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  1. Disclaimer: I didn't tag this as Furry or Gay, while most mutants are "furry" in appearance they aren't the main focus. And neither is sexuality. You can still be gay, furry mutant, or what have you. Just note I didn't tag it. Actually, due to the whole "no rules, only consequences" thing, the Content Rating won't ever be set in stone.

    With that out of the way, I present:


    The Intro:
    The year 2033: Experimental portal technology to bend the fabric of space and time was being worked on as a new form of cleaner, faster, and safer travel. Every test was a failure with the portal never opening up or unleashing some horrible creature on the crew.
    It was the date 11/29/33 when The Storm occurred. The sky was a dark grey and it had been raining all that morning. Portals started appearing at 1:30PM with a large flash covering the sky clearing away the clouds and revealing tons of mile long portals that seemed to fade-in-and-out. Panic started to set in when the portals started appearing near the ground, they looked like uncut crystal shards that shimmered in different colors. Creatures and other worldly beings starting to pour out of these portals at 1:35PM, the death toll started its rise within seconds of this happening. Mass Hysteria started to ensue at this point, looting, running, and barricading occurred for the next few weeks, while the government was scrambling to save everyone and organize a game plan.
    It had been three weeks. Refugee camps were set-up in the North-West of the USA. Clean-up crews were sent into high-risk areas to dispose of the corpses, little did they know the corpses were carrying a parasitic worm that takes over the central nervous system. With the news of this parasite spreading fast all over the East Coast, the military was dispatched to eliminate any/all infected individuals. With the parasite spreading even faster and out-numbering the uninfected humans, the US was left with one option. Bomb all infected cities. It was a semi-success; due to the constant "nuking" of the East and West Coasts a massive earthquake was triggered which in turn sunk most of the coast(s) taking (most of) the “zombies” with it.
    Society has fallen at this point; all contact with the government has been lost. What’s happening beyond the US is no longer known, and the military has seemingly disappeared in the now snow covered North-West. Major Earthquakes are being felt in the middle of the US, with large freak sandstorms not allowing any travelers to pass into the territory and there’s rumors of a vast alien jungle growing down in the South-West that seemingly stretches into Mexico. All while the death toll skyrockets even more!
    It has now been one year since The Storm. The sandstorms have settled in the Center of the US, revealing a large and vast desert that has swallowed whole cities. Further traveling has given reports that there is a large “bottomless” canyon that starts at the edge of Lake Superior and ends in Huston, Texas. Crime Families and Gangs have started forming barbaric tribes in the flooded remains of Times Square, New York, NY. They are constantly disputing and eventually break apart with the, Bleeding Warriors being the largest group to leave and move out towards the large desert of Middle America. Settlements are starting to become more common and scavengers are starting trade networks with both Raiders and Settlements. A large supply company in the flooded remains Miami, called The New Wardle Trading Company, starts to become the first faction that is mostly peaceful and benefits every side. Near the end of the first year The Parasite starts to come back infecting most major settlements, in turn “zombies” start coming back in full force.
    It has now been two years since The Storm, many scavenging spots have started running dry, otherworldly creatures and zombies/mutants have started to become more numerous, and many of the farms are failing.

    Considering all this you've been doing well... until now. As stated previously, it's the second year and things are getting tough. You haven't been finding that much food anymore, and all the larger stockpiles are being "captured" by organized groups of bandits. The towns around you aren't doing much better either, you keep hearing rumors about food riots. But. There is hope. In the frozen wasteland that is the North-West portion of America, you've heard the radio broadcast about a Safe Zone that has plenty of food and shelter residing there.

    With what little your group has, you pack your vehicle and get ready to set off towards the North-West. Ready to face whatever perils come your way.

    Before we get into the Lore and Character Sign-Ups, this is similar to a Dice Rolling game. With me acting as GM, I will deal with Dice Rolls, Outcomes, etc... So it's like D&D but more RP focused (so it's pretty much a Dice Game)
    Simple. You cause an action, expect a reaction.

    Stuff that might be important (open)

    As stated before this is a Dice Rolling game, so for those that haven't done something similar here's an explanation and example: You input a command (while RP'ing mind you), and I spit out what happens.

