The Hobbit or Lord Of The Rings, looking for male character

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  1. Hello, I'm hoping to do a Hobbit or Lord Of The Rings rp using my original female elf character.

    I'll add more about here when I find my note book.

    Human Name: Delilah
    Elf Name: Dail/ Lelya
    Hair Color: Silver
    Eye Color: Pale Blue
    Race: Elf-Teleri/Nandor
    Weapons: A bow from her mother and matching short swords from her father
    Additude: Dail is sweet, lively, and loves to travel.
    Loves: Animals, bodies of water, forests, sweets, and traveling
    Dislikes: Orcs, goblins, trolls, and being cold.
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  2. Different pictures women blue eyes models white hair dovahkiin dragonborn_www.wallpapernono.com_18.jpg 3337759_antrekkkk.jpg viking_costume__ravnejenta_by_in93-d4q5okt.jpg elven_bow_by_corellastudios-d37xh17.jpg MC-FM-411_3_.png
  3. If you have a plot in mind I would gladly RP with you.
  4. I'll pm you
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