The HObbit-Desolation of Smaug

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  1. GOing to The THIRD active preview at a carmike cinema TOnight, elven o clock showing. AND.. I'm going dressed as a dwarf. Went tot eh last pirates of the carribbean movie as a pirate, now going to a TOlkien flick as a dwarf. It's not often that i get hyped over a movie, but this Time i am.

    NO SPOILERS ALLOWED, but anybody excited to see this film? Cause I sure as Hell am! ^___^
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  2. I'm going to see it today.
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  3. Well Then HAIL KINSMAN! ^__^
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  4. This.

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  5. Saw it with the family earlier tonight. Two thumbs (again!) for Peter Jackson; I was thoroughly entertained.

    Tolkien's works hold a special place in my heart. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy were my bedtime stories as a kid. My dad would read until I fell asleep and then we picked up where we left off on the following night. I've seen every movie with him and not one has left me disappointed. Now if only Mr. Jackson would come out and say he's planning on reproducing stories from The Silmarillion...
  6. Going to watch it sometime between 25-29th December with a friend :3 Very excited for it :D
  7. I say ONE thing to all. SMAUG... had SO much awesome screentime. ^__^ They held so true to all my favorite scenes, i could have quoted the book and followed allong witht eh movie! ^__^ Can't praise this movie enough!
  8. I read this as the "HO-bbit" and thought "Oh are they making a LotR porn again?"
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  9. To all those people talking how it isn't following the books:

    They said it wasn't in the first one. And it is a rare thing when they actually do.

    For what it was, I thought it was great.
  10. Could do without Legolas seeing how is unnatural perfect aura annoys me. Aside from that person gripe I enjoyed it.

    ... Also I'll be seeing this movie on the 28th or so because it's mine and Kehv's anniversary and the first LOTR movie was what we saw on our first date/anniversary. First day of meeting in person too! Woo!