    Player Example:
    I could hear my heart beating in my chest... this man. One we trusted for ages has now turned his gun on us. I knew what I had to do. I had to punch him in the nuts.

    I'd update with:
    Quickly you hop from the ground, breathing heavily. You dive towards McGonrads gonads. You swing with all your might and smack his "weak spot" for MASSIVE DAMAGE!
    >You hear a sickening splatter followed by screams of agony. McGonrads slowly collapses to the ground holding his crotch!
    (As you can see this is a super serious RP. /sarcasm)

    Combat is something to be avoided. I do it Dwarf Fortress mixed with Fallout, so chunky, gory, brutal combat will be the norm. If you get injured, prepare to RP that shit out (say you get shot in the chest, it'll heal over time if treated properly. And a scar will be added to the appearance section of the Character sheet.). You can also die, but deaths won't be that common if you play smart.

    The World

    East/West Coasts
    Both Coasts have been "completely" swallowed by the oceans. This was due to the military bombings which were so intense it caused massive parts of the land to collapse into the sea, most notably New York and Los Angeles. The East Coast is also plagued with severe storms that are being caused by the portals.

    he whole middle of America was heavily altered by the portals, with a large canyon running through the states of Minnesota, Iowa, the borders of Kansas and Missouri, the most eastern part of Oklahoma, and east Texas with Dallas and Houston being swallowed by the canyon. The desert is teaming with giant insects, mutants, and Alien Abominations.

    Indiana AKA: Dust (Created By: Lorknis) (open)

    Geography (open)
    Post-Storm Indiana is a much different place than what it was before. From large fields of corn to giant sand-dunes, much of the land is foreign to even born citizens of the state. The capital, Indianapolis, was hit especially hard by both portals and nuclear weapons, forcing its surviving citizens to take shelter underground. The Largest Subcity dubbed New Indianapolis was founded out of the bunker under a news station. Its original leader had left for unknown reasons and was headed by a priest named Father Micheal. Old Indianapolis has since fallen to an old corpse that is slowly rotting. Not much is known about any other subcities that are known to harbor in the subway systems.

    The North West

    Is a large frozen wasteland, that was a heavily urbanized area before The Storm. With most of Oregon being one large metropolis. There is also rumors of a Safe Zone being in this area.

    The South West

    The south west is teaming with wild-life both familiar and alien. Starting from the deserts in Western Texas, is a large stream that divides the arid deserts from the humid jungles.

    Creatures (So Far. Will be updated as you find more)

    The Zombies get stronger the longer they are "feasted on" by the Parasite.
    Appearance: Their appearance is determinant by how long they've been hosting the "parasite". And what they were before their transformation.

    Known Details so far: The 1-9 days of infection: The zombie is pale and has pure ebony black eyes, they move rather fast but weak.
    10-29 days of infection: The zombie has mostly been decayed/absorbed by the parasite, they are slower but are more stronger then when they were first infected.
    30-40 days of infection: The zombie begins to bloat and spew a grey acidic sludge, their (inflamed and eroded)intestines are usually exposed and appear to be filled with the grey sludge.
    Diet: They eat what ever they can get their hands on.

    Character Sign-Ups/Other Things

    Okay. There's one more thing that I need to explain.

    You can be a android or "mutant" (more like a anthro, but what'evs), since I have the game partially cyber-punkish I will allow these things to exist. As for weapons... there's not really any "proper laser guns", they're more like... railguns that shoot electricity.

    Also the mechanics of the RP constantly change, but I will try to keep up with them. Expect survival elements though, I do have a "Hunger/Needs" mechanic implemented and I will explain once we're in-game. I usually feature creep things in, so the RP starts simple but gets more complex over time.

    So here's the sheet, and feel free to leave questions in the sheet.

