Lyvanna's lips, a smile that Thranduil had never seen before, or anyone for that matter.
    "I-- love you a lot Thranduil..." Lyvanna tossed her head down, the smile never leaving her face.
    Thranduil knew he had done well.
  15. "L-Lyvanna. I'm in love with you, I think I always have been." Thranduil cleared his throat, inching closer to Lyvanna.
    "There's nothing to be upset abou---" he lifted her head up, only to see that Lyvanna was not crying, nor upset. Lyvanna had the brightest smile on her face, and it took quite a lot to make her smile that bad.

    "Lyvanna. Will you-- be my queen?" Thranduil questioned, knowing this was such a big question to ask, but he was sure he meant to ask this, and was ready for a new queen. He was lonely for a long time without his first queen, which would be Legolas's mother, and since she-- passed away, he was going through a dark phase, but-- he was falling for Lyvanna, harder and harder by the second. Thranduil wanted her to be his queen.

    "You don't have to say yes... If you want to continue traveling with your friends, I understand." Thranduil spoke quietly, this being all part of his plan. He was trying to make Lyvanna his queen, so she would not have to leave Mirkwood to continue her journey to the Misty Mountains with her friends.
    He did love her though, Thranduil wasn't doing this to keep her from leaving Mirkwood again, he truly did want her to be his queen, and he did want her to travel with her friends too-- but the final decision was all up to Lyvanna.
  16. "Thranduil... I." Lyvanna sighed heavily, she truly did want to be his queen, but she wanted to have an adventure she would NEVER forget.
    "Is it okay-- if I... Go with Thorin and them? I promise I'll be back to be your queen."

    And this is how, Lyvanna and Thranduil met each other during the Battle of the Five Armies.
    She had seen him with Bard, and couldn't feel anything but happy and rejoiced by his presence.

    He allowed his soon-to-be-queen to continue her journey with Bilbo and everyone, and he said it was fine for her to return after the journey to be wed with him.
    When they met during the battle of the five armies, the two could not contain their love for each other any longer, and decided to be wed as soon as the war ended.

    And that was how the two settled it.

    The punishment Thranduil had in mind for Lyvanna turned out to be a new turn for him, a new turn with romance!

    Surely, Legolas was jealous, for a very long time, but he got over it later on.

    The King and Queen of Mirkwood, were surely to be together for a very long time.

    (We can do a new plot tomorrow :DDD since we finished this-- tiny plot roleplay XDD)
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