The History of Existance

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  1. The Beginning

    Welcome, to the land of Argondell. Beautiful, full of life, an elegant landscape carved out by cities and human settlements that dot its green hills. This is the land from which all life stems, all ancestors of every living thing can be traced back to this land. This land the birthplace of all life.

    However, this land is also the birthplace of all Death.

    Years and years ago lived a man named Johannis Hunt, the best archer in the great city Kendre of Argondell. He shot apples from trees and used the sharpness of his marksmanship to impress the women of the city, but never once was anything killed. Fauna of all kinds in Argondell, as well as humans, were given sanctuary by mysterious life-preserving magic that the people did not yet understand. One day Johannis was outside of the city gates when he came across an astonishingly beautiful woman who called herself Grenger. She had long red hair and almost white skin, to Johannis, she was the image of perfection.

    She lured him deep into the forest, far away from his life and everything he knew. After a few days in the forest with her, getting pleasured and pampered by her, he became so hungry that he began to search and search for food, but to no avail. All the apple trees were miles away and he was in the barren forest, in the den of a fasting viper so it seemed, Grenger did not eat nor did she need to. Johannis begged Grenger for something to eat as he withered away and lost his strength. Weeks went by without food but he did not die, Grenger's magic kept him alive but only just enough to drive him mad with hunger. Taking his bow and arrow into his hand, Grenger guided Johannis to point at a deer and released the arrow. The moment the deer was struck down and took its last breath, a dark cloud fell over the land. Johannis ate the deer raw, his ravenous hunger devouring his innocent mind and replacing it with greed, curiosity and desire to kill.

    Grenger released him from under her spell and sent him away, knowing full well that he would take her dark magic of death back with him to his home and would spread the darkness. So, tracking his way back through the forest Johannis found his city and once there, he found that his wife, Colla, had been unfaithful with another man and had borne a son by him. Johannis, in his blind rage, killed her, along with the child and father. Stricken with guilt and even more anger, he went on a murderous rampage, killing every person and living creature in the city and bathing the city walls in blood.

    With nothing left to slay and no one to blame, Johannis wept and mourned for a week before his hatred toward Grenger and her foul magic boiled up inside him and he set out to kill her. Years he searched the forest by his lonesome, but never found the red haired maiden, she had escaped the dimension using her dark magic and was never to be found again.

    Johannis moved to another city and found a new wife and used a new name. He vowed never to kill again, but the dark magic of death was forever inside him. His children were born with the desire to kill and became skilled hunters despite Johannis's many attempts to subdue their skills... Generations passed, the pure innocence of the first people of Argondell had long vanished and no one remembered the story of Johannis and Grenger.

    Legend has it that in order to make Johannis suffer even further, the evil Grenger had used her magic to cause all the people who died by Johannis's sword or arrow to reincarnate for every generation in existence. These people are as normal as any, they have no recollection of who they once were or where they once hailed from. The only glimmer of their past lives is a small mark on their bodies, called a birthmark. It is the only thing that remains of their passed, the spot where Johannis had struck them to their deaths.

    Present day Argondell

    The sun is rising slower over the land now and the summer days fade with the coming of winter. Frost covers the trees and grass in the mornings and the ancient scrolls in the temple must be kept warm by the season's ceremonial fires. A thick black fog rolls in over the hills on a late summer's morning when the city of Kendre descends into panic. Never before had there been an event such as this in the history of Argondell, or so they thought. From the center of the black mass came a beautiful but ghastly woman, flaming red hair to her waist and the skin of palest white, like a fiery ghost blazing against the black cloud.

    "You have forgotten the power and might of the Great Grenger and therefore I will remind you!" Her voice was sharp and clear, ringing in the ears of every person in the city. She waved her arms and all at once people began to die in horrific fashion. They began to spurt blood from places on their skin, arms, legs, faces... No two people died the same death, some seemed to have taken a sword to the face, others a stab to the heart. All around you people are dying... neighbours, friends, family... but, for now, you appear to be unscathed. With your mind buzzing like a swarm of bees you race out of the city, away form the black fog, and into the unrelenting forest. Hiding beneath thick brush, you hold your breath, images of the deaths you witnessed play in your head over and over again, as you pray for deliverance from the same hideous fate...