    Race: [Human/Android/"Mutant"/Other(dog, cat, etc)]
    Appearance: [You can include articles of clothing here as well]


    Skills: [Things your character is good at. Example: Drinking, Shooting, Driving, Spam Eating]
    Traits: [Things your character "is". Have some good, have some bad. Example: Heavy Drinker, Optimist, etc..]
    Backstory: [OPTIONAL]

    Questions: [Feel Free to ask, I have all the answers/solutions]
  2. Name: Donatello 'Donny Roach' Roach
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Donatello, or Donny Roach, as he likes to be called, is a man of average height and average build, yet carries a menacing, intimidating aura about him. He would be handsome, were it not for the copious amounts of scars and stitches about his angular face. Donny's black hair is neatly combed and often gelled, taken to the side in a wave. His nose has had multiple minor surgeries operated on it from how many times it's been broken, and his knuckles are slightly misshapen from....overuse. Donny often wears a brown leather jacket, dress shirt (no tie), black dress pants, and leather driving shoes, with some leather gloves on his person at all times. His voice is rather raspy and loud, with a hint of Italian.

    Inventory: .380 pistol, homemade,handmade, wood-handled switchblade, both contained in jacket pockets, small paper box of cigarillos, small metal box of separated tobacco and rolling papers, large metal suitcase. (Contents: small stun gun, creme brulee (chef's) torch, small serrated knife, roll of silver duct tape, silver pliers, captive bolt pistol.)
    Gun+Switchblade (open)

    Armor: Brown leather jacket, covered in zippered pockets, black dress pants, dress shirt, black leather gloves, black leather driving shoes, large metal suitcase.

    Skills: Brawling, Causing Pain (luckily hitting sensitive areas and such), Handguns, Persuasion.
    Traits: [Tough] [Intimidating] [Addictive Personality] [Hard to Like]
    Backstory: Donatello Roach was not a good man before the Storm, and he hasn't been a good man since the Storm. In fact, he's most likely gotten worse. He's always been good at fixing things, from a rat in the crew, to some rivals getting rowdy, and he's even been said to get a bit......overzealous. But his side never complains, that's for sure. The other side might, but that's probably just the screws under their fingernails.

    Roach was outta the big city quick after the initial event, living in a FEMA camp for a while before hearing about other.....more independent communities. And ones that could use his talents, no doubt. He's been selling said talents to the highest bidder for over a year and a half, and by God, is he enjoying it.

    Sample Writing? (open)
    "'s okay, stop fighting. Those zip ties are strong, sonny boy. Stronger than you'll ever be, that's for sure. After all, only a weakling would do what you did to those poor, poor people. But, that's why I'm here, huh? What you did got you a first class ticket, straight to me. Fantastic, right? Anyways, down to business. That shit you pulled, it's getting you a one way ticket, right down to Hell, kid. Satan's gonna take good care of ya. However, my client is not so sure that's enough. Which is where I come in. Because sonny boy, I'm here to make sure that in our short time together, whatever the fuck happens down there doesn't even come close to your last moments here on this god-forsaken earth, and I never, ever disappoint my we're gonna begin immediately. Keep all limbs inside the ride at all-oh, right, zip ties, duh. Anyways, sit back, enjoy the ride, and try to brought this on yourself." *Whirring of a drill followed by muffled protests*
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  3. Name: Duncan McShale
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Race: Hooman

    Appearance: An average man standing at 5'8, he wears a Docker's Flatcap atop his head. His grey eyes lie behind some exspensive looking glasses. His large hands are covered by fingerless, thick gardener's gloves. He's also wearing a thick, sleeveless trenchcoat, a pair of cargo pants, socks n' steel toed boots, and a backpack.

    Back story: Before the bullshittery that was the Cataclysm tore the world asunder, Duncan was a cameraman working for a local television news station. Born in Scotland and later moved to Indiana when he was 16, he found himself just as where he had found himself before: An outcast by his peers. He chalks that up to his 'logical' approaches where it does more harm than good like friendships and other relationships. He eventually went to school [much to his distaste] and then later began his profession. When the Cataclysm hit he was at the news station, but quickly left because "Fuck that shit". If you ask him for much else (especially about post-Cata Indiana) he'll divert the topic.

