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The Hive Fleet

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Darkiplier, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. The Hive is a huge floating colony in space; an artificial continent shaped like a huge disc. In the centre is the Mothercraft, a great ship with a city inside of it enclosed in a gigantic orb on the top of the ship. The Mothercraft is surrounded by hundreds of other giant ships, usually smaller, though some are about the same size as the Mothercraft. The various ships are connected by large tunnels like subways. At the edge of the Hive are the Wall Ships; giant ships with thick, blocky walls that are quite hard to break through as well as turrets. They also serve as one of the many hangars in The Hive, and the entrance to the artificial continent. Every now and then, a ship would connect to The Hive, expanding the huge nation.

    The Mothercraft is inhabited mainly by a race known as Gorlocks; large humanoid creatures with dim skin and four arms. Gorlocks are quite aggressive and brutal, preferring heavier weapons. They normally don't use blasters or guns, but if they do, they use large and heavier ones. They also man the turrets on the Wall Ships and serve as guards for many individuals and corporations.

    In the centre of the Mothercraft is a huge spherical building that houses the many generators of the ship, and not too far from the heavily guarded and fenced off sphere is a large arena where Gladiators, slaves taken from planets, prisoners of The Hive, or even volunteers fight for the recreation of the crowd; be it against other Gladiators or animals. The Gladiators are kidnapped by Hunters, who are sent with small cargo-like ships to scout for outlaws to bring them to the arena, where hundreds and thousands of spectators watch them fight.

    In the great cities of The Hive, each a ship or a cluster of a few, there is, like any other nation, crime and commotion among companies and individuals, as well as assassinations and prison breaks.


    The roleplay will focus on the arena, as well as other aspects of the Hive. Many races will be playable (make your own race or play a pre-existing one), preferably not Gorlocks.

    The Mothercraft (exterior/concept):
    {Art not mine}

    {Not mine either}


    Anybody in?
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  2. @Dipper I believe you may be interested in this?
  3. Ah, as much as I'd like to, I already have a backlog of replies and other things to get to. Sorry. Good luck in getting this off the ground, though!
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  4. Let's make this happen.
  5. I'll show interest.
  6. Count me in! I'm always down for a reason to play aliens and/or sci-fi.
  7. I do love aliens, especially when I can implement my own ~~
  8. I might be interested. What posting speed did you have in mind?
  9. Yep, I'm up for this!
  10. I'm interested, sign me up.
  11. This looks really cool, count me in.