The Highway: A Town Called Town [OOC]

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  1. I do not take credit for the original idea for the Highway or any characters besides Roxy and Goggles.

    Welcome to Town, a small settlement on the edge of what was once the state of Nevada. Town is a small town, governed by it's Sheriff. Town was built relatively recently, meaning the past a few months, and is composed mostly of small shacks made of wood or metal along with a few buildings that survived the Storm and the bombs. It honestly doesn't have much going for it now, but's it's proximity to the alien jungles makes it a hot spot for anyone hunting the strange alien artifacts that popup from time to time. Thankfully, it has so far avoided the alien disease known as the blight that plagues the larger settlements of New Taos and Din.

    The Highway was never super serious, so it's okay to be a little silly. Just no shenanigans 24/7.
    There have also been some supernatural occurences in the Highway, but mostly of the unclear kind like ghosts that could maybe be explained through other means (like the portals to other dimensions), but no one knows for sure.
    Even though zombies do exist in the Highwayverse, they aren't terribly common except in the North West and in the East.
    Swearing and violence are okay, but don't go WAY overboard. Some minor sexual things are okay, but don't start writing smut. Keep that to Mature.

    List of Characters Ideas and Positions I Want Filled
    (If you're feeling uninspired or just want to know what sort of characters you might see)
    Otherdimensional being disguised as a normal(ish) or mutated human.
    An artifact-hunting adventurer archaeologist
    A traveler hellbent on getting to Sacramento
    Friendly android with a heart of gold that was built as a weapon of mass destruction
    A farmer from just outside of Town
    The creepy guy who knows how to get anything
    A cultist of some Alien god
    The silent, masked vigilante
    A stranger possessed by something not of this world
    Old Army Vet who's getting too old for this shit
    Former raider from the East
    A trader from the New Wardle Supply Company who is WAY out of his element

    The Highway Backstory (The Storm) (open)
    The year 2033: Experimental portal technology to bend the fabric of space and time was being worked on as a new form of cleaner, faster, and safer travel. Every test was a failure with the portal never opening up or unleashing some horrible creature on the crew.

    It was the date 11/29/33 when The Storm occurred. The sky was a dark grey and it had been raining all that morning. Portals started appearing at 1:30PM with a large flash covering the sky clearing away the clouds and revealing tons of mile long portals that seemed to fade-in-and-out. Panic started to set in when the portals started appearing near the ground, they looked like uncut crystal shards that shimmered in different colors. Creatures and other worldly beings starting to pour out of these portals at 1:35PM, the death toll started its rise within seconds of this happening. Mass Hysteria started to ensue at this point, looting, running, and barricading occurred for the next few weeks, while the government was scrambling to save everyone and organize a game plan.

    It had been three weeks. Refugee camps were set-up in the North-West of the USA. Clean-up crews were sent into high-risk areas to dispose of the corpses, little did they know the corpses were carrying a parasitic worm that takes over the central nervous system. With the news of this parasite spreading fast all over the East Coast, the military was dispatched to eliminate any/all infected individuals. With the parasite spreading even faster and out-numbering the uninfected humans, the US was left with one option. Bomb all infected cities. It was a success the “zombies” weren't the biggest threat anymore, it was what emerged from the ashen and broken cities.

    Society has fallen at this point; all contact with the government has been lost. What’s happening beyond the US is no longer known, and the military has seemingly disappeared in the now snow covered North-West. Major Earthquakes are being felt in the middle of the US, with large freak sandstorms not allowing any travelers to pass into the territory and there’s rumors of a vast alien jungle growing down in the South-West that seemingly stretches into Mexico.
    It has been a years since The Storm. The sandstorms have settled in the Center of the US, revealing a large and vast desert that has swallowed whole cities. Further traveling has given reports that there is a large “bottomless” canyon that starts at the edge of Lake Superior and ends in Huston, Texas. Crime Families and Gangs start forming barbaric tribes in Time Square, New York, NY. They are constantly disputing and eventually break apart with the, Bleeding Warriors being the largest group to leave and move out towards the large desert of Middle America. Settlements are starting to become more common and scavengers are starting trade networks with both Raiders and Settlements. A large supply company in Miami, called The New Wardle Trading Company, starts to become the first faction that is mostly peaceful and benefits every side. Near the end of the first year The Parasite starts to come back infecting most major settlements, “zombies” start coming back in full force.

    Links to Original Highway Stuff (if you're interested) (open)
    Below are some links to the original threads that became the Highwayverse if you're looking for inspiration or just curious. They're all located on another forum. It all started with some random survivors in an RV all the way in New York, all trying to get the supposed safe zone in Sacramento. They're still making their journey.

    Be wary, there is lots of swearing (especially on Roxy's part) and violence. And one guy wrote a sex scene that I look back at and cry about because my character was featured in it. It's also long as hell.

    Also taking place during the Highway is the Blight of New Taos, which follows the adventures of a small group of heroes trying to find a cure for the alien disease known as the Blight.

    ((A quick note too, two of the original Highway members have taken the spots of the Sheriff and the bartender.))

    You can find the IC thread here.
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  2. Ello, Lorknis here from the original Highway just saying hello. Also, I'm the Sheriff. I believe AJ [Another original Highway person] will be the bartender so expect him rolling around here sometime soon.
  3. Just realized that AJ's lore says nothing about mutations, so gonna clear that up a bit.

    Research into mutagen was done alongside the portal research, I believe. Straight mutagen is generally a gamble as to what you're going to get, but there are also flavored mutagens that will tend towards a certain category of mutations (Like plant, or feline, or cephlapod). In some individuals (mostly those closest or most exposed to the portals), excessive radiation can cause mutation though no one is quite sure why. This is by no means hard sci-fi (there's magical alien artifacts and stuff!) so all sorts of stuff is possible.

    Besides humans, mutated or otherwise, you can also be a robot. Robotics technology was at the point where they could make humanoid androids with human-like personalities, and some might even be called sentient.
  4. Pretty much all this right here. I thought we agreed mutations worked like in Cataclysm but that was almost a year ago.
  5. If anyone has a question or needs help dropping in, just say so.
  6. As long as my character can be Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon/he can say "I'm sick of this shit" every second, I'm in.
  7. Hah, they sound like they'd fit right in. Go ahead and hop in, the raiders Eliza spotted are headed for the town now, and now seems like a good time for somebody to be sick of some shit.
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