    Inventory: [2x Loads of 8x40] [Binoculars] [Pre-war Map of the US] [Bottle of Whiskey] [A large collection of random manga]
    Armor: [Thick Trenchcoat] [] [] []
    Wielding [RM99 Revolver]

    Skills: Electronics, Driving, Speech, Hand guns, Melee
    Traits: Genius [IQ 173], Sleepy, Logical Thinker, Bad Knees.
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  4. Keep a slot reserved for me. I'll make sheet if I get more into the RP jive.
  5. Name: ??? (Currently Unnamed)
    Gender: ... Female?
    Age: Unclear
    Race: Mutant? Other?
    Appearance: This person stands 5'8" and looks kinda skinny. It's hard to tell their gender as they look very androgynous and wear baggy clothes, but they seem to present themself as female. They have longish, red hair that goes down to their shoulder and is unkempt and messy. They have pale skin and goggles that constantly cover their eyes as well as a small bandage over their nose. Their teeth appear to be sharpened to points, and their fingers look clawed. Though she has 'filters' (that look a bit like gills, actually) on her neck, she covers it with her scarf at all times and does her best to hide it.

    Inventory: [Lighter] [Chain Necklace] [Bandages] [Keychain] [Lockpicks]
    Armor: [Wide Brimmed Hat] [Torn Scarf] [Ragged Red Coat] [Tattered Button-Up Shirt] [Faded Jeans] [Worn Hiking Boots] [Rucksack]

    Skills: [Unarmed] [Scavenging] [Lockpicking]
    Traits: ['Filters'] [Extra Perceptive] [Claws] [Wrongness*] [Disturbing] [Socially Awkward]
    Backstory: Unavailable

    Questions: Is it fine that my character has the 'filters' that act kinda like a gas mask?

    And damn, still need a third trait. I'll come up with it, I think...

    (I'll PM you what Wrongness does, AJ)
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  6. Name: AC-37 (Assault Class - 37)
    Gender: N/A
    Age: N/A (made two years ago)
    Race: Android

    Height: 7
    Weight: 450
    Appearance:He has a blackened steel exoskeleton. He is very durable due to the fact that he is not organic and is made of metal/synthetic parts. Has a trenchcoat over him to hide his metallic frame from others (he shines in the sunlight). AC-37 has harness, holsters and pockets across his body. He dresses in the way to hide that he is a robot, wears gloves, boots, pants etc. AC-37 Does not require food to the survive but he requires maintenance, joints need to be oiled, he also needs to refuel occasionally.


    Inventory: Trench coat, backpack, harness/backpack for carrying items, hunting rifle with scope, bowie knife, 5 cans of WD40. First aid kit. Medical supplies. Blowtorch, 2 cans of fuel, Smoke bombs, and repair kit.
    Trench Coat, Exoskeleton made of high carbon steel. Has no internal organs except core cpu components located in the head and in the upper chest area. Lacks blood so immune to bleeding and disease. Critical hits can cause oil leaks (which cause malfunctions and imobility) and well placed shots can damage his optics. Armor is extremely resistant to melee attacks and other range projectiles but enough will cause him to shut down and be destroyed. AC-37 sees in infrared so he can see through smoke, bushes and very light cover.... however if fire is around him his accuracy drops substantially. In addition, he will also have a harder time shooting enemies who do not have body heat, alien life forms, synthetics, etc.

    Skills: [Hand to hand combat, Shooting, Repairs, Tracking, Medical training,]
    Traits: [Tough, High Armor, Fearless, Resourceful, Logical, Rational, Strong Weakness to electricity, Magnetism, Fire, Low charisma/Socially inept, Can be hacked. Low mobility in cold environments]

    Assault Class # 37 was created when shit hit the fan and the world began to come to an end. The US military designed him to as substitute for human soldiers due to humanity's dwindling numbers and the hordes of zombies and hostile lifeforms taking over the Earth. It's sole purpose was protecting the human race when chaos had erupted. Unfortunately he has failed this mission and after doing so began wandering the wastelands and cities to survive. While roaming the fallen civilizations of mankind, AC-37 began to acquire a new objective, restore humanity back to its glory days of civilization. AC-37 will do whatever is necessary for the survival of the human race and restoration of a civilized world.
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  7. Yeah that's fine. Besides you know how I am, I'll work it into the gameplay. Perhaps more *ahem* toxic enemies you can protect the party from.
  8. Name: Krando Jerminand
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Race: Anthropomorphic lizard



    He looks like this, but with a tail. As he is cold-blooded, he has to wear warm clothes to keep himself from freezing to death, in cold, or even decently warm temperatures. He is only known to be a mutant lizard person because he takes off his mask when he eats. His tail also acts as a, rather obvious, clue.

