The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy?

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  1. I just wanted to do a little interest check, to see if anyone wanted to do something like the book... Or an adaptation. I'm currently on the second book, so I don't think I'm ready for that, yet.
  2. *grabs towel and latest copy of the Guide*

    This could get interesting...
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  3. It says here don't PANIC

    I'm in
  4. Aw damnit. Looks like we're caught in a "Somebody Else's Problem" Field.

    And I was just about to start my game of cricket, followed by 10 years in a Bath..

    Also, dibs on a human if there are any.
  5. I'll get back to all two of you when I finish the fuckin' brick that is tHHGttG.
  6. The trilogy's only 5 books, it can't take that long to get through.
  7. @R-9 Pilot - I usually only read in the morning, for about a half an hour. I'm trying to get to it more so, but I'm almost done with The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe.
  8. Ah, that might stretch things out a bit. Still, they're all pretty good (although the last couple are a bit weaker).
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  9. They're only weaker because Douglas Adams didn't write them. However, they were still pretty good if you ask me. I still can't get over God's Last Message to his Creation (and Marvin's reaction, of course :3)
  10. There's good stuff in them, yes. I forget which book it was, but the sunken sign that now read "Go stick your head in a pig" in the planet's native language still amuses me.

    Adams wrote a couple detective novels in the same sort of style as Hitchiker's Guide, and they're worth a read too.
  11. Yeah that was awesome xD
  12. WHOA that sounds interesting
    totes in
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