The Highway: A Town Called Town

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  1. (Hey, this is set in the world a friend of mine made (which is set in an offshoot of a world from a game we play), so check out the OOC for info on the world.)

    Eliza frowned as she looked out into the desert to the west of Town through the scope of her rifle. There seemed to be some sort of skirmish between the Desert Raiders and some poor group trying to pass through, possibly traders headed for Din. She sighed and lowered the rifle and leaned against the railing of her little sniper tower. Really it was just and old water tower, but the water tank had collapsed long ago and they'd built a little fence to keep people from falling out while on lookout duty.

    Eliza was a young woman in her late 20s with short dark brown hair and freckled skin. She was just average height, and some would say she had a pretty face save the scar right next to her eye, not to mention that one of her eyes was gone, replaced with a bionic eye before the Storm. It's unsettling red glow was much different from the hazel of her natural eye. Eliza wore a flannel jacket and jeans, which would be very hot but today was a cooler day for Nevada. She coughed to herself, then began whistling a tune. Today felt like it was gonna be a slow day, but she could be wrong. She often was.
  2. Most people would agree that the Sheriff of Town was strange and he would happily agree. Wearing nothing besides his worn cargo pants, holster, and his flat-cap, he would keep his eyes open as he patrolled the town. He was a tall man, standing at 6 and a half feet, and had quite large shoulders for his size. His body wore his scars of past battles in various locations across his upper torso, arms, and back. As he passed Eliza, he yelled out, "Anything interesting out there?"
  3. For a person, Damian was pretty okay. He said please and thank you and stayed out of post people's way. He wore pants in public and did little outside of the law in private. He had no friends and his family was long gone. He missed his family but the consequential solitude was not a problem. So, his home was a small one on the edge of town, far away from anyone or anything that could view him as "strange".
    He was on the shorter side with scraggly black hair and a patchy beard, likely in his early twenties, however being a teenager was not out of the question. He wore an old black hoodie and cargo pants. His hood was usually drawn to cover his face, and he wore dark sunglasses all the time. Nobody knew why, but nobody really questions the guy who lives on the edge of town. He's currently trudging into town square quietly.
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  4. Eliza looked down at the Sheriff and shrugged. "Just some Desert Raiders, they're harassing some poor schmuck. They aren't usually this far west' though." She said, barely audible from her tower. "Nothing over by the jungles but the usual mutated wildlife." She turned back to the desert and squinted into the distance. "No sign of the trader that are supposed to be stopping by."
  5. Nova walked up to Eliza. "Do you think those things are out their?" she said looking over the horizon. Nova wore a Blue skirt and a pink star shirt. She wore her bright blonde hair back in a braided ponytail making it short. Her shoes were pink toms that helped her run faster. She is a very timid person. She likes to stick by people and usually won't speak unless spoken to. Once she is comfortable however she will talk a little more but not a lot more. Her mother turned into a walker in front of her after she killed herself. her father shot her in the head after hearing her daughter screaming with a knife in his dead wife's chest. After that he took Nova's sister Talia. After a while of running her father got shot so Nova and her sister ran some more. After a while of running her sister ran off on her own. When she didn't find her she ran off. She then found an android named Electra that helped her find the group that she is in now.
  6. "Of course but they'd have to get through me, the town guard, and you tough townies." He said with a smile as he looked at Nova. He turned his head over to Eliza and said, "Alright, thanks Eliza. If you run into trouble remember to radio in. If the traders come around, do what you think is right. I'm off to walk around more." He then started to walk down the street with his bare feet.
  7. Damian stops dragging his feet and stops near the guard tower. He asks in a fairly quiet voice, "Do you know where I could get some paper towels?" to the woman on top, actively trying not to show his face. His hands remain in his pockets and he twitches every so often.
  8. Nova smiled at the sheriff. "Thank you" she said as she walked by her android friend. Nova and Electra did everything together. Also Electra had a state of the art defense system to protect Nova with her life. Since Nova freed her Electra has adopted human emotions and has learned to make friends and enemies.
  9. 'The calvary has gathered.' Zak smirked, shaking his bedraggled red hair out of his good eye, limping over to the group. Zak was by all accounts, a bandit. He could get his hands on just about anything without raising suspicion, had a mean streak the size of Texas and did not take kindly to people sticking their noses into his affairs. He'd sooner peel said noses from their faces with a set of pliers. He hadn't always been that way of course, but the storm changed everyone. Zak had been a soldier in the middle east, proud and loyal, with a family back home, who he wrote to whenever he could. He wasn't sure what became of his wife and children after his discharge, as the storm had already hit their town. Now he had taken up residence here.

    'Nothing exciting ever does happen here. I don't know why she sits up there all the time.' He commented casually, pulling a spanner out of his belt and kneeling down, pulling the coarse material up to reveal the mechanical leg. Once it had gleamed, the company logo imprinted in bold lettering, the parts shining like a new penny. Now it was tarnished, scratched and weathered, with only faint paint particles to even show that there had once been a logo there. 'Damned thing needs new parts.' He muttered.
  10. "Will do, Sheriff," Eliza said, going back to her scope to watch the battle. A voice below her caught her attention again though.

    "Uh, paper towels?" Eliza responded, looking down to the hooded man. "There's outhouses around the town. Go find one." She shrugged and looked back to the desert. "Shit", she mumbled, bringing the rifle to bear once again. "Raise the alarm! Raiders coming in their trucks from the east, maybe 5 minutes! Get your guns!" Eliza yelled at the top of her lungs. "Somebody get the launcher from the armory!" Eliza took aim at the closest truck. They were heavily armored, but every suit had it's flaws. In the Desert Raider's case, their wheels, though tough, still weren't bullet proof. Eliza fired, but the bullet fell short. She swore and pulled back the bolt and adjusted her aim.
  11. Nova looked up at Eliza. "Raiders" she said in a calm and sweet voice. The robot came over to Nova "I will protect you Nova" said Electra as she stood in front of Nova and pushing her to the side "Go find the shelter and stay safe." Nova runs off to a protected shelter. Nova grabs her pistol ready to strike if needed. Electra walks over to Eliza "How can i assist you?" She said looking at Eliza.
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