    Inventory: Lighter, canned bugs and water (Enough to last 2 days), Taurus .38 (loaded with 5 bullets), survival knife, sewing kit, backpack.
    Armor: Multiple layers of padded clothes, ski goggles, mask (look at 2nd picture) Osteoderms

    Skills: [Can eat bugs and not be disgusted] [Tailoring] [Fabrication] [Macgyvering]
    Traits: [Ectothermic] [Mask acts as crude filter] [Comfortable in hot enviroments.] [Low Metabolism] [Sociopath] [Bulky, encumbering clothes] [Predator] [Tail] [Carrier of alien diseases] [Gecko claws for climbing/scratching] [Night Vision] [Nocturnal] [Vulnerable to fungal infections]
    Backstory: A portal unleashed him, instead of a horrifying monster... Though some paranoid, racist f*cks think he IS a horrifying monster.

    More info about the tail (open)
    The benefits:
    -Can store excess nutrients from food, this extra supply can let him go WEEKS without food or water.
    -Can be used as a tool or weapon.
    -It can detach, with minimal blood loss, this can be useful in various circumstances

    The downsides:
    -Gets in the way.
    -Another place for enemies to aim.
    -When regrowing, Krando will require extra food and water.

    Alien Diseases (open)
    -Can be used to assassinate enemies

    The Downsides
    -Accidental contact might infect allies

    Don't fear! This only happens if you touch his bare skin, and are from another planet/dimension/whatever the fuck, such as humans. As he almost always is covered head to to in multiple layers of clothes, it's highly unlikely it will be a significant threat.
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  9. ((Yes, I finally gave in and came over here. Several things:
    1. How close is this going to be to the last Highway?
    2. Will Prodigy still work here, or am I going to need to make a new guy?
    3. How close will we be sticking to Cataclysm lore?
    4. Sinister Shadow, our characters will get along very well.))
  10. Appearance (Huge!) (open)
    The Justifier's armor is dented and scratched from countless shootouts, but the fact he still moves proves he hasn't been one to lose. His cape is long and freely flows through the air, and even when no wind blows, it still manages to pick up. Through the cape are holes from bullets. Ones that missed, anyways. Around his waist is his worn holster that holds his Prejudice along with all of his ammo. It fits snuggly around him. The front part of his body is usually visible and the glowing light on his chest never seems to turn off unless The Justifier is asleep. If you could call what he does sleeping. The light in the center of his head tends to change colors now and then, though usually to red, white, and blue. He's very patriotic. Of course atop his head is his prized cowboy hat. Not a single scratch on it. No one has had the pleasure.

    The Justifier


    2 Years Old


    [Pride (45 Cal. rifle as seen in picture)]
    [Prejudice (Bulky revolver shooting 55 Cal. Red, white, and blue)]
    [45 Shells x18]
    [55 Cal. x12]
    [Scrap of paper]

    [Black Cape]
    [Ammunition Belt Wrapped Around Waist]
    [Robotic Plating]

    Firearms | Electronics | Wise | Using Cover | Repair

    | Heavy Drinker | Trigger Happy | Stubborn |
    | Resiliant | High Morals | Tough Armor | Sensors | Strong |

    Once a robot on display, someone out in the wastes turned him into a living robot. One with a very peculiar personality and a sense for justice. And a pretty bad cowboy impression. Upon waking up and finally realizing what 'life' was as it was programmed into him, a scrap of paper was left behind with some writing from who presumably animated him. "I can't bring forth a legacy, so do it for me." Along with it was a cape, Prejudice, and Pride. It's only been 2 years and The Justifier (programmed name) has been living through the new world searching for whoever brought him to life. All while kicking ass and handing out justice to all.

