The Highwayman

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  1. Ok, so I would like to do an rp that is a take on the poem by Alfred Noyes, The Highwayman.

    The story begins with a father and daughter moving after the mother of the girl has killed herself and the father decides it's time for them to move away and start fresh. The girl, who's name is Bellatrix, but her father calls her 'Bess' is still in highschool, only about seventeen, which hundreds of years ago would have been perfect marrying age. The father ends up buying an old inn that had been abandoned for about a two hundred years, since the man who had owned its' daughter killed herself in one of the upper rooms that looked out onto the path that led to town.

    The landlord's daughter was named Bess as well and had fallen in love with a man who her father had deemed a ruffian and forbade her from seeing him because of that, but like almost all romance stories, it didn't stop her from seeing him and at night he would come to her window and whistle for her to come out so he could talk to her. This went on for a few years before he told her what he actually was (be that demon, fallen angel, witch, or any other type of magical person that you wish). When he told her, he was unaware of a the stable-hand Timothy listening in. Timothy then went to the crown a few days later to turn in the 'heretic' Highwayman. During the time it took soldiers to come to the Inn, Our Highwayman and Bess had already agreed to be wed and the Highwayman was off to go and retrieve a ring for his bride to be, leaving with a simple request; "
    "Look for me by moonlight,
    Watch for me by moonlight,
    I'll come to thee by moonlight, though hell should bar the way."
    The soldiers, who were actually a more primitive version of Hunters, came to the Inn in three days, whcih was how long Bess was told to wait for her Highwayman. The bound her to attention near the window where they were told by TImothy that THe Highwayman called for her. They also tied a musket so the end of the barrel was pointed directly under her chin. SHe gazed out the window, the moonlight bright, until she saw The Highwayman coming up the path, his horse galloping sharply. She couldn't let the soldiers find him, because theyw ould kill him if they did, so that night, while she looked out at the man she had fallen for coming towards her, she fired the musket, warning him with her death....

    Ok, so if you are still here through that very long introduction, what I want is for someone to play the Highwayman, although its a couple hundred years later, he hasn't aged a day, and the Hunters are still after him. The parts of Timothy (Tim) and the Army in the rp can be played by either of us, or both of us if we want to swtch between the two. The plot is p[retty close to how the plot is in the Poem, but this time the TImothy is a great-great-great grandson of the one whom turned in the Highwayman.

    We can discuss more, because I don't want to give out all of my secrets. Pm or reply up if interested and I apologize that this is so long.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.