The Highlander

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    Name: AlastarO’Donnell Irish-Model.jpg

    Gender: Male


    Alastar is one of the kinder—and younger—earls in the northern part of Ireland. While he is a gentle man, he does feel especially strong about his opinions. He won’t hesitate to voice them if he feels challenged. However, he has an easy smile and a trusting face, and is quicker to trust than distrust.

    See right, just more old-fashioned and with greener eyes.

    History: Born to the late Earl O’Donnel’s family through wedlock, it was at first uncertain if Alastar would become the next earl or not. When his father and his father’s wife died during an especially cruel winter, he inherited the title, with no other legitimate heir to be found. Running his land as his father did, he tried to keep things as normal for the people as possible.

    "Meredith, shut and lock the windows, please," Alastar said, glancing out one of them worriedly. If they left the windows open, with the storm that was coming, they'd be in for one hell of a flood. It had seemed that in the space of a few hours, the sky had gone from clear, pale blue to blackened and looming.

    "Yes, Master," she said, already getting at some of the windows of his large mansion. It was more like a castle, designed to withstand not only the harsh weather of the northernmost part of Ireland, but also the armies of old. It was build mostly of stone, with towers and arrow slits towards the southern parts. Sitting atop a large hill, it overlooked miles upon miles of empty fields, with a small village towards the south-east, just barely within sight on a clear day.

    Catching sight of Conor, Alastar told him, "Check the stables, make sure the horses will be fine." Leaving him with a smile, he set about getting the windows shut, helping Meredith when needed.
  2. Name:Allisa Randall
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Occupation: Historian
    History: She spent her high school and the few college years studying and applying to become a Historian, someone who goes back to tell the people of her time what really happened. Both her parents supported her need to become a Historian even though it was the most dangerous and many of their Historians either came back half dead or never turned up again. Deciding to ease her parents minds she took classes on defense of hand to hand and ancient weapons.

    Traveler's Item:(the key to slipping through time; only works with a specific person's DNA)


    Allisa twisted the tiny dial as she stepped into the warp the winds lashing around her making her pull the jacket closer to her body; she'd seen the warp act violent before but never in such a threatening manor. Almost as if to ward her away from her destination. She closer her eyes as she felt the familar drop of the ground her ebony hair whipping around her, her pants, shirt and jacket flapping in the wind. Lightning danced through the warp startling her to look around and in a growing fear knew she should have waited another day before traveling; The storms of her time and the time she went had clashed now she was left to suffer the consiquences.

    She landed hard on the ground her clothes sindged from the near lightning strike and dabris from the shift in time slamming against her already battered body left her sore, bleeding, and too weak to move. She grasped the dial and looked at in dispair at the tiny broken peice; any other time zone before this one she would have had a means to fix it but now she felt lost. The physical and mental stress of the travel knocked her into unconciousness and defenceless.
  3. Just as Alastar was about to shut the last window, a larger one on the top floor of the house, he saw a large streak of lightning towards the west, and the sky broke open. As rain poured down from the nearly-black sky, he sees an odd light in the distance, and then what appeared to be a figure. Thinking it must be a god or the spirit of an animal or some great being, he shouted to Conor, "I'm going out. I think I saw something!"

    Meredith tried to stop him as he pulled on his heaviest jacket, claiming it wasn't safe or some sort. "I'll take Jase, it'll be fine." Giving her a quick smile, he left, having to force the front door shut, the wind making it difficult to. Running to the stables, finding them already locked up, he unlatches the door, walking into it. Nearly spooking his darker-colored horse Jase, he calms him before riding him bareback out into the storm, the rain immediately soaking through his clothes. Riding out to where he had seen the light, Jase almost ran over a boy before realizing this was what he must have seen.

    Getting off of the horse, he knealt by the boy before realizing that he was a she! She was wearing pants, something he had never seen on a woman. Checking to see if she was awake or not, he quickly picked her up and onto Jase. Getting on behind her, he rode the horse as fast as Jase would go, trying to cover the girl with his body as best as he could.