    Questions: I'm going to be in Hawii for the next week. Will this be a problem? I should be able to post on my phone but the quality might not be 'superb'.
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  11. Really loving these characters, they're super badass!

    1. Pretty much the same, only rebooting it. It's like resetting a game, you're back to square one... only I'm going to have more then one intro.

    2. Yes, Prodigy will indeed work in The Highway. That's why I included the race option (you could be Android or Cyborg/whateveriscoolwithyou)

    3. Not at all. It will share some elements, but I'm really pushing for The Highway to branch off into it's own thing. While still crediting and praising the source material.

    4. I do agree, this group has loads of chemistry.
  12. Whoops didn't see this question.

    Nah, it won't be. I'm really chilled on posting quality, for people on mobile that is.

    Also enjoy your stay in Hawaii!
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  13. Urgg I want to make him again, you know who. Just to show off how much better my rping skills have become!
  14. I have a feeling AC-37 and Krando won't get along very well...
  15. I have a feeling that The Justifier hungers.

    Hungers for justice.
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  16. Ugg I'm debating bringing him back or just making a new cyborg altogether.
  17. Join the robot army! Leave the bounds of flesh and bone behind.
  18. Name: 'Nomad'

    Gender: Identifies as Male

    Age: Unsure. Believes he's in his thirties.

    Race: Mutant

    Backstory: The product of a genetic engineering experiment from years back. Driven mad from the trauma, he was considered too dangerous for further procedures, but too valuable to dispose of, and was locked away in stasis, his capsule being passed around between several different organizations, the original facility that did this to him lost in the shuffle. Then the Storm came, disrupting his stasis. Awakening, he found himself in a relatively stable state of mind, though having no memory of who he was or how he got there, beyond troubled nightmares in his sleep. He journeys the ruined land, seeking out all kinds of labs, hospitals, and science facilities, searching for the man he used to be.

    Appearance: A lithe, slender humanoid, standing at about 5'10" in height. He's a mishmash of animalistic features, bearing a wedge-shaped skull with a long, tapered snout, forearm-length antennae atop his head curving back across his skull, powerful legs made for leaping, bird-like clawed digitigrade feet, a fanged maw, all protected by an insect-like carapace bluish-grey in color adorned with a slightly darker tiger-stripe pattern. His hands have four digits instead of five, each tipped with sharp claws, with sturdy vambraces made from leather on his forearms. Green reptilian eyes peer out at the world, gleaming with self-awareness. He wears utilitarian clothing; a tan long-sleeved shirt, a pair of digital camo army pants, and a hooded linen cloak, with a pistol holster strapped to his right thigh. A light brown tactical vest worn across his torso with several small pouches for holding small items along with a backpack hold his few possessions.

    Inventory: HK Mark 23, 2 spare 12-round magazines, Survival Knife, 100-ft length of nylon cord, Worn notebook & pen in waterproof case, Wool Blanket, Ferro rod, Water Canteen (half-full), Dried Meat (two days worth)
    Armor: Tactical Vest reinforced with metal plates, Leather Vambraces, Army Pants, Chitinous Armor

    His Chitin 'exoskeleton' (open)
    Although it is a living integral part of his body, contrary to his appearance he still possesses a full endoskeleton and this external carapace serves as much more of a defensive adaptation than one required for structural support. It's capable of withstanding significant amounts of force, though it has vulnerabilities along the joints and on his head where the sensory organs are.

    Lighter blunt weapons such as wooden clubs can be turned away without difficulty, though he risks internal injuries and chitin fractures once weapons on the level of metal bats get involved. A similar principle applies to assault from edged or piercing weaponry.

    Depending on the weapon and quality of ammunition, smaller caliber bullets up to a .38 or maybe 9mm could be stopped without lasting injury, though it would still be painful, but once it gets into .45ACP and rifle territory, he won't risk it. He'd rather not get shot at all if he can help it.

    If he should suffer bone breakage, the carapace helps hold the bones in place so that they heal correctly and more quickly, acting like a natural splint. Water slides off easily due to a waxy outer coating which also provides some protection from more caustic fluids such as acid. Damage to the carapace itself heals over time, much like a human's skin.

