The Hills Have Eyes (Horror/Fandom RP)

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  1. Inspired by the motion picture of the same name.

    Synopsis: A bus full of tourists are tricked into visiting a “well-known”, underground cavern in the mountains. What they don’t know, is that they’re really being offered to a disfigured family that wants revenge for their nuclear deformities. Meanwhile, the Jacoby family get lost on their way home from a family vacation and stop for directions at the “cavern tour shop”. When one of the family members goes missing, the rest of the tourists realize that the cavern tour hosts want more than just to show them around the caverns…. They want to have a cannibal feast with their bodies.
    My Characters:
    Brice Jacoby (open)

    Name - Brice Jacoby
    Age - Eighteen
    Appearance - [​IMG]
    Personality - Deep down beneath his seemingly selfish and stand offish behavior, is a fair and caring heart. Brice can be childish and he doesn’t like to follow many rules. His pride is his main thing that causes problems and he also can be overconfident in his actions. He can be harsh towards his half brother Kaden, but he feels he’s the only one who can be mean towards him. Brice is a smoker and is quick tempered when things don’t go his way. He isn’t afraid of death, and the only care he seems to have is for his father who is in bad health.

    Backstory - Kaden’s troublesome and older half brother who has a torn relationship with their mother. When Brice was little, his mother cheated on his unwell father and gave birth to Kaden. When he found out why his mother was the reason for his parent’s divorce, he chose to live with his dad and stopped talking to his mom. Years later, when the anger burned down, Brice’s mom convince him to give her a chance to fix things between them. His resentment remains, but he decides to go on vacation with her and Kaden to a mountain resort.
    Weapon of choice - Finds a Zande Knife that belonged to one of the deformed family's victims.

    Kaden Easton (open)

    Name - Kaden Easton
    Age - Eleven
    Appearance - [​IMG]
    Personality - A shy, yet likeable and fashionable kid. His excessive kindness makes him easily a pushover and he has trouble standing up for himself. He likes to read fantasy books and he daydreams a little more than he should. Kaden unknowingly hums or sometimes whistles his favorite tunes often and doesn’t like the sound of snapping fingers. He’s a big animal lover and he considers the family dog Aurora his real sister. Kaden isn’t much of a talker unless he gets to know someone really well and he is pretty picky when it comes to food. One of his hard to drop habits is poking his temple or cheek when thinking.

    Back-story - Brice’s younger half brother who was conceived as a result of infidelity. Kaden grew up never really knowing his half brother Brice for a reason he does not know. Throughout his childhood, Kaden’s father was never around and would show up every now and again. Everytime his father would come around - it was like he was only there to visit his mom and would completely ignore Kaden. Kaden’s mother, Gina, spent a lot of time with him and was over protective with him…as if she didn’t want to lose him like Brice. He was spoiled by his mother often and most kids at school would call him a sissy or a weakling. Kaden never would defend himself and he was scared to go to school for awhile. His shy nature and taste in clothing made him a target for older kids to tease and make fun of. Recently, he was excited to go on the family vacation to the mountains and to meet his half brother Brice.
    Weapon of choice - Sling Shot
    Companion - Aurora [​IMG]

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