    The objective of this rp is to create a character who is willing to try and defeat Grenger once and for all, stop her mindless killing of those who already suffered Johannis's sword. To accomplish this one must determine who they were in a passed life to hone in on their "ancestral" skills and the innocence that Grenger once feared. To do that they must take a long journey to the mountain of Balhelm which is rumored to contain magic powerful enough to overpower Grenger's dark magic.


    1. No god modding, you aren't perfect.
    2. Please have more than three sentences per post.
    3. If you decide to leave, I will write off your character, most likely they will become ill or something and die. let me know before you leave so i may make room for a new player.
    4. Don't make anything gross okay? Take it to a private message if you're going to get hot and steamy.
    5. Gore is okay
    6. Please use as much detail s you can in posting and be specific about what your character is doing.
    6. Don't get butt-hurt if your character is seemingly being ignored, we will get around to your character, I promise.

    *You will be notified of acceptance to the RP by either me or @Redsun_Criminal*
  2. I will be posting the link to the IC once a few people join :)
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  3. Name: Alexander Valium

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Class: Warrior (top marksman)



    Personality: Alexander is a winning character. Meaning, in short, he is quite loyal to anyone who earns his trust which is easily done. However, he has a short temper and tends to let his emotions rule over logical reasoning. In his years in the Imperial Army he was beaten into the sharp and disciplined figure his is now. He has a very high sense of intelligence as well a strong sense of duty to those around him. He is almost like a big brother figure to others as he pulls them beneath his wings and desires to protect and train them. He was the Captain of the guard and was the strongest marksman out of the twenty archers.
    Weapon of choice: Bow and arrow

    [​IMG]His mount Arexa, the "King of the Lions". In Argondell all warrior captains are awarded a mount of their choice and Alexander was able to tame Arexa and they now have an unbreakable bound of respect and trust.

    Special Skill: Alexander posses the rare ability to control movements of objects with his mind. With a simple mental command he can steer an arrow right through the sky to any target within 300 yards or so. He is only to use this magic on small objects, his limit being things that weigh over ten pounds.

    Passed Identity: .....
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  4. Ayy, herr's my CS

    Name: Ingrid Hellsbane

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Specialization: Warrior (Greatswordsman greatswordswoman?)


    Personality/Background info: Ingrid is a woman whose heart burns as hot as a blazing fire (not literally of course... :P). She's passionate, proud and impossibly stubborn, owing all of it to her loud and closely-knit family. She spent her early years as something of a trouble maker, though quickly adopted values like honour, respect, honesty and a forthright lifestyle. At the age of fifteen, she opted to save her money for a sword, rather than clothing; and spent her time training, rather than helping out around the farm. At first, her parents and seven siblings laughed and dismissed her outrageous proposal to learn to become a warrior when she brought the greatsword home, as it was nearly as tall as she was at the time. Though it didn't take long for her inborn talent to shine through, and eventually, she became notorious for being one of the only woman to enter (and frequently win) tournaments against aspiring swordsmen from across the land. Her tenacity, bravery and staunch demeanour are also, as you could probably expect, her greatest downfall. She won many-a-match against those her age and sometimes higher, but she's also been horribly defeated by experienced challengers. Challengers she would probably have done better than reject, and as such, her persistence nearly killed her on more than one occasion...

    Weapon of Choice: Claymore

    Pet: None, and holds little regard for most animals' well being, seeing most of them as merely a source of food.

    Special Skill: None. Unless you count how foolishly courageous she is, or how loud she can bellow.

    Previous Identity: Unknown. Her birthmark is located on her chest, although her family never believed in such legends...
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  5. So are you just gonna greentext your way through this whole Rp or wat c;
  6. Haha no! But you know, green means go so yeah I just figured it fit for his "Go" nature. haha I'll change it up a bit don't worry! XD
  7. it's no problem really, just kind of... funky I guess
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  10. Nope, not that I'm aware of!
  11. I guess I'll enter this.

    I might make up a fantasy race not to play as, but to add to my backstory.
  12. hi
  13. WIP

    "I'm here to help!"




    Water Elementalist

    Appearance: (can be a real photo or not)

    Personality: (be descriptive)

    Weapon of choice:

    Pet: (optional)

    Special Skill: (if magic, be reasonable)

    Passed Identity:​
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