    • Firearms
    • Krav Maga
    • Fieldcraft
    • Dodging
    • Intuition
    • [Very Agile]
    • [Chitinous Armor]
    • [Antennae]
    • [Reptilian Muzzle]
    • [Tough, Clawed Digitigrade Feet]
    • [Claws]
    • [Heightened Night Vision]
    • [Strong Stomach]
    • [Recurring nightmares of past trauma]
    • [Cannot wear standard non-fabric headwear, five-digit gloves, boots/shoes, or facegear/masks]
    • [Growling Voice]
    • [Junkfood Intolerance]
    • [Reptilian Eyes]
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  19. And there's Hobocop with his sheets that make me feel inadequate ;-;
    And Nick, I think you should make a new guuuuy.
  20. Hope you have place for one more!

    : Virginia Freddy Hillman

    : Female

    : 25

    : Cyborg (however, Freddy still believes to be fully human.)

    : Virginia is a woman who stands at 5'6, with a slender but fit body. Her short wavy jet-black hair is usually messy and cut in an unsymmetrical way, as if the person who cut it couldn't see what they were doing or simply didn't care. Her emerald eyes contrast against the pale face that is more grey than white because of the dirt, making them seem more bright than they really are. Her face isn't smooth as it once was, instead, it's full of tiny scars and bruises. Her body as well is covered in scars, though most of them were results of the operation that transformed her into a cyborg, she doesn't know about that though. Virginia's robot parts are hidden behind a thick layer of flesh, so, even if she receives a cut, they won't be visible. However, this doesn't apply to deep cuts. The parts that were replaced by non-organic materials are the right arm, right leg, right eye, basically her whole right side. Also, her lungs were replaced by an engine.
    Virginia's clothes (open)
    [​IMG]Photo by Fennec777

    : 2 CZ 75 SP-01 (each one loaded with already 18 bullets), 1 Crossbow, 9mm Parabellum ammo x46, arrows x10, survival knife, water (for two days), energy bars x4, Mylar blanket, paper sheet x15, pencil x2, toilet paper x2.

    : [See "Virginia's clothes" SPOILER]

    : [Shooting] [Medical knowledge] [Puzzle solving] [Electrical engineering knowledge]

    : [High IQ] [Playful] [Rational] [Uses jokes as a mask to her feelings] [Cynical] [Insomniac]

    : Virginia was the daughter of the Head of the Hillman Industries. Her father, Nicholas, created Androids, machines, or anything else related, while preparing his daughter to become the new head of the company when necessary. She loved her father's creations, so she studied Electrical engineering and physics to become part of his world as well. However, there was only one type of creation that Virginia refused to accept - Cyborgs. She did believe that Androids had its own beauty, but she couldn't find the beauty in removing the humanity of a person and replacing it with wires and metal. She abhorred such idea. Nevertheless, little did she know that she would one day become what she most loathed.

    During the first year of The Storm, Virginia had been plagued with the parasite. Desperate, her father tried to save her, and to do so, he removed all of her infected limbs before the parasite reached the brain. Unfortunately, he had to remove the lungs as well and replace them with a machine. However, he didn't want to see his dear daughter without the right side of her body, so he used robot parts. He transformed her daughter into what she loathed the most. And he didn't regret it. But it's not like Freddy had to know, the pieces that he used were his last creations, they felt like real bones, they just didn't look organic. But hey, what the eyes can't see the heart can't feel, right? So Virginia was given the excuse that she's immune to the infection, and life kept going. Until the second year of The Storm. This time, it was her mother, Maria, that was infected. Nicholas couldn't save her because, this time, there wasn't time enough. So he killed her. And then killed himself. In front of Virginia. And then her world crumbled down. Nowadays, the woman survives, and her will to survive is inside her. She desires to know what it is that makes her immune to the parasite, so she searches for equipments to do the research and maybe find the cure. The impossible cure.

    Questions: I hope the backstory is okay, especially the bit with the parasite. If not, do tell me, I'll change it.
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